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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin subconsciously wanted to swim in the direction of the bathroom, but before he turned around, his movements stopped. He sensed that Norman was coming directly toward the mermaid room instead of changing into his regular clothes as he usually did. He estimated the time it would take to swim to the pool, climb up the bank, and enter the bathroom.

He decided to give up and go back to the bathroom.

If he continued to go to the bathroom, with Norman’s speed, it was likely that Norman would walk in when he reached the bathroom door.

His face was burning with embarrassment at the thought of that scene.

When Norman walked into the mermaid’s room, he saw the little mermaid with his hands on the edge of the shore, his little head showing a little bit, and his eyes below the wall of the pool blocking all of them.

When An Jin saw him, he said, “Don’t come any closer!”

Norman’s footsteps stopped and he quickly thought of the reason. “Did your scales fall off again?” He said seriously, “It’s okay, An An’s new scales are beautiful too.”

The tips of An Jin’s ears were slightly red, and his fingers were pressed against the ground out of embarrassment and shame. He didn’t dare to look at Norman and whispered, “Don’t come any closer.”

The little mermaid’s voice was soft, this time with embarrassment and pleading, and seemed a little sticky. Norman’s heart was softening and he couldn’t refuse at all. “Okay, I won’t go over there.” He asked the little mermaid, “Are you feeling unwell?”

An Jin shook his head. “No.”

Norman saw that the little mermaid sounded as usual, his forehead was white, and his eyes were blue and white, not like he was unwell, so he was slightly relieved.

An Jin looked up at Norman and whispered, “Can you go out first?”

Norman saw the little mermaid was close to the wall of the pool with a face of embarrassment and looking afraid to be seen. He did not want to make the little mermaid difficult. “You do not rush, I will go out.” He paused and added, “If you need help, call me.”

An Jin nodded and Norman turned around and went out. An Jin looked at the closed door and breathed a small sigh of relief. Not long after, the robot came in with the box, and it put the box on the edge of the pool and turned to go out.

An Jin went on the shore, climbed into the mobility scooter, picked up the box, and went into the bathroom.

He took out the skirt, cut the tag with his nails, used the ability to rinse the floor clean, then sat on the floor, leaned forward, and tried to put the skirt on the fishtail. It would go on…

His tail was too long; his body leaned forward simply could not reach the tail. He straightened the posture of his upper body, gasped for breath to rest for two seconds, cocked his tail upward, again leaned his body forward, and finally put on the skirt. He grabbed the waistband and lifted it up to his hips, lifting his body with his hands on the ground, and successfully put on the skirt.

He tried the belt elasticity to make sure it was very firm, would not fall, and was not tight, and was very satisfied. However, he soon found that he was satisfied too early.

With the skirt on, he had great difficulty moving around.

Although he could drive the mobility scooter, before getting on the scooter, he could only climb. When he moved his upper body forward, his tail pressed against his skirt and pulled it down at the waist, so he had to crawl and tidy up at the same time.

Before he got on the mobility scooter, he was worried that his tail would press against his skirt when he folded it up, so he laid the skirt forward first and finally got on the scooter. He looked down and saw that his clothes and skirt were slightly messy. He thought about it for a moment, held the handle with both hands, kept the tail still, and bounced gently in place. The hem of his shirt and skirt sagged slightly and looked much better.

He drove his mobility scooter to the back of the door and opened it, not expecting Norman to be standing in the doorway and froze slightly.

Norman heard the sound of the door opening and turned, slightly stunned.

The little mermaid’s hair was tied behind his head, revealing a delicate, small face, and he was wearing a white T-shirt on top and a long black skirt on the bottom. Because the skirt was too long, the hem covered the little mermaid’s tail.

If not for the scales covering his face, he would be a teenager wearing a skirt.

An Jin, wearing a skirt for the first time, was both embarrassed and uncomfortable, explaining in a whisper, “Only the skirt fits the tail.”

Norman looked back. “It looks good,” he said and paused. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t wear it, even if you change your scales, An An’s tail still looks good.”

An Jin’s face got hot when he thought about his tail today, and he said, “From now on, I’ll always wear a dress.”

Norman thought that the little mermaid was ugly by his change of scales, and, being sensitive, stopped mentioning that he would look good without it and asked, “What color do you like? I’ll buy it for you.”

