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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin looked at the long and slender legs and was dumbfounded, then his eyes burst into a very bright light. He carefully reached out and gently touched his thigh. Immediately, he felt the soft touch of his fingers on his leg, and the warm, slightly itchy feeling that rose up when he was touched could not have been more real.

He was not dreaming, nor was he hot and confused. It was real. An Jin’s heart was beating fast, his head was dizzy, and his heart rose with extreme joy.

He became a human being!

He immediately tried to stand up, only to bend his feet, but found that they were weak and soft. He squeezed his thigh with his hand to try the strength of his thigh, but when he touched it, an itchy feeling spread out along the point of contact and soon swept through his body.

At the same time, the heat that had subsided a little because of the venting, swept back again, and more violently. He grunted, his feet rubbed against each other unconsciously, and his brain became confused again, and the reality of everything around him faded away.

As if in a dream, he stood on the edge of a lush island, surrounded by an endless sea.

In the distance, there were many green islands in the sea, and in the sea, groups of mermaids were playing and frolicking.

Suddenly, he felt something behind him was attracting him. He turned back, followed his instinct to go inside the island, through the dense forest. He raised his hand to brush through the green vines and came to the pool in the middle of the island.

A giant tree grew in the middle of the pool, its unfurling branches enveloping the island, and many white eggs, surrounding the trunk, were placed in the pool.

It was An Jin’s first time to see such large eggs, yet as if by instinct, he immediately recognized that they were mermaid eggs. At that moment, the sound of a lilting, ethereal song rang in his head, and his perception drifted away with it into an extraordinarily subtle state.

At this instant, on a distant mermaid planet, in all mermaid’s innermost being, they simultaneously surged with a strong sense of joy. The three excellencies of the mermaid sanctuary looked in the direction of Siao Planet in unison, their eyes bursting with an extremely bright radiance.

At the same time, all the mermaids in all the stars of the Star Alliance, including Siao Planet, looked in the direction of the palace in unison and sang a delightful and beautiful song.

Soon, the topic about “mermaid singing” exploded on Starnet.

It was not until the dream song disappeared that An Jin opened his eyes, and he froze for a while before coming back to his senses. The dream he just had was so real, and he had a lot more information in his head related to mermaids, yet that information, and what he knew, was very different.

He thought the previous dream and the reality would be different indeed, and that it was extra absurd and exaggerated. He then stopped thinking about it and moved his attention to his feet. He tried to move, but still had little strength.

He braced himself against the door and slowly stood up.

Although his feet were shaking and he wasn’t standing very steadily, he couldn’t help but be happy that this was the first time he had stood up on his feet, in the real world since he came to this world!

He felt the sensation of his feet on the ground, and his heart felt a sense of unprecedented solidity. He took a tentative step, and his feet trembled, but he was not discouraged. He held the wall and slowly moved to the mirror.

Seeing the look in the mirror, he was slightly stunned, and raised his hand and gently touched his fingertips to the uppermost part of his cheekbone, the lower end of his eyes.

There grew green bean-sized blue scales, small fan-like scales, fan face outward, faintly shiny, at first glance, like a decal. And on his face, in addition to such a small area of scales, the rest of the scales had all disappeared.

He raised his hand to touch his face, the skin was warm and soft; he looked at the ears, small and tender white, no fins. He had completely turned into a human!

However, his expression was not relaxed. His change, and the information in the dream exactly matched.

The mermaid would have an estrus period when they reached adulthood, and after the first estrus period, would differentiate into different genders. The fact that there were scales at the end of the eyes means that this mermaid had the ability to breed offspring like a female human.

An Jin’s hand was propped up on the countertop, his eyes shining with shock.

How was this possible? He had long recognized that he was zero, but never thought he could get pregnant.

Soon, he calmed down.

It was just a dream. It was not real!

He thought of his legs and the shock in his eyes disappeared and turned to excitement.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down.

Now was not the time to be happy. A mermaid turned into a human, and it would absolutely shock the whole interstellar. What would Norman’s reaction be when he saw it? How will he explain? Also, his eyes shifted down for a moment, and then hurriedly moved away in embarrassment. He was just overwhelmed with joy and shock, completely ignoring that he was not wearing anything.

