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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


[Hello, dear hatchling parents,

This message is from Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base. #officially stamped#

We have been alerted by the Garden Road Police Department that you have six unregistered hatchling eggs in your home. It is not conducive to social harmony to leave your hatchlings out in the open, and you are unable to take part in social activities such as medical examinations and schooling without a registered hatchling number.

Therefore, the base invites you to bring your eggs to our office before 18:00 on August 14 for health checkup and hatchling registration.

August 7th, 09:26]

Jing Man wondered why the Garden Road Police Department did not contact the surrounding egg breeding base. Instead, they sent a message to the Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base, which was two days away.

But it was a great thing to be able to give the babies a household registration! His children wouldn’t have to be undocumented! Thinking about his previous experience of not having a household registration and the difficulty of buying children’s supplies, Jing Man finally felt a sense of relief.

He immediately made a reservation with Mu CangZhou for the earliest trip to Tianhu District tomorrow.

Not knowing how long the trip would take, the two fully packed two suitcases of things at home in an excited mood.

Eyes fell on the dragon child and the treant that had broken out of their shells, and Jing Man smiled. These two babies stuck to their fathers, and when the time came, each person could hold one.

However, the remaining four eggs were not so easy to carry.

Everything was unknown until their shells were broken.

Afraid of knocking them over, afraid of the long journey, afraid of the rough and tumble, afraid of affecting the development of the children inside…

Jing Man could not feel rest assured, and he scrunched his eyebrows as he scrolled through the mall. Everything comes to those who wait, he finally found a superb suspension stroller!

It was a gentle milky white color, with a sun protection cover and was painted with a dark, beautiful snowflake pattern, but it was also made with the thirty-first century’s most secure and stable material.

The thing that caught Jing Man’s eye was that it could transform!

At its smallest, it could shrink to the size of a cat bag, and at its largest, it could be pulled open into the size of a double bed!

Its original use was for children with large second forms, who transformed into humans after one year. It was often used by children that could not stabilize between the two forms, and would often suddenly become big or small.

However, Jing Man thought it would be great to use it for the remaining four eggs that hadn’t yet broken their shells. When it came time to settle the bill, he realized that this item could not be settled with money, it cost 5,000 popularity points and was an exclusive item from June Snow Entertainment.

And Jing Man…

He initially became a baby-raising anchor just to be able to purchase things, and this purpose was reached directly after signing the contract.

Jing Man usually neither lacked money, nor expected to become a net star. There was no interest in being a big anchor.

The account only live streamed once since the dragon child had learned to speak.

After that, he became busy and left the matter completely behind…

At this time, he sheepishly glanced at the balance, and discovered that besides the miscellaneous things he bought these days without looking at the price, there were actually 43,841 points of popularity value left!

Much more than he thought!

Jing Man opened the details to check, Mu CangZhou’s offline gifting with the two snow mountains and ice king gave 9,776 points of popularity value. The ice king was 6,000 points, and the snow mountain was 1888 points. The rest were contributed by those who came from the police video or Mu CangZhou.

After reading his announcement of ignoring money and only asking for small snowflakes, they gave away a lot of free small snowflakes to the screen recording.

He counted, plus his previous purchase deducted, the cumulative popularity value for this live stream directly broke 60,000!

And his fans also unknowingly broke eighty thousand, the Sky Blue Star had too many idle people with nothing to do except eat melon seeds…

They ate the scented melons without a trace, and ate very well, which Jing Man did not expect at all. Jing Man found that even now, the livestream room where he played the recording had a row of accounts hanging in it.

From time to time, they sent him a free little snowflake.

Their IDs were very genuine: [Baby’s Breath Livestreaming Today?] [One Person Writes in Blood Begging to Open Livestream] [I’m Such A Big Dragon!] [Jade Rabbit Staying Online for Babies] [If No Live Stream I Will Die] [No Hope for Live Stream Tell Your Father] …

Looking at everyone’s love for Xiao Jin overflowing out of the screen, Jing Man’s heart was warm as if he had just finished drinking a cup of milk tea with excessive sweetness.

New parents all had this in common – as long as you like my child, then I like you.

A great sense of satisfaction rippled in his heart and slowly fizzled out.

Jing Man thought to himself, This matter of being a baby-raising anchor seems to be a lot warmer than he originally thought.

Not only could he directly close the distance between him and netizens from all over, but he could also connect with each other through the silk strands. And since his babies were so cute, it was not impossible to let others express a little affection.

If he did not have to take the children to Tianhu District, and rest early tonight, his string of sanity would be tightly pulled. Jing Man wanted to open the live stream to show the children!

They had only seen the soft and sticky Xiao Jin, but not the flowering ZhiZhi yet!


The next day, the delivery arrived very early.

After checking that there was nothing wrong with the stroller, Jing Man was full of joy as he set the size and carefully put in the remaining four babies that would hatch at some point. Before he officially left, he remembered Big Bear and called his father.

“Dad, I’m going out for a trip, can you watch Big Bear for me?”

“Tianhu District, I don’t know how many days I’ll be there.”

“Not alone, with a friend.”

