Addis’ Trip to Japan: Hakone, Day Two

I slept really well last night, even if I did wake up around 3.45am ish. One of my other roommates woke around the same time as I did, so the two of us decided to run to the onsen while no one else was awake. This let me be able to go in without covering my tattoos since it was just the two of us. I snuck some photos before we got in. (Shhh.)

The onsen was nice, I would compare it to being in a hot tub without the jets going. But you’ve to be totally naked and with a group of strangers. Sounds like the beginning of a bad B porno to be honest.

Afterwards, at around 4.20am, my roommate and I decided to hit the beach to go watch the sunrise.

We were out and about in town until 5.20 am before we decided to head back.

Breakfast was the same thing I’ve had pretty much the entire time I’ve been here. At around 9am we all hopped on our bus and started our day.

The first stop was at one of the active volcanos in the Hakone area.

They sold eggs that are put under hot rocks until the outer shell turns black. One of the other things they sold was Egg ice cream.

It may sound weird, but it tasted like egg custard which isn’t bad.

Our next stop was at a little look out where we could once again, surprisingly, see Mt. Fuji.

Next we actually reached Hakone and went up in a cable car to a shrine up at the very top. I’m afraid of heights, so I was really nauseous the entire 8 minutes of that ride. But the veiw was, well, breath taking.

We then ventured back down to the lake (using the cable car once more) and had lunch.

I had beef donburi which is a marinated thinly sliced beef on top of rice. It was delicious expecially since I was starving. (I ate so fast I burned my tongue.)

After lunch, we then went on a ferry that goes between each side of the lake. On the other side were several shops. We of course bought some things for our families.

I was bored and looked throughout the shops for the most random things I could find.

After another long day out, we returned to our hotel room where my roommates and I collected a pile of clothes and went to do some laundry. By the time we got back, it was time for dinner at 7pm.

After dinner, we made it back to our room where I’m writing this and about to say good night so I can catch up on some yaoi. So, until tomorrow.



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21 thoughts on “Addis’ Trip to Japan: Hakone, Day Two

  1. Amazing again and thanks addis! I’m absolutely loving your view of Japan and it makes me want to go even more :-* Have fun!

  2. Lovely pic of Mt. Fuji! And did you buy that Tokyo Banana x Kit Kat set?! That’s so iconic haha.

  3. Addis that beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing, have already gone up to shinkansen? If so, what about the experience?

  4. Thanks for the lovely pics. And the onsen looks just like in the mangas. Too bad about the clothes part, because I’ll never be brave enough to try it. A bad B porn lol

  5. Wooow😻😻😻😻 such beautiful pics💖💖💖💖💖
    Well i dont mind nudity, we grew up not really caring about wearing clothes since our house is in the middle of nowhere😂😂😂😂 I’ve also been to some nudist campings before its a nice and lax feeling… Mhhhhhm, just do do whatever you feel like😉

  6. I wonder what the Sakura Shrimp Cider tastes like? Got to get the Wasabi Ginger Ale for my dad. He loves anything Ginger.

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