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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Feng Huo’s family arrived at Tianhu District because it was time for his little Ze to have a health checkup. The nightingale’s nerves were tense for some time, due to traveling away from home, but now that he saw the carpool and met someone he knew, a smile finally bloomed on his face.

Sitting down in the car, Feng Huo introduced Bai ChengYue, “Brother, this is the friend I told you I met at Rose’s that day, Jing Man.” Turning his head to Jing Man, “Jing, this is my lover, Bai ChengYue. We’re here today to give Xiao Ze a health checkup.”

Jing Man smiled and nodded. Bai ChengYue’s race was a western dragon, very tall, well-dressed, and standing there would just make people stressed. As a courtesy, he also introduced, “This is Mu CangZhou. We are here to give the children a replacement egg serial number, the previous one was lost.”

The relationship between the two people was a bit complicated, he was afraid that he could not explain it for a while, so he did not elaborate.

At that, Feng Huo showed a surprised look and blurted out, “Mu CangZhou, the same name as Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base Chief Mu?”

Bai ChengYue raised his hand and smoothed it over Feng Huo’s head, with a warmth in his eyes, “It should just be the same name, the net rumor is that Chief Mu is at least 60 years old, don’t talk nonsense.”

Then he cast an apologetic glance at Mu CangZhou.

Although Feng Huo’s words named the real body, Mu CangZhou was not the least bit panicked. He waved his hand and said, “Hahahaha, this happens all the time. My name is pronounced the same as Chief Mu’s, but the words are different, I’m just a small midwife.”

This was true, he used to be called Mu CangZhou,1 no water character, and then changed the word.

However, the media from all walks of life were not well-informed, and always used his previous name, or just wrote Chief Mu. Except for some of the core staff of the egg breeding base, almost no one could equate him with Chief Mu.

“That’s right.” Feng Huo understood. He leaned on Bai ChengYue’s shoulder and stroked Xiao Ze in his arms, his tone carrying a hint of sentimentality, “I really have to thank Chief Mu for curing the placenta bacteria. I’ve been married to my brother for three years, and my first baby was taken away by this disease just after birth, and I never dared to have a child after that. When we saw that the disease was curable, we regained our confidence and applied for a place at Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base with the idea of giving it a try. Xiao Ze unfortunately also got this disease after he broke his shell, but luckily they cured it…”

At the end of his speech, Feng Huo’s voice became a little choked.

After he said so, Jing Man remembered, about May and June, it seemed that the whole internet was full of news of Chief Mu’s cure for the placenta bacteria, singing praises all over the place. However, he was busy with his final year, so he was just touched by the news and didn’t pay much attention to the follow-up. He lamented, “Chief Mu is amazing, he must be a very kind and solemn person, thanks to him. Thankfully, Xiao Ze is okay.”

Mu CangZhou was proud and bashful to hear them frantically citing him here. As the head of the egg breeding base, it was his job to do so. When he first spent several years researching this project, he only thought of saving the poor babies. He had no idea it would have such a wide and deep impact.

Xiao Jin was not at all afraid when he saw a stranger, his eyes cooing and staring at Xiao Ze. He remembered the smell of this little white dragon, but the little white dragon didn’t seem to remember him.

“Daddy, dragon child.” Suddenly, he burst out from under Jing Man’s clothes and raised his claws to point at Xiao Ze in Bai Cheng Yue’s arms.

“Huh? Xiao Jin has grown so big.” Feng Huo said in surprise. 

Jing Man laughed, stroked his little paw and said patiently, “Xiao Jin, that’s Brother Xiao Ze, he’s really a dragon child like you.”

Feng Huo was surprised as if he had seen a ghost, saying, “Your child can talk so early?”

Not knowing why, Jing Man shrank his neck, “He could speak a few words after chewing on the eggshell, I bought him a language pack and he learned it by himself.”

