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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


When Mu CangZhou stepped back into the bedroom again, Jing Man had already changed into fluffy and comfortable home clothes. He leaned on the bed and swiped the terminal, looking very relaxed and soft.

In fact, he did not read anything into the content. It’s just that if you don’t read something at this point, your heart will seem to jump out of your chest. He moved to the side and gave way to Mu CangZhou.

Seeing him undressing with his back to himself, the smooth muscle lines on his back, Jing Man’s breath was warm and his eyes were moist, a little embarrassed.

Mu CangZhou lay down and looked at Jing Man sideways, grabbed his hand and squeezed it around.

After a long time, he said in a gentle tone, “ManMan, I really don’t know where to start. What do you want to hear?”

“Well…” Jing Man thought a little and decided to ask what he cared about most first. Jing Man, “Brother Mu, tell me first how the kids came to be. How our two genes gave birth to six racially different children, I’ve always wondered.”

Mu CangZhou nodded, his long, thick lashes fluttering. Think about it differently. If he lost his memory, and six children appeared in his bed, he would also be confused. Jing Man could hold back for so long without taking the initiative to ask questions, it’s really remarkable.

His eyes were dark and heavy, his gaze lingered on Jing Man’s face, and his voice trembled as he spoke the truth, “You have amnesia.” In Jing Man’s puzzled gaze, he continued, “Our souls have traveled to six different worlds before, using a different body in each world. Before that, we used the body genes of those six worlds to breed the eggs…”

Is it that complicated?

Jing Man frowned and wondered, “Then why did Dr. Lin detect that the genes of the father and mother of the hatchlings were the same.”

If the eggs were made from other-worldly bodies, the genes should be different, right?

“Oh, this.” Mu CangZhou laughed lowly, “It’s just a matter of gene expression, our bodies in the quick transmigration world are built with the original genes.”

So… It seems to make sense. Jing Man nodded his head. He continued, “Then, why do I have amnesia?”

Mu CangZhou nodded and then shook his head, “I don’t think you’ve lost your memory, you’ve just hidden some of it away. You’re not acting like the twenty year old you described to me before. But our system didn’t bring it back, and there’s no way to detect it.”

It turned out that whenever Jing Man mentioned his younger days, he treated that time as dark history.

“By the way, the system and also how quick transmigration came about.” Jing Man raised his eyebrows in doubt, and asked with his elbows in his hands.

Mu CangZhou, “This is more complicated. In the original year 3020, we did not know each other. In 3032, the Quick Transmigration Bureau landed at Sky Blue Star, and we met as the first quick transmigration volunteers…”

“Stop.” Jing Man interrupted him, sitting up straight and wondering, “I was only out of college then, wasn’t I? How did I meet you, Chief Mu?”

Mu CangZhou seriously recalled.

After all, it was more than ten years ago, so he didn’t remember the details clearly. After a short while, he said, “You used the identity of Jing HanYang’s son. Your father was the district chief of Tianhu District at that time, and he was qualified to participate in quick transmigration.”

“Oh, he got a promotion!” Jing Man’s eyes brought up a smile and he wondered, “So, how is my mother? Has Xiu Yan Personal Care covered the world?”

Mu CangZhou thought for a moment and shook his head, “You didn’t mention her.”

Yan Xiu’er was already doing illegal things. Mu CangZhou guessed that she was either framed in jail or engaged in other laborious things that hurt ManMan’s mood. There was no such person in his heart.

“So…” Jing Man didn’t think too much about it and continued to ask, “What exactly does quick transmigration do, is it fun?”

Mu CangZhou touched him on the head, “The first world was in the realm of dragons, where Suther came from, and our mission was to protect him, raise him, and keep the dragon race, the Embroidered Dragons, from disappearing…”

The two snuggled together and talked all night long.

You asked a question, I answered.

Jing Man analyzed that what Mu CangZhou said should be all true. Anyway, all the details of the first world could match perfectly with the blank picture book that appeared in his dream. But somehow, these things just sounded in his ears, like he was listening to someone else’s story.

It wasn’t as profound or easy for him to accept as the picture book had been for him.

When he heard the last three worlds, Jing Man began to be a bit disinterested, bored as he put his foot on Mu CangZhou’s thigh.

Noticing this, Mu CangZhou reached out to grab his foot and asked in a low voice, “ManMan, are you sleepy?”

“Yeah.” Jing Man nodded his head in a low, muffled voice and tried hard to pull his foot back.

However, Brother Mu was so strong that he could not succeed. With a smile in his eyes, Mu CangZhou asked, “Then let’s pause for a while, and I’ll continue to tell you when you want to know, go to sleep first.”

Jing Man nodded his head, closed his eyes and pretended to sleep like he was a good boy.

Mu CangZhou told the story of the quick transmigration mission, all that happened, but he deliberately omitted the change in their feelings.

