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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman opened the terminal and bought two tickets, then took An Jin to the end of the line and queued up to enter. The mall was crowded, and the road not far away was busy with cars coming and going. Norman put his hand on the teenager’s shoulder, and his eyes could not help but fall on the teenager. This kind of queuing experience was very strange to him.

An Jin’s head turned left and right, curiously looking around. He and Norman were in disguise, and unlike before when people were always looking at them, he felt very comfortable and new in the queue with his boyfriend.

Looking around at the people and the scenery, the feeling of being in a strange world was particularly obvious. The person in front of him in line had a head of fiery red hair, and the group of people walking into the mall on the left had hair of all colors and lengths, but in a few minutes, he saw a lot of people with long blue hair.

There were various advertisements on the outside wall of the mall, and many of the goods were only imagined in modern times, but here they were a reality. And in such a crowded location, there was not even a restaurant, there was no hint of fireworks, liveliness always felt short of something.

Norman looked down and asked in a low voice, “Not happy?”

An Jin shook his head and smiled at him. “I am.”

It didn’t take long for them to get in line, and the two of them entered the room and took their seats according to their seat numbers.

An Jin sat on Norman’s right side, which was still empty, and soon a girl with blue hair sat down on his right side. When he heard the movement, he turned his head to look and found that the girl had two companions, both with blue hair and blue eyes.

He was a little surprised and was tempted to take a serious look to see if they were triplets, but felt less polite and averted his eyes. He surveyed the venue, which was a bit like a large auditorium, with a three-sided ring of seats that rose in order from front to back, and a large combat table with two tall mecha’s on each side.

An Jin was watching the “R-mecha Competition” on the electronic screen when his arm was gently touched. He turned his head, and the girl on his right saw him and let out a soft cry, covering her mouth again in time.

An Jin’s heart tightened, and he subconsciously touched his face. Had the mask revealed itself?

The girl sounded excited. “You are also from the An An support group, right?”

An Jin blinked, a puzzled look in his eyes.

The girl looked at his hair, grabbed the blue hair that fell on his shoulder, and shook it from side to side. “Me too, look, An An’s hair is the same.”

The friend on the girl’s right side looked over her shoulder and asked quickly, “We’re all An An fans, handsome,” she said, pointing to her eyes, “can you tell us where you bought your contacts? It feels like An An, but the quality we bought is not very good.”

An Jin realized that the girls’ blue hair and blue eyes were all fake. He was relieved that she didn’t recognize him! It didn’t make sense when he thought about it, he had tried it, the mask was very real and solid, it didn’t make sense that it would show. He looked at the girl, having a moment of some difficulty. He did not wear contacts at all.

Suddenly, his right shoulder sank slightly, and Norman’s right hand rested on his right shoulder. He said to the girls, “I made it to order, a private model.”

His gaze was faint, unconsciously pulling the teenager towards himself, and pulling away from the girl.

The girl was a little disappointed, but her eyes lit up again when she saw him act as if he was jealous. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

The girl tilted to the right and leaned on her friend, and the three of them came together to bite their ears. “The little handsome boyfriend is so cool, he seems to be unhappy because we are talking to him, he is so possessive!”

An Jin did not deliberately release his senses, but due to the proximity, the surrounding happenings he was not paying attention to, automatically came to his mind. He tilted his head and raised his face, swept his eyes over Norman’s face, and asked in a small voice, “Are you unhappy?”

Norman looked down and kissed the teenager on the forehead. “No,” he said, pressing the button on the armrest of the seat. The virtual screen popped up, showing the list of five matches. “No bet?”

An Jin shook his head with a firm attitude. “No.”

Norman then pressed the button and turned off the betting panel.

Suddenly, the audience went dark, the battle table was brightly lit, and the electronic screen displayed a countdown. The host appeared on stage, greeted the audience and stated the rules of the tournament in a concise manner. All the mecha were provided by R, and both sides used the same type and class of mecha for each match, meaning that the battle was all about the individual’s ability to pilot the mecha.