Now that his emotions had smoothed out a bit, he couldn’t ignore it anymore.

He turned his head and looked behind the door to the fishtail dress, except for it, he had no other choice.

Fortunately, after he became human, with his narrow waist and long legs, there should be no issue for him to wear a fishtail skirt. He turned around holding the vanity and was about to lift his feet when his eyes widened abruptly—Norman was in the mermaid room!

Norman left the mermaid room soaked to the skin, the door slamming shut behind him. He stood in the doorway, breathing heavily, and raised his hand to push back the dark hair that hung down on his forehead, revealing dark, dark eyes as he wiped the droplets of water from his face.

“Master, detected that you are in a state of arousal. Do you need to purchase venting supplies for you?” The robot’s silver eyes flashed with a faint light, telling Norman the result of the determination and asking for ways to respond.

The expression on Norman’s face was a bit distressed for a moment, and then he returned to seriousness a second later and said in a deep voice, “No.” He finished and started striding towards the second floor, pausing after a step. “An An is now in an abnormal state, you didn’t report it. You couldn’t detect it?”

“An An now belongs to the normal reaction during estrus. According to the mermaid breeding manual’s response, no special treatment is needed, the mermaid will solve itself,” the robot responded.

Norman’s mind inevitably thought of the little mermaid’s physical reaction, and the words “resolves itself” passed through his mind, bringing up a string of blurred images. His jaw tightened, and he forcefully shook off these thoughts as he walked quickly back to the second floor bedroom, quickly undressed, and stepped into the shower.

Feeling the temperature of the water rushing down from above, he leaned against the glass wall, eyes closed, trying to restrain his body’s reaction, but his mind was uncontrollably seeing the little mermaid’s face.

The brimming peach blossom eyes, the crimson lips, the bright white skin, and the sound of the little mermaid’s gasps when he was on top of him not long ago all seemed to be close at hand. His body’s reaction did not subside, but grew more violent, and a layer of sweat broke out on his forehead and the bridge of his straight nose, which was washed away again by the water.

Unstoppable, he reached out, and after half a second his ragged breath was thick, and it took a while before he finally relaxed. He turned the shower to the maximum, the water quickly took everything away, as if nothing had happened.

Norman, however, was very aware of the last moment, the small mermaid’s face so clear in his mind. He turned off the shower and walked expressionlessly under the full-body dryer for three minutes, dried his entire body, and then changed into new casual clothes.

He stared at himself in the mirror and commented in silence: really a pervert.

He actually had an urge for the little mermaid!

Thinking of the little mermaid’s clear, pure blue eyes, he couldn’t help but feel guilty. It was so bad! He wondered if the little mermaid just perceived his reaction, and if he did, what did he think of him?

He suddenly got nervous, which was really a strange emotion for him. Unknowingly, he walked to the front of the mermaid room and pushed open the door, but did not see the little mermaid’s figure. Didn’t they say stay in the water to spend the time?

Norman got worried. “An An?”

An Jin was startled when he sensed Norman entering the room, and was even more startled when he heard his voice, and hurriedly said, “I’m fine, g…”

Before the word “go” could be uttered, his body suddenly fell sideways, and he cried out in surprise, only having time to brace himself with his hands to slow the impulse before he fell to the ground.

His fall was solid, but not very painful since a mermaid’s physical condition was much better than when he was a human. However, he was still dazed by the fall and looked dumbly down at his body.

His feet, again, had turned into a tail!

He immediately realized that he had just fallen because his feet had suddenly turned into a tail.

Norman heard the alarm and the movement behind him and immediately understood what had happened. He quickly went to the bathroom door and pushed it open. “An An?”

An Jin looked back from the blow of his feet disappearing again and looked at the door, and the fishtail dress behind the door came into his view at the same time.

He immediately reacted by curling his tail up in front of him, but as he fell face first into the doorway, his tail couldn’t curl up to block the key part of his body, so he tried to turn around with his hands on the ground, but then his back would be exposed to Norman’s eyes.

He panicked and was ashamed. “Get out!”

Norman’s throat rolled and his voice was dark and slightly husky. “Sorry.”

He took a step back, closed the door and stood in front of it, his chest rising and falling, much more pronounced than usual.

