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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman and An Jin did not move to look at each other all the way, and the atmosphere was considered friendly. Ten minutes later, the hover car landed in front of a villa on the north side of the palace. The door rose up on both sides like wings and a metal plate protruded from the doorway, connecting it to the ground like a slide.

An Jin looked out along the door, and the gauzy silver-blue ghostly light of the ground was very aesthetic.

Norman pushed the container to the door and let go.

The container slid down the metal plate, and in the blink of an eye the container reached the ground and slid forward a short distance, bumping into the corridor pillar before stopping. The water in the container shook violently.

An Jin was startled. The whole fish undulated with the water, and the back of his head became slightly painful, causing him a wave of dizziness. He hurriedly braced his hands against the metal wall to stabilize his body and stared at the door.

Before glaring at Norman, he saw the very sci-fi style hover car. The semi-circular ball, huge, black overall, with a silver-blue layer of ghostly light on the surface, was very eye-catching. He looked up and there were two hemispherical, silvery-blue glowing objects hanging in the night sky.

This was really not Earth.

Norman pressed the button, and the metal plate retracted into the hover car. He jumped from the hover car to the ground.

An Jin heard the sound and dropped his gaze to Norman, then looked at the car door, which was more than a meter above the ground. Fortunately, the man did not push the container directly to the ground, but used the slide.

He was shaken and dizzy, but the discomfort suddenly disappeared. Norman walked up to the container and pushed it forward. An Jin sensed his purpose and turned to look ahead.

It was a three-story villa with white and yellow as the main colors. He did not have a chance to look closely, but also found many places with exquisite carvings and ornaments, which looked very luxurious.

Norman dropped his eyes and saw the small mermaid’s white and slender waist, as well as the smooth lines of the fishtail. He averted his eyes and pushed the little mermaid through the porch and into the living room.

The living room was large, but the arrangement was simple: a set of sofas and a coffee table, all in dark colors.

“Master, welcome home.” A humanoid, silver-skinned robot in a black suit walked up to Norman’s side, bowed in welcome, and reported, “The mermaid’s room is cleared.”

Norman unbuttoned his cufflinks as he stepped aside to make way for the push container and ordered, “Send him through.”

The robot said, “Yes, master.”

An Jin stared curiously at the robot, which moved so naturally that he only noticed on closer inspection that it appeared to have a chip in the middle of its silver pupils. He was pushed into a room three-quarters of the way to the pool, which was divided into two and separated by a tiled wall. The pool by the door was much larger, almost ten times the size of the smaller pool.

The upper left corner of the large pool and the lower left corner of the small pool were built with a sloping ramp toward the bottom of the water, with a slightly convex horizontal bar on the slope, like a non-slip.

An Jin was guessing the purpose of such a design when the container was opened by the robot and the water inside immediately gushed into the pool.

An Jin was swept into the pool again.

This time he only panicked for a moment before calming down, surfacing, ruffling the hair on his face, and looking at the shore. The robot did not respond to his gaze and dragged the container out of the room, closing the door behind him.

An Jin was the only one left in the room. He stared at the door for a while, the homely style, pressing the armrest to open it. He moved his eyes away from the door and surveyed the room.

On the right side of the room sat a metal shelf cabinet, similar to a bogus shelf, on which nothing was placed. Next to the cabinet was a square container, he was not sure what it was used for. The room was really simple, and after surveying it, he dropped his gaze to the window.

The window was about two meters above the ground, and was very wide and large. He could only see the tree trunks and leaves outside the window, all of which were of species he did not recognize.

As he was watching, there was a rattle from the door. He turned his head and saw the man walking in with a very large tray.

Norman looked at the little mermaid. His eyes swept around the pool without moving, and he was a little surprised to see no sign of activity.

This mermaid, it seemed, really was well behaved and quiet.

He walked to the pool and squatted down, put down the tray, and then looked at the little mermaid.

An Jin’s eyes moved from Norman to the tray, which held two bulbous fish, which had been treated. The flesh was white and pinkish, and looked fresh.

Only there were still black spots in the flesh.

An Jin blinked, was this for him to eat?

He remembered what had happened from this afternoon until now and couldn’t help but have a solid guess. He was most likely bought by the man in front of him! Or bought after bidding. There were many people watching him this afternoon and he was eventually taken away by this man.

The man provided him with a place to stay and brought him food, much like someone keeping a pet. If he really became a pet, then the man in front of him…

Was his master!

An Jin was dumbfounded, but quickly calmed down again. Being a pet and being raised by someone was much better than worrying about being bitten by a zombie like during the apocalypse. Although doing nothing while eating and drinking other people’s food made him feel weak, he had no choice.

An Jin sized up his ‘master’: the man had a serious expression, and was looking at him with a calm expression. His impression of how pooper scoopers look when they see their beloved pets was completely different.

An Jin could not help but guess that the man bought him, perhaps not because he liked it, but for other reasons.

The reason was similar to that of petting a cat to relieve stress.

An Jin sincerely hoped that his guess was correct, and he would prefer to give something back instead of eating for free. An Jin thought about it and decided to be a delightful ‘pet’ to please his new parent.

Thinking of how pathetic stray dogs and cats were, he couldn’t afford to be abandoned.

At least not when he didn’t understand the world and didn’t speak the language at all, he couldn’t be abandoned!

Even if he seemed to be quite valuable, there were many breeds of dogs and cats that were abandoned before. Especially since this man didn’t seem to be badly off and might be upset about the money he spent to buy him.

Norman looked at the little mermaid for a while, saw the little mermaid was dumbfounded and not taking any action, and lowered his head.