Soon, two mecha, one white and one black, appeared on the stage, and a protective shield rose around the audience as the host announced the start of the match. An Jin looked on in awe, as the mecha were so large and bulky at first glance, but when they fought, it became clear that they moved very smoothly and could even perform difficult maneuvers that many humans could not do.

With five matches using mecha ranging in rank from E to A, the crowd’s emotions gradually rose, and when the two A-class mecha fought, the crowd’s shouts nearly raised the roof. An Jin’s emotions were also heightened, and when he saw the white mecha’s laser sword plunge into the black mecha’s heart, his fingers involuntarily clenched and he tensed up.

Only when he heard the host announce the winner did he exhale lightly.

Norman’s eyes flashed with amusement, the teenager’s emotions were too obvious. “Like it?”

An Jin’s eyes sparkled. “So cool!”

Cool appearance, superb combat power; not only could it fight on land, but also in the air, it’s so awesome!

Norman couldn’t hold back, and raised his hand to stroke the end of his eyes with his thumb. He saw him blink, lowered his head, and kissed him on the eye. “I have something more powerful.”

Norman took the teenager’s hand and left the mall, led him back to the hover car, and gave the order. “Mecha mode.”

“Yes, master.”

An Jin was swept up by Norman as the hover car began to change around him, eventually taking the form of a mecha. Norman sat in the driver’s seat, and he sat in the passenger seat. An Jin looked around and touched the seat, his eyes full of amazement—this was much cooler than the transforming toys he played with as a kid. His heart was thumping and his blue eyes were brighter than usual.

Norman introduced discreetly, “It’s called Skywolf, my comrade in arms.”

An Jin turned his head to look at him, remembered how he had fought in the mecha, and said seriously, “You’re a good match.”

Handsome and powerful.

Norman’s eyes twitched and he looked deeply at him and whispered, “We’re a good match.”

An Jin’s eyes were slightly open, his heart beat faster, feeling very sweet, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up.

Norman’s eyes swept to the little mermaid, who was unconsciously swinging his small feet back and forth. His eyes flashing a smile, he pressed the safety buckle. Click—! The pop-up seat belt at An Jin’s waist would protect him.

Norman gave the order and the mecha activated his stealth mode and flew back to the palace.

Upon arriving at the palace, the mecha dropped to one knee with his huge palm outstretched and flattened on the passenger door. Norman pressed the door open button, and An Jin inclined his head to look and saw that he was at least five meters from the ground. He looked at the mecha’s palm and turned his head to look at Norman.

Norman moved to his side, opened the seat belt, and rubbed his hair. “Scared?”

An Jin looked at the palm of his hand again, got up, walked carefully to stand on the palm, and darted a glance to the ground.

Suddenly, his back was hot and he was grabbed by Norman from behind.

Norman said, “Don’t be afraid.”

An Jin whispered, “I’m not afraid.”

Then he heard a low laugh from behind him.

The mecha’s palms moved carefully and slowly down to the ground. Norman jumped down with him in his arms, and he turned his head, looking at the tall black mecha with extra sparkling eyes.

Norman saw that he liked it. “Taking you somewhere.”

An Jin was led by him up to the second floor, all the way to the topmost room on the second floor. Norman put his pupil to the door lock, and the door slid open from the middle to the sides. An Jin’s sight fell inside the room, and he let out a small cry of surprise. It was an extremely large room, open to the upper floor, very high, built as an open upper and lower level, connected by a spiral staircase in the middle.

In the middle of the room were black sofas, and tables of the same color, and along the walls were museum shelves with various mecha models. The surface of the museum shelf was separated by glass, as if it were a mecha exhibition hall.

Norman took the teenager. “Let’s go in and look.”

An Jin walked in and looked from the left side. There were instructions and a button to turn on and off next to each model. Norman’s hand went over him and flipped the switch. The mecha models immediately moved into combat mode, with fast and accurate movements, and the particle cannons and energy runners on board even worked, but they were all blocked by glass.

An Jin found that the model inside was at least an S-class mecha.

After seeing the first floor, the two went up to the second floor; on the second floor were a variety of battleship models. In the middle was a silver gray battleship, alone occupying a square glass container which simulated the environment of space. The color and appearance of the battleship was constantly changing with the environmental changes.

