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Chapter 410: Iron Blood God

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“It’s all just a bunch of nonsense. It’ll be hard for this old fellow to quell the hatred in my heart if I don’t slice you into a thousand pieces.” You Ming, did not have a very good temper. He was so angry that he was purple in the face and his eyes flashed with a fierce and malicious gleam as he looked at Ling Xiao.

With that, a valiant aura exploded from within his body. The earth-shattering pressure of a Divine Realm expert made the expressions of everyone present change slightly.

You Ming made his move before You QingShan could stop him.

He rushed towards Ling Xiao as fast as a bolt of lightning. However, he did not lose his head to anger. Midway, he expelled a fist towards Ling Xiao to test him.

Though the style was simple and not gorgeous, You Ming was a Divine Realm expert. It was not easy for a normal person to take it no matter how simple the punch was. But that was with regards to a person who was of the Emperor Realm and lower. If both were of the same level, this type of assessing attack did not even have the slightest effect.

Ling Xiao did not lift his eyes as he spread his hands. The violet flames on the palms of his hands instantly changed into a beam of fire and shot towards the opposite palm blast that exploded out.

It collided with the palm blast in an instant, and the muffled sound of an explosion occurred. The palm blast disappeared right away and sparks splashed in all directions. Some people who were nearby were splashed by the sparks and nearly had their skin and flesh burned through.

“Fuck, what kind of flame is this? This is too scary.”

“What an indomitable flame!”

“This old grandpa is so frightened that his heart is beating so fast.”

“… …”

Those who had been splashed by the sparks were all suddenly privately distressed. They lifted their heads once more and looked up at Ling Xiao and You Ming in the sky with shock.

Just at this moment, You Ming’s figure rapidly passed through the sparks in the sky. Wearing a fierce expression, he dashed over to Ling Xiao. His demonic figure appeared behind Ling Xiao in the blink of an eye. Vigorous force twined around his fist. The force ripped the very space, letting off a ‘chi chi’ sound as it exploded towards the back of Ling Xiao’s head like a hot knife through butter.

Ling Xiao had already moved one step to the side and he easily dodged You Ming’s fist. Then he lightly bent his body a little. Violet flames encased his right fist in an instant, and with an even fiercer and forceful strike, he punched You Ming’s abdomen.

The flames instantly burned through his clothes, and a fist mark sunk into on his weak abdomen. The part that caved in seemed as if the bones, organs and vein beneath the skin were crushed into pieces.

You Ming widened his blood-shot eyes and before he could be killed by Ling Xiao, he speedily shot a palm towards Ling Xiao’s front. As they were too close together, Ling Xiao actively retreated back to dodge this palm.

You Ming also took the advantage to retreat dozens of meters back and stopped at a point where he thought it was safe. Now, his abdomen was already charred black and one could indistinctly see the organs inside his body. It was extremely terrifying.

Everyone who witnessed this scene could not refrain from gasping.

At any rate, You Ming was a two star Divine Realm practitioner. It was only the first confrontation and not only was he at a disadvantage, but he was also beaten so miserably. When all was said and done, was the reason due to that person being that much stronger than You Ming, or was it because his flame was too awesome?

“I feel that this Ling Mo’s cultivation base may possibly be a three star Divine Realm. His strength is higher than You Ming’s by one star and with the addition of his unusual violet flames, it is not surprising that You Ming lost!” HuangFu Li who was standing in the crowd narrowed his eyes as he calmly analyzed.

“Elder HuangFu, do you really think that they are colluding with each other?” Qiao WuShuang’s eyes turned.

HuangFu Li shook his head, “This is not easy to say. Without definite proof, it’s hard to tell truth from fiction.”

Qiao WuShuang’s gaze moved towards that pure, handsome, tall and straight silhouette. However, intuition told him that this Ling Mo was not lying just because his words had a loophole. On the contrary, his words were not wrong and it was really informative and suggestive.

However, his intuition also told him that it was absolutely impossible for Ling Mo and You XiaoHa to cooperate with the Vermillion Blood Clan. This was just a feeling. Just by putting them together, he could feel an especially intense air of malaise.

“If I remember correctly, that type of violet flame should be the Qilin Sacred fire.” Xiong Xiao suddenly opened his mouth. He was experienced and knowledgeable, with the flame’s temperature and that faint pressure, he definitely did not mistake it.

Qiao WuShuang suddenly looked towards him, “Xiong-laoge, are you certain that it is the Qilin Sacred fire?”

Xiong Xiao decisively nodded, “There’s no mistake. I definitely did not see wrongly. But why would he have the Qilin Sacred fire, don’t tell me…”

He did not need to continue his sentence, because there were only two results.

The first was that Ling Mo contracted with a Qilin, the second was that his true form was that of a Qilin.

No matter which result it was, they could not afford to offend the Qilin Clan.

The Qilin Clan was the head of the four Divine Emperors. Although there were not even twenty members of their clan left from the founding of the clan till now, it was undeniable that the Qilin Clan was blessed by Heaven. Every Qilin was an innate powerhouse and they were extremely protective of their short-comings. If they stirred up trouble with them, every Qilin would come out in full-force. Even the Vermillion Blood Clan may possibly be destroyed when faced with them.

You Ming was also clearly aware of this point. A trace of fear flashed within his angry eyes.

Now he regretted it. If he knew that he was a person from the Qilin Clan, he would not have let matters develop to this point no matter what was said.

However, for You Ming to run away in defeat at this point, even if he did not mind losing face, the Vermillion Blood Clan would still want their face. Thus, he could not quit in this manner despite him being extremely terrified of Ling Xiao. Not to mention that he would not be satisfied if he could not expose Ling Xiao’s lie.

