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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin’s mind wandered, so he simply turned off the instructional video, opened the ordering screen, ordered Little Silver’s favorite snacks and barbecue, and then plopped down on the big crab, slowly wagging his tail.

When he noticed Norman’s return, his tail froze and his head tilted toward the door. After some thought, he pushed his crab mount to the corner and swam to the edge of the pool near the door, putting both hands on the bank to greet his guests in a more formal position.

Soon, Norman walked into the mermaid room and saw the little mermaid waiting by the pool, looking like a good boy.

Mu Chen pushed the mermaid cart behind Norman and, upon entering the room, greeted An Jin with a smile. “Good afternoon, An An.”

An Jin responded politely, then looked at Little Silver and said hello to the mermaid. “Good afternoon, Little Silver.”

Little Silver’s palm rested against the transparent container wall and he looked down at An Jin. Silver’s eyes landed on An Jin’s face and he slapped the container wall. “Damn it, why did your scales fall off? Are you being bullied by your two-legged beast?!”

An Jin saw him showing his canine teeth, his eyes quickly became fierce, and hurriedly said, “No, it’s a normal scale change.”

He waved his tail and remembered that he was wearing a fishtail dress, so he gave up showing Little Silver the changes in his tail and just said, “The scales on my tail have all been changed, and I recently started changing the ones on my face.”

Little Silver listened to his explanation and was puzzled. “Changing scales? You’re weird, I’ve never seen a mermaid change scales before.”

An Jin replied with the result of the doctor’s speculation, “Maybe because I am a solid color mermaid.”

Little Silver listened to his explanation, his attention shifted, and suddenly he came closer to his head, his face almost on the wall of the container, his tone surprised, “You’ve become stronger again!”

An Jin knew last time that Little Silver was sensitive to changes in his abilities, so he wasn’t surprised and nodded. “Yeah.”

Little Silver quickly slapped the wall of the tank and turned his head to glare at Mu Chen. “Stupid two-legged beast, put me down.”

Mu Chen had the experience of the last time, and now, looking at his action, immediately understood his idea, and put him into the pool. As soon as Little Silver entered the pool, he circled around An Jin. “You’re amazing!”

On the shore, Mu Chen saw Little Silver like this and couldn’t help but say to Norman, “Look, I told you that Little Silver likes An An a lot, why don’t we let them pair up?”

Norman refused in a deep voice. “No, An An doesn’t want it either.”

When An Jin heard Mu Chen’s words, he subconsciously took a step back and pulled away from Little Silver. Little Silver stuck to the past and came close to his head, staring at the new light blue, almost white scales on An Jin’s face, and reached out to touch them.

An Jin saw his long nails and quickly moved back a bit. “The new scales are softer.”

Little Silver looked at his tail. “So you put a layer of skin on your tail to protect it?”


Talking about the tail, he immediately thought of the purpose of inviting Little Silver, and his cheeks burned with embarrassment.

Mu Chen also asked Norman suspiciously, “You asked me to bring Little Silver to play with An An. I thought you were going to let An An and Little Silver mate.”

Norman corrected his mistaken idea, “It was just for Little Silver to teach An An.”

Mu Chen was stunned. “What kind of experience?”

“Experience in dealing with estrus.”

A touch of embarrassment appeared on Mu Chen’s face. “…Why don’t I just take Little Silver back with me?”

Norman’s eyes moved away from the little mermaid and landed on Mu Chen’s face, looking at him with a measuring gaze. Mu Chen couldn’t help himself and said, “I’m doing this for your own good; if An An really does take Little Silver, you’ll want to beat me up.”

“What did you do to Little Silver?”

“I didn’t!” Mu Chen subconsciously retorted, then awkwardly coughed and admitted in a very small voice, “I just helped a little.”

Norman’s eyes moved slightly. “How did you help?”

“Your Majesty, so gossipy, really does not fit your style! Anyway, I suggest you, when An An is in heat, if he doesn’t find the mermaid he wants, then let him stay alone in the mermaid room. Don’t show up.” Mu Chen explained, “They can get through it on their own.”

He regretted thinking about the first two days. Little Silver hadn’t found the mermaid of his choice, and it would be hard to spend the night of the rut on his own. Because Little Silver had been much friendlier to him lately, and had given him a pristine flattened fish every day, he had heard Little Silver’s difficult voice and hadn’t followed the breeding manual’s advice to stay out of the way and let the mermaid work it out on their own, as he had in the past.

He had a moment of weakness and didn’t resist going into the mermaid room.

Mu Chen’s face became even more embarrassed when he thought about what had happened later.

