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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


Standing outside the door of Jing Man’s private room, Tang Xiaoyu pursed her lips. She was clutching the bag strap in her hand and kept adjusting her breathing in order to cover up that she was hundred thousand percent nervous and in a hundred thousand percent excited mood!

At this moment, she and the dragon child fell in love with were now only separated by a door! Just by gently pushing open this door, she could see them! How can she not be excited to have the beautiful thing she had been seeking in front of her!

Long Ying watched his girlfriend’s cheeks flush, the tip of the nose emerging a layer of tiny beads of sweat, and feet with a spring in their step. He only felt it was cute, and a little envious. His love for the children was not as deep as her’s, but he was still grateful to Xiao Jin’s family.

Thanks to them, Tang Xiaoyu was obsessed with this Xiao Jin dragon, otherwise she would not have accepted his pursuit. But he believed when they had their own children, in Yi’s heart, the status of an Oriental Dragon would be able to rise to the top!

The door creaked open, and this young couple in front of him must be the live fans. Jing Man smiled, said hello, while patting the medusa with his hand, “How are you guys, Xiao Shui is sleeping now.”

Tang Xiaoyu suppressed a scream that was about to burst out and tiptoed over, “I won’t bother him then, we can talk to Xiao Jin and FanFan… Hey, why isn’t ZhiZhi here?”

Jing Man, “They are with their father now.”

Tang Xiaoyu’s eyes widened, revealing a smile, “Congratulations.”

She was congratulating Jing Man on finding a partner. As the first wave of fans who knew him from the police records, she knew very well that Jing Man was alone at the beginning.

The line of sight fell on the much-grown, pale gold baby dragon and white tiger cub, with two pairs of watery child eyes looking at her with confusion. Tang Xiaoyu instantly felt a burst of affection, and her heart gradually became softer and sweeter.

She felt that the long journey and wait were worth it!

She bowed slightly, introducing herself, “My ID is called Immortal Little Jade Rabbit1, real name is Tang Xiaoyu. He is Long Ying, the same name online and offline.”

After that, she held her heart in her hands as a fan girl, “We’ve liked the children for a long, long time, From Sister Long, we know you often come here to dine, and took the liberty to come to disturb you. We are very sorry. I didn’t expect the anchor to be so handsome and elegant in real life, and the children are even cuter and prettier than on video!”

Tang Xiaoyu was a very polite, very real girl.

Jing Man nodded, “Since you’re here, play with Xiao Jin and FanFan for a while.”

Tang Xiaoyu squatted down in front of the stroller and carefully put her palms out, “Hello, I’m Sister YuYu.”

Xiao Jin raised his eyes to Daddy and saw Jing Man nodding, then slowly put his paw on her hand and clutched a finger. He called out obediently, “Hello, sister.”

The little white tiger also followed his brother’s call and ran over to sniff at Tang Xiaoyu’s hand.

Smelling the sweet scent, his paws held her hand, and he gently took a bite.

“Hahahaha, Sister’s hand doesn’t taste good, but I have strawberry milk candy in my bag…” Tang Xiaoyu followed the children to play for a while, and she almost melted. The two children behaved particularly well, not timid, not afraid of life, but also knew very much not to be intimate.

They seemed to know that she would be leaving later.

The happy time passed fast and furious.

She lingered a while longer, finished taking pictures together, and was then ready to say goodbye.

Tang Xiaoyu plucked up courage and asked Jing Man in a cautious tone, “Baby’s Breath, can I ask you why you want to cancel your contract with the platform? The fans are very curious about this matter, the pop-up screen is full but I haven’t seen you respond…” Seeing that Jing Man didn’t say anything, she panicked and hurriedly said, “Of course, if you don’t want to talk about it, just forget I asked. We’re leaving now, bye bye…”

Seeing how nervous she was, Jing Man was amused. Jing Man bluntly said, “There is nothing to hide, there are two reasons. First, I’m starting school soon, live streaming and schooling cannot be properly balanced. Second, the online environment is not very good, most people are not focused on the children…”

The words had come to this point, and Tang Xiaoyu had been enlightened. She followed indignantly, “Yes, those people are too annoying. I reported a lot of swear words, afraid that the children would follow along. I didn’t realize that Baby’s Breath is a student like me, so it seems to be better to be out of contract.”

Jing Man’s heart moved slightly, wanting to tell himself that he would later again livestream. But as soon as he thought of his plan to build a live stream platform, he did not say, nor did he give Tang Xiaoyu false hope. After thinking about it, he said, “You guys are Sister Long’s friends and family, right? Let’s ask her to forward my personal ID, and we add each other as friends. Later, you will be able to see the children from the newsfeed.”

Sending the two away, Jing Man also let out a slight sigh of relief. He walked over and put Xiao Shui, who was sleeping in his arms, into the stroller. Originally, Xiao Shui was pretending to sleep in his arms, but he really fell asleep after coaxing.

He was afraid that if he put him back into the stroller, the child would wake up unconsciously and petrify the person, so he could only keep holding him. His arms were really a bit overwhelmed and sore after maintaining such an action for a long time. He moved his joints, ready to take a break and go home.

As a result, the door creaked again. Then, came in a silver-haired boy with red eyes, as if he had just cried. Weren’t all teenage boys skinny and stubborn? They were not in tune with the depths of their emotions and usually do not cry, right?

