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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin heard the doctor’s words, propped up his upper body, and looked out the door. There was a mermaid car parked at the door, a white mermaid floating in a glass water tank, with two hands on the top of the tank. The white mermaid had white hair and a white tail, and its eyes were white-gray and at first glance very cold.

However, when those eyes saw An Jin, the white gray pupils expanded because of excitement, and the eyes were extremely bright, blinking with watery light.

It was indeed the king! I had only read about An Jin on the internet, and the mermaid who was with me also thought that An Jin was the king.

But Jorens thought he should be more cautious, his purpose tonight was to determine the identity of the king.

Even at a distance from the king, he could feel the king’s natural aura, making him want to get closer, but not too close because of respect. He wanted to talk, but he already knew that the king had made a translator! On his ears, he also wore one.

If he ventured to speak, all the humans around him could understand. He could not reveal the king’s identity, let alone his purpose, or he might be controlled by the humans before he could save the king.

His white-gray eyes looked at An Jin excitedly and he said expectantly, “May I speak to you alone?”

An Jin was slightly surprised. He was puzzled and surprised that the other man was using honorifics.

He said, “I’m sorry, I’m not right now.”

Jorens tried to persuade An Jin to agree to speak alone again, but suddenly, his eyes widened, his tail slapped the surface of the water, and his upper body lifted abruptly, as if he wanted to get out of the tank and get closer to An Jin. His movements were stopped by the tank and he couldn’t get closer, so he could only keep his eyes on An Jin.

He exclaimed in his mind, My God! The second elder of the mermaid planet, who had always been known for his calmness, was now making huge waves inside.

The king was actually an Aisa mermaid!

Influenced by habitual thinking, they didn’t even think about the king’s gender,and defaulted him to be a Tek mermaid.

Mermaid’s combat power was superb; all generations of kings had the most perfect existence, bursting with combat power; all the past Kings were Tek mermaids.

Jorens was inwardly shocked, an uncovenanted Aisa mermaid, or king, he could already predict how much shock this news would cause when it got back to the mermaid home planet, Rabe.

An Jin was really not used to being stared at straight on, especially when the sight was so heated.

“Is there something you wanted to see me about?” he asked, adding, “Don’t use honorifics, it doesn’t sound comfortable to me.”

Norman’s sword brows furrowed slightly and his gaze fell on Jorens with a wary look.

Jorens looked back. “I, I heard the other mermaid talking about you and admired you so much that I wanted to meet you and talk to you.”

An Jin was a little embarrassed that the other man looked excited, a bit like a rabid fan. He looked at the doctor at the door and said, “You cooperate with the doctor and get well. I will go to the mermaid center every afternoon, so you can meet me if you go to play.”

Jorens secretly sighed, his king was so gentle, so good-tempered!

At that moment, the caregiver behind An Jin said, “It’s time to put on the hair mask.”

It was only then that Jorens noticed An Jin was propped up and talking to him, his hair wrapped in a blue bag, seemingly in the middle of a treatment.

Chagrin flashed in his eyes; he was so excited he hadn’t even noticed his king’s state. He hurriedly said, “Sorry to bother you, I was too rash, see you tomorrow.”

An Jin nodded, and Jorens looked to the doctor, who pushed him back to the mermaid hospital.

Half an hour later, An Jin emerged from the nursing room with a head of silky smooth hair.

Norman carried him to the hover car and put him in the seat, but instead of withdrawing his body, he obediently half-kneeled on the seat and put one hand on An Jin’s shoulder, almost covering the whole of the little mermaid underneath him.

An Jin tilted his head, his heart beating a little faster.

Norman instructed the hover car to return to the palace, his eyes staring at the little mermaid.

The hover car started and it took a while before Norman spoke, stroking the little mermaid’s hair. “An An likes mermaids a lot?”

An Jin nodded, “Mn, they’re very simple.”

Norman pondered for a moment. “I don’t want to interfere with you teaching your friends, but…” his voice lowered, “I’d be jealous if you were too close to mermaids and too nice to mermaids.”

An Jin looked at him in surprise and thought for a moment. “Is it because of the white mermaid just now?”

Norman didn’t deny it, and hmmed. “Whenever a mermaid wants to see you, will you agree like that?”

An Jin shook his head. “That mermaid has a mate! If it was a single mermaid, I…would have refused outright.”

Norman was surprised. “A mate?”

