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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


In the morning, Norman brought An Jin breakfast, introduced himself as usual, and headed to the military headquarters. An Jin sighed that it was quite a ritual to have a pet in this world, but it had its advantages, at least he knew his master’s name. He ate the crab while watching the video to continue learning the language, and when he was done, he turned it off.

He stared and strained his ears to listen to the movement around him. It was very quiet. Making sure no one would hear him, he opened his mouth and tried to sing a song.

A gentle voice rang in his ears, and watery blue energy particles floated out of his spiritual sea, scattered across the wall and disappeared. An Jin looked at the energy particles, his eyes bursting with surprise, his song worked!

He couldn’t help but touch his throat.

He spoke with a soft, sweet voice that was merely nice to listen to, but sang with a very ethereal voice, while the advantages of his voice expanded infinitely. An Jin immediately fell in love with his singing voice and instantly gained confidence in singing.

He looked out the window, which was brightly lit, and the warm patches of light falling on the leaves shone brightly and looked especially pleasant. He immediately decided to go to the garden to sing since he liked to be close to nature. In the garden, his mood would be more relaxed, and a pleasant mood was conducive to the recovery of spiritual force.

Singing would consume spiritual power, and if he kept a good mood, there would be a constant stream of spiritual power used to practice the song. He swam to the slope and climbed ashore, reached the door, folded the lower end of his tail, tensed his tail to support his body, and easily opened the door.

These days he roamed after meals in addition to eliminating food, occasionally practicing standing. The results were very good. If he was just standing, wearing a robe to block the tail, from behind, he was almost the same as a person.

It was just a pity that he couldn’t walk in this position. His room was next to the back garden and very close. He relaxed his tail and slowly got down, with a strong hand and hip, and in no time he climbed to the back door.

Footsteps came from behind him, and he turned his head to see the robot walking towards him.

An Jin took one look at the lush garden and decisively climbed out and to the right into the woods. He wasn’t going to let the robot carry him back! He climbed under a tree and turned his head to look at the robot. The robot quickly walked up to him and bent down to hug him.

An Jin hurriedly hugged the trunk of the tree, his tail slipping down the robot’s metal arm. The robot tried several times, but failed, and white light flashed in its silver eyes.

Norman, who was in a meeting at the military headquarters, received a message of inquiry from the butler robot.

“Master, An An went to the back garden and refused to let me send him back to the mermaid room, should I force him back?”

“No need, let him do as he likes.”

An Jin watched the robot turn away, his eyes curled. He looked down and touched the green grass on the ground with his palm; it was soft to the touch and tickled his palm.

Soon, he frowned. He lay on the ground to take a closer look at the grass. It was less than palm-length with scattered black spots on the leaves. He looked across to the flowers, no matter what species of flowers, branches or petals, there were scattered black spots.

All plants have impurities.

What’s going on here?

He wondered for a moment and then stopped thinking about it, concentrating on his plan for the day. He rolled over and sat against the trunk of a tree, his tail flat on the grass. He felt everything in nature, the bright dazzling light, the blue sky, the green trees and flowers, and the breeze, and soon relaxed.

The corners of his mouth curved up unconsciously, and a soft tune came to his mind, which he hummed softly.

There were no specific lyrics, only a simple tune, but it was ethereal and pleasant. It was like a spring breeze blowing off a heavy body, leaving a feathery touch. An Jin lightly closed his eyes, and his spiritual sea floated a cloud of energy particles. Watery blue energy particles like fireflies, beautiful.

The fireflies flew in swarms farther into the garden, over the high wall of the backyard, and then disappeared.

Outside the back door stood the royal escort team, and four guards stared in unison.

A moment later, one person held back for a long time, but finally did not hold back any longer. His straight standing posture appeared flawed, his body shaking slightly from excitement.

“You, did you guys hear that?” His voice trembled.

Another guard exhaled, “You heard it? It seems to be true! I was scared to death, I thought my spiritual sea collapsed and I was hallucinating.”

One person suppressed his excitement and whispered, “My spiritual sea has become stable, and my spiritual power has increased.”

The last person hurriedly echoed, “Me too!”

The one who spoke first drew a backward breath. “My spiritual power has also increased, is that the same with all of you?”

Receiving an affirmative answer, the guards marveled, “What a strong healing power, His Majesty’s mermaid we have never seen, his song actually has such a good effect on strangers!”

It was well known that the mermaid song quality effect, the best effect on people with good feelings, strangers and annoying people, the effect was almost none.

“Shut up,” one person lightly snapped. “Does His Majesty have a mermaid?”

The remaining three hastily straightened their backs; yes, His Majesty did not have a mermaid.

The entire royal guard all knew this fact.

After all, when His Majesty broke a mermaid’s hand, he was blacklisted by the Scientific Research Institute and could not join a mermaid auction for a year, nor apply for a mermaid from the military department.

