STSC Chapter 21

STSC Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Guang Tian returned to normal comfort and bust after the new soldier was sent. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Nan Ge Er lived on a daily basis as usual.

During the spring she opened the tea bed again. I did not do it like in the summer season, but in my hand, Nan Ge Eram had a card.

The location of the teahouse was also quite large. If written in modern language, it was a richer and richer place where people caught up and got many cars. Sometimes a small number of passengers can listen to some of the story, break a cup of tea and cut it for a short moment.

Of course, during the current Guang Tian, ​​additional topics added to the history of Nan Ge Er and Mo Shu.

Runs a variety of absurd rumors. Several people went to the gadget’s main star Nan Ge Er and asked the truth about this rumor.

As a discussion topic, Nan Ge Er suffered. But every day he had to open his tea cup. He had no choice. If he does not have a business, the costs to families will not be sufficient. Even if the family did not have the necessary expense, he could not stop buying or eating food.


However, despite the fact that Nanga El suffers from total agony, this strange situation is unlikely to be concerned about Mosh as a victim of a gadget. He will arrive early each evening and will return late in the evening.

However, when Nan Ge Er slept with Mo Shu, Mo Shu goes home a little earlier. He covers everything in front of him and will do his utmost to sleep with him later. If not, then Nan Ge Er, who can not sleep normally, can not sleep all night while awaiting …

The weather was warmer, but Naguela’s room did not settle in winter, it turned into prohibited salads. Even the beds and tables were impossible due to corruption. In addition to the desire to avoid being disturbed in order to save money, these two things simply were rejected because they were both childhood. There was nothing shameless.

From the crowd point of view?

Who are you? Everybody has long been perceived as magistrant Furen, but what am I afraid of in the world? “Nan Ge Er complained about her heart.

At midnight, Nan Ge Er decided to drink water and close the glow before that day.

Today’s sales are not bad, it was the same as before.

He counted a little. After the end of spring he could fly in the summer, further increase livestock and cultivate vegetables for vegetable management. If he also opens his pedestrian in the summer, he does not have to do it in the autumn and winter.

In any case, the plan will look the same. With the season’s costs and the vegetables and cows that we have provided every day, we can easily get a little more free in two years.

I seriously could not afford to live in Guang Tian counting too much.

It was common to everyone that here is a little bit rich. Almost everything was saved, educated, public safety was also wonderful.

He believed that the existence of this world in this world is at least possible.

But he lived there.

“Oh, have you already closed your stable Nan Ge Er?” An unknown voice hit and delayed Nan Jae-Lee’s thoughts.

“Daddy, that’s your fault! The voice of the child’s sin was behind you, even if you talk to another person while searching slowly, now the closure is closed!”

“As Dad saw grandfather, Xiao Jin spent some time, you know,” this man said a little shy. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“There is no problem remembering your father as your friend, but I left early in the morning, Dad, you remembered all day.

The man said, “Oh, how should it be as beautiful as you kidnapped the bad guys?

“But Ah Niu and others have the opportunity to hear the same story about Nan Ge Eru, everything is in front of you.” The voice was not well known, but each district member was Nan Ge Ers That called. He already uses it to tell the truth.

Listening to a conversation between his father and daughter behind him, he unknowingly laughed “Uh … right?

One of the two who stood before him was what he actually acknowledged.

He screamed carelessly, “a supernatural general!

Now the boy, whose head is painful with a bitter smile from his daughter’s rebellion, was definitely the best officer in Bei in June. Only three years later, this man became a great general and unavoidable great general from a small soldier.

Meanwhile, he was known to all Bei in June.

In the battlefield, he was able to develop a plan ahead of time, anticipating the enemy with the same precision as God, and emerging with power equal to supernatural existence to win in every battle. So when he cites, everyone will suggest it as “supernatural universal.”

However, this Supernatural General died on the battlefield during a successful expedition. Nan Ge Er could even bury the abundance of the main body …

But now …

The supernatural general of Nan Ge Er was surprised. He then carefully looked up at Nan Ge Er.

Nan Ge Er was able to guarantee that he could not, of course, recognize him with his only belief in vision. When he changes his face each morning, he always touches his buckle with his face or face always – the look of his character will change more than he perceives completely on the other side of a typical person.

Fortunately, they were not afraid, because everything in the area was extraordinary.

Speaking of his voice, I think he probably is unreliable. His voice always produced a shattering sound and became an unprocessed and red signal because its voice cords were torn due to the continuously painful cry when he suffered this year.

Something like grace is …

What blessings he had been imprisoned for three years?

Or he is a dark and courageous ally, he said he had at least grace, he told Prince. In addition, his current position was only government assistant …

Well, countless names were added. Like the head of the tea room, the district’s famous Story Teller, the red-light citizen’s most popular favorites, a popular theme that is another goal of the Magistrate Daren scandal …

Nan Ge Er felt that it was very strange.

He can really go through these past events very slowly and can think of his current situation with such a ridiculous situation.

He then said he was afraid of himself: “I am Bei Mo Li”.

He obviously revealed his identity

Bei Juna’s surname was Bei, Jun Yao’s surname was “Jun”. The last name of the country was the same as the first name of the country’s name. In this world it can be considered a certain law.

His supernatural general opposition revealed a stubborn expression as though he had seen the ghost.

