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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman returned to the spacecraft and removed the mask. A thin piece of the mask shrunk into a small capsule, and he casually put it in his pocket and spoke the command to the hovercraft, “Go back.”

“Yes master.” The electronic voice responded.

The hover car started up and raced along the overhead track.

A minute later, Norman received a communication from Hornád.

“His Majesty,” Hornád intoned with anticipation, “how is it? Did you fancy it?”

“Mn,” Norman replied, pressing the corner of his forehead and saying, “Send me a batch of soothing agents.”

Hornád hadn’t had time to rejoice when he heard the request anxiously. “Twenty of them so soon? You’re using them too fast. If you keep going like this, you won’t even be able to achieve the first aid effect.”

Norman rubbed his temples. “The effect of first aid is not good now.”

“At least you’re back from patrol safely! No one has noticed that you’re in a spiritual riot yet!” Hornád’s tone was agitated as he added, “You’re being reckless, going out and getting into fights when your spiritual state is unstable…”

Norman didn’t wait for him to finish reading and interrupted to correct him, “It’s a normal patrol.”

“There is no reason to patrol 360 days a year! You are simply too bored with Siao City!” The doctor broke his lie loudly, angry and worried.

Norman asked lightly, “Is it better to stay on Siao Planet?”

Hornád was silent. He sighed lightly and felt some pain for His Majesty, who had grown up seeing him.

His Majesty’s spiritual force level was too high, making the mermaid’s perception of him extremely sensitive. Seeing His Majesty was like seeing an enemy, and they were always extra excited.

Hornád was helpless. The scientific research institute deliberately let the mermaid pups watch His Majesty’s photos and films, but there was no effect for His Majesty Norman.

No matter whether it was the sunny and handsome photos of His Majesty as a child or the films of His Majesty’s fierce battles in the battlefield when he grew up, there was no reaction. However, as long as a mermaid saw His Majesty in person, the mermaid was eager to fight with His Majesty, without exception.

Hornád was not prepared to continue this demoralizing conversation, after all, things had taken a turn for the worse! He asked curiously, “What kind of mermaid do you have in mind?”

His Majesty hadn’t bid for almost a year and had been to every sample, but hadn’t seen a single mermaid he wanted. He was very curious about the mermaid His Majesty had in mind.

Norman thought of a pair of clear aquamarine eyes, and a word came to his mind—quiet. However, he did not say it. He had bought a mermaid once, and when it was in the showroom, it was very quiet.

As a result, the first time he saw it after bidding for it, the mermaid attacked him when he wasn’t looking. The previous quietness was just waiting for the time to attack.

Thinking about it, Norman didn’t answer in case he was hit in the face, “You’ll see tonight.”

Back at the palace, Norman headed for the study, and when he reached the door, his footsteps lurched. He turned and went to the mermaid’s room, which he had prepared for years but never used. He looked around and gave the butler droid the order to clean up.

As the sky darkened, the radiant Flare Star descended, the two ghostly stars to the north and south rose, and the city of Siao was bathed in a silvery blue ethereal light.

In the Star Auction House VIP Room, as soon as eight o’clock arrived, the guests in each room were all staring at the display on the wall. They put their hands on the armrest on the right side, where the bid-raising console was inlaid, where they could press the button to raise the price or directly enter a price.

A host in a dark red suit walked onto the auction stage. Although there was no one on the stage, he still kept a decent smile, because he knew that all the guests were staring at him closely in front of the screen. In order to protect the guests’ privacy and ensure their safety, the guests would not show their faces throughout the auction process. Guests in the VIP lounge entered and exited the room through the passage connected to the private room and bid in the private room.

The host gave an enthusiastic speech, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Star Auction House! Without further ado,” he said with a timely pause, followed by a high, emotionally charged voice, “please see tonight’s auction item, a solid-color mermaid!”

The VIP room auction had always been straight to the point; after all, for everyone involved, wasting time was a waste of money. The host finished and walked to the edge of the stage, making sure not to interfere with the guests’ appreciation of the mermaid.

The screen that filled the entire wall behind him lit up, showing the scene in the exhibition room.

The little pure blue mermaid was lying at the bottom of the pool, his head resting on his arm, his face blocked by his beautiful hair, and with only his white ears visible.

Just when everyone was attracted by this beautiful and peaceful scene, the little mermaid suddenly moved.

An Jin had been suffering from a vague pain in the back of his head, not serious but impossible to ignore.

In the other room, there were batches of many people and his spiritual threads had been highly concentrated. Only once he was in a room alone, had he relaxed, unconsciously falling asleep.

Sleeping sweetly, he abruptly woke up with a start. He suddenly had a feeling that he was being watched. He ruffled his hair and looked to the shore, where there was no one.

At that moment, all the guests in the booth could not help but drop their eyes to his face. The small face with very delicate features and watery blue eyes slightly raised looked extraordinarily agile.

An Jin didn’t see anyone, but still felt that something was wrong, and the feeling of being watched not only didn’t disappear, but became deeper. He realized that his perception was much more sensitive than before.

Thinking about it, he checked the spiritual sea and was surprised to find that the spiritual power which was consumed by resisting fish impurities was all restored.

When people kept coming to the room before, he was emotionally tense and his spiritual power did not recover at all. He was worried at the time, afraid that after becoming a mermaid his spiritual power could not recover naturally.