For the first time, he desperately wanted the seven days to pass so that Little Silver’s memory would disappear with time. However, looking at Little Silver who was communicating with An An in the water, he thought sadly that Little Silver would definitely recall the events of that night when he was asked about his rut.

This time remembering, a whole new round of seven days would begin. He secretly thought, if he had known that His Majesty wanted Little Silver to pass on his experience to An An, he wouldn’t have brought Little Silver here!

And at this time, An Jin had not asked Little Silver about the rut, he was talking to Little Silver about the food he had prepared and wanted to have a buffer period.

After all, it didn’t feel right to ask about such things as soon as they met.

It didn’t take long for the chef to deliver the finished food to the mermaid room, with the ones belonging to Norman and Mu Chen left on the food cart and the rest laid out on the shore.

Little Silver was overjoyed, eating the grilled fish and praising, “An An, you’re amazing! I can only sing up to three times a day, and I can only turn five flattened fish into something good each time.” He said stopping, “My two-legged beast tribute cooks don’t make as good food as your cooks either.”

An Jin thought about it and immediately understood why. “Did you not make the seasonings taste good?” He pointed to the chili powder on the grilled chicken wings. “The chicken wings are good, but the chili powder is not good. It also affects the taste.”

Little Silver drifted off. “I’ll go back and sing to the seasonings”

He continued to eat happily.

An Jin waited until Little Silver was satisfied with his meal, took Little Silver to wash his hands, and went back to the sink, the two floating side by side in the water.

An Jin first made a mental note to ask in a low voice, “Little Silver, how did you spend your first rut?”

Little Silver cocked his head and thought, “I don’t remember, but I didn’t have a mate. I think I solved it myself.”

An Jin remembered that he only had a memory of seven days, and asked, “Did you solve your first few days of heat by yourself?”

Little Silver shook his head.

An Jin was surprised. “Then how did you solve it?”

Little Silver curled his fingers in his long silver gray hair and said with a wrinkled brow, “I don’t remember very well, I was confused by the heat. I just remember I grabbed the two-legged beast and pinned him down. I don’t remember what happened after that.” He added, “I just remember it was comfortable,” he said with a soft hum, “and the two-legged beast was pretty useful.”

“…” An Jin looked over at Mu Chen in shock, realized that this was rude, and hastily withdrew his gaze. Although he was quick to withdraw his gaze, Mu Chen still found out.

Mu Chen couldn’t help but say, “An An, don’t listen to Little Silver’s nonsense, I was forced to do it!”

Little Silver pressed against him, especially fierce, not letting him go at all, and his body’s reaction was so obvious that he kept rubbing against him. He couldn’t stand it anymore, so he helped out, and Little Silver relaxed and went limp, so he was able to leave the mermaid room.

An Jin nodded in embarrassment, and his ears turned uncontrollably red. He originally thought he was imagining things, and the truth should not be what he thought, but after hearing Mu Chen’s words, he was stunned.

Mu Chen was…by Little Silver…

He looked at Little Silver’s naive look and thought about how Little Silver had just been very mean to Mu Chen. Two big words came to his mind: scum fish.

Little Silver didn’t notice that An Jin was looking at him with a very complicated look. He came close to An Jin and smelled it. “An An, are you going into heat?”

An Jin made a small sound and stepped back silently.

Little Silver asked curiously, “Have you found a mermaid you like?”

“No.” An Jin shook his head.

Little Silver patted his shoulder. “Do not worry, you can also grab your two-legged beast, let him help you. If he does not obey, you beat him! I don’t remember what the two-legged beast did, but I remember it was comfortable!”

An Jin was stunned by Little Silver’s scum fish quotes. He tensed his little face and said seriously, “No way!”

Little Silver froze, his body straightened subconsciously, and said quickly, “I’m sorry.” Little Silver finished, blinked confusedly, and silver eyes fell on An Jin. “An An, you were so scary.”

An Jin also froze. “Scary?”

Little Silver cocked his head. “It’s not scary.” He thought for a while before saying, “I feel like I have to apologize to you for making you angry.”

An Jin couldn’t help but recall what he had just said, and couldn’t help but wonder if he had been too mean. He looked at Little Silver’s simple appearance and his voice softened. “Little Silver, you should be nicer to Mu Chen in the future. Don’t be mean to him all the time, he is very nice to you, right?”

“I’ve been so nice to him lately. I’ve been giving him a pure flat fish every day!”

An Jin looked torn and didn’t know how to mention that he had sex with Mu Chen. Moreover, looking at Mu Chen’s embarrassed look, it seemed that he didn’t want anyone to know. An Jin thought about it and simply pretended not to know. He changed the topic back. “What do you feel when you are in heat?”