He swept over the crumpled black dress; it was easy to imagine how inconvenient it would be for a little mermaid to wear it. He mused, “This doesn’t suit you, I’ll have one made for you.”

An Jin sniffed. “I’d like to have it made too.” He mused for a moment, “I wonder if there’s a fabric that’s flattering and smooth.”

“Yes,” said Norman as he glanced toward the room, “you go back to the pool.”

The little mermaid rarely came out of the pool in the next two days, and instead of going to the kitchen to handle food at each meal, he had the robot bring it to the pool. Although the little mermaid didn’t say so, he could see that dropping scales still worried the little mermaid, so the little mermaid let his tail stay in the water for a long time.

An Jin gave the order to the charger and hesitated when he reached the pool, not jumping directly into the water. Seeing this, Norman gently picked up the little mermaid and slowly put the little mermaid into the water.

Once in the water, the long skirt floated up.

An Jin’s heart was tight, and he hurriedly pressed it down, but unexpectedly the skirt fabric was very ordinary, and when the nails cut through, it was directly ripping the material. An Jin hurriedly pressed against the wall of the pool, thinking that luckily the cut was not in the middle.

Norman’s eyes flashed with a fresh blue and white color, followed by the black dress. He couldn’t help but ask, “An An, have you finished changing your scales?”

An Jin pressed his elbow against the hem of his skirt. “There’s still a little at the end.”

Norman thought of the little mermaid’s appearance when he was trying to cover up in a hurry, and his heart moved slightly.

Why didn’t the little mermaid want to show his tail anymore? The blue and white color was light, but not ugly by any means.

Two days ago the scales were different shades, and although the little mermaid felt ugly, he did not want to cover up. Norman was a little curious, but he didn’t want to go against the little mermaid’s wishes since he didn’t want to show it.

An Jin looked down at the water and realized that he had just overreacted. The skirt floated, but he was in the water and Norman was on the shore.

Norman looking at him was the equivalent of someone upstairs looking at someone downstairs with an umbrella, and his tail wouldn’t be exposed at all.

Of course, the premise was that the skirt was not ripped. The good thing was that with the location of the rip in the skirt, An Jin was not so nervous.

He tilted his head and looked at Norman, a little curious. “You’re back earlier than usual today.”

Norman was slightly surprised; the little mermaid’s sense of time was very strong.

“I went out for an inspection today and came straight back from it.” He took a step back and took out three inflatable mounts and a swimming ring from the terminal space, all flat because they were not yet inflated.

After An Jin identified them, he looked at Norman with some surprise, thinking that Norman seemed to treat him like a child.

Norman took out the pumping tool. “I bought it the other day and forgot to buy the pump.” He asked the little mermaid, “Do you know what this is?”

“Is it for floating on water?”

“Mn, pick the one you like,” said Norman.

An Jin looked at the different styles and picked a duck.

Norman filled the duck ride with air, and the original flat plastic suddenly became a yellowish duck nearly two meters long and one meter high.

“Indoor or garden?”

“In the garden.” An Jin pointed to a round and flat crab ride. “This one is for indoors, let’s play with these two first.”

Norman inflated the crab ride, which was nearly round in the middle and almost two meters in diameter, very large.

Norman put the mounts into the water, and An Jin immediately wanted to lie on them, but then thought of the skirt and did not move against the wall.

The bottom of the skirt would not be exposed up close, but that was not necessarily so from a distance.

Norman saw the little mermaid’s concern and rubbed the little mermaid’s hair. “You should order dinner. I have something to do today, so I won’t eat with you.”

An Jin then ordered his own dinner.

Norman left the mermaid’s room and went back to his study to contact a clothing company using Tang Rin’s identity to customize a batch of dresses suitable for fishtails.

All of Siao knew that Tang Rin had a solid-color mermaid, and when he received the order, the customer service manager of the clothing company got excited and said repeatedly that he would make it as soon as possible, asking tentatively if he wanted the staff to come to his home.

The clothing will be a better fit if made based on on-site measurement data .

Norman read his mind clearly and did not hesitate to refuse, sending the exact measurements of each part of the little mermaid’s tail and stressing again and again that the customer data was confidential.