His whole body’s muscles relaxed, and his head was down to reveal the vulnerable neck, as if the little mermaid completely dropped the wariness.

In fact, he was mentally speculating when the mermaid would strike and attack him. However, after waiting for a while, the mermaid did not move. He could not help but hope in his heart that this mermaid was gentle and well-behaved, and was not preparing to attack him.

This mermaid was the kind of mermaid he wanted. He reached out and fiddled with the two random fish on his plate, arranging them head to head, neatly, as if in a line.

An Jin watched his actions suspiciously, secretly guessing that the man might have OCD.

Norman locked eyes with the two dead fish. With the fish set up, there was no reason for him to remain in a head-down position.

Previous experiences made it difficult for him to let down his guard against mermaids, and he tried to assure himself.

According to the mermaid’s character, it should have clawed at the back of his neck, but the little mermaid did not move.

He tried for so long that he could not try anymore!

He looked up and met the little mermaid’s penetrating watery blue eyes. The little mermaid seemed to freeze for a moment and then smiled at him.

Norman was slightly stunned, this was the first time he saw a mermaid smile. It was very nice.

Even if he had not completely taken off his guard, he could not help but feel good about the little mermaid in front of him. He said, “Come and eat.”

An Jin thought to himself, The man’s low voice is really nice.

He blinked, not understanding what the man was saying, thought for a moment, and cocked his head to show his confusion.

The surprise in Norman’s eyes flickered. Was this a coincidence, or did the mermaid have the sense to show that he didn’t understand?

He lifted his fingers to the tray and then moved them away, and the tray hit the floor with a soft thud, drawing the little mermaid’s eyes to the tray. Then he pointed to the fish. “Eat.”

An Jin understood his gesture, and the word was short, but had the same pronunciation, which he secretly remembered, guessing it meant ‘eat’. He wagged his tail and swam to the edge of the pool, holding his hand on the edge of the bank, and tilted his head to look at the man.

Up close the man was still very handsome, and his masculinity was more obvious. Because the aura was so strong, his heartbeat unconsciously sped up.

Norman did not speak again, but pointed to the fish again.

An Jin dutifully bowed his head and skillfully lifted his index finger to slice the fish, ready to put it in his mouth when he thought of his plan to please his ‘master’ and turned his hand around to pass the fish to Norman.

Norman saw his hand move towards him and acted faster than he thought, grabbing his wrist and saying in a deep voice, “Can’t resist?”

He thought the little mermaid was finally trying to attack him, but after grabbing it, he realized something was wrong.

The mermaid’s hand was soft, and he was not using the strength to attack.

“Hiss…” An Jin huffed in pain, his eyes widened, and moisture surfaced in his pretty eyes.

Norman immediately let go and saw his wet eyes and couldn’t help but rise up in apology. But…why was he so delicate? He had seen a mermaid with a broken hand who did not cry but was still very fierce.

An Jin looked at his wrist. His white wrist was only slightly red.  He gently turned it in a circle, feeling there was no injury, and the pain also quickly dissipated. This mermaid’s body was much tougher than when he was a human.

He blinked as the moisture disappeared from his eyes and recalled the scene he had just witnessed, guessing that the man probably hated it when people came close. He didn’t give up on that, thinking for a split second and arranging the filets into the clean empty space of the tray.

Immediately after that, he sliced two more, thinking that the man might have OCD, and the three fish were neatly arranged. He looked up at the man, his eyes slightly curved, looking particularly pleasing. He pushed the tray, saying, “Here you go.”

His voice was very soft and gentle-sounding.

Norman couldn’t understand a mermaid’s words, but the mermaid’s actions he understood, and the apology turned to guilt when he heard the mermaid’s soft voice.

The little mermaid was not trying to attack him, but to share the food.

After he misunderstood the little mermaid and scratched the little mermaid’s hand painfully, the little mermaid still shared the food with him. The little mermaid’s kindness was so straightforward and sincere that he could hardly refuse for a moment.

But only almost.

As the Emperor of Siao, who also served as the Imperial Marshal, he must always keep his sanity. Unhandled fish would be a disaster for the spiritual sea. He looked at the small mermaid with an expectant face, pressed the space button on the terminal bracelet, and took out a milky white nutrient from his space backpack.

An Jin’s attention was immediately drawn to him creating something out of nothing! He stared at the nutrient. The milky white liquid was scattered with black particles, much smaller than the black spots on the fish.

Norman quickly finished the nutrient and pointed to the fish. “I have my food, these are yours.”

He finished getting up and quickly left the mermaid room. The door closed behind him, and he stood still for two seconds before going to the study. He hadn’t finished reading a paragraph because a pair of watery eyes kept popping into his head.

Although the other was just a mermaid, he did misunderstand the other, hurt them, and refuse their good intentions.

And he gave no apology!

This really made him uncomfortable.

He thought for a split second and opened the mermaid manual and went straight to the page of mermaid preferences. The first answer was food. He closed the book and opened the terminal to browse the aquatic products mall, and he was dazzled by the pages of products. He simply arranged them in descending order of price, selected a large number, placed an order, and timed it to be delivered in the morning.


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Didn’t go so badly, considering the level of mistrust on Norman’s part, a misunderstanding isn’t surprising.
Wonder what he’s bought An Jin by way of apology and quieting his guilt.
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 2, 2022 5:46 am

It’ll take them awhile to start communicating. I’m glad Norman is aware that he made a mistake. I wonder wha are those black particles?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 3, 2022 12:13 pm

These black particles keep being mentioned! Does it have to do with the spiritual chaos!?? Im glad Norman could recognize he was wrong!

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It looks like Norman is slowly trusting An Jin more!

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