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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


People other than He YunTing, especially the students of the Imperial Military University, had not yet reacted from the shock that they had been classmates with the prince for so long. It was only when they saw the gentle-smiling boy bowing his head and asking for his knight, and saw He YunTing half-kneeling and taking the sword from Lin Han, that the pop-ups, which had been paused for a moment because of the dismay, began to swipe through at a speed too dense for the naked eye to see.



“Mom, I saw something!”

“Damn, am I blind? Am I blind, or am I still awake?

“I can’t believe I’m in the same subject group as His Royal Highness! I am happy to explode!”

“Ahhhhhhhh Han Han! Han Han!!!”

“I’ll never say you guys can’t be together again!”

“No it’s not a matter of be or not be!!!”

“His Royal Highness the Prince! His Royal Highness the Prince!”

“You guys remember that vote for the intergalactic gods face prince, right?! It is said that the organizers have been waiting for the Imperial Prince to be added to the options after his coronation! I’ll open the punch poll straight away!”

“So this is a gentle prince hiding his identity and finally married to his knight!”

“I’m so happy, the prince is Han Han, I’m so happy…”

“Me too!”

“This is the picture I’ve always wanted to see in my dreams! Promise him!!!”

“My life is worth it! I was screaming like a fool in front of the screen.”

The pop-ups cascaded and soon the huge screen was completely occupied, both the viewers watching the live stream and the people who were lucky enough to be onlookers were deeply shocked by what they saw. No one blamed Lin Han for the choice, because the moment his identity was announced, after understanding that the prince was such a teenager, everyone felt that if it was him, anything would be possible.

It was better to live as a flower in a greenhouse that was protected in every way than to bloom well under the sun.

Because he was a unique flower in the world.

But at this moment the two couldn’t hear and didn’t have time to care about this.

Although still a little nervous, Lin Han seemed quite calm.

With his sword in his hand, he waited for the white doves to all take wing and fly up into the sky, for the choir to finish singing the last beautiful hymn, for the surroundings to quiet down, and for He YunTing to look up again. He originally worried that the other would be unhappy because of his concealment, but after seeing his expression, he dismissed the idea.

Even if he wasn’t good with words, he didn’t seem to have to worry too much.

He YunTing would never refuse him, just as his requests with a bit of nonsense were always met. He repeated the sentence slowly, but with a tone different from the one he used to perform the ritual earlier, and replaced it with a softness that was imperceptible and capricious with a touch of pampering.


A moment later, the weight in his hand lightened. The man in front of him took the sword with both hands in the most reverent gesture, lifting it above his head without taking his eyes off Lin Han for a moment.

The ever-silent major stared at him.

He stood up with his sword in his hand and began to speak, word for word, his oath.

At the end of all the vows, the major’s voice became more and more gentle, and after saying the phrase “vow to love until death”, he whispered in a voice that only Lin Han could hear, “Your Highness. I’m honored.”

After the identity of the prince was made public, many things seemed to have changed, but it seemed that they had not. His classmates wouldn’t think otherwise of him because of this status, and at most they would just make a joke or two in good faith, and Lin Han would just smile and not care.

The people of the Empire were proud to have such a prince, and were even happier that he had chosen the best soldier to be his knight. But Lin Han himself had some doubts in recent days.

He YunTing had new training at the end of that day, and Lin Han naturally didn’t deliberately ask him to stay. He did what he said he would do, and began to find his fellow group members, then contacted his teacher, and instantly began his research on the new mecha.

He originally thought about telling his knight that he had a secret he didn’t know, but several times the words came to his lips and he swallowed them.

The other side had a new identity to appear beside him, and he unexpectedly had more than a little timidity after he had clarified his mind.

Lin Han understood that he was definitely different from He YunTing, whether it was the summertime soda, the hand that was handed to him, or those unconfident inner thoughts under the cold exterior that were telling him all this. He considered whether to simply ask the other man and then reach out to listen to his heart a split second before he opened his mouth.

It gave him a cheating-like feeling.

The talented young man who never changed his face in the face of difficult questions finally showed a confused look. It just so happened that He YunTing couldn’t come over these days, and Lin Han pushed open the door to his mother’s room on the weekend.

The Emperor was ready to give himself a vacation, recently it happened to be the least eventful day of the year, after all, his son had hidden for so many years finally openly, not to mention the change of surname in advance, although the big and small things weren’t handled by him, Wen Zhao inexplicably also has a kind of illusion of finally being liberated. He shouted that he was tired and exhausted, while he began to secretly plan where to sneak off to have some fun.