He had a precise judgment of the data: he had held the little mermaid many times, saw the little mermaid every day, saw the little mermaid’s various values, and knew them by heart. He paid a deposit and an expedited fee to have at least one finished product ready by seven a.m. the next day.

An Jin ate his dinner and realized that Norman hadn’t gone out, but had stayed in one of the rooms for a while and then went to the gym. Norman didn’t come out of the gym until he was about to go to bed, and he returned to his bedroom.

An Jin picked up the scales that had fallen to the bottom of the pool, looked at the tail, and suddenly his heart fluttered. Norman noticed that he was uncomfortable and that’s why he didn’t have dinner with him, right? He had been staying at home to exercise and was simply fine.

He put away the scales and a smile unconsciously appeared at the corners of his mouth, Norman was so nice!

The next morning, An Jin received the first dress that was ordered.

“A fishtail dress?” An Jin looked up at Norman in surprise.

Norman nodded. “They think it’s the most appropriate name. See if you like it.”

An Jin opened the box and his eyes were suddenly struck by a blue light. He closed his eyes and opened them again.

He reached out and touched the fabric, which was soft and smooth, and looked completely different from the texture. He unfolded the skirt and suddenly understood why it was called a fishtail skirt: the skirt looked like a fishtail and reminded him of the modern aquarium play mermaid skirt.

But…he thought about his tail. It would be difficult to put on, right?

Norman opened the terminal and put on the skirt instructional video for him to see.

An Jin looked over. The original fishtail skirt had a zipper at the back waist, the entire skirt pulled down with the zipper, and was one piece of cloth.

And the great thing was that the zipper was smart. As long as he connected the bottom two ends, the zipper would pull itself up and automatically fasten the snap when it reached the top. When he needed to take it off, he just needed to press the snap and the zipper head would automatically slide to the bottom.

An Jin tried the material with his fingernails and found that it was not easy to break; he was very satisfied.

Norman’s eyes flashed with laughter. He rubbed the top of the little mermaid’s head and went out.

An Jin took off his long black dress, cocked his tail, and changed into a fishtail dress in the water.

He wiggled his tail, very animated. It was as if he was wearing nothing. Between the wiggles, the blue fishtail skirt glowed slightly, and at first glance, it looked like a real tail. An Jin swam happily to the edge of the pool and shouted at the door, “Okay.”

Norman pushed the door in, and An Jin swam around the pool, then looked at Norman with bright eyes. “It fits and is comfortable.”

Norman’s eyes swept over the little mermaid’s tail. “I’ll have them make a few more as soon as possible.”

An Jin thought for a moment. “Three will be enough.”

In fact, two were enough for a change of clothes, but it was safer to have one more just in case. Now, unlike before, he couldn’t see anyone at all without covering his tail.

Norman did not accept the little mermaid’s offer to change the subject and let the little mermaid order. The two finished their breakfast and it didn’t take long for Hornád to arrive.

Hornád saw the fishtail dress and complimented, “Nice, Dean Yuna and I also discussed that it is better to give the new scales a layer of protection, and this dress is very suitable.”

An Jin smiled and didn’t have the heart to say the real reason why he was wearing the dress.

Hornád examined An Jin and, after seeing the results, asked the young mermaid, “Is there anything uncomfortable?” An Jin shook his head, and Hornád asked, “What about emotionally?”

An Jin continued to shake his head. He was no longer worried about losing his scales. Now that the tail scales had been replaced with new scales over a large area, he had looked at them carefully; they were light in color and not as hard as the previous ones, but they were not weak either.

At least his nails could not scratch them, and he noticed that the new scales, which first appeared, were a little darker and getting stronger. Through his body’s reaction, he felt more and more that it was normal to change scales, and perhaps his body would become stronger.

Hornád pondered for a moment, sent the test results to Yuna, and sent another message over. Soon he received a reply from Yuna, who said to the little mermaid, “You are healthy, don’t worry.”

An Jin smiled. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Hornád resisted the urge to rub the little mermaid’s hair, said goodbye, and left the mermaid’s room. Norman didn’t stay long either, saying goodbye to the little mermaid and preparing to go to the military headquarters. He walked to the living room, only to find that Hornád had not left and seemed to be waiting for him.

His face sank slightly. “Is An An having health problems?”