An Jin nodded. “His aura is much more subdued than a single mermaid, and his aura is very obvious.” Seeing Norman puzzled, he said, “Humans may not recognize it.”

Norman did not look relaxed and said seriously, “Humans who are married may also cheat.”

Norman felt deeply that the little mermaid was too innocent, too unsuspecting.

An Jin saw Norman’s frown and put his finger between his eyebrows. He raised his head and kissed him. “Don’t worry,” he blushed slightly, “I only like you.”

Norman instantly thought that little mermaid was too good at talking, too sweet! The previous unpleasantness was instantly forgotten, and he gently cupped the little mermaid’s chin and lowered his head to kiss him deeply.

Half a second later, An Jin’s body was weak and he was panting against him. Norman stroked his cheek, also calming his breath, and he looked pensive. He had to get married soon.

After the dinner walk, An Jin and Norman stayed in the mermaid room. An Jin floated in the pool playing with the terminal, while Norman sat on the shore sofa checking the military documents and the latest warship reports.

An Jin first looked up the information he wanted to know, and then found Siao’s traffic rules instructional video, and while watching it, his mouth unconsciously followed, reading silently, with a very focused look, in order to memorize it as soon as possible.

He checked; Siao’s driver’s license was divided into two: intelligent cars and non-intelligent cars. An intelligent car driving license was a very easy test, one only needed to learn the traffic rules, and drive on the line of the intelligent system.

Norman had been obviously busy lately, picking him up later than usual tonight, which made him realize that he couldn’t rely on Norman for transportation all the time. He had an independent identity now and should be independent and not too dependent on Norman, and he didn’t want to cause Norman any trouble.

When Norman was free, it was fine for Norman to pick him up and drop him off, but when he was busy, he wanted to be able to handle his own business.

Norman’s eyes occasionally shifted to the little mermaid, seeing his crimson lips moving constantly and his expression of concentration, he thought he was learning to read. The way the little mermaid was studying seriously, he looked so good and soft that Norman couldn’t help but feel soft in his heart.

At nine-thirty, Norman closed the terminal. “An An, you should go wash up and rest.”

An Jin looked at the time, paused the video, closed the terminal, swam to Norman, and said with a smile, “Good night, Norman.”

Norman squatted down in a one-knee pose, lowered his head, and kissed him on the mouth. “An An, good night.”

After Norman left, An Jin went ashore to wash up.

In the afternoon, at the mermaid center, An Jin put both hands on the shore and waved with his head up. “Norman, see you this afternoon.”

Norman rubbed the top of his hair. “An An, see you this afternoon, don’t play dangerous games.”

He was worried about An An being dragged by the rest of the mermaids to play some dangerous games, so he repeatedly warned him.

An Jin nodded obediently. “Yes, I’ll be safe.”

“What are you doing? Get your hands off him!” An exasperated voice came from the doorway, and both An Jin and Norman looked over.

Jorens, sitting in a wheelchair, was pushed in by a nurse, his right hand raised, pointing at Norman, his body leaning forward, his tail fin exploding, looking extraordinarily agitated.

The nurse hurriedly squeezed his shoulders. “Jorens! Calm down, you’ll fall to the ground!”

Jorens chest rose and fell fiercely, staring hard at Norman, grinning with sharp canine teeth, opening his mouth in a threatening biting motion. Norman’s face sank slightly, and he felt more and more that Jorens was teetering on the edge of cheating.

This look, he was clearly in love with An An!

The fact that he was looking at An An made him feel like it was an insult to An An.

Jorens heart was full of hate. Damn human, not only bullying the clan, but also dares to covet the king, take advantage of the king! After rescuing the king, he must give these humans a little color.

Jorence operated the wheelchair and quickly drove to the shore.

The nurse did not expect him to suddenly move. Before, Jorens pretended to be very unintelligent and the nurse had always thought that he had not learned how to drive the wheelchair. It was simply too late to stop him.

Norman’s face did not move at all. He stood still and watched the fast approaching Jorens.

An Jin’s eyes were slightly open and he was trying to build a wall of water when the wheelchair stopped a meter from Norman.

Norman’s right foot shifted very slightly, and his eyes flashed quickly with regret.

If Jorens crashed over, he must kick the mermaid, even in the wheelchair, into the pool.

The mermaid did not take the initiative to attack; he was not very good at it.

