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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The previous memory was something He YunTing himself didn’t allow Lu AnHe to talk about, so Lin Han still had some reservations and didn’t recount everything that the other party had revealed to him. Nor did he tell He YunTing that he had swindled Lu AnHe out of the fact. He wasn’t worried that He YunTing would have any effect on his work if he knew about it, but he was afraid that the other would fall into self-doubt again and not say anything.

But He YunTing didn’t act according to any of his assumptions.

Although he was tossed until he was out of strength, Lin Han was held by the other very comfortably. The force and temperature were just right, this was the scene he never imagined after leaving the civilian area.

It was amazing that someone would really love him so much that he would throw away even his instincts, just to give himself with all his heart. He poked his head out of He YunTing’s arms a little, “But it’s just a possibility. I don’t know exactly what happened.”

“Aren’t you even curious?”

Lin Han felt that the other’s reaction was too calm to say anything about his state of mind, even though his memories were still missing now, he couldn’t wait to know what He YunTing was like at that time.

“I’ll help you.” Lin Han said.

“Mn.” He YunTing’s voice was quiet, and he answered in a low voice.

Even though Lin Han had the ability to read minds, even though the two of them were now hugging each other and their bodies were touching, He YunTing’s wasn’t thinking anything, it was very quiet.

It seemed that he enjoyed this moment of warmth more than anything else, and didn’t think about things related to his memories. Lin Han remembered the first time he saw him. He felt that this man was a complete animal, especially when he heard the last two words, it was unbelievable.

The Imperial General was indeed an amazing and complex person.

But he later realized he wasn’t.

He YunTing was simple, so simple that it hurt. He YunTing was so transparent that he could see through all his emotions at a glance, but he had to carry the blame and misunderstanding that shouldn’t belong to him.

He YunTing completely embraced him in a captive posture, he didn’t have a trace of fat. The lines on his entire body carried absolute beauty, but when he was Lin Han, he was very careful. Lin Han even doubted that this position would make the other less comfortable.

He was obviously getting sleepy, but he still wanted to talk more tonight. He asked He YunTing, “If you really fell in love with me at first sight, would you think I’m different now than I was then?”

He asked with some suspicion, “Different how?”

“It’s just that…” Lin Han thought for a moment, “even I feel that way myself.”

Obviously, he could live well alone. Now he actually played some tricks in some places. He took the initiative to have someone else unscrew the nutritional supplement, and would hold his clothes and put them on when he didn’t come back. He would deliberately soften his voice and speak like a spoiled child. He would take the initiative to get up when the other had concerns about sex. He would kneel down on the bed and say something that would make him blush. He was uncharacteristically clingy.

“No.” He YunTing replied honestly.

【I like it all.】

“Forget it.” Lin Han blinked, feeling that he had asked a lot of useless questions today, “Go to sleep.”

There was nothing to think about, Lin Han thought.

The sun never blamed the moon for stealing its light, and he shouldn’t start looking back at the years he didn’t get to participate in before he found the truth. It was better to sleep on this fine night, with the endless love and lingering affection.

At least they had the present.

“Good night.”


He YunTing’s biological clock was on time. When Lin Han opened his eyes the next day, the other man was already sitting at the table fully dressed and was turning on the base remote control system, as if he was giving Lu AnHe some instructions.

Lin Han moved his arm, the side effects of several rounds last night finally showed up now, he hissed and simply fell back to bed limply.

He YunTing heard the movement and turned his head.

Lin Han was still leaning on the pillow and didn’t want to move, so he asked him, “Didn’t you say you’d have a few days’ rest after returning from V Proton Star?”

“I don’t need to leave.” He YunTing said, “Just handing over some things.”

Lin Han answered, propped himself up on the bed with his arms, and just wanted to get his clothes, but before the covers were fully lifted, he saw that his body was covered with strawberry like marks.

He raised his hand and touched the glands on the back of his neck. Yesterday He YunTing didn’t bite down, but sucked hard several times. Now he guessed the marks on his neck hadn’t disappeared, even if the top button of his shirt was buttoned, it may not be able to cover completely.

But the problem was… 

He now had no strength in his limbs, and his waist was weak and he just wanted to stay in bed. He and He YunTing looked at each other speechlessly for two seconds and sighed.

“I want to take a leave of absence.” Lin Han felt more and more petulant, and laughed at himself after saying this, “I feel like I’m going to take all my time off this year.”

He YunTing nodded and obediently picked up his communicator to contact the Research Institute, saying “I’ll help you”, but soon thought of something and put the communicator back, turning to Lin Han and saying, “Do you want to ask for it yourself?”

Lin Han was stunned for a moment, he first thought He YunTing didn’t want to reveal his relationship with him, but soon realized that the other didn’t want to disclose their relationship. Not only because he was worried about his safety, but also because of all the rumors about him outside now.

Lin Han’s heart was briefly stung after he reacted, and worried about He YunTing thinking too much, so he said, “It’s okay, I’ll do it myself.”