Nan Ge Er revealed that the expressions of men are quite smiling.

“Please look a little.” In any case, he had experienced many life and death situations and ordered battlefields. His shock is a little long before the smile lies.

“Have you met already well-known friends?” The girl beside him was worried and stressed the word “you”.

Men’s spiritual trust disappeared as a fantasy.

“Well, Xiao · Jin, Dad, I’m …”

“Daddy, you do not need to explain it.” She was frustrated when she stopped the boy’s decision. “Now, Shaoen is accustomed to it, I meet my old friends every day.”

For this it seems that the supernatural general is blessed with many friends …

The boy saw Nan Ge Er slowly. “My girlfriend, yes yes yes …”

After him, Nan Ge Er laughed.

“Think about it, if Dad and Naga are old friends, we can hear Nagare’s story every day.” The young girls from the age of 5 were tangled and spoken.

You really know how to calculate, huh …

Supernatural is at all breathing hard, “Akashimasen!”

“In this case, please take a moment to remind me of your father’s old friend.” Xiao Jin laughed at her tongue and shifted her heel, “a little closer,” and fled.

Father and daughter said: “They are bad people who can leave all future fathers, is Shaoghen protecting these innocent children!” She is still behind the complex

After Xiao Zhen’s silhouette, Super Natural in general, still a little bit excited, disappeared when it appeared that Xiao Chen had disappeared.

“I know all the children next door. Nan Ge Er said:” Do not worry, I’ll help you find it later, “smiled.

“It is OK.” Complete, supernatural, in general, sadness when sitting and found a bench sitting “But if these guys know about my Shaogens, they definitely will offer marriage Shao Chen is very charming …”

“As an opportunity for other people to offer marriage … Here, no matter how your Xiao Chen is adorable, she’s not five …” No Ge Er down her head It was.

At the same time, he pours a glass of tea and hands over it to the imperceptible general.

“Thank you” The supernatural general finally stabilized his mind. He lifted the tile on the table and drank before raising his head to see Nan Ge Eru. “I did not know that you really were interested in people.

Nan Ge Er shakes his lips when he replied: “I do not. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Bastard, as expected, every district knew it!

The international general refused to comment “you …”.

What he said was that there seemed to be several thousand words in it. After all, he did not say anything after that, he only took those words.

Nan Ge Er was able to understand the partner’s complex emotions. He smiled. “Over the course of five years, we both changed.”

Supernatural General Gay “No, I have not changed, you have changed, I’m the one who always came here.

“Oh” Nan Ge Er’s pages were excited. He does not care whether the supernatural general tries to teach the cause. It is not a problem. He just laughed: “What a wonderful place, even the dead can be restored”

Super Natural in general, “Just when my wife died, I felt the link to something. Because I was not dead, I went back to my hometown.” Thinking he was I did not hide.

“Here?” First, Nan Ge Er thought that Supernatural was usually only pulled here. It was really a truly original city.

“Here.” Supernatural In general: “I can not imagine anything in the world that I can not solve, away from here.” Express your approval by moving

“You are a supernatural general,” says Ge Ge Er. Who is not available? Why are you bad here

“This is my only house.” Supernatural In general, “a place to survive in peace when I set up, we were born here and we came back here, it’s ours. It was my destiny.” Smiling


“The world can not endure us,” the super general stumbled. “I can not go anywhere.” He saw Nan Ge Er drinking tea. “Your height, do not you feel it?”

Nan Ge Er is silent.

“I can only belong to people here to get back here. Only those who have a place to go, who might be here.” Birth, where all children come into battle, a trip about the division of the army because I’m learning Super Natural in general. It’s a rule of “laughing, poetry to find out, not merits of martial arts and weapons, poems and songs, killing an enemy, not learning. By reaching a proper age, they can choose to gain an external experience, or to stay and live,” usually laughed abundantly ” You must be witnessed by this. ”

“Are these people moving to the Jun Yao Army and trying to stop their achievements?” In this regard, if Nan Guang believes that Guang Tian is still a subsidiary of Jun Yao, he really is not possible I thought

“Yes.” A generous general smiled. “Therefore, the world can not tolerate us. It is only us that is the last destination.” He sighed, “To get me back here, especially I use tactics.”

Nan Ge Er said, “Why do you tell me, okay? Be a great Hiroshi secret, right? Other people like me, do I have to do that?” I thought for a moment

The Ultra-National General laughed everywhere: “You still think that you are a solitary” joke, he went, or if there’s a place you can go?

Nags even had a representative.

After a silence, Super Natural General “I have to go look for my Shaogens, these brave boys.” His complicated girl who rose suddenly exploded again.

Nan Ge Er gathered his lips and said, “I will help you. Suddenly he walked beside him and suddenly told the supernatural general that” you are there. “Why was there such a big, secret, frightening power?

Therefore, the Prince of each country did not seem to know about its existence. What did they try?

If there are supernatural generals, there must be a second existence everywhere. Particular attention is paid to the fact that the strong person whom he personally showed and felt was concentrated here in general very much.

The transnational general turned his head to see Nan Ge Er and laughed: “Do you want to know?


“We will ask Mo Shu-Xiansheng, he will tell you:” Supernatural general discomfort, “We kept calling for us to obey his commandments.” He said that He is the leader and the will of the site. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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