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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman arrived at the military headquarters, and the adjutant was waiting at the elevator door. As soon as he saw him, he reported, “All the army chiefs have arrived.”

When Norman entered the conference room, all the army chiefs’ eyes fell on him, their eyes glittering with anticipation. Norman sat in the middle of the main seat and nodded slightly.

The adjutant opened the terminal, and a virtual screen popped up in the middle of the conference table. This screen could be seen from any position at the round table; the visual effect was like watching their own terminal.

The adjutant began, “This is the hologram sent by the experts in the vanguard team. After many measurements, the proposed establishment of the sixth defense zone is here. The vanguard team encountered a swarm of star beasts near the chosen site, and was chased by star beasts, and was forced to evacuate. They are requesting support.”

The second captain immediately said, “I am willing to take the second corps to support, to ensure the successful completion of the sixth defense zone!”

“Second leader, this time it should be the sixth corps. Your corps already accumulated enough military merit. Do not be too greedy!”


The army chiefs fought to the death, all wanting to take over the mission this time.

After the interstellar era, the biggest threats to humanity were resources and star beasts. All legions had expeditionary teams out searching for resources and exploring undiscovered resource stars. If you found a resource star and captured it before the rest of the world, you would be credited for the abundance of resources.

However, resources depended not only on ability but also on luck, and they often took a long time and faced many hidden dangers in the universe. The most popular way for people in the military to accumulate military credit was to kill star beasts, which everyone hated. Killing star beasts was both a pleasure and a way to accumulate military credit, which was very much in line with the minds of soldiers.

Although not directly killing star beasts, the establishment of a defense area was more important than killing star beasts. When a defense area was established against the spring beast tide, the defense area belonged to the front line, generally established by the army corps stationed there.

The army chiefs had mermaids and they were so contentious, in fact, for the welfare of the subordinates of the legion. Although the level of danger was high, since their enlistment, they would not put themselves in danger in the first place.

Norman looked serious listening to the army chiefs arguing, seeing them arguing more and more lively, raised his hand, and the meeting room was suddenly quiet.

Norman said, “The second army chief will go support.”

The second commander’s face looked happy and said seriously, “Yes, marshal, I promise to complete the task.”

Norman confirmed the support staff, and then made the rest of the arrangements.

The meeting lasted a long time, but in the end it was the sixth defense zone, and with previous experience, all arrangements were made in an orderly manner. It was not easy to set up a defense zone in space, it was a huge project. When there were too many people involved in the establishment, it was easy to attract the attention of roaming star beasts, and battles often occurred.

In addition, the main force of the second corps went to the defense zone, and the arrangements also needed to change.

It was close to noon when the meeting ended. Norman left the conference room first and did not return to his office, but went directly to the parking lot.

The army chiefs left the conference room, each chatting back and forth idly.

“In fact, like me, it’s much more convenient to bring the mermaid to the mermaid center every morning and pick him up again in the evening,” said the sixth army commander, looking towards the direction of the parking lot. “It’s not too much trouble to go back and pick him up every day at noon, right?”

Mu Chen, hand on his shoulder, said, “No wonder you are single, you think His Majesty does not know which is more convenient? Go back every day at noon and you can see one another!”

The sixth chief looked at him. “You know so much, are you feeling the same?”

Mu Chen choked.

Garrett laughed. “Hurt each other!”

The sixth chief and Mu Chen turned their heads to look at him and said in unison, “Come on! We’re both single dogs, who’s afraid?”

“Stop it, something big is happening!” The fourth chief, who was walking and opening the terminal, said loudly.

The rest of the people immediately looked serious, and all looked at the fourth chief.

The fourth chief paused. “Don’t be too nervous, it’s a good thing, you guys look at the chat group.”

The chat group was chatting feverishly: [Really? Are you sure that the spiritual power has increased after eating it? It’s not an illusion, right?]

[Absolutely not! I just finished a concert. My family mermaid is very good. See I have no spiritual powers and he gave me a fish. I did not want to eat this morning so I fileted a fish to eat. The taste is superb, tender and juicy, and my spiritual power increased instead of decreasing! There are absolutely no impurities in this fish!]