Once he thought of this, You Ming simply retreated back within the group of people.

In this case, Ling Xiao would be the only one left above the sky.

Now, there were two roads that could be taken. He could let them go, or join hands to keep him behind.

Qiao WuShuang looked at HuangFu Li. The latter shook his head at the former. The might of the Qilin Sacred fire was incomparably great and unusual. He did not have the certainty that he would be able to keep him behind. It was also not a hundred percent guarantee despite them cooperating with others. Furthermore, the Beast Transfiguration Guild had dealings with demon beasts, and even more they could not afford to offend the Qilin Clan.

As for Xiong Xiao, he saw Qiao WuShuang look over and did not hesitate to say, “My teacher had said before that if we came across people from the Qilin Clan in the future, we absolutely cannot make enemies out of them.”

This sentence also made his position clear.

If it was such, there were only Nan Zhan and Qi Hang from the Mage Guild left. These two people, one of them was a one star Divine Realm, the other was a two star Divine Realm. The chances of victory were not high in spite of whether they joined hands with others. Thus, hesitation appeared in the two’s faces.

Seeing this, a violent gleam flashed through You Ming’s eyes, “Nan Zhan, Qi Hang, you agreed to help me capture the Earth Elemental Essence. Don’t tell me that you want to re-engage on our agreement?”

Qi Hang seriously replied, “I did agree. But if we are going to make enemies of the Qilin Clan, the reward you promised is not equal to what I’m paying, so I need to rethink it.”

Nan Zhan did not say anything, but his stance was the same as Qi Hang from his attitude.

You Ming’s gaze chilled. This group of ‘sail with the wind’ guys, sooner or later there would be a day where I will make everyone here pay the price.

“Qi Hang, Nan Zhan, don’t you guys forget. When we made the agreement, we did not say who was going to be the enemy. I’ll certainly make a report to the Elders in the clan when I return about you people who go back on your words.”

Qi Hang remained unmoved. He had the Mage Guild backing him. When comparing influence, the Vermillion Blood Clan could not beat the Mage Guild no matter what.

However, it was different for Nan Zhan. He was just a power from the Southern Continent. Furthermore, the Southern Continent was the domain of the Vermillion Blood Clan. If he had an acrimonious falling-out with the Vermillion Blood Clan, there would be no place for him to live on the Southern Continent. So after hearing You Ming’s words, his expression was so ugly it was startling.

Nan Zhan had no choice but to gentle his tone, “You Ming, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. But everyone has all backed out. Even you lost at his hands. I’d just be looking for death if I went up alone.”

Though You Ming knew that his words were just insincerely courteous, he was not wrong. If this forced him to make a move, it was hard to guarantee that he would not have a backlash on the spot.

“Sigh, You Ming, you’ve really disappointed me. I originally thought you would be able to complete your assignment, but in the end, not only did you fail in this, but you were also beaten until you were heavily injured. What do you want me to say to you?”

Everyone stared blankly, could it be that someone from the Vermillion Blood Clan came again?

You Ming and You QingShan both stared blankly, as euphoria that was hard to express instantly rose in their hearts. This voice, don’t tell me that that old ancestor had arrived?

HuangFu Li’s expression changed, “It’s You AnTai, why is he here?”

Xiong Xiao’s expression became imposing too. This person called You AnTai, not only him, there was probably no one who had not heard of his name out of everyone here because he was one of the Ten Gods of the Tong Tian Continent – the Iron Blood God. A peak seven star Divine Realm expert, he only needed one more step to become a Sacred Realm powerhouse.

Qiao WuShuang lifted his head and looked at Ling Xiao above in the sky. If it was You AnTai, even if he carried the bloodline of the Qilin, it would be absolutely impossible for him to beat You AnTai. One must know that You AnTai, who was called the Iron Blood God, was not an ordinary peak seven star Divine Realm expert.

Ling Xiao was just thinking about whether he should let You XiaoMo out. In all likelihood, he was already holding back until he could not endure it anymore. Unexpectedly, a formidable opponent suddenly appeared.

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May 11, 2018 10:56 am

Well, if LX is a divine lvl peak he’ll beat him for sure as long as he transforms into his best form, remember all the stuff beasts being stronger than practitioners (of same lvl)? Also, LX’s bloodline is créme de la créme 😻

May 11, 2018 11:00 am

Thanks for the chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

May 11, 2018 12:36 pm

Boss..don’t take Momo out. It’s not safe yet. I don’t want Momo hostaged by You Ming. Your wife is both your weakness and your strength.

Or did Boss need to evacuate Momo in order to fight without restrain? Is he like someone carrying a baby when he has Momo inside his dimension? You can’t fight freely while carrying a baby.

July 22, 2018 9:21 pm

OMG i hope they dont hurt boss

October 27, 2018 11:07 am

Hmm..if i remember correctly LX had said that he need to get stronger to safe his parents..wether that true or right now i think his level is not top yet..just a littpe bit more time and he will be the top..the supreme one 😞

March 15, 2019 3:42 pm

Woooaaahh.. An opponent of match?!?!
This would be some fight..

September 10, 2020 7:33 am

And the gag is, they’d probably be making allies of the Qilin Clan by attacking Ling Xiao. 😭

Oh?? 👀 So Boss is finally going to have to stretch his hooves (talons??) against an opponent that isn’t a literal force of nature?

August 30, 2021 2:36 pm

Unless LX became a Sacred Level beast at some point, this is looking tricky. Isn’t he stronger if he shifts into his beast form?
Momo’s better off where he is.
Out of curiosity, if something happened to LX whilst Momo was in LX’s dimension, would he be stuck there? 😬
Thank you for translating.

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