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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey



“What are you doing?”

He didn’t expect He YunTing to be so bad, and it got all over his back.

Lin Han was still lying on the bed, gasping for breath, and he tried to open He YunTing’s hand, but found that he couldn’t use any strength to reach out. He wanted to ask the other to wipe him off, but before he could say anything, He YunTing wiped his back with his hand, accompanied by the scent of the other man, which belonged to the Alpha. Even though Lin Han knew what He YunTing was thinking, he wanted to bury his whole face under the blanket the moment he heard it.

【If I get it all over his body, he will be completely covered with my scent.】

【His back is so beautiful, if I wipe it a little…】

The capability of his mind reading in this scene… Lin Han simply didn’t know what to say.

“…” Lin Han’s face was so red that it was about to drip blood, and he heard the voice of his mind, wiping his mouth with his finger, and was so ashamed that he called his name, “He YunTing!”

The silent General gave an “oh”, and pulled his hands off Lin Han’s naked back.

“Forget it,” Lin Han’s temper only lasted for a second and he sighed resignedly, his voice buzzing out from under the covers, “…Carry me to wash up.”

The sex made him forget some things for a while, Lin Han now didn’t want to think about anything, and was satiated lying down. Except for his voice shouting so much that he came a little hoarse, but not as lost and sad as when they first met.

The other man obediently responded, he originally wanted to directly carry Lin Han across the bathroom, but he seemed to hesitate, paused for a moment, then grabbed Lin Han’s hands. He used one hand to hold his hip, easily picking him up face-to-face, and let him wrap his arms around his neck to find a support point.

A gust of wind from the action made Lin Han’s wet back feel a cool sensation.

Lin Han blinked, the other man’s action let him belatedly realize that He YunTing wanted to change the position to hold him but he didn’t want to touch the stickiness he had left on him.

He admitted it when it was applied to his back, and now he actually… 

“You still dislike your own stuff?” Lin Han’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“No.” He YunTing said honestly, “I want to see it stay on your back for a while longer.”

“……” Lin Han’s originally organized words were all broken up again. He was afraid that he would fall down and didn’t want to put on his shoes, so he lazily hugged He YunTing’s neck and patted his back, “…Don’t think so much about what’s there, it was just once anyway. Take me to rinse quickly.”

He thought that he had included several meanings in these few words, but he didn’t expect He YunTing to catch only the middle one.

The distance from the bedroom to the bathroom was only a few steps, he hardly felt the person holding him react again. After carrying him to the bathroom, Lin Han just landed on his feet, with his back to He YunTing. Before he could turn around, he felt the familiar sizzling heat close at hand, the sky spinning, his hands were easily grabbed by the other to reverse cut, pressed towards the bathroom wall, while he was being pressed against.

Lin Han’s scalp tingled, but the other’s well-trained body didn’t need much effort to restrain him, his hands couldn’t move. His sticky back was against the cold glass, and the double stimulation made his body shiver.

“Just once.”

【You said it.】

He YunTing’s voice and words sounded together, Lin Han was ashamed and happy, just wanted to say he didn’t mean that, at least not now, but unexpectedly, before he could open his mouth, the other re-embraced his lips, so all the complaints and shame were all swallowed by both of them.

Lin Han, in a second, felt a subtle regret. After he said that, he never thought he would be so played with so mercilessly, moreover, he didn’t think that this man, after a long journey, didn’t have the slightest intention to be sleepy. While in the waves of the ebb and flow, he half-complied with the other.

I really can’t refuse him.

When the glass of the bathroom filled with a thick layer of condensation because of the temperature of the two people, Lin Han could only softly crouch on the other man’s shoulders, waiting for He YunTing’s panting to also calm down. He raised his eyes to stare at him.

He was still wearing his jacket neatly.

Lin Han got off him softly, stepped on the bathroom tiles with bare feet, frowned at He YunTing, who was still fully clothed on the upper half of his body, and reached out to unbutton his buttons, “You’re still wearing formal clothes in the bathroom.”

He YunTing’s expression remained unchanged, and even his puzzled tone was sincere, “Didn’t you just say that the top button is very important…”

“Stop it!” Lin Han’s face, which had just subsided, began to redden again, and thinking of his own words just now, his voice grew a few points louder to hide his embarrassment, “Will you take it off yourself or will I do it for you?”

“You do it.” He YunTing made the choice from goodwill.

When Lin Han was about to continue, he saw He YunTing’s mischievous hand, so he simply took a preemptive step back and said solemnly, “Don1t forget your promise.”

He YunTing was also very aggrieved, “I didn’t. I just want to wipe it for you.”

He pointed to Lin Han’s face.

Lin Han followed his line of sight and touched his own face, the shame and anger came back. He simply pushed He YunTing out of the bathroom and closed the door without mercy, “I don’t need you to help me! I’ll wash myself!”

Through the door, Lin Han heard a low but obedient, “Oh,” from the other.

Why did he think it sounded with inexplicable grievance?

Lin Han’s whole body was soft, and for the first time, he didn’t care so much about time, so he slowly washed his body clean. The large area on his back was obviously washed away, and his fingers still felt smoother than his previous skin.

He didn’t expect that the other man had already taken advantage of the time now to clean up the bed that had just been made a mess and was covered with the smell of the two of them, and even the quilt that had been taken out again was folded into a square piece. The imperial general even took advantage of his bath to make the bed alone in silence, and even had thrown Lin Han’s soiled clothes into the washing machine, Lin Han felt that he had no more thoughts whatsoever.