[Did your mermaid send you fish? My mermaid is really the best-behaved cub!]

[My son is not filial!]

[Let’s get down to business, who else has eaten?]

Mu Chen silently bubbled. “It’s not an illusion.”

The group was all real names, and the format was similar. Mu Chen’s name was also preceded by “Little Silver”.

“Admiral Mu Chen!” Garrett took Mu Chen by the neck. “Explain properly, why don’t you say so?”

Mu Chen laughed dryly and joked, “Like you’ll get a fish if you say so?”

His family’s Little Silver gives him a fish every day!

The group became more lively, and suddenly someone said, “So, it feels like the effect of Agent A!”

The group was silent for a moment, and at that moment, Hans, the director of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute, received a series of messages:

[Dean, is the raw material of Agent A made of pure food?] 

[Dean! Is Agent A made by a mermaid?]

Hans looked at the messages, and his eyes flashed with surprise, then steeply lit up. Mermaids could provide spiritual powers to humans, so they could also provide spiritual power to food?

The spiritual force could remove impurities, and food that received spiritual force, did it become pure food?

After getting Agent A, he had been studying it, but he had no clue.

He dialed Norman’s communication: [Your Majesty, is Agent A made by An An?]

His Majesty often contacted the mermaid An An, and the pure color mermaid transmitted more spiritual force. With the continuous and stable production of Agent A, the speculation was that only An An could be the supplier.

Norman was silent for a moment, after he received Hans’ message that said: [Many people are asking me.]

Norman’s eyes flashed with recognition. He was not too surprised, since mermaids could communicate, the chances of finding pure food were high. He then did not deny it. [Yes.]

The hover car landed in the parking lot, and Norman walked into the villa in stride. The robot reported, “An An is in the dining room.”

An Jin sensed Norman’s approach and turned his head to gauge Norman’s expression first, and was slightly relieved to see that he looked normal. In the morning, Norman answered the communication and left. He was worried about Norman encountering a difficult problem and worried that Norman would go to the battlefield.

Norman took the little mermaid’s small movements in his stride and took the little mermaid’s shoulder. “Sorry, did I scare you this morning?”

The defensive zone plan was made by him; even after the spiritual force downgrade, he never thought of giving up the plan, always letting the vanguard team find a suitable spot. Let Siao Planet no longer suffer from the star beast tide, this was his goal all along.

Therefore when he heard the news in the morning, his attitude was subconsciously serious.

An Jin tilted his head, saw his sharp jawline, looked up again slightly, pursed his lips, and said honestly, “I wasn’t scared, but I was a little worried.”

Norman looked down and gave him a kiss. “It’s okay.” He told him about the defense zone.

“When I went into the holographic world, I heard people talking about the defense zone.” His eyes shone. “You’re amazing!”

The little mermaid’s eyes were clear and pure, his emotions very straightforward, and the admiration in his eyes made Norman’s eyes move slightly with an emotion of pride that he had never felt before.

He had received many compliments, but none of them were as satisfying as the look in the little mermaid’s eyes.

He said seriously, “I am very good, but the construction of the defense zone is related to many people, and I do very little.”

An Jin’s eyes curved, thinking Norman’s seriousness and serious look was very cute. After eating, Norman told him about the discovery of the efficacy of pure food.

An Jin thought about it. “It’s okay, with the translator it will definitely be found out.”

The breeder would be curious to see the mermaid eating with gusto, keep saying it’s delicious, and after tasting it, he would find out the difference.

Norman was slightly surprised. “Aren’t you afraid of being found out?”

“No, I have an ID card,” An Jin’s eyes dropped, then raised again, “and you.”

Norman couldn’t help but raise his hand and stroke the end of his eyes, whispering, “An An is really good at talking.”

An Jin’s eyelashes blinked rapidly. “I…I didn’t say anything either.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”

An Jin thought back and didn’t think he said anything special, but Norman was happy and smiled with arched eyebrows. Norman loved the way the little mermaid’s eyes curled up, looking so good and sweet. He took the little mermaid to the mermaid center, and before he got out of the hover car, he held the little mermaid’s wrist and looked down at the little mermaid.