Jorens lifted his eyes, faintly looked at Norman, drove the wheelchair to a steady stop at the water’s edge, jumped into the water, and then looked at An Jin. He really wanted to run over, however he had checked the identity of this abominable human last night in case he attacked the human emperor and was forcibly taken away, he just had to hold back. He had to stay with the king and talk to him while he had the chance to take him away.

Norman crouched down and confided in the little mermaid, “Stay away from him, and if he dares to lay a hand on you, don’t be polite.”

He knew the little mermaid’s fighting ability and wasn’t worried about the little mermaid getting hurt. An Jin nodded, his heart also a little uncertain.

Jorens’ rejection of Norman was too obvious, and he was close to him. His expression froze for a moment.

I don’t think he’s really taken a shine to him!

Jorens heard Norman’s words clearly and said angrily through clenched teeth, “Bastard, you don’t want to provoke my relationship with…An An!”

Norman didn’t look at him. He rubbed the top of the little mermaid’s hair and automatically slipped it back down, gently rubbed the little mermaid’s ear, and brushed his fingertips on the little mermaid’s cheek before getting up to leave.

An Jin looked at his back and his cheeks burned.

Norman ended up being deliberate. Norman used to use his right hand, but just now he used his left hand, and the action was done very slowly, obviously for Jorens to see.

Jorens was really angry, his tail slapped the water, and he was about to rush to An Jin’s side when his shoulder was grabbed.

Little Silver looked at him. “New here? You’re grumpy, aren’t you?”

Jorens had always prided himself on his calmness, but when he saw the king’s situation, he could not calm down, except to be grumpy or frustrated.

Jorens gritted his teeth. “Don’t you think that human is too much?”

The mermaid’s natural closeness to the king, and reverence, was the mermaid’s faith. He simply could not understand how the rest of his kind could be indifferent to the king being coveted by a foreign race.

Little Silver’s head tilted. “What’s too much?”

“He actually rubbed…An An hair! And do such intimate actions!” Jorens voice almost came out of his teeth.

Little Silver gave him a strange look. “He’s An An’s boyfriend, isn’t that normal?”

“What?” Jorens’ voice rose, his face full of shock.

Little Silver’s eyes narrowed and his arms were folded in front of his chest as he sized him up. “You’re not trying to woo An An, are you? How can you be such a scumbag when you’re still thinking about another mermaid after you’ve tied the knot?”

“Nonsense! I have nothing but admiration for An An! Respect!” Jorens immediately retorted.

“You’re weird,” Little Silver said, “An An’s personally identified him as his boyfriend, An An likes him, so don’t you ruin it!” He waved his paw. “Or I won’t let you off the hook.”

“And us.” The surrounding mermaid echoed.

Jorens suddenly had the feeling of losing everything. The king actually identified a human as a boyfriend, which, with the loyalty of the mermaid, basically considered him the future mate.

What to do? The human was here, so the king certainly would not want to leave.

This must be a human conspiracy!

Jorens closed himself on the spot and quickly thought about how he could persuade the king to leave. Not only the king, but also the rest of his kin. He looked around and saw these fellow clansmen scattered, some playing games and some watching the Starnet, all very happy and comfortable.

The two mermaids next door were still discussing what to buy for fun. Suddenly he felt that it was very difficult to persuade them to leave. He hunkered down in a corner to himself and opened Starnet, trying to find a way to change the mermaid’s mind, especially the king’s.

If the king had the quality of a Tek mermaid, he might not have been fascinated by humans. After all, humans don’t have spirited tails or shiny scales, no charm at all!

An Jin sighed with relief and wondered if perhaps he had misunderstood Jorens.

Little Silver surveyed the corner. “An An, you need to stay away from this new scum fish!”

An Jin nodded. “Yeah, I’ll keep my distance from him.”

After all, Jorens’ reaction was, indeed, quite strange.

In the evening, Jorens secretly contacted the vanguard. “Don’t do anything rash for now, the king is likely to be reluctant to leave.”


Jorens’ face was extra serious. “The king has eyes on a human. I’ll do my best to find a way. If not, when you arrive, let Choya lurk in.”

“Father, don’t worry, the king is just bewitched by a human, and when he sees me, he will definitely forget about the human!”

After Norman went to the military headquarters, An Jin floated in the pool with a serious expression. He learned two days of traffic regulations, and brushed through three test papers. Traffic regulations have been remembered very clearly, so last night before going to bed, he scheduled to take the test this morning.

The intelligent driving license was very simple; five-year-old Siao people could apply for the test.

