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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman decided to verify that the little mermaid could understand interstellar by asking questions. He looked at the little mermaid, “An An, are the braised fish pieces good?”

An Jin immediately nodded his head and sounded excited, “Ah!”

Norman analyzed by his reaction that the mermaid could understand interstellar, but could not speak it. He moved closer to the little mermaid and gently squeezed his chin with his fingers.

An Jin’s eyes were slightly open and his head was subconsciously retracted.

Norman applied a little pressure. “Don’t move.” He lifted the little mermaid’s chin. “Good boy, open your mouth and let me see.”

Hearing his words and guessing his purpose, An Jin’s steeply accelerated heartbeat calmed down a little, but the tips of his ears still couldn’t help but redden. He didn’t dare to look at Norman. His eyelids drooped slightly and he opened his mouth obediently.

Norman carefully examined his mouth. Except that the canine teeth were longer than a human’s and there was a slight difference in the throat, but, overall, similar to humans.

Was it because of this nuance that he could not speak interstellar? He looked away from the little mermaid’s mouth, and when he looked up, he saw the little mermaid’s long, curved eyelashes trembling, and his neck and ears, which were not covered with scales, were red.

He frowned. Afraid?

He could not help but feel soft in his heart. Although the little mermaid was afraid, because he did not want to refuse his request, forcibly held back his fear, and his face was suffocated red.

He loosened his fingers and rubbed his thumb gently under the little mermaid’s chin. “Don’t be afraid, I’m just looking. I won’t attack you.”

An Jin only felt a slight tickle on his chin. His face got even hotter, and he froze when he heard Norman’s words. He looked at Norman’s serious face, gave a smile, and shook his head. He was not afraid of Norman, because of the way Norman treated him and the character he displayed. He would feel safe around Norman.

Norman pondered. Not afraid?

It occurred to him that the little mermaid had been shy before because he was naked, and his ears were red. So, just now he was also shy?

Norman looked at An Jin and said seriously, “I’m sorry, I don’t know mermaids. I’m sorry.”

The little mermaid had a high IQ, had a sense of shame, could be shy, understood interstellar, and could even speak interstellar in the holographic world. He was almost like a human except that it was a mermaid in appearance.

He thought that he could no longer treat the little mermaid like a pet. He had to treat the little mermaid as a human teenager.

An Jin was slightly surprised, then he smiled, and his eyes curved into crescent moons.

Norman was just too decent a person, and once again he was glad that he was lucky. He shook his head to indicate that he was fine, and after some thought, raised his hand and gently squeezed Norman’s cuff with two fingers, shaking it from side to side.

Norman could say the word “sorry”, so if he wanted clothes, Norman should not refuse and would not feel strange, right?

Norman looked at the cuffs. “Want clothes?”

An Jin’s little head immediately nodded up and down, his eyes expectant.

Norman nodded. “Okay,” he said, as his eyes fell on the little mermaid’s beautiful fishtail, “the tail can’t wear pants, only a custom-made skirt.”

An Jin immediately shook his head and his tail tapped along, he didn’t want to wear a skirt!

In his opinion, the tail surface scales were natural clothes, so there was no need to wear anything else, and anyway, nothing was exposed. What’s more, while wearing a skirt, swimming and crawling to solve the physical needs would be all kinds of trouble; there was almost no benefit.

Norman saw that he did not like it, so he said, “Then just buy the clothes.”

Norman opened the terminal, chose waterproof tops, and let the little mermaid choose his own.

An Jin chose two short T-shirts and shook his head. He was a little embarrassed, Norman will not be too much trouble for him?

The other family’s mermaid would not have the expense of buying clothes, right? He quietly surveyed Norman’s look, and seeing he was not impatient. He became a little reassured and secretly decided he must earn money as soon as possible.

He couldn’t spend Norman’s money on everything, and he had to invite Norman back for dinner.

