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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Little Silver turned back to mermaid form, silver eyes shining, and his tail wagging up and down excitedly.

Mu Chen grabbed his tail tight with his hands. “Do not move, be careful of falling.”

Little Silver glanced at the ground. “So low, I’m not afraid to fall!”

“I’m afraid.” Mu Chen thought, With this ancestor’s character, falling down would definitely find him in trouble.

Little Silver’s eyes moved away from the tail and landed on Mu Chen’s face and, chin slightly raised, proudly said, “You are really fascinated by me, so concerned about me.”

The corners of Mu Chen’s mouth twitched and he muttered, “I don’t even know whether to call you confident or narcissistic.”

He lifted his foot, hooked the wheelchair in front of him, and leaned down to put Little Silver in the wheelchair. When he got up, Little Silver grabbed him by the collar and looked at him with wrinkled brows. “What did you just say? I didn’t hear you clearly.”

“Nothing, it’s not important.”

Little Silver hummed softly and looked at him askance. “Whispering in movies is bad talk.”

“I wouldn’t dare say anything bad about you!” Mu Chen denied, and then said, “I’ll recommend some movies for you later, don’t watch them indiscriminately, and be careful of learning bad things.” He patted the back of Little Silver’s hand. “Let go.”

Little Silver looked at him for two seconds, Mu Chen’s face remained unchanged, and Little Silver let go of his clothes. “I knew you wouldn’t dare.”

Mu Chen thought to himself that he was still so easy to fool, but he was worried, So innocent, what if he was cheated by others? This thought was almost instinctive. From the beginning of raising Little Silver, his mentality towards Little Silver was care and worry. He was worried about Little Silver being unhappy, and also worried about Little Silver being unwell. After all, mermaids were too precious, and Little Silver, although not very good-tempered, had always provided him with spiritual power. An An appeared, and he and Little Silver got along, which many breeders envied. He was also always grateful to Little Silver, and his care and concern for Little Silver had almost become a habit.

He decided to teach Little Silver more about the world before he left Rabe’s Star, so that Little Silver could understand the world. He asked An Jin, “Is there anything else that needs attention?”

An Jin shook his head as he recalled the memories of his heritage. “Just practice walking on your feet when you have enough spiritual power.”

Little Silver’s tail lifted and the hem of his coat slid backwards to a little below his belly. His body fell back, and realizing the current situation, he hurriedly held the handrail, leaping to try. “My spiritual power now is very sufficient.”

Mu Chen knew him very well and quickly reached out and pulled down the hem of his shirt to cover his upper tail. He reminded him, “Don’t just change your legs, make sure you put your clothes on before you change your legs!”

An Jin also said, “Mu Chen is right, you must not change your legs at will.”

Little Silver looked at Mu Chen and then at An Jin and nodded. “Okay, I’ll remember.”

The four of them left the holy island, and Little Silver was extra excited on the shuttle, staring at his tail, his silver eyes shining.

Mu Chen passed a video to Little Silver about how to behave in a public place in the Star Alliance, in line with civilized and polite behavior. “It’s okay for you to see more.”

Little Silver opened it and asked, “Do you recommend a movie for me?”

“No.” Mu Chen searched his brain for a movie suitable for Little Silver. “I’ll give it to you later.”

Little Silver looked at the video, which said to dress neatly and not overly revealing, and looked down at himself. He was civilized!

An Jin saw Little Silver’s eyes move away from the video and suggested, “Why don’t you come back to the palace with me?”

Little Silver cocked his head in thought. “I want to go back to school to Ling Ling and Rui Rui and show them how I look when I change my legs.”

Mu Chen scanned his tail, and his clothes didn’t fit well.

“You’re not afraid of being seen by others as weak anymore? I’m free to assist you in practicing walking on two legs, how about you practice before you go show your friends?”

Little Silver’s eyes lit up and he nodded in response, then complimented Mu Chen, “You’re such a smart human being!”

“I am indeed very smart, but I would prefer you to call me Mu Chen.”

Little Silver appreciated his offer and complimented, “Smart Mu Chen.”

Mu Chen was speechless. After elementary school, no one complimented him with such a sentence.

Soon, the shuttle arrived at the side hall of the palace.

Mu Chen pushed Little Silver out of the shuttle and Little Silver waved towards An Jin. “An An goodbye, I’ll learn to walk on my feet soon, I’ll show you when I’m done.”

An Jin smiled and reminded, “Don’t be in too much of a hurry, safety comes first.”

Mu Chen said, “I’ll watch him.”

Mu Chen pushed Little Silver back to his bedroom while An Jin and Norman went back to the palace.