An Jin’s heart skipped a beat, thinking of the scene the day before when he got off the bus, he thought he should take the initiative, so without waiting for Norman to ask, he raised his head and kissed Norman on the lips.

Norman’s eyes shone brightly and he subconsciously grabbed his waist. “Good boy.”

An Jin blushed. “What, what good! I just want to kiss you.”

Norman’s eyes flashed with laughter, lowering his head closer, his voice low. “One more kiss?”

His voice was magnetic, and An Jin’s heart beat faster. His eyes fell on his lips for a moment, kissed quickly, ready to withdraw, but the back of his head was cupped, and lips touched together again. An Jin’s eyes were slightly open, and he clearly felt Norman’s breathing become heavier.

Suddenly, Norman’s lips moved slightly, gently grinding his lips, sending a tingling sensation from the lips to the brain, and his body could not help but feel weak, being held tightly by Norman. After a while, An Jin felt breathless, and subconsciously opened his mouth, wanting to breathe fresh air. His lips were licked a little, and his body shivered lightly, an uncontrollable hum.

Norman’s eyes darkened, he restrained himself and stopped, his hand pressed against the side of the little mermaid’s face, his thumb rubbing against his smooth scales. “Don’t be afraid.”

An Jin’s face burned, his heart felt like it was about to jump out of his chest, and he whispered, “I’m not afraid.”

His reaction was almost a reflex, just a little uncomfortable and embarrassed. But it felt pretty good. He swept his eyes to Norman’s throat knot, which rolled up and down, looking inexplicably sexy. He was a little curious, his Adam’s apple was not obvious, very un-boyish, however Norman was different, as if even his Adam’s apple was mature.

He raised his hand and pressed his fingertips against the knot of his throat, which rolled up and down rapidly, and he then felt something roll past his fingers, which felt peculiar and a bit amusing. He stared at the slight bulge and was about to press his fingers back up when Norman’s head tilted back and his neck moved further away from him and his hand was gripped tightly.

Norman looked into the clear blue eyes of the little mermaid who looked towards him, and drew a secret breath, understanding for the first time what sweet torture meant. His eyes narrowed slightly, scaring him. “Touch it again, and we won’t go to the recreation area.”

An Jin heard the darkness of his voice, immediately became honest, and his small face came over and whispered, “I just think it is very beautiful, I want to touch it.”

Norman’s heart was a little sweet and a little amused. “My Adam’s apple also looks good?”

An Jin immediately nodded his head and said honestly what he thought. “It’s nice! It’s sexy!”

Norman took a moment and decided that he couldn’t continue to stay with the sweet little mermaid, so he decided to carry the little mermaid to the wheelchair and pushed him off the hover car.

In the entertainment area pool, mermaids were scattered around; most mermaids were wearing helmets, some looked excited, some hostile, and some with panic.

When An Jin entered the entertainment area, all the mermaids without helmets looked at him in unison, their eyes glittering.

Norman’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly. An Jin also froze, feeling that the mermaids seemed more enthusiastic today, but different from the usual, because they did not swim towards the shore, trying to approach him.

Norman pushed the little mermaid to the shore and whispered, “They all like you.”

An Jin turned his head to look at him and blinked, a little surprised, not jealous, right? He whispered, “I think it has something to do with the heritage I received and the water ability.”

Little Silver stayed in place for a while, swam to the shore, and plopped down on the pool bank. He looked at An Jin with silver eyes and said in amazement, “An An, you’ve really become powerful again!”

An Jin hmmmed, once again sighing at the sensitivity of the mermaids.

Little Silver inclined his head. “I’d like to get closer to An An, but I feel a little…scared!” He said this and cringed, thinking that the word was not quite accurate. He thought about it for a moment then didn’t want to and beckoned, “An An come down.”

An Jin looked at Norman. “I’m going down?”

Norman nodded, An Jin jumped into the pool, and Little Silver approached. The fish were topless, and too close, and An Jin’s bare hands and Little Silver were close. He was a little uncomfortable, and moved to the side.

