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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


Mu CangZhou being ‘angry’ was not quite anger. He had only heartache and pity for ManMan in his heart. To be fair, Ms. Yan Xiuer was a very courageous woman. The first foot just came out of the police station, the second foot was like no one else.

The next investment project was in her mind upon resuming state of affairs and her psychological quality was formidable beyond comparison.

However, this time… Why did he not see her come back to see Jing Man at all? Not even a phone call, nor even a text message.

Mu CangZhou refused to believe that she didn’t know that Jing Man had baby eggs and born children until now. And, the project she was trying to do now would probably not work.

Between the original 3020 and 3032, Mu CangZhou had never heard of an underground egg breeding base that had made a success of mixed genetics. Twelve years to sharpen a sword, the base had a problem, and the sword simply could not be sharpened.

And once in a while, she went into the bureau without him to fish for people…

Ms. Yan was afraid of being hammered to death by someone with a heart, eating jail time.

However, the disagreement between adults made ZhiZhi think he was angry. They were still a small child, did not understand, and should not bear these.

So, Mu CangZhou bent down and picked ZhiZhi up and put them on their lap, smiling gently, “ZhiZhi, it’s okay, you don’t have to worry. It’s just a few work-related things.” Seeing that ZhiZhi was not quite convinced, he directly used the great method of changing the topic, “By the way, at the end of the month I have to go back to Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base, ZhiZhi has to go back with me, do you know?”

The child did not remember things in his heart, they were really stunned at the words. With wide eyes, they asked in a panic, “Daddy and siblings are going with us?”

Mu CangZhou shook his head, “Daddy knows I’m leaving, but he doesn’t know exactly when. I guess the odds are that they won’t be going.”


The little treant looked embarrassed and showed their uneasiness.

They were not yet a full month old, and with the help of Tian Yuan, their blood ties were tied only to their father. But so far, they could only leave their father a distance of more than ten meters. Any farther and they felt very, very uncomfortable, as if their blood was not circulating and their breathing was being choked.

But to leave Daddy and their siblings…

Just imagining it made them feel empty inside…

The little treant was so overwhelmed that they cried out with a wail.

The sunlight was blocked by the leaves, and the temperature was just right in the shadow of the trees, making it very comfortable.

Xiao Jin and FanFan’s interest in water was limited, and they got tired of playing and splashing after a while. The pale gold dragon and small, white-haired tiger cub were spread out on all fours, lying on their backs in the inflatable boat, tails wagging. A dragon and tiger had slightly closed eyes, their expression could not show more enjoyment as they snoozed, and felt the joy of the water bed on the waves.

Only  the medusa was still excited to play in the pool. Untutored, he learned backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle and many other strokes. The long hair behind him absorbed enough water to become extra shiny and more beautiful than usual, with a hazy, wet airy feeling.

Although Jing Man was hanging between live streams, he minimized the screen and was in no mood to care what the netizens said.

He went straight to his terminal to the official school website course selection page. There were less than two weeks to start school, and the class president informed everyone to start choosing elective courses for their third year now. He majored in original design, and wanted to avoid being lazy during his first two years of college, so the elective classes he took were all related to art.

But… This year he wanted to learn something new.

His eyes fell on the babies. His hands twitched and he clicked on the list of elective classes at the Egg Breeding Academy that he had never given sight to before.


Thanks to Jing Man, he’d been brushing up on his live stream time these days. The camera was turned on to the children every morning as soon as their eyes opened, and was not turned off until they went to bed at night.

Suther’s system used the network to not lose him, and checked the IP to know that he was now near Garden Road activities.

Two days after the leap, the silver-haired teenager successfully landed in the QingYuan District. At first glance, he did not notice any difference between this side and Tianhu District, with tall buildings and people everywhere.

It seemed that Sky Blue Star was not as good as the Dragon’s Realm, where the terrain and environment of each district were very different. He caught a bus to Garden Road and sat in the back seat.

He inadvertently heard a couple in the front row talking.

The girl sounded so excited that he couldn’t not listen even if he didn’t want to.

“Ahhhhhhh!!! Finally I get to meet Baby’s Breath and His Babies! I’m anxious!”

The boy beside her smoothed her back, “Yu’er, you have to restrain yourself when the time comes, you must not be the same as now. My cousin said to only glance from afar, don’t disturb them.”

The girl nodded her head like mashing garlic, “Mm-hmm, I know. It’s all the fault of those barbarians on the star network, who are so annoying that they just want to pick on people’s privacy, and Baby’s Breath wants to terminate the contract with the live stream platform. I think if I really can’t watch them in the future, I’ll feel sad.”

The boy, “Let’s do it this way, Yu’er. I’ve got a cousin1 who has added his Star Messaging account, and I’ll have my cousin forward it to me as soon as he posts, okay?”

The girl leaned on the boy’s shoulder, “Great big dragon, I thank your cousin.”

Baby’s Breath and His Babies live stream? Isn’t that the name of Brother Man’s live stream? These two were planning to take a peek at Jing Man?

Suther’s heart felt a little happy. The system checked the IP and could only find Garden Road, the specific address was not there. When he first got off the leap point, he stared at the map of Garden Road and guessed where Brother Man would be.

He didn’t think it would be easy to find out. He smiled wildly in his heart, but still maintained the appearance of a cool teenager. After getting off the bus, he used his battlefield concealment skills that he learned during his school years, and followed the two people quietly from a short distance away, without being detected the whole way.

After walking some distance, he watched them enter a nice looking restaurant.

Suther sighed, “If you’re looking for someone, don’t go eat a meal, you fake fans.”

Fearing that he would fall into a sea of food and forget his business, he purposely stood outside the door and waited. But the time slowly faded, he waited left and right but did not see them come out.

So, Suther had to swallow his saliva and walked in.