When Lin Han walked in, he saw the Emperor leaning back on the sofa, contrary to his image, his fingers lazily pointing on the light screen.

“This star doesn’t work,” the finger slid to a certain place, Wen Zhao frowned in disgust, “It looks boring, not this one.”

The woman next to him looked at him “Why are you so cheap? I heard they have a beautiful star river waterfall over there.”

“I heard someone say that the son of their prime minister said I haven’t announced the prince, because he was born an ugly monster and we were too embarrassed to show him.”

The noble queen put down her comb “Then let’s not go. It’s not the only place that looks good, change it and you can see it again.”

“What about Sal Star?” Wen Zhaoge asked as he slid to a new interface.

Without waiting for an answer, he added, “Forget this one too, two days ago that network voting said the vote for the prince of the countries of the face of the gods, Sal Star, actually many people voted for the Federation, because the relationship between them and the Federation is more intimate. Voting to see this? Not fair.”

“Blacklisted, and not going,” the woman came over and glanced at the other side of the light screen, “and then this will tell you those sub-stars to pull some votes, Han Han can’t drop from first.”

Wen Zhaoge heard this fervently nodded. Lin Han looked at the two people with a serious grudge against these small things with mixed feelings.

When the woman saw him come in, she stood up from the sofa and walked towards the baking room, “Han Han is back.”

“I suddenly remembered that I still have some things to finish, I went back to take a look, you choose first,” As soon as Wen Zhaoge saw she went over there, he automatically recalled the fear dominated by her dessert, and he was alarmed, pulling his legs and running. Before leaving he also incidentally gripped a handful of Lin Han’s soft hair, “Son, don’t be afraid ah, that vote I will not let you fall.”

When the other side came out, the noble and unbeatable Emperor’s majesty had fallen away. She looked at the brown macarons in her hand that had clearly improved in appearance, winked and smiled, and put the plate aside “It’s just to scare him. It’s not that hard to eat.”

It’s not that bad, it’s that the ratio never seems to be right. Lin Han whispered in his heart in defense of his father. He knew that Wen Zhao was just a token disappearance and would be back later. He also knew that his mother wasn’t angry at all and was just teasing him.

The other really didn’t let him eat the dessert he made, smiling and opening the light screen that Wen Zhao had just browsed halfway, continuing to look at it.

“Is it true that Han Han isn’t coming with us?” After ten minutes, his mother probably screened out a few places and asked him. She knew that Lin Han had recently been in the research group in addition to school, sometimes not always able to return on weekends, from drawings to materials and parts, everything was carefully checked and no detail was spared.

He shook his head, “No, I’m not going. I have an appointment with my teacher.”

Wen Zhao intended to use his own private mecha to take his wife on a secret vacation for a week, and Lin Han naturally knew better and decided not to bother them, so he might as well stay here.

“Okay.” His mother didn’t insist any further, “Just don’t tire yourself out too much.”

“Mom.” Lin Han hesitated for a moment and said hesitantly, “I…”

He didn’t seem to know how to speak, he wanted to ask her how she got together with his father back then, whether using mind reading was considered cheating, whether it would be tortuous to establish the relationship, or whether it would be easy and natural. But he also felt that He YunTing’s character and Wen Zhao are completely two extremes, so asking out this answer may not be suitable for him.

Lin Han frowned, he couldn’t find anyone else to talk about this matter, and finally simply gave himself up and shoved his hand into the woman’s hand, so she could listen to it herself.

“It’s normal to fall for your own knight, right?” He murmured.

【But I don’t know what to do.】

Lin Han felt the warmth of the woman’s palm, which gradually quieted down. Not long after, he felt a hand patting him very gently.

“Your father was a coward then, too,” the woman said with bent eyes, “and I waited for him for three months until he deliberately lost to me. Of course, I know the two of you aren’t the same, but Han Han doesn’t need to be afraid. Don’t you want to know if your knight likes you too? Besides,” she winked wryly and smiled, “I cheated too, so it doesn’t count for anything.”

Lin Han froze and looked up at her.

“Mind reading isn’t something we begged for ourselves, and Han Han doesn’t always want to listen to each other’s minds, right?”

Although it sounded like that, but… 

“So we didn’t cheat.” Lin Han heard a voice in his ear, and he knew his mom was reassuring him, and he also knew she was using another logic to get him off his back.

“Go ahead and ask whatever you want, and if you really don’t want to hear your heart, it’s okay to wear gloves. Just don’t have any regrets.”

