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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman walked into the mermaid room with An Jin in his arms and succinctly explained to Hornád what had happened. “You examine him first.”

Hornád listened to what happened, maintained his shocked face, and went up to examine the little mermaid. “It’s okay, just too much spiritual power consumption, with the mermaid’s recovery speed, if he just rests for a while, he’ll be okay.” Hornád looked away from the examination results and couldn’t help but ask, “Did he really sing while your spiritual riots were spilling over?”

“Yes,” Norman replied as he knelt down to put the little mermaid in the pool, only to have his sleeve pulled.

An Jin stopped Norman’s movement and turned his head to the pool with the back of his head and his tail up in an uncooperative pose to get into the water.

Norman looked at him suspiciously. “Don’t you want to go in?”

An Jin raised his hand and pointed to the bathroom. He had been in the grass for a long time and was crawling around on the ground, so he didn’t want to get his water dirty.

Norman understood what he meant and went along with his intention, carrying him to the bathroom.

An Jin pointed to the ground again and Norman put him down and stood by the door looking at him. An Jin, satisfied with his master, smiled up at Norman and cleaned himself up.

Hornád stayed by the pool for a moment and came back to Norman. “His Majesty, why are you so calm?! Don’t you know how special An An is?”

Norman certainly knew that mermaid perception was very strong. When a human spiritual riots, even if the control did not spill over, mermaid emotions would be stimulated and they’d become emotional.

If spiritual riots spill over, the reaction of the mermaid would only be more intense, either screaming and fleeing or attacking. No mermaid had ever sung to heal spiritual riots in such a situation.

Generally when a human spiritual riots, they could only use soothing agents to calm down and then find ways to coax the mermaid to heal.

Of course, this was good luck.

Those who were unlucky and did not have a mermaid could only suffer the pain of spiritual riots and the spiritual silk depletion after the spiritual sea shrank and the spiritual level dropped. The lower the spiritual level, the less the interval of riots, until the spiritual sea collapsed, and that person was almost dead.

This was why Siao people wanted to breed an extraordinary mermaid.

The earlier the mermaid was bred, the healthier the spiritual sea would be, and the owner who got along well with the mermaid, not to mention the spiritual riots, the spiritual power could even stay at the top for a long time. Of course, spiritual power was used to maintain the top state, and for a high leveled spiritual person, this was difficult.

After all, the spiritual power of a mermaid was limited, and the number of high leveled mermaids was even more scarce.

Norman said in a deep voice, “This is confidential.”

Hornád looked serious. “I definitely will not spread, but…the haru beast suddenly attacked the palace, and the news of your spiritual riot, I’m afraid it can not be hidden.”

Norman looked calm. “It’s okay.”

Hornád could not help but worry. “The haru beast came for An An.”

Both eyes fell on the little mermaid.

An Jin was straining his ears to listen to the two, while cleaning his tail with water.

Some tiny grass clippings stuck to his tail, and he carefully rinsed them off, along with the ash, and his tail became shiny. After he washed his tail, he lifted his hair off his body and saw the grass clippings in his messy thick hair, and felt there was no way to clean it.

Norman’s eyes were imprinted with the little mermaid’s uncovered back, slender and white. He averted his gaze slightly and opened the terminal to send a message to the captain of the second team who stayed behind.

He soon received a reply with a slight frown. “The number of people who know that An An is in the palace is limited. It should not be specifically for An An, but was attracted by An An’s singing.”

Hornád’s eyes glowed as the little mermaid dutifully cleaned himself up, and froze for a moment at Norman’s words. “How could it hear An An sing? No, how many times a day does An An sing?”

“He sang twice in the back garden, and the second time he didn’t finish singing before the haru beast appeared.”

“How is that possible?” Hornád was surprised. “Could you be mistaken? How can a mermaid sing so easily?”

Norman’s face was expressionless. “The four guards in the backyard’s spiritual power rose.”

“…so the first time An An sang, it was for them? Not right ah, the escort is not allowed to approach the villa range? They shouldn’t have seen An An before.”

“No, they haven’t. An An was singing in the garden and they heard him,” replied Norman.

Hornád’s mouth hung open for a moment before he could digest the words, and his eyes lit up. “That means his singing has a good effect on strangers too. And he sings without being coaxed.” He exclaimed, “My God, what a divine mermaid!” When Hornád finished, his face straightened and he said seriously, “Your Majesty, I request to live in the villa next door.”

Although he was a doctor, even though he was not consuming spiritual force as much as those in the military, even eating a nutrient solution, there would be impurities in the body. Spiritual power would be consumed after resisting the impurities, and then it would be reduced, and the condition of one’s spiritual sea would gradually deteriorate with the years.

This was why Siao people’s life expectancy was getting shorter and shorter.

Since the cosmic catastrophe, impurities had spread all over the galaxy, and the people of many planets besides Siao Planet were suffering from decreased spiritual force.

Hornád secretly planned to live in the villa next door so if the little mermaid started singing, he could immediately run to the back door to listen!

“As you wish, let Joseph arrange a room for you.”