Hornád’s eyes lit up. “No,” he opened the test results and pointed to one of the data graphs, “he’s showing signs of estrus, and within at least half a month, he’ll be in heat. If he can successfully pair up and get pregnant, his offspring, perhaps, will also be a pure-colored mermaid!”

Siao’s mermaids were still scarce, but the situation was now much better than before.

According to the history of Siao, mermaids were not a native creature of Siao. Nine hundred years ago, the expedition brought back mermaid genes from the outer galaxy, and only then did humans start to breed mermaids.

The mermaid gene was unstable and very prone to mutation, and it took a long time for the research institute to breed it successfully.

After that, Siao’s mermaid population was increased, partly by genetic breeding, and partly by mermaid breeding.

Either way, the number of newborn mermaids was very small.

Many of the mermaid eggs bred by the Institute of Scientific Research were unable to break their shells for unknown reasons, and many of the mermaids that did break their shells were low-level mermaids.

An An was the only solid colored mermaid born with a broken shell in the history of Siao. Based on experience, his reproductive genes were more stable, and if An An could produce offspring, there was a good chance that they would be advanced mermaids.

The more Hornád thought about it, the more excited he became. “Your Majesty, we need to get to work on selecting a match for An An.”

Norman’s jaw tightened unconsciously, instinctively repulsed by Hornád’s proposal. He said in a hushed voice, “An An’s wishes will prevail.”

“Of course.” Hornád looked worried. “An An is so gentle, and a mermaid in heat is very fierce. I do not know whether he will be hurt.”

Norman had an instant picture in his head and his face darkened. “Why isn’t An An the stronger party?”

“This…” Hornád hesitated, “is also right. An An is a pure color mermaid, high rank, although his character is gentle, he is also not necessarily in the lower position.”

Norman found that hearing this statement did not make him feel much better.

“I will discuss it with An An.” He finished, strode out, and got into the hover car.

During lunch break at the Military Headquarters, Norman drank his nutrients and went to the training ground for mecha training. His mind uncontrollably kept going back to Hornád’s words and he trained harder and harder. After an hour, he jumped off the mecha, took the mecha back to the mecha button, and went back to his office.

On the way, Mu Chen saw him and caught up with him from behind. “How’s An An?”

“Fine. The test results show he’s healthy.”

Mu Chen said, “That’s good, you can thank him for me. Little Silver is much better after seeing him!”

Norman gave a slight pause in his steps, turned his head, and asked Mu Chen, “Has Little Silver gone into heat?”

“Yes,” Mu Chen coughed lightly, his expression a little embarrassed, “he did not want to see another mermaid, and after two days of trouble, he’s now fine.”

A light flashed in Norman’s eyes as the two walked and talked. “It’s okay not to pair them with another mermaid?”

Mu Chen replied, “Of course you can, in fact, a mermaid in heat, is…more excited, more easily tossed, but after those two days will be fine.”

Norman pondered, “If they are not paired, there is damage to the body?”

“No. It’s just that their spiritual powers increase slower.” Mu Chen shrugged. “After all, it was consumed in advance.” He said, feeling something wrong, his eyes suddenly brightened, “Is An An coming into heat?”

Norman nodded.

Mu Chen thought back to Norman’s question and was surprised. “You don’t want An An to pair up? He’s the only pure-color mermaid with a high probability of conceiving for the first time, and the research institute shouldn’t agree with your decision.” He paused before adding, “Besides, why wouldn’t you want to? There’s no harm in it. An An will have a hard time carrying it on his own for the first time in heat.”

Norman looked cold and hard, and did not say anything.

Mu Chen joked, “It’s not the father’s state of mind, is it? Do you think that no one deserves to be at home with your son?”

Norman did feel that no one was worthy of An An, and he corrected, “It’s not a father mentality.”

At that moment, Norman’s terminal beeped and he received a message regarding a sample fishtail dress from a clothing company, which he read and clicked OK.

After sending off the message, he closed the terminal. Mu Chen had been by his side, so before the terminal closed, he looked at the bottom picture of the main screen clearly, and it was clearly a photo of Norman and An An together.

As a military leader, his spiritual power was not as good as Norman’s, but he was definitely one of Siao’s top masters.

His eyesight as well as memory were very good; even if he only glanced at it, he noticed the photo’s details. He hadn’t seen an obvious smile on Norman’s face since middle school. He suddenly had a suspicion and his face could not help but grow serious. “Your Majesty, you would not…that is…”

Norman frowned. “Stop stammering. Say it?”