The scene that he just saw when he entered the door stopped in his head and could not dissipate.

The tail of the little mermaid was covered with blue and white scales. The overall color was not uniform; the middle scales were darker, the lower part of the abdomen and the upper part of the tail fin were a lighter, translucent texture. Because the little mermaid fell on its side to the ground, facing the door, he inevitably saw the key part of the little mermaid.

Even with the fish scales in the way, he still saw clearly that the color was very light, pinkish.

Norman sulked and seriously reprimanded himself in his heart. When he thought of the little mermaid just let him out, shy to the extreme and even with a crying voice, his heart could not help but worry.

Would the little mermaid be angry with him and stop caring about him?

He turned around, faced the door and spoke seriously, “An An, I’m sorry. I just heard you fall down and was worried.” His eyes flashed with chagrin and his face grew more serious. “I promise you that I will never barge into your space without your permission in the future.”

An Jin spread out his fishtail skirt, using his ability to rinse the traces left on it, and was red from face to neck.

Norman’s voice came, and he paused in his movements, tilted his head toward the door, and finally whispered, “You go out first.”

It was a little surprising to him that Norman could say these words, after all, he was only a pet at Siao. He was glad that Norman cared so much about his feelings and was so considerate.

But after all, he was a human being, or a boy who liked the same sex, and having his key part seen by the same sex really made him feel too embarrassed, and he didn’t know how to face Norman at all.

Moreover, he looked at his tail with inquiry and panic in his eyes.

The heat in his body had not yet dissipated, and his head was a little dizzy, but for some reason, his mind clearly remembered the dream he had just had.

If he followed the information from the dream, a mermaid would differentiate when it became an adult, when the tail was able to turn into legs. But in order to change legs at will, they had to make a contract with a mate or, alternatively, control it with spiritual power. The latter would consume a lot of spiritual power, and either way, they couldn’t stay out of the water for too long, and the mermaid needed water very much.

An Jin looked at his tail inquisitively, could the dream be real? He was tempted to try the spiritual force immediately to verify whether the spiritual force could make the tail into legs, but he was afraid.

If this was true, then it was also true that he had differentiated into a mermaid that could breed offspring!

Norman did not know that the little mermaid was full of tangled thoughts, but hearing the little mermaid’s words, he immediately responded, “Okay.”

After that he turned around and left the mermaid’s room.

An Jin noticed his departure and relaxed a little. He was about to put on his washed fishtail dress when he thought of his legs and stopped. He squeezed the tail with his hand; it was firm, the scales were smooth and slightly cool, much harder than at first, and only the last part of the changed scales was still slightly soft. He pinched it from top to bottom, and then squeezed his fist and lightly pounded it, the tail was still a tail.

He wrinkled his brow, do you really have to use spiritual force?

He looked torn, but finally could not resist wanting legs. He mobilized his spiritual force and used it on his tail.

Almost instantly, he felt the temperature of his tail rise, and five seconds later, his tail turned into legs.

The message in the dream was true!

An Jin looked at the legs and inadvertently swept over his abdomen, momentarily pleased and flustered.

He moved his hand to the end of his eyes, and his thumb unintentionally brushed his cheek. A slightly cool touch came to him, and he drifted off, mobilizing his spiritual force and applying it to his cheeks and ears. He touched his face and ears, and after using spiritual power, the scales really disappeared, and now it was a warm and soft touch belonging to humans.

He looked at the spiritual sea, and while he maintained his human form, the spiritual silk was visible ashes down, and the spiritual power was depleted very fast. He estimated that with his current level three ability spiritual power, to maintain the human form, at most, he could only maintain it for more than an hour. He thought about it and withdrew his spiritual power; his cheeks were covered with scales again, and his legs became a tail.

He put on his fishtail dress and left the bathroom, an embarrassed look appearing on his face when he saw the big crab.

He should have apologized to Norman, too.

Before, Norman must have seen him in a bad state and worried about him before asking him how he was doing, and he actually ended up pulling Norman down and… He was secretly glad that Norman had woken him up, otherwise if he had done what Little Silver did to Mu Chen, he would really not have been able to face Norman, nor himself.

He jumped into the water and opened the terminal when he realized that it was long past his dinner time.