With just a glance, Long Gui knew that the young man who just entered the door was a fresh face. She greeted at the door with a smile and took the man to his seat, “Welcome to Long’s, you can order here with Terminal Sweep.”

The teenager hmmed, turned his head and looked around the store and frowned. There was no Jing Man, and there was no couple. Suther asked, “Are there any other seats?”

Long Gui was amazed at the idea of a private room for one person to eat. But on second thought, maybe this was a racially shy teenager who was afraid of strangers.

So, she took the person to the private room area again and thoughtfully left the room.

Suther sat down in his seat before he began to regret. The view was obstructed here, in case the couple left through the front door, he wouldn’t be able to see and lose them! However, the private room was convenient for him to speak to the system.

“System, can you find out where Brother Man is now?”

[Unfortunately, he said he was going to dinner. Live stream just ended.]

Suther rested his cheek, “How long is the countdown for Brother Man’s live stream?”

[Seven and a half hours.]

So, it was estimated the stream will be over in another day, and then Brother Man will have to cancel his contract with the platform, so it’ll be even harder to find…

Suther was anxious, but…

It was useless to be anxious. The address won’t pop up out of thin air just because you’re in a hurry. He had to open the menu and decided to turn his anger into appetite.


After Mu CangZhou took off his Chief Mu vest, he still didn’t cancel his midwife registration. Today he took an emergency midwifery job and went out early in the morning with ZhiZhi. The rest of the children were playing hide-and-seek and paddling under the live stream camera.

Jing Man was bored and stayed at home, looking through the books delivered by courier for the next semester.

When he touched the book about child nutrition, the corner of his mouth twitched and read the book cover, “If you want to raise your children well, you can’t do it without technique – Teacher Youzi teaches you unknown tips for children of all ethnic groups. Why is this written the same way as a social media marketing account?”

Jing Man said so, but he still looked forward to the list and found the column of the western dragon.

“As a western dragon whelp, the baby’s favorite is of course the gem lair! But in addition to absorbing energy from the gem nest, there are several ways to promote the baby’s scales to become hard and shiny.

1. Apply scale care cream regularly

2. Exercise more, drink more water and get more sunlight


After jotting down several methods, he flipped back to the treant column and followed the notes. The dragon whelp, the treant child, the white tiger cub, and the medusa child all needed items and precautions for their healthy growth.

Jing Man exclaimed, “The dragon whelp needs to be nourished with gems and metals, the treant needs to be rooted in the soil and get enough sun, the white tiger needs to be fed with various varieties of vegetables and meat, and needs to have its claws sharpened and fur combed, and the medusa needs a big pool… I think I’d better redecorate my home.”

The Five Seasons Hotel microclimate room was very good, and he wondered if I could hire their designers. When he got hungry at noon, he took the customary step toward the kitchen, only to see an icy pot and cold stove.

Brother Mu was not at home, who cooked meals for him to eat… The kitchen killer decided to go to Long’s to forage for food. He turned off the live stream and stuffed the tired children into the June Snow stroller, which originally looked nice, but now looked like an eye sore.

Seeing Mr. Xiao Jing come today, Long Gui’s face was happy. Since Mr. Xiao Jing returned from his trip, he stopped running to Long’s every day. So, when her cousin mentioned that his girlfriend wanted to meet Jing Man and his babies, she was afraid that she would have to wait a few more days before she could see him.

She didn’t expect to see him today, how lucky! She took Jing Man into the private room and squatted down to pet the children.

Xiao Jin, as always, liked her touch and took the initiative to rub against her hand, greeting and calling aunt obediently. FanFan prefered to belly up and hug her hand with his paws. He asked for milk cake and coconut pastries.

Xiao Shui was… The child still didn’t like her very much, and when he saw her come, his eyes were closed tightly, He used his hair to block his face to avoid looking.

Jing Man finished his order and saw that Sister Long had finished petting his son and was standing there, wanting to say something.

Obviously, she had something to say to him.

Thinking that Xiao Shui’s disgraceful appearance had hurt Sister Long’s heart. His peach blossom eyes curved up and smiled, “Sister Long, you understand, Xiao Shui does not dislike you, he is really shy and does not dare to look at you.”

“No, no.” Long Gui saw the misunderstanding and sighed. She came over and sat down opposite of Jing Man and said honestly, “Mr. Xiao Jing, you’re not currently doing a live stream, and my cousin’s girlfriend especially likes your children…” she said.

Her tone was measured, face slightly hot as she requested, “She specially came to the QingYuan District… Can you let her meet the kids?”

Oh wow, real fans!

Hearing this, Jing Man’s eyes widened slightly, his heart surprised. He was around home every day, but this was the first time he would see a live fan! A milestone!

Seeing his hesitant look, Long Gui looked embarrassed, “If not, then forget it… I am already very grateful that Mr. Xiao Jing lets me play with the children. I’d better forward your videos of the children to her.”

Jing Man smiled, “It’s okay, it’s okay, let them come over.”

In the other compartment, the table was full of empty plates, and Suther opened the menu again to choose a concubine among the dishes he hadn’t ordered. He suddenly heard the couple’s voices drifting through the doorway, and he immediately followed them.

Waiting for the fans to come, Jing Man carried the four children over and asked heartily, “Xiao Shui, in order not to petrify them, will you pretend to sleep?”

The medusa nodded understandingly and laid with his head tilted into Daddy’s arms. He liked Aunt Long a lot, but last time when they looked at each other, he inadvertently triggered the petrifying eyes and made a mistake. He heartily did not want to let such a thing happen again.


The author has something to say: 

Suther is on his way with a big wave of memories for ManMan!


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Translator Notes:

  1. Tianyu’s boyfriend specifies an older female cousin on his dad’s side (堂姐).


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