It had not been even close to one year.

When the song ended, An Jin opened his eyes, somewhat surprised, and he hummed the song almost by instinct. He opened his mouth, ready to continue singing, but found that the feeling he had just had, where the tune naturally came to his mind, was gone.

He thought back on what he had just felt and tried a few more times, finally finding a pattern.

He seemed to retain the mermaid’s talent for singing, just not as much as Little Silver. He had to immerse himself in the emotion, and when he did, the melody would appear in his head to match.

An Jin really enjoyed the feeling of focusing on singing and he felt very comfortable.

He wanted to sing again to practice his immersion, but discomfort came from his tail. He gently touched the fish scales, and the water film on the surface of the scales was almost gone, looking a little dry. He looked reluctantly at the garden and returned to the mermaid room.

The song disappeared, and the four guards in the backyard were lost in unison for a moment, and then happy because of the restored spiritual power.

The reason they stayed at the palace and performed this easy job was because not long ago when patrolling, their spiritual power was too much, and their spiritual seas were unstable. But at this time, their spiritual seas were not only stable, their spiritual power also rose.

The four people’s eyes burned, wanting to grow eyes on the back of their heads to see through the wall. They wanted to see the gentle mermaid with their own eyes.

An Jin was completely unaware that he had inadvertently healed the spiritual power of the four guards while practicing his song. Back in the mermaid room, he soaked in the pool, stretching his body with ease and humming softly in comfort. He lay on his back and looked out the window, expectations coming to mind.

If only there was a pool outside.

After An Jin’s tail was rejuvenated, he returned to the back garden, where he lay on his back on the ground with his tail fin flicking up and down. He watched the butterflies and honey fluttering in the flowers, and a light melody came to his mind. He hummed softly, as if he was back to the days when he was a child, following behind his grandfather the gardener to pick petals and tease butterflies.

The four guards were so excited that no one spoke this time, just to hear it more clearly.

Before the song was over, the spiritual power of the four had risen again, more than before the last patrol!

They were so engrossed in the mermaid’s beautiful song when, suddenly, the sharp alarm sounded. The four men’s faces tightened, and the sound was very unfamiliar to the guards who stayed behind.

The palace has not had an alarm for more than ten years. Otherwise, they would not have found it an easy task to stay on guard.

An Jin’s eyes widened abruptly and he tilted his head to look above. His senses were very sensitive, and he felt, above his head, a very strong spiritual fluctuation. He saw a black hole suddenly appear in the blue sky, and the hole became huge in the blink of an eye.

A huge black beast jumped out of the hole, head down, its lantern-like red eyes staring at An Jin, it opened its iron-like wings and jumped down.

An Jin’s heart stopped and his face turned white.

It was the first time he had seen such a large creature. It was all black, with two tentacles on its head and many bumps on its brain, and it was numbing to look at.

“Goodness, it’s a haru beast!” The guards exclaimed.

The second team leader ordered in a deep voice, “Activate the shield.”

An Jin saw that a circular golden film appeared above the villa, blocking the monster. The monster was restrained from moving and lay on the shield, its eyes looking greedily at An Jin. Realizing its purpose, An Jin turned back around and crawled towards the house.

Bzzz— there came a piercing sound, and he couldn’t help but look back. He saw the golden shield lit up with blue light, as if it was electrified, and the monster’s body shuddered, as it tilted its head and roared.

Next, the beast flashed its wings to float, and black holes suddenly appeared in front of it and inside the film.

An Jin was dumbfounded and had a bad feeling in his heart. The beast seemed to be able to move through the black hole. The moment the black hole became bigger, the beast’s wings flapped up and it was about to fly into the hole, when a laser cannon in the distance hit its wings with precision.

A dark mecha moved quickly to the monster while it fired several cannons. The haru roared in pain, opened its mouth to reveal its hideous teeth, and turned toward the mecha to lunge. The mecha dodged it and kicked the beast in the side with his metal leg, then flew up in the air and hit the beast’s head with its particle gun.

The shell of the haru beast was very hard, regular weapons would have difficulty breaking it, but the bullet was wrapped with advanced spiritual force, and easily broke through the shell. There was no interval between the shots going directly to the haru beast’s head.

The guards hurriedly cleaned up the battlefield and dragged the corpse away.

An Jin’s eyes glowed as he looked at the beast, his hand reaching forward, almost unable to resist the urge to ask to keep the beast. He could see very clearly that there was a red crystal nucleus in the beast’s thin brain, exactly the same as a zombie crystal nucleus!

Suddenly, his ear fins unfolded uncontrollably and went into a defensive state. He withdrew his fetishistic gaze and immediately felt a strong sense of mania. He looked toward the source of the manic feeling and watched Norman jump off the mecha and retrieve it, his handsome face extraordinarily deep, his eyes faintly flushed with dark red.