Mu Chen flourished, asking, “You’re not in love with An An, are you?” He added sternly, “The love of a lover.”

Norman’s voice sank. “Nonsense.”

Mu Chen breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s good that it’s not. Although marriage is free, the people of any planet would not approve of a pet being queen.” He reminded, “The picture of you and An An better not be shown to others; your expression would be too easy for people misunderstand.”

Norman looked slightly moved, expression?

Back in the office, Norman opened the terminal and looked at the photo with the little mermaid.

After the photo was taken, he often looked at the photo, but each time his attention was on the little mermaid’s face, never looking at himself. It was only after Mu Chen reminded him that he was surprised to find that the corners of his mouth were up when he took the picture.

Mu Chen’s question rang in his head.

To the little mermaid, was it the love of a lover? His heart beat inexplicably faster with a feeling he had never felt before. Thinking of the little mermaid’s pure eyes, Norman propped up his forehead, blushing deeply and thinking, was he a pervert?

No, he was not.

He rigorously refuted himself; he liked the little mermaid and wanted to be good to the little mermaid, because the little mermaid was well-behaved, very cute, and also provided him with spiritual power. He did not want to do something over the top to the little mermaid!

Norman’s heart soon calmed down, thinking that the next time he saw Mu Chen, he must remind him to watch fewer cold romance movies.

In the afternoon, back at the palace, Norman changed into his regular clothes, and when he went downstairs, his footsteps inexplicably slowed down.

Mu Chen’s words came to mind again. His forehead jumped and he decided with a sullen face that he would fight Mu Chen tomorrow! He pushed the door open, and he saw the little mermaid’s hand on the bank. Looking towards him, his expression unconsciously softened.

While eating dinner, An Jin felt something strange: he felt that Norman always seemed to look at him from time to time. However, when he looked over, Norman didn’t look at him. He was a little confused. He had been mistaken too many times, right?

Norman looked at the little mermaid many times and came to the conclusion that Mu Chen was talking nonsense.

The little mermaid was very beautiful. He often subconsciously wanted to rub the top of the little mermaid’s hair, or even poke the little mermaid cheek, but did not want to do intimate things to the little mermaid.

At most, looking at the little mermaid’s good looks, he wanted to hug him.

After dinner, Norman was ready to leave when An Jin tugged his sleeve. “Wait.”

He looked at Norman’s spiritual sea, his eyebrows unconsciously knitting up.

Norman’s spiritual sea, the furthest most edge of the circle had never changed from gray.

Whether Norman listened to him sing, or ate pure food, the last circle of gray spiritual silk absorbed energy like a bottomless pit, but it still lacked spiritual power. By all rights, it should have turned from gray to white long ago.

“What’s wrong?” Norman asked.

An Jin shook his head, smiled at him, and opened his mouth to sing. Norman’s expression stretched and his eyes were full of the little mermaid’s figure. An Jin sang and watched Norman’s spiritual sea, and halfway through the song, his eyes lit up.

Finally there were gray spiritual filaments that turned white.

A steady stream of aquamarine energy particles flew into Norman’s spiritual sea, and when the last cluster of spiritual filaments turned white, all the spiritual filaments suddenly waved.

“Mn…” Norman suddenly muffled a grunt and his right leg fiercely kneeled. The veins bulged on the back of his right hand that he used to support himself on the ground, and his forehead was brushed with a layer of sweat.

At the same time, a powerful spiritual pressure emanated from Norman’s body.

An Jin was startled, and his tail fin instinctively exploded when he encountered the threat. He stopped singing, and holding back the discomfort and the sense of crisis that made his scalp tingle, put his hand on the shore, leaned forward and approached Norman, asking, “Norman, how are you?”

Norman’s eyes were tightly closed, his body tense, his bones clacking. An Jin hurriedly looked at his spiritual sea, his eyes slightly open.

Norman’s spiritual sea; the area had expanded.


The author has something to say: Thanks for your support mua~

Norman: Although I want to rub the top of his hair, want to poke his cheeks, want to be nice to him, want to hug him, do not want him to have intimate acts with other fish, but, I am not like him [dog head _(:з”∠)_]


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