The last sentence was heard by his father and he guessed it, and he spoke carelessly “It’s okay, Han Han is already an adult, if he really likes him then…” Unfortunately, before he could finish his sentence, he was gagged by a macaroon with an excessive sugar distribution ratio, and was unable to say anything else.

The queen smiled as she watched him swallow what she had made with a stiff expression, wiped her fingers and said, “Let the prince make his own decision, you dim-witted ruler.”

The next day, the two of them drove a mecha, after declaring their routine recuperation, and quietly went to a certain asteroid.

He didn’t know if it was a coincidence, but even though the Emperor himself swore to God that he had absolutely no opinion on the base’s training, the training that had been going on day and night was temporarily slowed down for a few days, saying that it was to prepare for the next practical training and give the soldiers room to recuperate.

So Lin Han finally met his knight again in the evening of this day.

It hadn’t been more than a few days since his coronation, but Lin Han still felt that He YunTing looked subtly different.

He seemed to be more mature, and even the lines of his body were a bit more severe than in the past. He was already cold in nature, and now with this identity, from the time he stood at the entrance of the building, although there were countless eyes on him, no one dared to approach.

Lin Han was glad that he had the ability to read minds every time this happened.

Everyone else thought he was cold and heartless, but only he knew his secret.

Only I know you are not like that.

Thinking about this, his mood gradually brightened and he began to understand what his mother said. If he really didn’t want to know the answer, he would definitely put his gloves on, instead of being happy at the first sight of the other person, as he was now.

“Will you take me back?” Lin Han asked him as the two walked to the mooring point of the flying machine and stopped.

He YunTing gave a, “Mn”.

He opened the door of the craft for Lin Han and made sure he was seated before taking two steps to the pilot’s seat and starting the engine of the craft, with the destination set at the palace where the last ceremony was held.

When the aircraft rose smoothly, the two stopped talking. He YunTing was silent as always, while Lin Han was thinking about something else. He thought that his mother was right, mind reading wasn’t considered cheating. It was just a shortcut to confirm thoughts.

He was still thinking about how to open his mouth, whether to take advantage of the quiet atmosphere now and ask “will you like me” or just say “I like you, do you want to consider me”. As a result, Lin Han hadn’t thought about it yet, but suddenly a feeling came up in his body that he had never felt before.

His fingertips began to soften, and a little caramel sweetness escaped from his glands, and he realized that he should be in heat. Lin Han naturally didn’t dare to be lax, he had a suppressant with him, side by side with the nutrients, and checked it every day, just in case. His face began to redden, all those thoughts were disrupted for a while, and for the first time he didn’t know what to do.

And in the silence, the major, who had been silent all the way, suddenly opened his mouth.

“I…” He YunTing’s expression didn’t change much, but Lin Han just knew that he must have been building up in his mind for a long time with this current look. As if he hadn’t noticed Lin Han’s difference, he hung his head slightly and said, “I voted for you.”

“Huh?” Lin Han was confused for a second before he realized what the other was talking about.

…It was the Star Prince divine face vote that he didn’t even know started.

“You’re still first place,” He YunTing said seriously.

A second later, Lin Han saw his nose twitching, as if he had finally smelled something unusual. Probably in heat, he suddenly had a little desire to tease him.

Being close to an Alpha in this situation would make him feel comfortable instinctively, Lin Han moved over a little and touched He YunTing’s arm with his finger. “So if I get pushed out of first place by the Federation, will you campaign for me?”

He YunTing’s voice stiffened, but the words came out without hesitation, “Yes.”

He heard the voice of the other’s mind.

【An ID can only cast one vote a day, I only have one communicator now, it’s too little.】

【I’ll ask Lu AnHe and the others to vote together.】

【Would it be an abuse of power to tell the sergeants to vote?】

Lin Han just listened as He YunTing began to seriously and critically analyze the issue.

【I don’t think so.】

【Voting for the prince is an obligation, not my encouragement.】

【Then we’ll talk about it tomorrow.】

【So fragrant.】

【This is… What?】

【Is it the smell of his body?】

Lin Han listened in silence to the words in the other person’s mind and suddenly felt that all his previous tangents were unnecessary. He decided to skip the part of asking whether he liked him or not. That would be too much of a waste of time.

Lin Han’s heart was beating hard, but he still had the guts to speak up.

“He YunTing,” he said, “can you smell something different and still don’t know what it means? Bite me, give me a hug or… kiss me. Which do you choose?”


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