Little Silver did not notice, raised his hand on An Jin’s shoulder, eyes wondering. “Strange, An An is obviously not scary!”

Norman stared at his hand, his eyebrows jumped, and he said seriously, “Your hand should not be on An An’s shoulder.”

Little Silver raised his eyes and looked at him with silver eyes. “Damned two-legged beast, are you ordering me around?”

Norman’s face was serious. “I’m reminding you!”

The mermaids would befriend each other, and although the little mermaid’s attitude towards Little Silver was just that of a friend, he disliked sleeping so close to the little mermaid. Both people and mermaids were too close.

Little Silver grinned, showing his sharp teeth and curling his fingers in An Jin’s hair. “I want to be next to An An!”

An Jin looked at the confrontation between the man and the mermaid and got a bit of a headache. Little Silver’s actions weren’t out of the ordinary, it was normal for best buddies to hug each other’s shoulders like that. He was also a little uncomfortable because Little Silver had no clothes on, but knowing that Little Silver was simple-minded, he didn’t care too much.

He raised his hand, shook Norman’s naturally sagging fingers, and shook them gently. “Don’t be angry, Little Silver is my friend.”

The little mermaid’s voice was already soft, and such coaxing words were more like pampering. Norman’s expression was slightly slow. He thought of the hook-ups he often saw in the military, and reflected that he was too possessive of the little mermaid. He said warmly, “I’m not angry. An An have fun, I’ll pick you up this afternoon.”

An Jin nodded, raised his hand, and waved. “See you this afternoon.”

After seeing Norman off, An Jin thought about yesterday and quickly said to Little Silver, “I’m sorry, Mu Chen told me that I misunderstood, you didn’t do anything to him.”

Little Silver’s eyes lit up. “I told you I’m not a scum fish!” His silver eyes flashed with confusion. “So what happened? Damned two-legged beast, and not telling the truth! No,” he paused and rubbed his left wrist with his right hand, “I asked him what he did, but his hand, what does that have to do with me?”

An Jin was embarrassed. Although he was inexperienced, he understood at a glance. “You do not think, just remember that you did not do him wrong, he helped you on the line.”

After An Jin’s ability upgraded, his perception was stronger and he controlled the range so as not to be hit by too much information and make his brain uncomfortable. He couldn’t feel what’s happening too far away from his location, but what’s happening close by was clearly felt.

Now, for example, when he spoke with Little Silver, he also knew that the mermaids around him were looking at him, wanting to approach but hesitant. He looked around and smiled at the mermaids. “Why aren’t you playing games?”

Looking at his smile, the mermaids relaxed. One mermaid got a little angry and said, “Damn, I was killed by a sea beast, no star coins to revive!”

“An An, how can I get star coins?”

“Can we only ask the two-legged beast for it?”

“I watched the video, only two-legged cubs ask their parents for star coins, adults earn their own star coins.”

“An An, do you think there is a way for us to earn gold coins?”

An Jin nodded. “When I became an intelligent creature, I signed a contract of employment, and star coins are my payment for singing.”

“Damn, I also sang for the two-legged beast, and he didn’t give me star coins!”

“Are we being pitted?”

An Jin laughed, suspecting that “pit” was a word they had learned from toddler safety videos. He thought about it and didn’t intervene too much, just saying, “You can also talk to them and sing for star coins.”

“I want star coins! There are so many fun things in the two-legged beast mall!”

The mermaids were buzzing with discussion.

This night, it was as if the breeders were hit by a big pie and forced by mermaids to sign a contract. The breeder group was buzzing with activity.

“Thanks An An! How could I have signed a contract with a mermaid without a translator!”

“When I think of the days when I used to try to coax mermaid, it was a heartbreaking experience. I couldn’t listen to the songs and I had to be beaten up, but now I can listen to the songs just by paying star coins, it’s too happy!”

“Yes! What can’t be solved with money?”

“My mermaid even agreed to exchange pure fish for star coins! I’ve tied up one hundred million for him, spend it however you like.”

