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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Bernie finished taking pictures of An Jin and left the room.

The doctor knelt down and took out a long, flat fish from the basin containing the fish and handed it to An Jin. “This tastes very good, do you like it?”

An Jin could not understand his words, but understood his meaning, so he smiled at him and reached out to take it. He still used his nails as a knife, holding the fish in his left hand and slicing it with his right. After eating a slice, he stopped and did not continue immediately.

The fish was very tasty, and the beauty was that there was a hint of bitter odor, which he guessed was due to the black spots on the fish. He secretly used his water ability and felt the changes in his body after eating the fish filet. Although the doctor had already eaten the fish filet, he was still a little worried, since after all, the fish was sent by the doctor.

Before the apocalypse, he lived a privileged life and developed a naive and unworldly character; after the apocalypse, he had suffered many losses before he learned to be cautious. His water ability was still very weak, not even to the first level, and he only dared to eat a piece tentatively.

In this way, even if there were substances inside the fish that were harmful to the body, he could purify it with his water ability in time. Soon, he found a black thread in his blood, thinner than a hair. The black color that appeared under the ability was definitely harmful!

The black thread flowed with the blood in the body, and in the blink of an eye, it was attached to the inner wall of the heart.

An Jin was shocked and hurriedly gathered spiritual power to form a tiny stream of water. He was about to purify the black threads when he saw an aqua blue glow on the inner wall.

Suddenly the light dissipated and the black threads disappeared.

An Jin froze, checked carefully, and found that there were no more harmful substances in his body. He withdrew his spiritual power and checked the spiritual sea.

The spiritual sea of those with a water ability consisted of water-blue spiritual silk, and when the spiritual power was sufficient, the spiritual silk was fluorescent and very beautiful. An Jin was surprised to find that some of the spiritual filaments around his spiritual sea were dull in color and had lost their luster.

The spiritual power formed by the water flow he did not use was completely recycled, the equivalent to spiritual power not being used.

Just now he had consumed spiritual force to check his body, and the consumption of spiritual force was very small, so his spiritual sea should not be like this! He remembered just a flash of fluorescence—of the exact same color of his spiritual silk.

Could it mean that his spiritual force was actively eliminating the impurities in the fish? His eyes fell on the black spots in the fish, then looked at the doctor and Professor Jin.

Both of these two people’s spiritual power was not weak, close to two levels according to the standards of the apocalypse. Both people’s spiritual sea was grayish white with no attributes.

The number of such abilities in the apocalypse was the highest, and the direction of mutation was mainly the various abilities of the body: the five senses, physical strength, etc..

But it was a little very strange. The two people’s spiritual silk was not all gray-white, there was a part that was gray and black, with a darker peripheral color.

In Professor Jin’s spiritual sea, the spiritual silk was darker than the doctor’s.

For ability users in the apocalypse, even if the spiritual power was consumed, spiritual silk only dulled, and would not become black.

An Jin previously thought that their spiritual sea was traumatized, but according to his observation, they looked relaxed, not like they were being tortured. To know the spiritual sea was injured, and especially painful, it would be difficult to behave calmly.

An Jin thought for a moment, sliced a piece of fish, raised his hand, and handed it to the doctor.

The doctor did not freeze this time, his eyes showed he was touched, and his heart was wailing. The little mermaid was too good, too likable! His voice was so gentle that he could almost pinch water. “No, you can eat it yourself.”

An Jin raised his hand even higher, and the fish filet was almost next to the doctor’s mouth.

The doctor was happy and helpless, but seeing An Jin’s insistence, he couldn’t bear to let the little mermaid’s kindness go, so he took it and ate it.

An Jin stared at the sea of spirituality above the doctor’s head, a cluster of gray spiritual filaments that quickly turned black after the doctor swallowed the fish filet.

The gray and white spiritual filaments, adjacent to the black, turned gray.

An Jin heart jerked up, the black spot in the fish, had a strong destructive power to the spiritual sea! Or rather, spiritual force would actively resist the damage brought by the black dot to the body. But if this went on for a long time, the spiritual force would definitely be depleted.

Unless there were zombie crystal cores to replenish spiritual force.

But from the people he had seen, everyone looked healthy, this world most likely did not have zombies.

An Jin silently put down the fish in his hand and secretly prayed that the rest of the food was free of impurities.

“No more food?” The doctor was surprised.

An Jin didn’t know what he was talking about and stepped back, sizing up the two men with some unease in his heart. Did they know that harmful substances were present in the fish?

Professor Jin came back from the shock of the little mermaid giving away food voluntarily, he could not hide his excitement and patted the doctor’s shoulder. “Do you think he is very smart?”

The doctor now had a 10,000-meter filter on the little mermaid and was busy nodding in agreement. “Yes, yes, yes. Smart and cute.” He sighed, “How could there be such a cute mermaid? I wish I was rich.”

Professor Jin stared at the little mermaid, his eyes blazing. From the moment he entered this room, he had a feeling that this mermaid was different from the rest of the mermaids. A high leveled mermaid could also have a high IQ?

An Jin’s scalp tingled at the look, although he didn’t feel malicious, he wasn’t used to such a sight. He swung his tail and sank underwater.

The doctor snapped back from the agony of poverty and looked at the time. It was almost five o’clock, and he had to take the little mermaid to the exhibition room. He looked at the barely eaten tub of fish, got up, and smiled at An Jin. “If you don’t eat it, you don’t eat it, you’re probably not hungry yet.”

He walked around the pool, surveyed An Jin’s position, then opened the terminal and pressed the button.

Click… A soft sound came from around An Jin at the same time.

In the blink of an eye, four transparent metal plates popped out from under the water and formed a closed square, surrounding him.