However, he had not taken a test for a long time, and could not help but be nervous. He went into the test center in advance, which was the website of the PTB. With terminal and ID card binding, it saved the time to fill out the information, just using the information previously scheduled to be approved.

Once nine o’clock arrived, the blank screen showed the test questions, and there was a thirty-minute countdown in the upper right corner. An Jin took a deep breath and concentrated carefully on answering the questions. When he was done, he checked again before turning in his paper.

After handing in the test, the paper disappeared and after ten seconds, a green box popped up: [Congratulations, you passed the test, the driver’s license is being generated. Please check in the personal information screen in five minutes. If you have not received it, please contact us in time.]

An Jin saved this message, opened the personal information screen, and refreshed it once after a while, not even after five minutes, but many times. Once the five minutes were up, he finally saw the smart car driver’s license in the driver’s license section. He happily cocked the corner of his mouth and opened the hover car mall.

The mall had many models of cars, some of which had a red circular logo in the upper right corner. He was curious to open it, and saw that it said: [Do not have the conditions to buy, need a non-smart car driver’s license.]

An Jin understood, and after filtering for smart cars, everything in the interface was available for purchase, but the price was not cheap. He hesitated and considered that he did not have a house yet, and it was just a simple means of transportation, so he bought a super small model with two seats, which also cost more than half a million!

After the purchase, he went ashore and waited in the living room.

A quarter of an hour later, the robot received an orderly pickup reminder, walked to the front door, and signed for the hover car. Sensing that no one was in the front yard, An Jin walked straight out on his legs and circled the dark blue hover car with great satisfaction.

The car resembled a modern car, with a half spherical body and a lovely round bulge.

He checked the manual, turned on the machine, connected the hover car to the terminal, checked each one, and then entered his voice.

“Hello, master, please select the voice mode.” The initial voice was a mechanical voice.

An Jin looked at the options and finally used the mechanical voice. If he used a sweet female voice or a sexy male voice, he might be scared if it suddenly came out. He got in the car and voice commanded, “Fly above the palace.”

The hover car started, but because the driver’s license showed first time driving, the driving time was less than one hundred hours. It was innovice mode, and the speed was very slow. The hover car circled overhead, and An Jin’s eyes glowed as he looked down at the palace. He looked at the route on the display and tried to set the route, and the hover car soon followed it.

An Jin sighed at the convenience of high technology and couldn’t wait to share the news with Norman that he could drive the hover car.

Suddenly, he tapped on the map to check the distance from the palace to the military headquarters. He estimated that even if his hover car was slow, he could get there in a quarter of an hour.

After he was familiar with the operation of the hover car, he parked the hover car at the entrance, got off and went back to the mermaid room to study word recognition.

At eleven o’clock, he opened the terminal and sent a message to Norman: [What do you want to eat for lunch?]

Norman had a mecha sparring session with the army chiefs.

Norman was watching the battle and was slightly surprised to receive the message. The little mermaid asked him this question earlier than usual, and he couldn’t help but guess that the little mermaid was hungry.

He ordered two dishes and added: [You eat first if you’re hungry, don’t wait for me.]

An Jin’s mouth curled slightly and he muttered, “I’m not hungry.”

He ordered the dishes, removed the impurities, sat in his wheelchair, and stayed at the kitchen door, watching with interest as the chef cooked.

After thinking about it, he bought six more lunch boxes online, cleaned them, and put them away.

When the meal was ready, he didn’t let the chef deliver it to the dining room, but put it in the lunch box, packed it, and got in the hover car. He looked at the time and estimated that Norman would be able to reach the military headquarters by the end of his shift.

“Captain! An An in the hover car seems to be ready to leave the palace, should we intercept?” The guard in charge of surveillance hastened to report to Second Captain Iroh.

Iroh replied, “No, An An has the freedom to enter and leave the palace. Teams two and three, follow and protect.” He paused and added, “Be stealthy.”

An Jin was relieved to see the hover car leave the palace grounds without incident, and his eyes couldn’t help but curve up. He was happy that Norman didn’t restrict his freedom. His ID card in human form was already done; his identity was mermaid caretaker, living in the palace. But he didn’t use his fake identity today because he was going to the mermaid center after dinner.

Norman did not have to make a special trip back to the palace to pick him up, nor did he have to see him off, so he could have a good rest at noon. The more he thought about it, the happier he was, both for his independence and for saving Norman’s mind.

“Master, we have received a warning that all vehicles are prohibited from entering the military area without permission.” Suddenly, the intelligent system alerted.