Could it be that he ran away from home and had a breakdown? Or was caught in early love? Or failed in the exams and his heart could not bear it?

No matter which one, it was to the point of crying, it should be very important to him.

Jing Man’s conscience could not allow himself to sit idly by.

He considered it a gesture of goodwill and wanted to ask about the situation, so he could help report it to the police. Thinking of this, Jing Man looked at the silver-haired boy and asked with a tsk, “What’s wrong with you, kid?”

Brother Man’s voice, Brother Man’s face… It was no different from when he left. Even the disdainful attitude hadn’t changed at all!

Suther sniffled, unable to suppress emotions of the long-awaited reunion, and jumped over like a cannonball. He hugged Jing Man’s waist tightly and buried his head in his arms, crying incessantly.

Just now, he saw the couple enter the room, so he quietly squatted outside the door. As a result, after a while, the couple came out again. He did not expect that he actually heard Brother Man’s voice and saw Brother Man’s slender figure from afar.

The embroidery thread dragon immediately remembered that he, Brother Zhou, and himself had lived together day and night for years. He could not help but cry…

Suther gave himself a half-day psychological construction before plucking up the courage to push the door in. He didn’t expect to see Jing Man face to face, and couldn’t stop the tears.

Eight years, Brother Man and Brother Zhou left the Dragon’s Realm for eight years…

He grew from an uninitiated little bean to an independent big boy, but Brother Man’s face had not changed at all…

Thinking of this, his nose felt sour and he hiccuped.

After being hugged by the crying teenager, Jing Man froze on the spot, his head full of backwards question marks.

What happened?

He just kindly acted like he cared a little, and this child cried louder? Jing Man frowned and shushed his own children to keep them quiet. He also waved his hand, telling them not to look, lest they become emotionally dominant brain crybabies.

Intuition told him if he pushed this broken child away, he would certainly cry more. If he got too loud, others would think he was a bully. Jing Man’s heart was very conflicted, and he finally gave a slight sigh inside. Raising his hand awkwardly to the cute and naughty silver-haired child, who only reached his chest, and gently smoothed his back, “Don’t cry, big child, you’re okay.”

The child astonishingly said with a trembling voice, “Brother Man… I missed you so much… I missed you so much all these years… You lied, you never contacted me after you left…”

How do you know my name?! Why do you speak as if I’m a heartless scumbag???

Jing Man was full of questions and tore this kid off his body. His hands squeezed the other’s shoulders, and gazed at his face for a long time.

Tsk, still no impression.

Not even a hint.

He hadn’t known many cute and naughty silver-haired kids over the years.

This child’s features were very stunning. His eyes, swollen with tears, could not stop the beauty of the face, there was no reason not to remember. His long, slender fingers rubbed twice on the silver-haired child’s head. He confirmed that his hair roots were silver, not dyed hair color.


Could it be…

Jing Man remembered the image that came out of nowhere in his mind that day.

If that was in the past…

Or, maybe this child was from the future and came back to the present, then maybe it was really him. When he thought about it, Suther looked at him with a dependent face.

Upon having enough of the emotional clamor, he wiped his face and stopped crying. He squeezed out a smile and got up embarrassed. Suther turned his head to look at the children in the stroller and wondered in his heart.

He heard that Brother Man and Brother Zhou had six child eggs, but this was only three. A lovers’ quarrel? One person with three?

Jing Man didn’t know what kind of strange things were going on in this kid’s head. Jing Man tried to ask, “Kid, do you know me? What’s my full name?”

Suther remembered that when he was still foolish, Brother Man was always afraid he would forget about him and Brother Zhou, and asked this basic question every few days. He returned emotionally, “Jing Man! The Jing in ‘view’ and the Man in ‘satisfaction’!”2

Jing Man tsked, really knew his own people. He glanced at the kid’s face and said bluntly, “You know me, but I don’t seem to know you.”

Suther said, “Of course you don’t know me in human form, since I hadn’t successfully transformed into a human when you left.”

He looked up and around the room, and finally shook his head. No, the place was too small, not enough for him to transform into his original form. When he saw Xiao Jin, Suther’s eyes lit up, “Brother Man, I know you don’t know me, but you would certainly recognize my original form!” He pointed to Xiao Jin, “I am also a western dragon, of the embroidered dragon sub-race. When I was a child, my scales were bright and vivid, I was not very smooth because of malnutrition, and my scales often shattered!”

Jing Man was so confused, “Huh?”

Hey, too much time has passed, Brother Man could not remember his original form.

Suther slapped the table and asked, “Brother Man, is there any open space? I will show you!”

Jing Man was embarrassed to say that even if he showed his original form, he could not remember. He had never heard of an embroidery thread dragon… but… to be honest, he still wanted to see what a larger western dragon looked like.

And the bright, vivid, often shattering scales sounded weirdly cute. Jing Man stood up and pushed the stroller with a twinkle of interest in his eyes, “Come on, let’s go to my house.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Immortal Little Jade Rabbit (不死小玉兔) is a wordplay of Tang XiaoYu’s first name (小玉) and her race.
  2. 景满 = Jing Man; 景色(jǐngsè) = Scenery/landscape/view; 满意(mǎnyì) = to be satisfied/pleased/one’s satisfaction


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