He calculated that Shen XiuNan shouldn’t have left yet, so he found him among his contacts and asked him to submit a leave of absence for him. After all, after he had been to a practical training with the army, he had changed his habit of working overtime and was no longer such a workaholic, but now he had to take leave.

“Okay, I’ll help you when I arrive later.” Shen XiuNan was a bit incredulous, “but you really are not the same as before, ah.”

Lin Han leaned back on the bed to speak, his voice wasn’t loud, and his tone was as gentle as ever, “How am I not the same?”

Shen XiuNan had a better relationship with him, and there were words that could be said with a few less scruples, “The Institute has seen you less frequently and there’s a rumor you found an Alpha in the base. The fact that you’re now taking a leave of absence will make them gossip more.”

“What’s there to gossip about?” Lin Han’s tone was relaxed, “It’s not like I haven’t told them.”

“But they’re actually still guessing who it is,” Shen XiuNan said, “You said he was an ordinary person last time, who would believe that?”

“Since you didn’t come today, I guess those colleagues next door got bored with their leisure and are coming to find me again to strike up a conversation.”

“I’m not lying, it’s true.” Lin Han smiled, “Is it hard for me to say that I went on a trip to the base and ended up with the General?”

As he said that, he glanced at He YunTing at the side.

“Fine, then whoever comes to me to gossip about you in the future, I’ll say that.” Shen XiuNan also jokingly broke the can, “I guess not only no one would believe it, but they would also think I’m crazy. The General’s such a powerful person, is familiar with no one, who dares to gossip about him?”

“But now there are a bunch of rumors about him out there, saying something about being murderous and violent,” Shen XiuNan snorted lightly from across the room, “These people don’t think about anything, what does it matter to them what the General does? They can still talk a lot all around, claiming justice and accusing at the same time, it sounds outrageous.”

Lin Han froze for a moment, “You think so?”

“We’re mecha masters, we build things for war, and they’re the ones who use them. So if we’re really going to be labeled as murderous and violent,” Shen XiuNan spoke quickly, with a somewhat dismissive tone, “we should do more than standing around talking.”

Lin Han didn’t respond.

Shen XiuNan listened to Lin Han’s silence and said, “You don’t really want to develop something with the General, do you?” But after saying that Shen XiuNan felt that his assumption was outrageous, so he laughed, “Well, I’m not going to talk anymore, I’m going to go out, and I’ll remember to ask for your leave.”

“Thanks.” Lin Han said.

After hanging up, Lin Han looked at He YunTing.

He knew he must’ve heard it.

Luckily Shen XiuNan had the ability to judge right and wrong, Lin Han was relieved, “Well, don’t think so much.” He curved his eyes and reached out to He YunTing, “Quick, help me wash up, I don’t have any strength.”

He YunTing knew that the other party was comforting him, so he obediently pulled him up and said, “Mn.”

The two didn’t talk about the subject again, after all, it shouldn’t have existed in the first place.


But He YunTing didn’t end up staying here forever.

Even if they didn’t have to go to the base for a while, the matter of Qi JiaZe wasn’t completely resolved. Now Xu Zhiheng was back, and before he came back, he told He YunTing that with the experience he had gained on V Proton, Qi JiaZe’s recovery should be much faster than before.

After getting in touch with Lu AnHe, without staying much longer, after unscrewing the nutrient for Lin Han, He YunTing raised his hand and touched his face, and without saying anything more, turned around to leave.

He YunTing really was different from before, he began to do some of the most simple physical contact with Lin Han, such as hugs, and the touch of fingers. He knew Lin Han could hear what he was thinking, and the communication between them was more concise and warm.

Lin Han had a rare moment of peace and quiet, and Grr finally squeezed back into his room and crawled aggressively into bed. It took him a while to get the little one to stop being angry, and to do so he turned on the news for the inquisitive little one and watched it with it.

He wanted to turn on the TV and go about his business, but his attention was drawn to a news item. It said that for the first time, the Galactic Exhibition Hall had reduced its expensive storage fees by ten percent for the benefit of the people of the Empire, which, even though it sounded like a small percentage, was a significant amount for the average person.

The news also said that residents didn’t have to worry about space in the gallery, as anything could have its rightful place and would stay there as long as the storage fee was paid.

Lin Han’s hand paused as he brushed Grr’s fur.

He remembered what he had said to Qi Jiamu earlier, that he would go there once for him when he had time. He also remembered that a long time ago, he asked Lu AnHe if the General had stored anything in there. At that time, Lu AnHe looked a bit nervous and said no. 

A strong intuition came up, and Lin Han suddenly didn’t want to rest.

There must be something in there that he didn’t know about, Lin Han thought.

Asking for a leave was timely, he didn’t want to wait a moment, he wanted to go to that place now.


The author has something to say: 

Ah, I want to write about the rutting period, ah, such a waste!!


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