The palace chambers were large and divided into inner and outer rooms. The bedroom had a balcony with floor-to-ceiling windows on the entire wall, and the bedroom was separated from the balcony by a sliding wooden screen inlaid with shell pearl coral, which was very delicate.

An Jin sat on a balcony cushioned chair and enjoyed the view of Rabe during the day. The blue water met the sky, and the green islands were scattered all over, the water reflecting the bright light of scales from time to time.

Norman stood behind him and put his hand on his shoulder, looking down at him. “You like it here?”

An Jin tilted his head and met his eyes, nodded and said, “Siao is also very good.”

Norman smiled, and his eyes became more gentle. “Siao has already discussed with Rabe to cooperate in establishing a leap point, so it will be convenient to come and go in the future.”

An Jin smiled. “It will also be convenient for the mermaids to return to the Star Alliance.”

Speaking of which, he thought of the mermaid school and spoke with excitement. “The building in the water, the color of the facade is fluorescent, very nice, at night it must be better.” His blue eyes were bright with anticipation. “Let’s go for a stroll tonight, okay?”

Norman, of course, would not refuse him, his fingers brushed against the shiny scales at the end of his eyes. “Yes.”

An Jin took out the mask from the space, with a smile in his eyes, and whispered, “The mask has been put in the space, let’s wear our masks before going out, so as not to be surrounded by people!” Thinking of something, he frowned slightly. “The mask seems to be useless on the mermaid planet, mermaids can sense me.”

Norman pondered for a moment and said, “Siao people, unless in spiritual riots, can release and converge spiritual pressure at will, can you try to control it?”

An Jin blinked his eyes, concentrated on feeling the spiritual force, thought about it, the mind moved, floating in the spiritual sea of aqua blue spiritual silk, slowly rolled up, and finally formed a small group, softly floating in the spiritual sea. He asked Norman, “Do you feel any change in me?” 

Norman shook his head.

An Jin guessed that only the mermaids could feel his water power.

Come to think of it, if Norman could feel the change, he would have noticed his abnormality long ago. He called for Jenny, the butler.

Jenny came into the room and looked at An Jin with a worried expression. “King, are you feeling well? I’ll call the doctor right away.”

An Jin hurriedly said, “No, I’m fine.”

Jenny’s concern was not diminished at all. “But your…energy is almost gone.”

An Jin’s eyes glowed and he explained, “It’s okay, I’m just practicing.”

After Jenny left, An Jin opened the terminal and searched for Rabe’s travel guide.

Norman sat next to him, and they discussed it together.

When he saw the caller ID, An Jin was a little surprised. “It’s the housekeeper.”

Norman was also a little surprised, he had already set the teenager as the housekeeper master, but usually when something happened, the housekeeper would still notify him first.

An Jin picked up and set the external mode, and the robot’s metallic voice came through. “Empress…”

An Jin coughed lightly. “You should still call me An An.”

The robot paused for half a second. “The wedding date between you and His Majesty has been spread throughout the Star Alliance, and you are the empress-to-be. According to the final comprehensive judgment, His Majesty would prefer to hear me address you as empress, as a family butler, for the sake of family harmony, this is the optimal title.”

An Jin couldn’t help but look at Norman and ask in a small voice, “Is it true?”

Norman said seriously, “No,” and after a pause, he added, “It’s not a bad name, don’t you like it?”

An Jin shook his head. “I’m just a little uncomfortable.” He stopped dwelling on the name and asked the housekeeper curiously, “What did you want to see me about?”

“The watermelon in your backyard is ripe, what should I do with it?”

An Jin froze for a moment, and then became happy that it was ripe! He asked, “Is only the watermelon ripe? What about the cantaloupe?”

The housekeeper said, “It was tested, and the growth is not good.”

An Jin thought about it and guessed it was due to the environment, so he wasn’t discouraged. “Turn on the video and let me see them.”

In a short time, An Jin saw the melons he had planted. The original seedlings had grown, green vines covered the ground, and the leaves revealed large, round watermelons that were lush and green, growing happily. These melons were grown by An Jin from the seeds of the melons, and his heart was filled with a sense of joy at the harvest as he looked at the watermelons.

An Jin thought, “Take the tester and see if they have impurities.”

The robot took out the alpha substance meter and quickly concluded, “No impurities.”

An Jin was relieved that before he left for Rabe, he was worried about the contamination of the melons in his absence and purified all the plants in the back garden as well as the soil. So it looks like what he did worked!

Norman’s eyes fell on the soil. “You purified the soil?”

An Jin nodded and explained, “Purified it with my water ability.”

He looked at the melons and thought about what to do with them. After thinking for a moment, he discussed it with Norman. “What if we keep one and send the rest to the Institute of Botany? We have to grow the seeds of these melons to see if they are also free of impurities.”