It turned out that he just slept and recovered it all! It recovered much faster than before. He was a little happy that he could recover spiritual power just by resting. It was fantastic!

Thinking about the current situation, he swung his tail and swam to the surface to float, then looked up and surveyed the surroundings. As he swam, his fish tail swung lightly, his body stretched out, and almost all eyes fell on his fish tail.

The light penetrated the water and fell on the fish’s tail, and the aquamarine scales glittered and dazzled.

The host left enough time for the guests to admire it before announcing, “The starting price is one billion star coins, with a minimum increase of fifty million, the bidding begins!”

A round box appeared in the middle of the electronic screen, which displayed the bid price in real time.

In the blink of an eye, the bidding price had reached two billion. The numbers were still rising at a phantom-like speed. The host’s eyes grew brighter and brighter, and when he saw that it exceeded eight billion, his heart couldn’t help but beat faster.

The highest transaction price for a top-grade mermaid was eight billion.

Soon, the bidding price exceeded ten billion.

An Jin didn’t know he was being auctioned off and was still looking around carefully, eventually landing his eyes on the black orbs on the wall. He had observed these orbs before, and there were sixteen identical orbs, four on each wall equally spaced. He noticed that these orbs had changed, like pistachios cracking open, the outer material opening up to reveal a glassy core.

Almost instantly, he realized it was the monitor. In terms of design, it was very apt, like an eye.

An Jin’s eyebrows knitted up, the feeling of being watched by the unknown made him very uncomfortable.

He used his water ability, trying to block the camera, but the next moment, he withdrew his ability. This was his trump card, which could not be easily exposed. Moreover, the ability level was still low, and with sixteen cameras, it was impossible to cover them all at the same time.

The bidding site, the number representing the price changed more and more slowly. After 16 billion, there was a slight pause for an instant, and in the next moment, shot directly up to twenty billion.

This time the pause was even longer and the number increased again.

Norman’s gaze fell on the screen and to the little mermaid looking up at the monitor. And it was like the two of them made eye contact. He looked into those gentle blue eyes and entered twenty-five billion without hesitation.

The host’s voice trembled with excitement as he exclaimed, “Twenty-five billion! Will this be the final price? The once-in-a-century pure-color mermaid will be bought by which customer?!”

The owner tried his best to hype up the atmosphere, however, the figure did not increase any more.

Twenty-five billion was already a sky-high price.

The host looked at the countdown display, and when the time returned to zero, he announced in a loud voice, “Congratulations to this guest, who has successfully won the auction for the pure-colored mermaid at a price of twenty-five billion.”

After he finished, the screen at the back went dark.

At the same time, An Jin saw all the orbs close and the feeling of being watched disappeared. He relaxed a bit and thought about the current situation. Why did those people come to see him before? Why did the surveillance turn on just now?


As he was thinking, he heard an electronic tone and hurriedly looked at the door. The door slid open from both sides and a tall man walked in. He was followed by the doctor and Professor Jin, as well as four black-suited bodyguards. The man had short black hair and an ordinary face, with extraordinarily deep brown eyes.

An Jin still had an impression of the man and almost immediately looked at the man’s spiritual sea. The black spiritual silk was still there, but it did not spark. He mused that the man’s spiritual power had decreased instead of rising. Had it not recovered naturally, or had it been depleted again?

“Sir, this is the mermaid raising manual. I hope you can take good care of him,” Professor Jin said, handing Norman a pamphlet. “If he is not feeling well, please take him to the pet hospital under the scientific research institute for an examination in time.” Professor Jin said, still reluctant, “Sir, I still think it is more appropriate for you to leave your address, we will arrange for a doctor to visit him regularly for examination.”

Norman thought to himself: If I leave my address, I won’t be able to take the little mermaid away today. He took the pamphlet. “No, I have a doctor.”

An Jin thought as he watched a few people move, and there was a soft noise from all around. He was surrounded by clear metal plates again! After that, he was carried to the shore and two bodyguards took the cover cloth and covered the container tightly.

An Jin’s view was blocked and he couldn’t help but be nervous, and not long after, the water swirled slightly. He looked down at the ground, and at a glance, he came to the answer that someone was pushing the container. He stared at the ground and was pushed and carried all the way to a carpeted area where he finally stopped.

Norman closed the hover car door and gave the voice command to return to the palace.

The intelligent operating system responded with an answer and activated the hover car.

An Jin successively heard a calm, low male voice, and a mechanical electronic voice. Guessing the level of technology in this world, there was suddenly a bright light before his eyes. His eyes narrowed, as he raised his hand to block the light. He moved it away after adapting and met the man’s deep eyes.

The man’s eyes were measured and inquisitive.

An Jin’s ear fins opened again uncontrollably. The man’s aura was too strong, and he instinctively felt it was dangerous. His tail swung lightly and he moved back, pulling away as his vision widened and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw the man’s face.

Can this man change his face?

The original plain face was gone, and there was now a sharp-edged face with sword eyebrows and starry eyes, even the sharp jawline was firm.

At this moment, there was little expression on his face and he looked a bit serious. An Jin could not conceal his surprise, and his eyes roamed over the man’s face, but did not find a trace of disguise left.

Norman noticed his gaze and was a little surprised.

This mermaid, more than any he had ever seen, was quite smart. He could recognize that his appearance had changed. Of course, there was another possibility—the mermaid was watching him, waiting for an opportunity to attack.


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