“The body is very hot, want to mate. The front will bulge, the back will be very wet, venting out is very comfortable!”

An Jin’s face burst into red and he stopped asking questions. He had already understood that estrus was the equivalent of a natural arousal drug, and Little Silver had a way of coping that he could not learn.

Before Mu Chen left, he was worried that An Jin had misunderstood him and tried to regain his innocence. “An An, you mustn’t misunderstand me, I’m a decent person. I don’t have any strange hobbies.”

An Jin seriously agreed. “Mn.” He thought of Mu Chen’s experience and whispered, “You should not take it too seriously.”

What an understanding little mermaid!

Mu Chen smiled at An Jin. “Thanks An An, you forgot about it too.”

An Jin hastened to say yes again.

Mu Chen took Little Silver away and Norman couldn’t help but ask the little mermaid, “Mu Chen is afraid you’ll misunderstand something?”

An Jin shook his head. “Nothing.”

This kind of thing was known to him, and Mu Chen could still maintain calm; if Norman knew, Mu Chen would certainly be very embarrassed. After all, in Mu Chen’s eyes, he was a mermaid, not a human being.

Norman then did not ask about it further, instead asking, “Little Silver told you how to spend it?”

An Jin subconsciously looked at him, and then abruptly withdrew his eyes. “Mn, I know.”

Norman swept over the tips of Little Mermaid’s reddened ears, didn’t ask any more questions, said good night to Little Mermaid, and left the mermaid room.

When he woke up in the morning, An Jin subconsciously looked at the bottom of the pool and, not surprisingly, saw the scales at the bottom of the pool. He swam to the bottom of the pool, picked up the scales, and then went to the bathroom to wash up.

When his eyes fell on the mirror, he froze.

All the scales on his face turned blue-white, with a particularly light blue color, which at first glance looked like white, with a slight glow. Because of this, when he saw himself in the mirror, in a momentary trance he thought he had become human.

At first glance, it was almost indistinguishable from a human being, except that the skin was too bright white. He stared at himself in the mirror and hardly dared to recognize himself. The long eyelashes, brimming peach blossom eyes, small delicate face, crimson lips, with sculpted cold white skin, looks high and cold and beautiful.

He couldn’t resist looking at it a few more times, it was so pretty.

He washed up and returned to the sink, feeling inexplicably a little nervous as Norman approached. Would Norman be surprised to see him looking so human?

Norman walked into the mermaid’s room and met the little mermaid’s transparent blue eyes, and when he saw the little mermaid’s face, he was stunned in place with amazement in his eyes.

An Jin subconsciously touched his face. “Does it feel weird?”

Norman looked back, his heart beating faster than usual, and said, “It’s very nice.”

An Jin touched his face uncomfortably.

Norman’s eyes involuntarily fell on the little mermaid’s face. “Did you order breakfast?”

An Jin nodded his head.

The two of them ate their breakfast and soon Hornád arrived. As soon as Hornád saw An Jin, he was stunned. “Oh my God! You’re so beautiful.” His eyes were shining. “If your picture like this is posted on the internet, there will be a lot of wife fans.”

An Jin was surprised. “I’m a mermaid!”

“What’s wrong with that? The Star Alliance has a free marriage law; no one cares if you marry a rock, you’re much better looking than a rock.”

An Jin marveled, interstellar was really open!

Norman’s heart moved, and his eyes fell on the little mermaid. The little mermaid wearing a blue T-shirt, looked like a stunning beauty. His light blue to white skin had a sense of cold, yet the tone was soft and cute when talking. The strong contrast attracted more attention.

Hornád asked expectantly, “Can I take a picture?”

If he took a picture of An An looking like this, he would be the number one fan of An An’s support group!

An Jin shook his head.

With this look, he even wavered in his decision to go live.

Especially after hearing Hornád’s mention of wife fans, he felt that with his current appearance live, the audience’s attention would probably not be on his intelligence, but only on his face.

Norman was very agreeable to the little mermaid’s decision. He couldn’t help but look black at the thought of a photo like this of the little mermaid being posted on the internet and being floated around in all sorts of ways.

Hornád sighed in disappointment, but also expressed his understanding. After examining An Jin and making sure that little mermaid was healthy, he left.

Norman looked at the little mermaid and also wanted to take a picture with the little mermaid, but thinking of the little mermaid’s reaction when he just shook his head and refused Hornád, he did not offer to make it difficult for the little mermaid.

Norman left the mermaid’s room and went to the military headquarters, but he couldn’t help but notice the little mermaid’s figure in his mind.