So, that’s how it was. Feng Huo was envious, “Xiao Jin is so good, Bai LeZe doesn’t even pay attention to the language pack. We have to teach him slowly, and he doesn’t even like to open his mouth to talk. It’s been almost a month now, and he’s still like this.”

Hearing him say that, Mu CangZhou’s heart felt a little strange.

Although the little white dragon looked very healthy, according to him, he was just born with placenta bacteria, and later, including the current performance of inattention… He was afraid there was some hidden genetic issue.

Mu CangZhou originally did not have the intention to ask but did, “Xiao Ze is so old, when did he come to the base?”

Feng Huo remembered very clearly, “The application was approved on July 2 and the breeding started on July 6. On the 15th of July, he broke through his shell, very soon.”

Mu CangZhou nodded, “That’s about half a month older than my child.”

He wrote down the information and waited for a while.

Seeing that everyone was talking about other topics, he took out his personal terminal and quietly sent a message to Tian Yuan–

[Tian Yuan, mark the western dragon (white scale) who submitted the egg breeding application on July 2nd, started breeding eggs on the 6th, had the egg child born on the 15th, got the placenta bacteria, and upgrade the medical examination done on him to the highest level.]


When the driver pulled up, Jing Man found that the suburbs were actually busier than the city. People were coming and going, and the sounds of children could be heard everywhere.

Seeing his confusion, Mu CangZhou, a native of Tianhu District, explained, “Tianhu District has the top-ranked egg breeding base in Sky Blue Star, and these people should all be here to breed the next generation.”

The two families started looking for a place to stay.

Feng Huo asked, “We’ve booked the Five Seasons Hotel we stayed at last time we were here, do you want to join us?”

Jing Man and Mu CangZhou looked at each other and nodded their heads.

Halfway to the hotel, Bai ChengYue suddenly asked, “Why don’t you put Xiao Jin in the stroller?”

Jing Man then remembered a blind spot, the fact that the two of them had brought the six children would shock others. So, Mu CangZhou turned the stroller into a mode where the contents were invisible from the outside.

Feng Huo and Bai ChengYue didn’t even notice the four remaining egglets along the way.

And, they possibly didn’t even find the quietly hidden ZhiZhi.

If Feng Huo came to watch his live stream later, he would definitely find that he had six hatchlings, and sooner or later they would all be shown.

However, now the road was full of people. Jing Man did not want to frighten Xiao Feng, causing him to scream loudly and make a scene. So, he stroked the little dragon child twice and said lightly, “He’s not heavy, so it’s easy to carry.”

When they arrived at the place, Feng Huo followed the AI and checked in.

Jing Man’s family was left to choose their room at the front desk.

The AI introduced, “Welcome to Five Seasons Hotel, the front desk robot #1001 is happy to serve you. We have a couple’s suite, a suite with a view… and a specialized nursery suite for parents. May I ask what the guests need?”

Jing Man, “What’s so special about the nursery suite?”

The AI, “Equipped with a small environment that each race’s children need to improve their physical quality, such as a jeweled nest for dragon whelps, a warm nest for beast kits, a pool for aquatics, and a sun room for treants.”

Jing Man touched his nose, it sounded interesting, the more he walked into the world the more he realized how boring it was to be an ordinary person. He raised his eyes to the man next to him and asked, “Brother Mu, I’ll take Xiao Jin to the dragon child suite, and you take ZhiZhi to the treant child suite, is that okay?”

Mu CangZhou just finished flipping through the paper version of the ad insert and said firmly, “No.”

Jing Man, “Huh?”

Mu CangZhou pointed to the inserts, “The two suites are so far apart, one on the first floor and one on the twenty-third floor, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

The main thing was that they couldn’t be so far away, ZhiZhi’s blood ties must not suffer.

“Oh right, there is a sudden situation we can’t see immediately.” Jing Man did not doubt him. He said with embarrassment, “Can only pick one then, choose which room is better…”

The two children were both young and needed a small environment to support them. The father had to be fair, not to favor one over the other.