An Jin could not help but approach and carefully observe the battleship model.

When he was a child, his grandfather bought him many toys, among which there were mostly model trains and planes.

As a child, when he was bored, in addition to following the gardener grandfather planting flowers, most of his time was spent repeatedly playing with the toys.

He played with the familiar toys, disassembling and reassembling them; each time he disassembled, he reassembled. He was very happy, but also very proud, but did not dare to tell others.

In the college entrance examination, he wanted to enroll in a major such as mechanical automation, but his parents had a big fight and he finally compromised and studied finance and management.

When Norman had asked him what he liked, he did not say, because what he liked then, was too far away, and he could only maintain his human form in the holographic world at that time. Looking at these models, he again had the same kind of excitement as a child. He wanted to make such models with his own hands too!

Only, he knew very well that it was not a simple matter; he did not know much about mechanical basics in modern times, and in this world, he was still in a state of word recognition. He pressed this idea for the time being. His eyes fell on these models, thinking that since Norman was using his pupils to open the door, he knew that this place was important in Norman’s heart.

“Which one do you like? I’ll give it to you,” Norman said.

An Jin looked up and met his serious eyes. He was touched and sweet, and he kissed him on the lips. “No, I’ll just take a look.”

Norman’s eyes darkened slightly. Even if it was only a very shallow kiss, just the fact that the little mermaid took the initiative easily made him feel the urge to get close to the little mermaid. He took the little mermaid’s waist, lowered his head, licked the slit of the little mermaid’s lips, and then dug in.

An Jin was kissed so deeply that his feet went weak and the two pressed close together.

Norman didn’t let go until he was out of breath. He gasped and looked at Norman in surprise, asking in a small voice, “Did you secretly learn to kiss?”

Norman’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Learn?”

An Jin’s voice got even smaller. “You obviously didn’t know how to do it before.”

Norman then realized that the little mermaid had misunderstood, and the palm of his hand around the little mermaid’s waist was unconsciously stronger. An Jin’s body was closer to his, so he easily noticed the change in his body: his neck and ears were all red, and his eyelashes fluttered quickly.

“I’m afraid I’ll scare you.”

An Jin’s heart was beating very fast. He was grateful for Norman’s thoughtfulness. “Thanks, thanks.”

Norman was helpless and amused. “You keep looking, I’m going to my room.”

An Jin nodded silently, but sensed that Norman had gone into the bathroom and his face got even hotter. He looked at the time and did not continue to look at the model, but went downstairs and sent Norman a good night message.

At bedtime, An Jin lay on the water bed thinking of Norman’s words about wanting to stay in the water with him, and somewhat shyly buried his face in the soft water pad. He tried it later, and the water bubble didn’t work too well because his ability couldn’t keep running while he slept.

Does he…really have to make a contract to stay in human form at the surface of the water all the time? He blinked his eyelashes quickly and pursed his lips.

At this time, Norman received a communication from escort leader Joseph. “His Majesty, the search team has lost contact after discovering the Unknown Star fleet.”

Norman wrinkled his eyebrows. “All contact was lost?”

Joseph responded, “Yes, everyone’s communications are out of contact, including the historian who was with them.”

Norman wrinkled his brow lightly, this group of people he arranged to check the mermaid planet, consisted of a legion of soldiers, all good at interstellar navigation.

They were piloting a Siao military starship, a starship with the Siao military logo; star pirates would never take the initiative to attack. I do not know what the origin is of the unknown star fleet. He said in a deep voice, “Arrange for the special operations team and reconnaissance team to go to their lost location to investigate.”


At this moment, the search team they mentioned was being hijacked by the unknown star fleet at the edge of the Yoka system. The captain, with a wounded face, was sitting on a stool with both hands tied behind him, his face hard. He had tried to send a distress signal earlier, but found that he couldn’t send it!

After his terminal was seized by the other side, they ignored him. Across from him, five men got together to look through his terminal, with increasingly ugly expressions.

“Damn humans, it’s so vicious, actually using a mermaid as a pet!”

“I can’t imagine how much our people have suffered all these years.”

“Poor king, actually born in such a sinister environment, I’m really heartbroken.”