Thinking of this, he raised his hand, pointing to the holographic helmet held in the robot’s hand.

He wanted to hold the helmet himself in order to enter the holographic world at any time.

“This is not for you.”

He leaned down, picked up the little mermaid, and headed to the mermaid room. As he descended the stairs, he silently observed the little mermaid, who had both hands dutifully resting on his belly and his head tilted to look at the stairs.

He swept his eyes over the little mermaid’s ears, which were white and transparent, not red and seemingly not shy. He categorized the act of holding the little mermaid across his body as something he could do.

Walking into the mermaid room, Norman put An Jin into the water, then opened the terminal and used Tang Rin’s identity to contact the owner of the holographic helmet manufacturer. “Expedite the customization of two waterproof holographic helmets.”

Boss replied, “Mr. Tang, our helmets are waterproof, if there are no special requirements, it’s faster for you to buy them directly.”

“I want them to soak in the water and not break. This degree of waterproofness.”

“…Mr. Tang, you are not intentionally looking for trouble, right? Who would have nothing to do with a holographic helmet in the water?”

“Can you do it?” Norman asked. “I’ll find someone else who can.” .

The boss raised his voice. “Of course! I’ll have it ready for you tomorrow.”

Hanging up the communication, Norman looked at the little mermaid. “I’ll give you a new helmet tomorrow.”

An Jin floated in the water. Tilting his little head to look at Norman, his eyes curved into crescent moons. He understood that Norman had custom-made the helmet just for him. He looked to Norman’s spiritual sea and felt he had to sing a song!

Otherwise it would not express his gratitude. He smiled at Norman, and after immersing himself in the emotion, opened his mouth to sing.

The ethereal song rang out with a light and pleasant tune, like a clear spring bubbling in the mountains and fields.

At the end of the song, the spiritual power Norman had consumed on the battlefield recovered a lot, and the spiritual sea state became more stable.

Norman thought he did not feel wrong, since the little mermaid sang. As long as he did something for the little mermaid, the little mermaid would sing to him.

His little mermaid was not only a good boy, but he also knew how to repay his kindness. He complimented, “It’s very nice, thanks An An.”

An Jin was both happy and a little embarrassed. He smiled at Norman and sank into the water, showing only his pair of eyes.

Norman knew that the mermaid’s singing would consume spiritual power, and when he saw this, he thought that the little mermaid wanted to go back to the water to rest. He rubbed the little mermaid’s hair. “Rest well, and do not sing again if you are not comfortable.”

Seeing the little mermaid nod, Norman left the mermaid room and went to the study. He opened the terminal and looked up a mermaid’s behavior after entering the holographic world, but there was nothing about it.

No one had taken a mermaid into the holographic world?

He pondered for a moment, contacted Mu Chen, and asked, “Has Little Silver ever played with a holographic helmet?”

“No, it’s not a toy for mermaids… Does An An want to play? You want to play, you give him it and have to coax the mermaid more, not to mention your An An is so well behaved.”

Norman did not explain specifically, but the tone was very serious. “Take Small Silver into the holographic world once, and then tell me his reactions.”

Mu Chen was very familiar with him, and hearing his serious attitude, could not help but wonder. “An An went into the holographic world? What happened?”

“It surprised me,” Norman said.

Norman grew up with a calm personality. Mu Chen could not think of any situation that would make Norman “very surprised”.

Mu Chen immediately had his strong curiosity aroused. “Okay, I’ll try to take Little Silver to the holographic world, and then contact you afterwards.”

Norman reminded, “Things are confidential, do not spread the word.”

Mu Chen was more curious. “Okay.”

Norman hung up the communication, feeling the peaceful spiritual sea and sufficient spiritual power, and wanting to do something for the little mermaid.

In contrast to people who try to make mermaids happy and may not be able to hear a song, he did too little for the little mermaid. He pondered for a moment and thought of the little mermaid’s satisfied look as he ate vegetables.