No wonder he felt so hungry. Because it was late, he ordered seafood congee and shrimp dumplings for dinner, and after thinking about it, he ordered one more.

Norman sat on the second floor balcony. The room was not lit, and it was very dark, but he did not care. His eyes fell on the pool in the garden.

The light of the mermaid room reflected on the water, sparkling.

The terminal vibrated softly and he opened it. It was the chef who received the reminder to order. He deliberately associated with the chef’s system before he returned to the bedroom so that he would know immediately whenever the little mermaid ordered.

He was worried that the little mermaid would not eat dinner, and was thinking that if it was past nine o’clock and the little mermaid did not order, he would have to order for the little mermaid privately. He was slightly relieved to see that little mermaid had ordered dinner.

If he was willing to eat, then he should not be very angry.

He couldn’t help but be glad that the little mermaid had a good personality; if it was really another teenager, he would have wanted to beat him up when he recklessly saw his body.

Twenty minutes later, Norman heard a knock on the door. “Yes?”

The robot announced, “Master, An An has asked the kitchen to cook you some porridge. Should I bring it in for you?”

Norman’s heart beat faster, and a strange joy came into his heart: the little mermaid was not angry with him, and ordered porridge for him!

He quickly got up and turned on the lights in the room by voice control, and suddenly, the whole bedroom was as bright as daylight.

He opened the door to the room and looked at the dinner in the robot’s hand. In addition to a large bowl of congee, there was also sweet and sour pork, which was the most ordered dish when he and the little mermaid had dinner together.

His eyes softened. He took the plate and carried it to the balcony to eat.

In the mermaid room, An Jin ate shrimp dumplings and drank congee. The feeling of satiety made him feel much better. After eating his dinner, he floated on the surface of the water, wagging his tail leisurely, looking thoughtful.

Since he could turn back into a human, he didn’t need to continue being a pet, so what should he do next?

Tell Norman?

He thought about it and opened the terminal to search for the hypothesis for how the Siao people would react if a mermaid became human, 

But he was surprised to find that the original Siao had related research from many years ago.

Researchers tried genetic fusion or organ fusion when trying to turn a mermaid into a creature similar to a human, hoping the mermaid would retain the ability to sing, while communicating effectively with humans, and allowing more convenient access to the mermaid’s song. However, the experiment failed and the mermaid died, and this experiment was classified as a prohibited experiment.

In addition, other planets in the Star Alliance had also conducted research on artificial mermaids, which also failed and caused many tragedies.

An Jin looked at the pictures of the experiment, his face slightly white, and his heart immediately made a decision.

He must not reveal that he could become human.

The previous research was time-consuming and exhausted the mermaid. While not a result of the study, he could naturally change from a mermaid into a human, and if people knew, the chances of him falling into experiments were too big.

And his ability to remove impurities, perhaps no longer an umbrella, would make researchers more crazy, and want to study more mermaids like him. 

Could he find a way to leave and survive as a human?

Although the time he could maintain his human form was limited, it was perfectly feasible for him to stay at home and not leave the house unless necessary. But after thinking about it, he dismissed the idea.

In the eyes of others, he was a mermaid, and Norman had already done the transfer procedure, which meant that he belonged to Norman.

In this world, solid color mermaids were very precious. Even for Norman, if there was a loss of a solid color mermaid, he would face a lot of questions.

Norman was very good to him, and he also cared about Norman. He did not want to go away and leave a pile of mess for Norman, that was too irresponsible.

Immediately after, he then thought about going to nursing care or to the hospital when he left, all of which he dismissed, because this would also involve many innocent people. Moreover, no matter where he was lost, there would certainly be many people looking for him.

He thought about it and decided to go ahead with the original plan to become an intelligent being as a mermaid, have an independent social identity, and then apply for living alone.

After that, whether he stayed in Siao or left, he would not involve others.

The color of the scales was getting darker and darker, and in a few days, he could start planning.

In the morning, An Jin woke up a little later than usual, but his spirituality was full and his whole body felt strong, very different from when he went to sleep last night. He went for a swim in the garden to breathe in the fresh morning air, then came back inside and went to the bathroom to wash up.

When he returned to the sink, he felt Norman approaching, and discomfort flashed quickly across his face, his fingers curling involuntarily.