“To… to travel, a new art gallery recently opened there.”

“Okay, I’ll contact you when I get back.”

The attitude on the other end of the phone was not the same as before. Before he went out to do what his parents never asked, today seemed to have a trace of strange temperature. Jing Man’s head was a bit confused after the phone call.

However, the most important thing was to give his children numbers, he did not look deeper.

With a family of eight people, they needed to leave as soon as possible to go on their journey.

Mu CangZhou booked a family leap cabin, which could accommodate 6-10 people, and the place was very spacious. After entering the oval cabin, they settled the children and lay down in the partitioned room.

A strange fragrance came from the room and everyone gradually fell asleep, chasing the dark sweet smell in their dreams.

By the time they were woken up by the staff, it was already the afternoon of the tenth.

Tianhu District was much livelier than QingYuan District, and the egg breeding base business was hot. He could see parents with their children everywhere. Jing Man saw three cat sub-races, five little mermaids, as well as dragon whelps and little treants along the way.

After two and a half days of sleep, all of them were in good spirits.

It had been a long time since he had rested so well, Jing Man just felt comfortable, peach blossom eyes hooked up to smile.

Mu CangZhou had a dream that left him… very satisfied.

Even Xiao Jin and ZhiZhi were very happy. They gave their fathers face and also made a sound of laughter.

The two children’s life experience was not much, and did not realize that they slept through two administrative districts. The surrounding architectural style and street greenery were different from the previous.

Since taking the children around was not very realistic, the two came to the leap technology lounge, with a little plan.

Mu CangZhou took the initiative to take up the responsibility of being the ground mate and asked, “ManMan, the egg breeding base is in the suburbs, should we stay in the city or find a place there?”

Jing Man was indecisive and blinked, “Brother Mu, what do you think?”

Mu CangZhou feigned contemplation, “Let’s go straight to the egg breeding base and see if we can get there. It’s quite troublesome to make a household registration, I’ve seen it before, there are three or four days to do it, and there are those who have dragged it out for years.”

In fact, this trip was set by him together with Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan analyzed from the conversation he provided that Jing Man thought ZhiZhi had a better relationship with him and that’s why he accepted him to live in Jing’s house.

If Jing Man found out that ZhiZhi was unable to leave his two dads, then his attitude might have to change.

So, Tian Yuan proposed that they take a trip together.

Tian Yuan said there was a study that showed that in unfamiliar places, people who traveled together would spontaneously form small teams and stay together.

So, Mu CangZhou told him to send that official message.

How long the egglets’ registration would take depended entirely on whether Tian Yuan could crack the invisible blood tie brought from the transmigration world on ZhiZhi.

If they could erase this bond that tied the father and son together, then they would be able to go home immediately. If not, they can stay here long enough for a month and wait for it to lift itself!

Hearing Mu CangZhou speak so seriously, Jing Man’s heart also became a little more nervous. He scowled and mumbled, “Better hurry up. My parents will be suspicious if it takes too long. The only thing they’ve asked me to do is to try to deliver the next generation naturally, and I don’t want to expose these six eggs…”

Mu CangZhou chuckled lightly, “I’ll call a car and we’ll go to the egg breeding base first.”

He opened his personal terminal and started to scroll down.

As time passed, Mu CangZhou found nothing. His gaze sank slightly, “I forgot that the egg breeding boom hasn’t passed yet, so it’s pretty hard to find an empty car.” He raised his eyes and asked, “ManMan, is carpooling acceptable?”

The people who go to breed eggs should not be bad at heart, so carpooling, and leaving this transit point in a hurry was the right thing to do.

Jing Man nodded vigorously, his hair curling up mischievously with his movements.

In a few moments, Mu CangZhou’s terminal alert for the car came.

Jing Man picked up a milk-smelling dragon child with one hand, with ZhiZhi in his pocket, and lifted his suitcase to go out.

Mu CangZhou put his suitcase under the stroller.

The stroller was not easy to levitate through with people coming and going, relying entirely on human power to push.

It was clearly said that they were carpooling, but they arrived at the place and found that the car was now empty.

“Sir, sit a little further in, there will be a family later.” After sitting down, the minibus driver of the carpool said with a friendly reminder.

Only then did Jing Man come to his senses. It was still carpooling, they were just the first ones to get on the bus.

The vehicle moved steadily.

In a few moments, it fell into the current of vehicles, becoming an insignificant bit of starlight in the bright galaxy. Not long after, the driver stopped by the side of the road.

Jing Man knew that this was waiting for another family.

“Xiao Ze, the car has arrived. Don’t scratch the stroller with your claws, I find you are like a cat sometimes, not at all like a dragon whelp!”

He vaguely heard the words and recognized the familiar, clear, youthful tone. Jing Man’s mind was imprinted with such an image –

The fair young man with small freckles on his face, with a small dragon child with white scales, waited expectantly for the car to come. The little white dragon may be bored, with sharp claws scratching anything around he could touch.

Then… Dad caught him in the act.

He couldn’t hold back his laughter, “The carpool turned out to be Xiao Feng.”


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