An Jin froze. “Not even in the parking lot?”

A second later, the intelligent system responded, “No, it belongs to the military area.”

An Jin looked out the window. “Is there a parking lot nearby where we can land?”

“There is a public parking lot one kilometer away.”

An Jin thought to himself, That’s fine. With the speed of the hover car, one kilometer would take less than a minute to travel. Even if we let Norman come, it will save more time than going back to the palace.

“Go to the public parking lot.”

The hover car landed in the public parking lot, and the tiny hover car was parked in between two huge hover cars, which were completely invisible without walking over.

An Jin checked the window mode to make sure it’s single-view mode and that the people outside couldn’t see him, and relaxed against the back of the seat.

His appearance was too easy to notice, and if people saw him, he might cause a stir. He didn’t like it and just wanted to wait quietly for Norman to get off work.

And at that moment, Norman received a report from Iroh: [An An drove a hover car to the military headquarters, was stopped, and is now in the public parking lot.]

Norman was sparring with Mu Chen, and when he received Iroh’s report, the mecha pulled back and distanced himself from Mu Chen, and the mecha’s eyes flashed white.

“What happened? Your Majesty actually surrendered!” 

“You didn’t press the wrong button, did you?”

Norman jumped off the mecha, and soon after, Mu Chen jumped off too, jokingly saying, “Your Majesty, are you looking down on me?”

“No,” replied Norman.

He opened the terminal to contact the little mermaid, and was about to dial it when he thought of something and contacted Iroh again. “Do you know why he came to the military?”

Iroh answered, “No.”

Norman asked again, “Did he get out?”

Iroh replied, “No, sitting inside the car, can’t see inside.”

Norman said, “Keep him safe.”

After hanging up, he messaged the little mermaid: [An An, stay where you are, I’m coming to you.]

An Jin got up, looked around, thought of something, tilted his head to look overhead and found a hover car hovering far away, very ordinary style, but it was strange to keep it parked. He quickly realized and understood that Norman must be worried about his safety. He sent a voice message, “Aren’t you off work yet? It’s okay if I wait a while.”

Norman said, “It’s okay.”

An Jin asked, “But you’ve always finished work on time before, am I causing trouble?”

“Of course not.” Norman paused. “An An, you send me the license plate number, and come to the military headquarters.”

He was not comfortable with the little mermaid staying in a public parking lot. An Jin immediately sent it over, and this time, he parked the hover car in the military parking lot without any problem. Not long after, he saw Norman striding to the parking lot, and to his surprise, Mu Chen and the rest of the military chiefs followed.

But thinking about it again, it seemed normal: off duty time, they probably had to go home. He had met the chiefs many times, so he wasn’t afraid. The car door slid open and he smiled and waved to Norman. “Over here.”

Norman approached, saw the little mermaid’s tail resting in the not-so-spacious seat, frowned slightly, and reached out to carry the little mermaid down.

An Jin froze, saw the rest of the army chiefs, and, cheeks burning, whispered, “Put me down. I brought you lunch, we’ll eat in the car.”

Norman paused in his steps and looked at the little mermaid with slightly deeper eyes. He did not expect the little mermaid to come to bring him lunch. He whispered, “It’s okay, go to my office, it’s more spacious. Is it hard?”

An Jin’s tail twitched, understanding why Norman carried him straight off. “No, it’s not uncomfortable, it’s actually quite spacious.”

Norman didn’t approve, and carried the little mermaid back to the office.

“An An brought lunch to His Majesty!” an army chief couldn’t help but say in surprise.

“Isn’t lunch a nutrient? What’s so great about it?” 

“His Majesty didn’t bring it with him.”

“Maybe it’s a couple’s love affair.”

Mu Chen thought of the delicious food, swallowed silently, did not participate in the small talk, and quickly followed behind Norman.

An An might be more prepared then!

The rest of the legion saw this and hurriedly followed.

“Admiral Mu Chen must be hiding something again!”

An Jin was steadily put into the seat by Norman. He took out his lunch box and five dishes were laid out on the table with all the colors and flavors.

When several people arrived, they could only smell the hooking aroma.

“I’ve seen so little! It turns out that lunch is not just a nutrient!”

“My nutrient, suddenly it’s hard to drink!”


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I can already tell that the mission of trying to seduce An Jin away will be an epic failure! And if they’ll try to use force An Jin may retaliate and Norman will for sure.

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