An Jin watched a video for two hours and then went to the garden to practice his water ability. Nearing lunchtime, he returned indoors and ordered braised fish nuggets, white shrimp, and a side of greens for lunch. With his head resting on a large crab, he opened the terminal and browsed the largest communication platform on the Internet.

An Jin was immediately drawn to the top topic, “Calling on the military to sell Type A soothing agents to the public”.

He clicked in and realized that this topic had exploded since the majority of netizens learned that Norman’s spiritual power had recovered to SSS and that the reason for the recovery was that the spiritual power was full.

[The reason why it can explode is because there are a lot of long-silent big brothers suddenly come out @ the Ministry of the military, wanting to buy A agent.]

These silent big brothers had a lot of fans, and although they are big brothers, they were not very old. The Siao were at the top of their combat power at around twenty years of age, or a few years later. One of them was only thirty years old and was the most likely genius to become a SSS after Norman.

Just ten years ago, this genius, when still underage, because of his rush to make money to auction a mermaid for himself, went into a spiritual riot during a mission, and his spiritual force went from SS down to S-class.

Ten years had passed. Because there was not enough spiritual power to replenish the spiritual sea, and he engaged in the mercenary profession, his spiritual power had fallen to B-class. When this genius was engaged as a mercenary, he also opened a live stream and had many fans, so there were many people who spoke up for him. In addition to him, there was also the former Admiral of the Ministry of the Army, whose spiritual rank dropped because of spiritual riots. Since he suffered a big blow then, he retired from the army.

Since he was not in the War Department system, he could not get an A agent. He was the head of the eight legions, with great achievements in battle, having led the army to resist several waves of spring beasts, and had many loyal fans. These fallen geniuses had stepped forward and requested the military ministry to sell Agent A to the public.

A rich man even said directly that he was willing to spend huge sums of money to support the research department and increase the production of Agent A. As long as he could buy Agent A, he would be willing to do so even if it was ten million a piece!

An Jin’s eyes could not help but fall on the boxes of nutrients next to the shelves.

It was as if he saw a golden mountain.

In order not to be conspicuous, he still only purified one hundred nutrients per day after the upgrade of his ability, without increasing.

Now, he couldn’t help but raise the idea of purifying more nutrients and selling them additionally. Ten million a piece seemed a bit exaggerated, but the selling price would certainly not be low, after all, the supply did not meet the demand.

The spiritual power returned by each nutrient was limited, and to have sufficient spiritual power, you would need to drink many nutrients. He estimated that according to Norman’s previous spiritual power, almost five hundred nutrients must be drunk, and now at SSS level, he would need more.

The rest of the people whose spiritual power was not as high as Norman’s needed less nutrients, but never too much less, and those who were more than just a level down needed even more.

An Jin quickly calculated in his heart. As long as he could make nutrients, there were absolutely no worries about selling!

He was moved in his heart; he used to think that twenty-five billion was a sky-high price, but now he suddenly felt that earning the money Norman had bought him with to spend did not seem to be a difficult task. Soon, he made a decision in his heart, and was ready to mention his idea to Norman in the evening.

In the afternoon, he was watching instructional videos to recognize words, and gradually felt tired, so he floated in the water to rest, and soon fell asleep.

He didn’t know how long it took, but a heat came from inside his body, which soon swept through his body, and he unconsciously opened his mouth to gasp for air, trying to get comfortable.

Gradually, the heat turned into agitation, and his mind was chaotic. He moaned with difficulty, and his tail curled up uncomfortably, but he could not touch anything, he could not help but wiggle with annoyance.

Inadvertently, he moved from the water to the water’s edge, and his arms touched the cool wall of the pool. He sighed tersely in comfort, both hands lying on the bank, rubbing against the cold.

Immediately after, he turned his face sideways and pressed his face to the ground. The coolness came, and he suddenly opened his eyes, which seemed to be covered with a layer of watery mist.

He blinked his eyes, and suddenly Little Silver’s words “heat daze” rang in his head.

His heart tightened, his rut had arrived! He subconsciously looked down, looked at his tail, and was slightly relieved to see the fishtail skirt fitting convincingly on his body.

Soon, however, his face burned.

Because the skirt was attached to the body, the front reaction was particularly obvious. He was ashamed and embarrassed, trying to suppress his body’s instinctive reaction, but it was completely useless.

He bit his lower lip and used his ability, trying to let the water take away the heat from his body, but he didn’t expect his body to be extra sensitive. As the water swept over his belly, he didn’t control it and moaned out loud.

All of a sudden, his ears and neck were red, and he hurriedly withdrew the ability.

It was so embarrassing; it was like playing with himself.