Knock— A soft, regular knock on the door was followed by Norman’s low, melodious voice. “An An, can I come in?”

An Jin knew he was fulfilling yesterday’s promise, and because of Norman’s serious attitude, his heart was a little happy, suppressing the embarrassment in his heart. “Please come in.”

Norman pushed the door in and saw the little mermaid as before, hands on the shore, clear blue eyes looking at him.

Unlike usual things, he and the little mermaid looked at each other for a second, then he quickly averted his eyes. He immediately felt the little mermaid’s shyness and discomfort, so he said, “Good morning, An An,” without any difference from the usual.

An Jin looked up at him and politely responded, “Good morning Norman.” And then he lowered his eyes.

Norman moved his fingers. Looking at such a well-behaved little mermaid, he especially wanted to touch the little mermaid. Suddenly, he saw the little mermaid’s nails and was surprised. “An An, your hand?”

An Jin explained the change in his fingers and whispered, “I wanted you to find out before, but before I told you that, you didn’t find out and talked to me about…the rutting period and then forgot to say anything.”

Norman immediately understood what was going on; he was so worried about the little mermaid agreeing to the pairing that his mind was distracted and he wasn’t even paying attention.

He looked at the little mermaid and tried to explain, but found it strange to say it.

Why would he be distracted by the little mermaid pairing? Thinking about it, his breath suddenly hitched, yeah, why? Thinking about his reaction yesterday, he was stunned in place.

An Jin finished his breakfast order, and when he saw that Norman hadn’t ordered yet, he asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Norman came back to his senses, ordered his breakfast, and then collected his mind and asked for business, “An An, did you have any special feeling last night?”

An Jin looked at Norman in surprise and turned his head, the back of his head facing him, his cheeks burning and his fingers curling up.

Was Norman poking fun at him?

Norman immediately realized that his words had been misunderstood by the little mermaid and hastily explained, “Last night, all the mermaids suddenly sang, so I just asked you how you felt?”

An Jin froze. “Singing together?”

“Yes, at the same time, about eight-thirty.”

An Jin inexplicably thought of the song in the dream, and then thought of the information he got in the dream, and was shocked. He pursed his lips and shook his head. “I don’t feel anything.”

Norman didn’t ask any more questions, and they ate breakfast together.

Not long after, Hornád came to check An Jin’s body. He tested and confirmed that he was healthy, and left the mermaid room with Norman.

An Jin felt the two leave and left the sink and went to the bathroom, where he used his spiritual force and quickly took on human form. He came close and stared at the scales at the end of his eyes, and even though he hated to admit it, he had a feeling that the information in his dream was probably all true.

Mermaids suddenly sang, probably because of him too. He thought about it and decided to meet with Little Silver for a final verification. If it was true, it would mean that the planet in the dream, with the mermaids as the masters, was also real.


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June 6, 2022 6:59 am

Okay I wasn’t expecting him to wind up being some prophesied second coming of a queen bee as soon as he hit adulthood! But the point where all the mermaids sang on Saio, along with the mermaids on their won planet, was very exciting to read. I’m so hooked!

I do hope he realizes soon that he can trust Norman with everything. He’s a female, but he won’t be bred or taken to a lab or anything. Norman wouldn’t let that happen.

June 6, 2022 8:18 am

Thks for updating!!

June 6, 2022 8:28 am

Wooooooooow… slightly late chapter brought a lot of info… and even more questions. But I also think An Jin should tell Norman… after all he is the Emperor, what he says goes and I want to see a scientist who would try to to dig a corner on His Majesty’s yard. Looking forward to more developments 🤩🤩🤩

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 6, 2022 10:49 am

A mermaid planet?! Is it known about or not?!
An Jin seens to be really important ~ is it because he is a solid coloured mermaid? Maybe the original was sent out with some special task, from the mermaid planet.
AnAn should know by now to trust Norman; unless he’s protecting him from possible troubles if it ever gets out.
Thank you for translating and editing.

June 6, 2022 1:48 pm

Very interesting twist!! Looking forward to more!

June 9, 2023 7:38 am

I love this story but its soooo frustrating to see that he still doesnt trust Norman. Or maybe Im just used to the authors other works where the couple gets together quickly idk :]

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