He clicked on the official website of All-in-One Home Management and filled out a robot customization form in the high-end customization center.

On the other side, the designer assistant checking the customization form froze. His daily job was to organize the customization form, communicate the customer’s requirements to the designer, who developed a plan through the customer’s requirements, and then he and the customer discussed the materials used and determined the price.

The customer was satisfied and submitted a deposit, then the designer designed the finished drawing and handed it over to the manufacturer for production.

He was an experienced assistant and had seen many custom requests, but this custom form today, he still couldn’t help but be surprised.

He got up and relayed the customer’s request to the designer.

The designer froze when he heard his description. “You mean someone wants a custom-made robot chef?”

“Yes, the best materials were requested,” the assistant added, “and the robot was also asked to learn every recipe on the market.”

“…What do you think his purpose is?”

He couldn’t really guess what the client wanted. To eat gourmet food? That’s impossible.

Directly cooking dishes, the impurity content was more than ten times higher than the nutrients made after processing, and no one would eat the dishes directly. Eating a meal would consume a lot of spiritual power, which was equivalent to suicide.

The assistant thought hard. “Maybe it’s a foodie who wants to smell all kinds of food to satisfy his craving.”

“Going to the holographic world to eat is not enough? The price of a robot made with the best materials is enough to eat in the holographic world for a lifetime.”

“Then I can’t imagine what the client wants. He chose to expedite the customization and wants us to get back to him as soon as possible,” the assistant said.

“Any special requirements for appearance?”


“What a strange customer,” the designer sighed. “I’ll do the proposal, and I’ll contact the customer directly later.”

Ending the communication with Norman, Mu Chen picked up the helmet commonly used in the room and one from the miscellaneous room at home to alter into the style of the backward helmet, went to the terminal to bind the two helmets, and then to the mermaid room to look for Little Silver.

First, he observed for a while. Little Silver was floating in the water playing with his beautiful hair, and the mood seemed good.

Little Silver’s silver eyes glanced at him and he bared his teeth, and then his eyes fell on something unfamiliar in his hands.

Mu Chen moved closer and shook his helmet. “Let’s play a new game, OK?”

He coaxed for a long time, took out Little Silver’s favorite food, and put on the helmet for Little Silver while he was happily eating. He also put it on in a hurry and turned on the switch.

“Unknown data detected, entry failed.” The mechanical voice warned.

Mu Chen was slightly flabbergasted. At the same time, the mermaid’s grumpy roar suddenly sounded in his ears, and the airflow next to his head changed rapidly.

Mu Chen’s heart clenched tight, and combat instincts let him quickly strengthen the body.

The next moment, there was a click, and the helmet split into two halves, from the sides of his head to slide down.

His vision returned and he saw Little Silver angrily revealing his canine teeth and his sharp claws swinging towards him again.

The helmet worn on Little Silver’s head, sharing the same fate as his helmet, was split in half first and fell into the water.

Mu Chen dodged Little Silver’s attack while inwardly lamenting: His Majesty harmed me!


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Love their relationship development! Interesting it doesn’t work for little silver! I can’t wait to find out more! This is definitely interesting! Silver and Mu Chen are hilarious lol looking forward to this custom robot chef and what will An an think!!??

May 20, 2022 11:25 pm

Poor Mu Chen… his sacrifice is noted.

Hmmmm… An Jin’s body is that of a mermaid so the helmet should have the same reaction… does that mean the solid colour mermaid is different? Or it’s the transmigrator “filling” that makes the difference? Or maybe An Jin’s water ability is making this possible? 🤔 🤔 🤔 That robot chef… if it cooks fish processed by An Jin, the dishes will be fine.

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Norm is rather lovely, as is An An.
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Hahahaha Mu Chen and little Silver are so funny

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RIP mu chen. you will be remembered as the courageous soldier who sacrificed his life to fulfilled the emperor’s curiosity.

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