“Second Elder, what should we do now?” Three of them looked at the man with long white hair in unison.

Jorens face was serious. “Only when the king’s mood swings can we sense him. First we have to find where the king is, in this direction there is more than one human planet.”

The remaining young white haired man flipping through the terminal spoke in a tone that could not hide his excitement. “I think I found it.”

“What? Choya, you’re not kidding.”

Although disbelieving, everyone, including Jorens, looked to Choya, then their attention was drawn to the blue mermaid on the terminal’s virtual screen. The mermaid was sitting in a wheelchair, the sun shining on his face, his skin so white that it was transparent, his blue hair tied behind his head, his blue eyes slightly narrowed, good-looking.

Choya said, “After data processing, I learned that he is the most intelligent mermaid and is a pure color mermaid. A while ago he went for intelligent biological determination. My heart raced, and with just one look, I knew that he was the king!”

Everyone huffed in unison, “My God, such a lovely king, but actually endured so many painful things, think of my heart like a knife.”

Jorens quickly browsed through the Star Alliance news and said through clenched teeth, “Humans actually covet the king!”

Several people said in unison, “We have to save the king quickly.”

Jorens mused, “The main force of the army is slower than us, and it is not advisable to use direct force. So as not to accidentally hurt the king, we have to be wise.”

Several people discussed for a long time, and developed a plan to “save the king”.

In the morning, Hornád walked into the mermaid room, his eyes shining and his face filled with a look of overwhelming excitement. An Jin looked at him curiously and cooperated with his examination.

Hornád checked the data, smiled, and said, “An An is healthy.”

After he had done the most important thing, he finally mentioned what excited him. “Based on the results of your genetic comparison with the rest of the mermaids, the research team has made an important discovery that the rest of the mermaids have a defective memory gene! Memory gene cloning is currently underway. Dean Yuna has already started preparing for gene repair surgery. There is a great possibility to be able to improve mermaids’ memory problems.”

An Jin, hands on the shore, upper body unconsciously straight, asked, “Really? Will it be harmful to the mermaids’ bodies?”

Hornád said reassuringly, “The genetic repair technology is already very mature and will be tested rigorously before the clinic. As long as it is implemented, there is no need to worry about safety.”

An Jin exhaled lightly, saying that the medical level in this world was really strong.

Hornád hesitated for a moment and added, “In addition to that, the rest of the genes have been found to be different.”

An Jin’s heart stirred, guessing that it was related to the adult leg changes, and subconsciously looked at Norman.

Norman said, “The memory genes will be the main focus first.”

Hornád was a little surprised. His Majesty’s attitude was so unusual that he even felt as if His Majesty had expected this result. He knew very well that if His Majesty did not say something, he should not ask it, so he did not say anything and left the mermaid room.

After lunch, An Jin was dropped off at the mermaid center by Norman. Before they reached the entertainment area, the two heard the sound of mermaid shrieks, in addition to the sound of mermaid laughter and the sound of human reassurance.

An Jin couldn’t help but be puzzled, and after entering the entertainment area, he finally understood what was happening.

“Ahhhhh…help!” Panicked voices came from above.

An Jin looked up and saw a mermaid flying in the sky.

The mermaids below tilted their heads. “Hahahaha, throwing fish!”

“What a stupid thing to do, making a two-legged beast look funny!”

“You’re too much of a wimp to fall down and fall into the water, what are you afraid of?”

The cyan mermaid expressed great disappointment to his fellow clansmen and roared, “What nonsense, if I could go down, would I still be like this?”

As he spoke, his body rose abruptly and his tail and voice immediately drew up, bringing out a series of screams.

The breeder shouted, “Don’t panic! Keep your balance, shoulder blade movement, and control your wing direction. Steady, steady! Eh! Don’t fly towards the shore, if you fall to the ground you’ll be finished.”

An Jin watched the mermaid scurrying through the air and couldn’t help but get nervous.

It was a good thing that there were soon two security guards wearing flight wings flying over. The two people were obviously good at using flight wings. The mermaid’s flight path was irregular, but the two people accurately caught the mermaid.