Because of the feel of the touch, his body was hooked deeper and emptier, and there was itching behind him, while he carried an extraordinarily pronounced wetness. An Jin held his hand tightly, restraining the urge to touch back and forth, yet his body was getting harder and harder, and his sanity was gradually swept away by the heat.

He bit the tip of his tongue to clear his head a little and pressed his forehead against the surface of the pool, thinking silently that it would be better to sleep.

His eyes were closed and his brain was drowsy.

As soon as Norman walked into the mermaid room, he heard a slightly heavier than usual gasp from the young mermaid. His footsteps slowed, and he looked to the shore, where the little mermaid’s two hands and face were all pressed to the pool bank. The blue and white scales at this time were slightly red, only showing a side face full of beauty, the beauty of the thrill.

Norman’s heart skipped a beat. Steadying his mind, he walked quickly to the edge of the pool and squatted down, not daring to touch the little mermaid, asking softly, “An An, how do you feel?”

An Jin’s mind was chaotic, and hearing his voice, opened his eyes. His beautiful peach blossom eyes were hazy, as he slightly tilted his head and looked up at Norman, his expression confused.

“An An?” Norman breathed a sigh of relief, finding for the first time that the little mermaid’s pure eyes could also be so seductive.

An Jin instinctively felt that the person in front of him could make him comfortable.

He blinked his eyes and suddenly reached out. To Norman, this was a completely unpredictable situation, and An An grabbed Norman’s lapel with fierce force, pulling Norman into the water.

Norman fell into the water, reflexively wanting to fight back, but thought of the other as his small mermaid, and stopped in time.

An Jin dragged Norman, quickly swam to the crab ride with his tail slapping the water, and along with the back force, with Norman on the ride, pressed on Norman. Norman immediately realized that the little mermaid was in the wrong state; his eyes were completely unfocused and he was obviously in an irrational state.

An Jin’s tail curled uncomfortably and touched Norman’s leg; the friction produced a soothing feeling of wariness, so it wrapped tighter around Norman.

Norman’s breath caught, looking at the little mermaid with a flushed face and an impatient expression, his voice darkened. “An An?”

An Jin’s tail was bound by his fishtail skirt, and he grunted uncomfortably and squirmed even more. Norman felt the reaction of his body, and his body suddenly tightened, his breathing heavy.

An Jin impatiently scratched the fishtail skirt with his nails, but failed to do so, and his movements became more and more urgent.

Norman grunted, aware of his reaction, and a trace of dismay and distress appeared on his face.

When he opened his eyes, his jaw tightened and he grabbed the little mermaid’s fidgeting hand, pushing it slightly, reversing their positions, bracing his arm and touching the little mermaid as best he could.

“An An! You come to your senses!” He patted the little mermaid’s cheek.

An Jin’s eyes froze at him for two seconds, then blinked as the previous scene, like a foggy layer, flashed through his mind. He was so embarrassed that he seemed to be burning up and apologized. “Yes, I’m sorry.”

He sounded soft and sticky because of the heat and hoarseness.

Norman’s deep eyes deepened, and his voice darkened as he asked, “What did Little Silver teach you?”

An Jin did not dare to look at him and made a panicked excuse. “I just keep soaking in the water,” he resisted the urge to rub against Norman, “You get out!”

Norman didn’t dare to stay longer, but he was still unsure. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

An Jin nodded his head and spoke with urgency, “Mn, get out of here.”

Norman rolled into the water, swam to the shore, quickly opened the door and went out, instructing the robot to monitor the data of the little mermaid at any time, and report abnormalities in time.

As soon as he went out, An Jin hurriedly rolled over, rubbed uncontrollably, and stopped in a hurry. Thinking of what Little Silver had said, he bit the tip of his tongue, maintained his sanity and went to the bathroom, closed the door, took a deep breath and took off his fishtail dress.

The scales of the fishtail had become a much darker light blue, translucent in texture. An Jin saw the change in his body at a glance. He took a deep breath and reached his right hand with his eyes closed.

However, the body’s heat did not ease. His brain was once again smoked by the heat of chaos, the left hand uncontrollably reaching behind him. The moist touch reached his fingertips, and he jerked back to his senses and withdrew his hand, his whole body smoldering with heat.

He no longer dared to look directly at his own hand!

He clenched his left hand into a fist against the ground, squeezed his eyes shut, and when his body suddenly relaxed from its tightness, he went limp and lolled to the ground.

After a moment’s reprieve, he opened his eyes, propped his elbows on the ground to get up, and his eyes snapped open when his eyes fell on his tail.

His tail turned into two legs!


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Mu Chen: Don’t you misunderstand!

An An: Mn, I didn’t misunderstand.

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