Xiao Jin heard his father’s dilemma, and little paws scratched the palm of his hand, “Dad, live in a place good for ZhiZhi, my little sibling is too weak.”

Awww, his first son was so good and sweet, he was very good to his sibling after the last lesson! Jing Man’s heart warmed for a moment.

Then, the AI warmly reminded, “Another small environment can be added, may I ask the guests what race?”

Oh, that’s fine. Jing Man coughed gently to cover up his embarrassment, “Western Dragon and Peach Treant.”

Following the AI to the nursery suite, they just entered the door and found nothing special, but there were two doors labeled [Microclimate].

They first found an empty space to pull the stroller where the four egglets were. Mu CangZhou checked the condition of the eggs with an instrument and was relieved to find that the babies were all fine.

Pushing open the first door labeled [Microclimate], there was warm, bright sunlight, and Jing Man suddenly lit up –

Three walls of this room were glass, daylight shone through the glass, warmly shining in. The floor was full of soft soil, and he could smell the faint smell of grass and wood. A pool of water was formed into a stream, dripping, and trickling water as it gurgled out. The room was slightly cool and moist.

Seeing the picture, which was very much in keeping with the growth of the little treant, ZhiZhi came straight to their senses. They poked out their long flowering branch and pointed to the ground, looking to their two fathers with a look of intense anticipation and pleading. Still not speaking, their eyes watery with silent expectation.

Jing Man smiled, and put the second child down, “Mn, ZhiZhi will live in this room.”

The little treant held on to their dad’s sleeve and slid to the floor like a slide. They smiled and bowed their waist and began to feel the ground with their hands, using the ‘roots’ to absorb the inorganic nutrients blended in the soil.

Watching them squat on the ground, playing with the mud, Mu CangZhou watched with amusement. He reminded, “ZhiZhi, take off your shoes and socks.”

Treants not only have “roots” in their hands, but also in the soles of their feet. But, usually eating with their feet was very undignified, so by default, they would touch with their hands.

However, in this kind of water and fertilized place, they could be barefoot, recklessly spreading their ‘roots’.

After admiring their second baby playing with mud for a while, Jing Man took a lot of footage. He felt that whether it was an illusion or not, after enjoying the suitable environment, the peach blossom branch that fell beside his second baby also flourished a little. He remembered something important and hurried to take out the little light green eggshell that ZhiZhi hadn’t finished absorbing.

The little treant absorbed the eggshell at a speed similar to Xiao Jin. They could have gotten rid of them all in three days, but there was a delay during the leap.

Jing Man looked to Mu CangZhou, “Brother Mu, you keep an eye on ZhiZhi, I’ll take Xiao Jin to the other room.”

Pushing open the second door, Jing Man’s eyes were blinded again –

Not the sunlight pouring in through the blinds, but by the precious stones and metals built into the aesthetic nest. This room being called a lair was really not wrong. It gave a bejeweled, primitive mining cave feel. The walls, floor, ceiling, everywhere was inlaid with large gems of various colors, but also scattered on the floor.

One wall even put these gems of gold and silver together into a bed enough for the western dragon hatchling to lie down and sleep on, and it looked very charming.

Doesn’t money in the personal terminal smell good? Why turn it into embodied gold and silver jewels and angrily brush their existence? Do western dragons like these physical objects?

Jing Man swallowed his saliva and remembered that a netizen in the live stream room said he wanted to buy a jeweled lair for Xiao Jin. He thought it was some kind of adjective at the time, but he didn’t think there was really such a thing.

When he looked down at Xiao Jin, the little dragon’s eyes had gone straight and drool was dripping from the corners of his mouth. Plus, he had a happy expression on his face, just like a big cat that had inhaled catnip.

Jing Man could not help but seriously question the aesthetics of the dragon race and asked helplessly, “Xiao Jin, do you like this room?”

Xiao Jin woke up like a dream and replied super loudly, “Yes, yes, yes, yes! Daddy, can I go play?!”

Since it was his son’s request, the old father could not stop him. Jing Man replied with difficulty, “Go ahead, baby.”