Then, with one on the left and one on the right, holding the cyan mermaid, a security guard forcefully disconnected the mermaid’s flight wing’s energy slot, with the mermaid down to the water’s edge.

The security guard quickly removed the back of the mermaid’s flight wings, and the cyan mermaid hastily reached out. “Oh my!”

The guard hesitated, saw the cyan mermaid’s sharp canines, and gave it back to the mermaid.

The cyan mermaid stared at him. “Can you teach me?”

The guard froze, at which point a man in a suit came striding in, swept the guard off his feet, and said to the cyan mermaid, “Come home with me and I’ll teach you.”

The cyan mermaid looked at him skeptically. “Can you do that?”

“Of course.”

The security guard received a look from the man and hurriedly went ashore and left the entertainment area. The cyan mermaid’s keepers took him to the hospital for a checkup.

The breeders whispered, “Looks like we’ll have to learn more skills in the future.”

“I hope mermaid’s hobbies are not too special!”

An Jin jumped into the water, and Norman squatted in front of him and said seriously, “Tell me what you want to play with, don’t play by yourself.”

An Jin nodded obediently. “Yeah, I won’t mess around.”

Norman thought to himself, An An is really the best boy, and left the entertainment area with some reluctance.

An Jin was watching a literacy video in the shade when Little Silver came to him and asked him to play ball with him. He was confused. “What ball?”

Little Silver opened the terminal. “This kind.”

An Jin took a look, and it turned out to be a video of a soccer game. He thought about it, agreed, and decided to move around a bit. The breeders were simple with the mermaids, giving whatever they wanted, so the net was soon installed.

Of course, the mermaids were without feet to be able to kick the ball, so the ball was passed with the head and hands, and rules were made that the ball could not fall into the water. This activity aroused great enthusiasm among the mermaids, who swam very fast in the water and passed the ball extra fast.

The mermaids who didn’t play watched with great interest, as did the breeders around them.

“I actually think it would be interesting to give them a team.”

“Don’t even think about it, they won’t punch anyone for our sight, but they’ll definitely get mad if too many people are watching.”

So on this day, the breeders who came to pick up the mermaids found their mermaid’s favorite and most cherished hair all in disarray. The breeders first groomed them with their hands, then soothed and took them to the care area.

An Jin stayed in the water, watching the video, and waiting for Norman. He received a communication from Norman that he would be a little late today. Soon, there were only a few mermaids left to be picked up.

An Jin heard an annoyed voice and looked over to see a mermaid impatiently grooming his hair but he couldn’t straighten it out, so his temper got the better of him. An Jin looked at his fingers and swam over. “Let me help you.”

The mermaid’s eyes lit up and he turned around obediently, his back facing An Jin.

An Jin patiently helped the mermaid tidy up, and when he came across a knotted position, he helped with the water ability and soon straightened it out.

When Norman entered the entertainment area, he saw the scene where An Jin was fixing another mermaid’s hair. The two mermaids were close together, and the atmosphere was so nice that his sword brows involuntarily drew together.

“An An,” he called out.

An Jin looked at him and subconsciously smiled. “You’re here.”

Norman looked at the mermaid. “Let’s go.”

At that moment, the breeder of the mermaid also came, said hello to Norman An Jin, and picked up the mermaid to leave.

Norman sent the little mermaid to the care area and asked on the way, “What was the mermaid’s name just now?”

An Jin’s expression was embarrassed. He knew many mermaids, but he couldn’t remember the name of each one, especially those with the same color, and he would get confused.

“I don’t know,” he whispered, and immediately said, “I’ll ask nicely tomorrow.”

Norman’s expression eased slightly. “No need to ask.”

An Jin blinked. “Are you jealous?”

Norman’s deep eyes looked at him and he said honestly, “I don’t like you being close to other mermaids or people.”

“They are friends,” An Jin’s voice lowered a bit, “not like you.”

A smile flashed in Norman’s eyes. Soon, it was time to go to the nursing room, and Norman sat next to him for company. It wasn’t long before An Jin heard noises coming from outside, and two minutes later there was a knock on the door of the room.

The nursing staff opened the door, and the doctor at the door hurriedly said, “Sorry, a mermaid came in today and must see An An.”


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