Norman’s eyes fell on the watermelons, thinking that these were grown by the teenager himself and wanted to keep them all, but reason told him that it would be more beneficial to give them to the Institute of Botany. He said, “Keep two.” 

An Jin immediately agreed, and suggested, “How about giving a few watermelons to the escort so they can give them to the Institute?”

The vast majority of the palace escort followed Norman to the planet Rabe, and compared to those who listened to mermaid singing everywhere in Rabe, those who stayed behind had a miserable time.

Norman knew that the teenager was good to the escort because of him and kissed the teenager on the side of his face. “Okay.”

The director of the Botanical Institute, Collet, was still a bit baffled when he took two assistants to the palace. His Majesty actually asked him to go to the palace to pick watermelons! I don’t know when His Majesty planted them. He silently sighed that His Majesty really had specialized in spiritual power, actually growing melons himself, and managed to grow melons without impurities!

The guard who greeted him had bright eyes and was a bit impatient. “Dean, this way please.”

When he saw the watermelon planted in the soil, he was dumbfounded, and then his eyes burst out with a bright glow.

The two assistants behind him reacted exactly the same way as he did, even more excitedly. “Is it really free of impurities?”

The president collected his mind, took out the measuring instrument and quickly measured, not leaving a single melon behind, and also measured the saplings mixed in the melon. Looking at the test results, he excitedly said the conclusion, “The soil grows no impurities melon!”

“Dean, these trees and flowers are free of impurities.”

“There are none in the soil either.”

The two researchers went around with their measuring instruments and were surprised to find that the back garden seemed like a clean slate, completely uncontaminated by impurities.

“It must have something to do with An…the empress, pick the melons first and keep two of them carefully preserved for when His Majesty and the empress return to Siao,” Dean commanded.

The guards hurriedly said, “Don’t forget there are five more for us.”

The dean finally understood why they were so excited, and he tried to negotiate, “How about I exchange the melons of the institute with you?”

“No way! This is what the empress gave us.”

“Don’t worry, you will get every single melon.” The dean knew it was hopeless to persuade him and went to pick the melons.

Soon, they finished picking all the ripe watermelons.

The dean looked at the watermelons with flowers on their heads and was full of love. “In another half month, the rest will be almost ripe.”

The guard received the five watermelons that belonged to them and were full of excitement.

Iroh arranged the guards appropriately, quickly arrived at the office, personally divided the melon, cut it open, and the red flesh of the watermelon was revealed, while there was a fresh fragrance belonging to the watermelon.

“Pure food is also too fragrant!”

“Captain, you are too wasteful! Quickly take a bowl and take it, the juice is flowing on the table.”

Iroh said, “One each, taste it, and put away the rest for those on duty.”

The dean urged, “You guys eat,” he urged Iroh again, “you let them finish eating and transfer to another shift, I want to take all the melons. Be careful not to swallow the melon seeds, wash them and give them to me.”

The escorts were particularly reluctant. “I want to bring it to my father to eat during the shift.”

“I want to give it to my sister!”

The pure, soil-grown watermelon, not to mention Siao, no one in the entire Star Alliance had ever eaten it, so they could not afford to eat it.

The dean understood their feelings, but he wanted to study the melon more strongly, and said seriously, “No, time is precious, I want to carry out research as soon as possible. Early cultivation, you can see the results sooner, you hurry, do not eat, I will take it away.”

Ten minutes later, the last guard reluctantly put down the rind of a melon that had no red flesh left, or more precisely, only a thin layer of green melon rind left. With the remaining watermelons and cleaned melons, the dean left the palace in a hurry and quickly.

The researchers were all thrilled to learn that the watermelons were grown from the ground, and everyone’s face was red and eyes glowing.

“Ah! Why is the wedding scheduled for October tenth? It is too late.”

“Yes, His Majesty is looking forward to the wedding so much that he agreed to this date. We should have the wedding right now and go back to Siao!”

“Oooooh, I’m so eager to see the empress.”


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I have a feeling the Mermaid King, now also called the empress of Siao, will be very popular when they come back from Rabe Star. I like the development between Mu Chen and Little Silver.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 10, 2022 2:01 pm

Also loving Mu Chen’s and Little Silver’s development! Loved how Mu Chen genuinely cares for little Silver! I do think Mu Chen will not be the Shou if they pair especially since little silver is still innocent and Mu Chen can fool him at times! He understands how little Silver works! The Watermelon scene was hilarious! So happy they will start eating foods without impurities! Empress huh??!

July 10, 2022 3:57 pm

I’m still hoping that Little Silver is the gong, so cute. The watermelon sounds so good but I still don’t like it.

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Little Silver and Mu Chen are so cute Thank you for the chapters!

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