An Jin’s back shivered, instinctively sensing danger and wanting to move away from the man.

Norman’s berserk and bitter aura scattered, this time the riot was too strong. He could not fully control it. Not only An Jin, but almost all the guards could feel His Majesty’s spiritual force rioting.

“Your Majesty,” the escort captain’s heart shuddered, resisting the urge to flee, “I’ll send you to the second hospital.”

The Second Hospital was the most authoritative hospital for soothing spiritual force riots.

“Stand down,” Norman said in a deep voice.

The captain still wanted something else, looked to Norman’s dark red eyes, hastily shut up, and exited the villa. His Majesty had always hated people coming into the villa range, and he had already committed a taboo because of his haste.

Norman tried desperately to keep his wits about him and gave the butler bot the order, “Lock An An in the mermaid’s room.”

He crossed to the small mermaid, striding through the back door and contacting Hornád.

Briefly explaining the situation, he couldn’t help but slam his fist into the wall. His brain felt like it was going to explode, and he felt the inexplicable urge to destroy everything, with only the pain to keep him sane for a moment.

An Jin watched in awe as Norman slammed his fist into the wall, took a few sharp breaths, and walked away. He looked at the residual blood on the wall, and his pupils plummeted.

Norman definitely did not use spiritual power, otherwise it would not be possible to bleed.

Thinking about the condition of Norman’s spiritual sea, he hurriedly crawled toward Norman.

Halfway to meet the robot, the robot bent down to hug him, his heart tightened. He heard it clearly; the master just said a ‘lock’ word. He twisted around to avoid it and quickly crawled forward.

The robot was extra assertive this time and quickly caught up with him, pinching his tail.

An Jin was stunned and struggled, but the robot had no feelings at all and was not afraid of pain, stubbornly holding him up. An Jin gritted his teeth, looked in the direction of the strongest fluctuations in spiritual force, and opened his mouth to sing.

He did not have the opportunity to immerse himself in the emotions; he could only sing the songs he used to sing, and because of the urgency of the situation, subconsciously sang the most familiar one—the school song.

It was the one he sang most familiarly before he was laughed at, and after being laughed at for being pentatonic, he almost only listened to the songs, never sang.

He held back his shyness and concentrated on singing it.

The aquamarine energy particles floated up and all flew in Norman’s direction.

The light song fell into Norman’s ears.

Norman froze, the restless spiritual sea like a fire met a sweet rain, gradually calming down.

The dark red in his eyes dissipated, and the breath around him returned to calm. He followed the sound of the song and walked to see the little mermaid being held by the robot, hands on the door frame, looking straight in his direction, eyes full of worry.

The moment the two eyes met, Norman clearly saw the little mermaid’s transparent eyes lit up.

Norman’s heart was slightly moved. An Jin was slightly relieved to see that Norman’s spiritual sea no longer burst into sparks. He relaxed, his eyes drooping with fatigue.

He sang full of worry, and his spiritual power recovery was extremely slow. He had almost consumed everything and now his remaining spiritual power was very little.

Norman came forward to pick up the little mermaid. An Jin did not have much strength, and because of the song, he was a little embarrassed, head buried in Norman’s shoulder.

Norman saw that the little mermaid seemed to have no spiritual power, and couldn’t help but worry. Just as Hornád arrived in a hurry, he shouted, “Come and see him!”

Hornád was surprised to see that his breath was calm and the little mermaid was tired. His eyes moved between Norman and An Jin, and a suspicion came to his mind. Could it be that the little mermaid had sung while His Majesty was rioting?

His eyes snapped open and his voice trembled slightly as he asked, “What happened?”


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May 7, 2022 11:39 pm

If even a worried mermaid song had this effect on Norman, what would be the effect of a happy song sang with a good mood, like in the garden?

And apparently there is a way to increase his water ability, he just has to convince his master to give him beast crystals.

I hope An Jin gains access to the garden with his own outdoor swimmingpool, maybe? Your Majesty, don’t lock him inside!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 8, 2022 1:27 am

Thank you for the update ❤️💯

May 8, 2022 12:21 pm

An Jin must be a far more powerful mermaid than either he, or anyone else, realises.
Whilst his and Norm’s being together is based on necessity, they are both already seeing beyond that.
I like that Norm doesn’t restrict him.
I hope An Jin will be brave enough to try speaking to Norm. Once he is able to communicate clearly, a whole new way of life for both could open up.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Pls, how does the update work- daily, weekly or irregularly. Just started reading and I’m not in the discord, so I’m less informed on how things work here

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Totally awesome! Who was that monster!!! It seems to be a natural enemy of the mermaid?? Hopefully he can get that zombie crystal! Poor Norman, he has to feel that pain to stop the rioting!

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