Mu CangZhou came over and saw that his expression was not right. He smiled and asked, “What’s wrong, ManMan?”

“Are all dragons like this?” Jing Man pointed to Xiao Jin who was climbing on the bed of gems with his little buttocks, rolling around and burrowing with the gems spread out.

Mu CangZhou smiled and nodded, explaining, “The substances in gems and precious metals are very helpful to the production of scales in Western dragons. They lack these things in their bodies, so they are especially fond and obsessed with them.”

The initial scales of the western dragon were of one color, and the gems and metals absorbed later would give him another layer of colorful lower scales, like the gilt inside the shell.

In the daylight, he would refract a beautiful color.

It was the thirst for strength, this Jing Man could understand. Aptly, he once suspected that the race of his own big children were all misers. It was wrong.

Now realizing how Mu CangZhou came over, Jing Man asked, “Hey? Brother Mu, you are not watching ZhiZhi?”

Mu CangZhou spread his hands, “I closed all the doors and checked the windows. They won’t run out, don’t worry.”

Jing Man said nervously, “No, I’m afraid they might eat something or scratch themself and cause danger!”

Anyway, pure human children loved to eat and scratch when they were young, and they were not afraid of the sky and the earth.

Simply a minute of inattentiveness could put them in danger. There were a lot of tiny parts over there, Jing Man was afraid.

Mu CangZhou patted his shoulder and said comfortingly, “There is a housekeeper AI watching. And ZhiZhi eats without opening their mouth. Do not worry, the treant is the most worry-free race.”

He raised an eyebrow at Xiao Jin, who was burrowing around in the pile of gems, “Instead, the dragon children must be taken care of, I’ll go check the pile of gems for any that are too small and would pose a choking hazard.”

In the thirty-first century, gold and silver jewels were expendable in addition to being symbols of money. When they checked out, the AI would check over the small environment of water and fertilizer, the loss of gold and silver jewelry, and count the money separately.

Now, there was only one room left.

Since they didn’t book another room, that meant they would sleep together tonight and every night they stayed in Tianhu District afterwards…

Did he want to stay with Brother Mu… Jing Man lifted his eyelids and struggled a bit. Finally, he reassured himself that if he lived alone, he would not book a suite, and then he would be too far away to take care of them.

The idea of booking another room was withdrawn.

Mu CangZhou was relieved after checking the size of the gems and found that they were all safe. He sat on the ground, turned Xiao Jin over and pressed him on the pile of gems, shaking the fleshy little dragon child to play with him. This was said to speed up the absorption of the gems by the dragon child.

Xiao Jin was very comfortable with the shaking and smiled a lot. After a while, he shouted, “Father, look at the scales on my back! Are they beautiful?”

Mu CangZhou wanted to laugh and thought, how long has this been going on?

However, at Xiao Jin’s urging, he inspected the scales with the instrument and took a picture for Xiao Jin to see.

Xiao Jin’s golden-brown eyes opened wide and looked at it carefully for a long time, “Father, I think this, this, and this seem to have become beautiful.”

Mu CangZhou looked at where the little claws were pointing and found that, as he had said, these were the scales that had the largest contact area with the gemstones. He complimented, “It’s working, go Xiao Jin, keep up the good work.”

When Jing Man finally found time to look at his personal terminal, he saw that the number 99+ had appeared in the upper right corner of the Star Messaging app icon.

Gee, what a rarity.

He knew that he hadn’t received 99+ for years since he had blocked all kinds of groups, so with curiosity he clicked on Star Messaging.


The author has something to say: 

Anti-misunderstanding statement: Feng Huo called his husband brother (哥), but the two have no blood relationship, just a term of endearment.


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Translator Notes:

  1. In Chinese, while the two names are pronounced the same, they are written with different characters. The one MCZ currently uses is 穆沧洲  while his old one is 穆仓州. The first CangZhou means island in the blue green water while the second means barn and prefecture.


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