At the same time, these breeders secretly told their friends and relatives about the mermaid’s transformation, and then…the matter spread on the internet.

The topic of mermaids quickly exploded on Starnet, with netizens speaking out: [Ahhhhh! I want a mermaid!]

[I want to have a mermaid to spend my money on too!]

All of this talk could not affect the breeders and mermaids. In the past few days, the mermaids enjoyed playing games and buying, and the breeder was so full of spiritual power that he walked with the wind.

In the afternoon, Norman picked up the little mermaid to go back to the palace. In the hover car, Norman took out two capsules and handed them to the little mermaid. “The mask is ready.”

An Jin’s eyes lit up and Norman explained, “The blue one is for the scales and the white one is for the skin.”

An Jin couldn’t wait, and said, “I want to try it.”

Norman showed him how to open the capsule, which popped open to form a thin mask, and Norman showed him how to use it.

An Jin wore the mask that fit the scales, then looked in the mirror, which showed a plain, unfamiliar face with only one pair of blue eyes, very distinct. An Jin’s head shook and he touched his face with his hands again. The mask fit well and there was no need to worry about it falling off at all.

An Jin’s heart moved and he looked at Norman expectantly. “Let’s go shopping tonight, okay?”

Norman swept the little mermaid’s tail and suggested, “If you wear a mask, the tail has to be covered. You can wear a long dress.”

“I’ll just become two legs! I want to use a mask.”

Norman didn’t agree. “You can’t always keep your legs?”

“I have a way, and we don’t have to hang out too long, it’s okay!”

Norman could only compromise. “If you’re not comfortable, even if you’re exposed, you have to be safe first.”

An Jin nodded his head repeatedly.

After dinner, they each went to their rooms to change into their outfits.

An Jin had a lot of beast cores in his terminal, in case the spiritual power was not enough to absorb in time. As long as there were enough beast cores, he could keep his legs up all the time. He stood in front of the closet to get a change of clothes, and when he saw the underwear, a hint of embarrassment flashed across his face as he thought of his previous misunderstanding.

After thinking about it, he picked a set of blue and white based sportswear, a wide t-shirt and loose pants with soft fabric, very comfortable to wear. After putting it on, he seriously tied his hair up, put on the mask, and went out of the bathroom. He walked to the door to change into a pair of white sneakers, then opened the door and paused in his steps as he headed out.

Norman was wearing a dark blue shirt and black pants. The shirt was not as strict as usual, with the top button unbuttoned to reveal his lock vault, looking casual.

An Jin smiled at him. “You change clothes so quickly.”

Norman was also wearing an ordinary mask, however, his body was tall, his temperament was serious and noble, and at a glance he knew that the identity was not ordinary. Norman’s eyes fell on the little mermaid, blue peach blossom eyes were set off more charmingly in the ordinary face. Just one look and you can guess that he was originally stunning looking.

An Jin noticed his gaze and touched the end of his eyes. “Not wearing it?”

Norman’s eyes moved slightly. “Yes.” He looked down, kissed the end of his eye with his lips, and then withdrew. “There. If it really wasn’t on properly, I’m afraid that light touch wouldn’t have worked.”

An Jin blinked, his cheeks burning, understanding what Norman meant. He walked down the hall, and after two steps, the back of his hand warmed, and he looked down. His hand was held by a large pair of hands.

The corners of his mouth curled up gently as he heard Norman ask, “To watch a movie or go to the mall, or watch something else?”

After thinking about it, he decided to go to the mall. The hover car landed in Siao’s largest golden square, in a huge building that looked like a castle from afar, with bright lights and a very modern atmosphere inside.

An Jin noticed a long line of people at the entrance to the mecha on the right, which appeared to be a ticket gate. He asked curiously, “Is that the mecha exhibition hall?”

Norman looked over. “No, it’s the mecha battle arena.” After a pause, he said, “Want to go? You can bet on it.”

An Jin didn’t expect Norman to remember about the bets, and obviously didn’t approve of it, but thought he’d like it, so he let him. He said seriously, “We’re not betting, I want to watch mecha.”

Norman grabbed him and walked over there. “Okay.”

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