Joseph was the captain of the royal escort, and the escort residence was spread around the villa. Norman gave several orders to the head escort.

Hornád had achieved his goal and was in a good mood when he thought of something and asked, “Was An An happy when he sang to you?”

Norman’s mind drifted to the little mermaid’s worried gaze. “No.”

Hornád mused, “It seems that the solid-colored mermaid is different from the regular mermaid, not happy and singing, why do you think that is?”

Norman’s eyes twitched slightly. “Worried about me.”

Hornád had become a lemon. He looked at Norman’s face. “And how do you feel after listening to the song?”

“My spiritual sea is calm, and my spiritual force has recovered ten percent.”

“Not bad for a pure color mermaid!” Hornád looked at the little mermaid with hot eyes and couldn’t help but frown and question Norman. “I’m curious, how on earth did you get in his good graces? Look at his hair, you’ve never taken him to a care center, have you? Any other mermaid would have attacked you already. With such beautiful hair, and you didn’t even know to take him to a care center.”

An Jin tilted his head and carefully tidied his hair with his fingers. Although his hair was very strong and would not break easily, his sharp nails could easily cut through it. An Jin’s mouth puckered unconsciously. His hair had been scattered on the ground in a mess after several trips to the back garden today.

He had a hard time cleaning up the grass clippings, but his nails were too long and inconvenient to move, so he couldn’t straighten it out for half a day and cut a few. He had the impulse to cut his hair short. But the thought that this hair was the only thing he could cover his body with, he could only dismiss the idea.

He looked at the cut hair on his nails and wrinkled his nose unhappily.

When he heard the doctor mention hair, his pretty eyes rolled, he turned his head, grabbed his hair and showed it to Norman, pooh-poohing it unhappily. He looked at Norman expectantly, this world, there should also be shampoo conditioner and other things, right?

Norman was silent for a moment, bending down to pick up the little mermaid. “Beautiful hair. I’ll take you to do the treatment.”

An Jin heard his soothing tone and understood the word hair. When he saw Norman carrying him away, he guessed Norman was going to wash his hair. He then obediently let Norman hold him and surveyed Norman’s restored calm spiritual sea.

Although there were no more sparks, the black areas had been reduced, and there was even a gray area that turned white. But for the huge spiritual sea, this change was too small.

Norman’s spiritual sea condition was still not good.

An Jin was a little helpless; his spiritual power was limited. Compared to Norman, the difference in the size of the spiritual sea was like the gap between a basketball and table tennis ball. Only singing once was not very useful.

Well, his eyes curved, he would keep a good mood and recover spiritual power as soon as possible. So he could sing more songs to Norman! Next time, he would sing a good one!

Thinking about singing, he remembered the beast. If only he could get his hands on the crystal core. If the crystal nucleus, like the zombie nucleus, could enhance the ability, his spiritual sea could be upgraded.

Thinking for a moment, he still decided to try.

When Norman carried him out of the room, he pulled Norman’s sleeve, and after attracting Norman’s attention, he turned his head to look at the back garden and raised his hand to point overhead. After thinking about it, he grinned and showed his teeth, mimicking the look of a monster.

Norman thought he was still angry with the haru beast, and said soothingly, “The haru is dead.”

An Jin saw him continue to walk towards the gate and hastily tugged his sleeve again. He shifted his hand up and down towards the back garden, and his neck stretched out that way, and made a hyperventilating ah-ah sound.

Hornád looked on and guessed, “The mermaid is very vindictive, did he not see the corpse of the haru beast?”

Norman thought for a moment. He was in the middle of a spiritual riot, was emotionally unstable, and did not pay attention to the little mermaid to make sure if he saw the haru beast’s corpse or not.

Seeing the little mermaid stubbornly pointing to the sky in the backyard, Norman gave an order to the chief guard, “Bring the corpse of the haru beast here.”

He carried the little mermaid to the back garden, and not long after, the chief guard came in through the back door and froze when he saw Norman. His Majesty’s spiritual sea had calmed down so quickly!

He quickly collected his mind and took out the haru beast from the space buckle.

The haru beast was like a small mountain in the empty garden, its head bloody—very terrible.

“Look, it’s dead,” Norman said to the little mermaid.

An Jin’s eyes glowed and he pointed at the haru beast, making it very obvious that he wanted to go over there.

Norman saw that his mental state seemed better, so he let him be and carried him over. An Jin immediately looked disappointed when he saw the head of the haru beast, there was a hole in the head and the crystal core had disappeared.

He pointed to the hole and screamed, and then looked at the chief guard.

The chief guard met his watery blue eyes and froze slightly.

Norman knew that the little mermaid’s IQ was not low, and seeing him like this, he looked at the haru beast and asked, “Where is the core?”

The chief guard took out a palm-sized, ruby-like round beast core and put it in his hand. “It’s a second grade beast core.”

An Jin’s eyes instantly lit up and his hand reached for the nucleus, reaching halfway and pulling back, tilting his little head and looking at Norman expectantly.

I want it so badly!

In the apocalypse, zombie crystal cores were a precious material, and he didn’t know if they were expensive in this world. As a pet, could he have it?


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