An Jin was surprised when his eyes suddenly shifted upward. He looked down and realized that the four metal plates and the floor of the pool formed a container, which was being manipulated to move from the water to the shore.

In a short time, the container landed on the shore, and the doctor walked to the side, smiled at An Jin, and pushed the container out.

An Jin felt uneasy. Where was he going?

It didn’t take long for him to be pushed by the doctor to another room. On the way he saw many tall bodyguards and received many new and enthusiastic stares. His uneasiness deepened. What kind of existence were mermaids in this world?

At this point, he wished very much that he was an ordinary pet. He crossed his arms and clasped them. Steadying his emotions, he looked around.

This room was much like the one before, with a large part of it occupied by the pool. The doctor pushed the container to the edge of the pool, pressed a button, and the metal plate at the very front of the container popped open. The container opened a mouth and the water inside suddenly gushed towards the pool.

An Jin was looking around, unprepared, and was swept into the pool by the force of the water. He landed with a splash and was shocked. He scrambled up from the water and looked at the doctor.

When the doctor saw his panicked eyes, he looked at Professor Jin with a worried look.

The doctor thought that Professor Jin was originally here to hold him accountable, so he did not pursue the matter any further and silently swallowed the words ‘he seems to be scared and has become less courageous’. He warmly reassured the little mermaid, “Don’t be afraid, you will have a master tonight, and he will treat you well.”

An Jin could not understand his words, but could feel that he did not mean any harm and was slightly relieved.

A security guard came in and said politely, “Gentlemen, our guests will be arriving soon, please leave the exhibition room.” 

The doctor and Professor Jin both looked at the little mermaid, and their eyes lingered on him for a while before leaving.

An Jin stared blankly at the closed door, completely confused as to what was going on.

Once again, he made up his mind that he must learn this human language! He stayed where he was for a while and then quickly pulled himself together and swam around to look at the room and all the equipment in it. Just as he tilted his head and surveyed a display on the wall.

Click— There was a sudden soft sound in the room. He immediately looked to the side of the tank, which was the only side of the tank that was not against the wall.

A huge transparent wall rose up and enclosed the pool with three other walls. An Jin frowned— the feeling of being trapped like this made him uneasy. He swam to the edge of the pool and knocked on the transparent wall, the sound was muffled, not like glass. He scratched hard with his nails, and there was only a shallow mark.

Click— An Jin was familiar with the sound by now and immediately looked to the door. The door to the room slid open from both sides and three men walked in.

At the forefront was a tall man in a black shirt and black pants, with short black hair and an ordinary appearance at first glance, but deep, brown eyes and a very strong presence. The two men behind the man said something to him in a respectful manner, pointing toward An Jin in the water as they spoke.

The moment the man entered, the calm atmosphere of the room was immediately shattered, and a strong mood of anger swept through the room.

This emotion was extraordinarily raging, making An Jin very uncomfortable. He pursed his lips and breathed lightly to resist the discomfort caused by the negative emotions brought on by the man. His eyes were fixed on the top of the man’s head, and his eyes were covered with shock.

The man’s spiritual silk was many and dense, but all very deep black, and from time to time there were sparks, like dry grass spontaneously combusting.

When An Jin saw a spark, his eyebrows shook uncontrollably, and even looking at it, he felt pain. He could not help but drop his gaze to the man’s face.

The man’s expression was calm and his eyebrows did not frown. From only his expression, it was completely invisible that he was experiencing unimaginable pain. Suddenly, the man’s eyes met his, and those brown eyes filled with scrutiny, measuring him.

An Jin inexplicably felt the pressure, and a ring of fins at the edge of his ears exploded—biological instincts reacted defensively.

Norman’s eyes flashed with surprise. This mermaid was too calm when facing him. He asked in a hushed voice, “Is there something wrong with his vocal cords?”

“No,” the man behind him replied, “he is healthy, the doctor examined him not long ago. Do you need to see the results of his examination?”

He said this quietly, glancing at the guest in front of him who, despite his ordinary appearance, could not hide his strong strength and aura of superiority. He was prepared to meet the guest’s request as quickly as possible when he said ‘yes’.

“No need,” said Norman.

The mermaid auction process was very strict, requiring absolute disclosure of the quality of the auction items; he was not worried about the receptionist lying. He looked at the small mermaid once again, turned around, and headed out.

Leaving the exhibition room, Norman filled out the bid registration directly, paid the deposit, and got a bid number for tonight’s eight o’clock auction.

This was the usual process for mermaid auctions: see the product first, and if they didn’t like what they saw or were not satisfied, they didn’t have to spend any more of their time.

“Sir,” the receptionist said respectfully, “there’s a mid-grade mermaid up for auction tonight as well, would you like to take a look?”

Norman was ready to leave with a start. “Let’s go and have a look.”

The reaction of the solid-colored mermaid made him suspicious, and he wanted to see if the solid-colored mermaid was just that quiet, or if the auction house had used some method to make the mermaid seem docile for the time being.

The receptionist hastily led the way and brought Norman to the exhibition room of the intermediate mermaid.

As soon as Norman entered, the red-tailed mermaid floating on the surface of the water immediately felt an unpleasant sense of mania. The mermaid made a low growl in his throat, his hands curled up into claws and waved at Norman, and his canine teeth were exposed. His tail snapped to the surface, and the whole thing went up in the air, pouncing on the transparent wall. He glared at Norman menacingly. “Stupid two-legged beast, are you provoking me?” He slapped the wall. “Let me out and show you what I’m made of!”

The human could not understand the mermaid’s words, and to human ears, the roar sounded like a magical sound through the ears.

Norman’s footsteps, as he looked at this familiar scene, did not hesitate to turn around and go out.

He wanted the pure-colored mermaid!


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