He was carried in just now, and he was still standing naked in front of He YunTing. They stared at each other for a moment, Lin Han looked away first, pretended to be calm and went to the closet. He casually took one of He YunTing’s shirts and put it on in one piece, and turned his face away from him, “It’s your turn to wash.”

When he heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom, Lin Han let out a sigh of relief. He even began to be glad that the bathroom was in the bedroom, otherwise, if Grr had seen… 

Lin Han had He YunTing’s shirt over his body, and his bottom half was empty.

Sitting on the bed and shaking his legs, he realized that the bedroom was so big that neither of them had thought of closing the door since He YunTing walked in. Now that Grr had finished his dogblood drama, he was habitually trying to come over to Lin Han when he saw this scene.

It just so happened that at this moment there was a sound coming from the bathroom, He YunTing’s combat shower was finished and he was also walking this way.

Lin Han instantly covered Grr with his hand to keep it from looking.

He YunTing understood and casually put on a piece of clothing under Lin Han’s gaze.

Only then did Lin Han move his hand away from Grr’s eyes.

The little thing blinked its bean eyes, tilted its head to the left and then to the right, looking at him and then at He YunTing.

Lin Han cupped Grr in his hands and said tentatively, “Would you like to sleep next door today?”


Lin Han inexplicably had a faint sense of shame, not quite ready to face the little one’s simple eyes, so he gently and kindly said, “There are many, many fun big rooms next door.”

Grr still tilted his head in confusion.

He was still thinking about how to explain to the little one politely, but he didn’t expect He YunTing to come over directly, looking at the dumpling in his hand from above, and said indifferently, “There’s no room for you in the bed.”

Grr: ???

He couldn’t believe it, even if this man wanted to steal people from it, it wasn’t so big, and could burrow in, so how could it have no place?

Unfortunately, this vicious man didn’t intend to give it time to think, and simply lifted him up. The little guy began to wave its limbs because its body was suspended in the air, and by the time it was free, it had been carried to the door by He YunTing.

It didn’t expect that its recent test of courage in the face of real people didn’t help at all, furiously squeaked twice and decided to jump away first very bone-headedly.

“You’re too fierce!” Lin Han said as he waited for He YunTing to close the door and walk over.

He YunTing let him criticize him, but he reached out and touched Lin Han’s face again, “But I want to sleep with you.”

“…” He often had a kind of straightforwardness that people couldn’t refuse, so Lin Han paused, but finally didn’t say more.

He YunTing closed all the doors and windows and turned off all the lights in the room by remote sensing before returning to Lin Han’s side.

After their intense intercourse, it was the quietest night for both of them.

Lin Han felt He YunTing lie down and reached up to take his shirt off his body, but didn’t move further, and a moment later, he was swept into a pair of arms as they lay down again in each other’s arms. He heard He YunTing’s heartbeat close at hand, and also felt the warmth of his chest.

Like some small planet that had been circling the sun for too long, at this moment finally overlapped with each other by the rotation of the orbit, with a layer of blazing warm light plated on his body. He would like to be that unknown small planet, while the other was the sun that existed silently beside him.

After a few seconds of silence, Lin Han heard the other’s voice.

“Why were you crying?” He YunTing asked in a deep voice as he hugged him in the middle of the darkness.

Lin Han didn’t expect him to remember what he had just done after the silence had settled down. The sourness and softness in Lin Han’s heart that had been drowned by the waves came back up in strands.

He blinked in the darkness, pushed back the original astringency, and said, “Nothing.”

After a long time, so long that He YunTing thought Lin Han had fallen asleep, he added, “I found a little clue. About the problem with your memory.”

He thought long and hard about whether to tell He YunTing.

Maybe he could hide it first, or find a random excuse, in any case, the other didn’t have the ability to read his mind, so he could first lie to He YunTing that he didn’t find out anything. After he found the source of the other’s memories, he could then find a suitable time to tell him.

But later if He YunTing found out, he would most likely be expressionless, would certainly not say anything on the surface, but he would be hurt emotionally.

It was better to be honest from the beginning, so that the results could be faced together.

Lin Han finally got a little sleepy, he was held by the other, as he very lightly yawned.

Once they woke up, they would have a lot more to face. There were still a lot of problems that he didn’t understand, and a lot of difficulties that hadn’t been solved.

But there seemed to be nothing to fear.

Lin Han was wrapped in boundless warmth and his tone was calm.

“It’s just, if I say… The day of the celebration, you actually didn’t see me for the first time, would you believe me?”

Lin Han felt the arm encircling him stiffen for a moment. And when he heard He YunTing’s voice again, there was nothing too flustered. The surprise was there, but it wasn’t unexpected. “So that’s it.”

He YunTing continued, “Then I understand. I had wondered before why I had those thoughts when I saw you then. But now I can be sure, no matter what…”

The scene of that day was replayed in front of their eyes, and Lin Han also reached out to hug the other’s back, with apprehension and anticipation in his heart.

He YunTing seemed to feel Lin Han’s emotions, soothingly hugged him a little tighter and said, “So, at least at that moment, I did fall in love with you at first sight.”


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Beautiful chapter. Getting to know each other better. Thank you for the chapter. Waiting to know what will happen next.

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I just love the sensitivity and interaction of these two, finally and officially they are together! Thanks for the chapter!

June 5, 2022 7:18 am

HYT is so disarmingly unfiltered!
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