There was no other reason.

When he finished telling the first world, he observed.

The emotion in Jing Man’s eyes was still listening to the story, not as if he was immersed into it. Since Jing Man was not replaced, if he went to tell his own love anecdotes with the former “Jing Man”, it definitely did not help the current feelings. He rolled over, buried his head in Jing Man’s shoulder and neck, and closed his eyes.

He prayed earnestly, hoping that ManMan would think about it soon, sooner and sooner.


That night, Jing Man had another dream.

In the dream, he finally returned to the world of the landscape where the blank picture book existed. Once he returned, he smiled helplessly and struggled to turn the pages of the huge book.

He was surprised to find that the first world blurred and broken images had been patched up.

However, when he pressed his hand to the page, there was no response, the picture book did not suck him in. Somehow this time, he could only be the one reading the picture book, not the one acting in the movie.

Jing Man guessed at the subtitles that might accompany the picture and stumbled through the world. Turning further back, the story of the second world began.

The Forest of Trees, as it sounded, was a greenery, the mountains were full of tall and upright trees.

When Jing Man confidently pressed his hand on it, he found that the story of this world could not be entered. He frowned and turned the picture book halfway through, and found that the picture had hardly changed.

It was all trees, with separate branches horizontally and thick trunks vertically.

But he could tell the difference between the trees, and there were two trees that appeared very often, on almost every page.

It should be him and Brother Mu.

These two trees were constantly changing places, and every few pages there would be an extra sapling around, a very weak kind.

The two trees would use branches to support the sapling, arrange the surrounding natural environment, and occasionally watering, In short, they slowly let the sapling become strong.

But every few pages the sapling would be replaced, it was really confusing.

Until a certain page, they suddenly changed from 100% tree form to the same wooden human form as ZhiZhi now, with a flowering branch as long as their body trailing behind them.

Jing Man squinted his eyes to distinguish. His own was a peach blossom branch with long, thin willow leaves, the same as ZhiZhi’s flower. The double-petaled peach blossoms were very showy, as beautiful as pink clouds.

Brother Mu’s flower… was a species he did not recognize. Anyway, they were small white flowers, not at all dazzling, small and dense.

Standing next to his bright-colored self, it looked a little miserable. The treant with his own face and the treant with Brother Mu’s face eating and living together looked a little weird, but logical.

Jing Man flipped through a few pages, and they were all painted on them. He said, “If only there were captions, this book doesn’t even have any inscriptions, so it’s lonely.”

However, when he turned to the next page, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The peach blossom eyes were wide open, there was shyness and anticipation in the eyes, and his cheeks were rapidly flushing red. It turned out that the two tree people somehow, suddenly intertwined together. The clumsy kiss, clumsy intimate contact, clumsy indescribable…

The flowering branches also twisted against each other because the emotions were in place, and pollinated against each other.

The two tree-people, who looked very cold, curtained up and started to get indescribable. Jing Man guessed after the fact that the first few pages of the two trees planted so close, because they fell in love?!


Fortunately, he was not sucked in, or else he would be immersed in eating yellow-fleshed watermelon1, which was also too embarrassing.

Jing Man quickly closed the book and pretended nothing happened.

Nonetheless, he enjoyed the picture book. The expression of his enjoyment, Brother Mu’s bulging Adam’s apple, the movement of the two men, the charming hues, all of them stimulated his nerves. He had not seen Brother Mu completely unclothed in reality…

So the indescribable place, was that what it looked like? Very nice…

Hmm, so exciting…

He was in his own mind and no one else was around. Jing Man’s face was red, he held his head and curled into a ball, rolling all over the ground. That image in his mind for a long time could not be dissipated.

He now wanted to wake up, and wanted to immediately get out of this ‘unclean’ world.

But the thought of waking up and rolling into Brother Mu’s arms, with their skin against each other, and also hearing shallow breathing …

He did not know what to do.

Jing Man did not know how long it took, but his mood finally calmed down. He admonished himself, ‘I haven’t seen the world behind me yet… I’ll turn over quickly, I should be fine.’

So… He half-shyly half-expectantly finished looking at the whole set of astringent pictures of the second world.

Finally, it was time for the third world, and Jing Man flipped it open with great anticipation.

The book suddenly closed on its own and he was expelled from the landscape world.

As soon as he woke up, Mu CangZhou’s voice came from his ears, “ManMan, what’s wrong? You’re so hot, you don’t have a fever, do you?”

“No, no.” Not expecting that his body was also affected by the picture book, Jing Man first perceived that the indescribable part was high-spirited, so he quietly bowed his waist and tried to hide it.

As a result, as soon as he opened his mouth, a sweet groan spilled out of his throat.

Hearing this voice, Mu CangZhou’s throat rolled.

The corners of his eyes brought up a complex look and put his hand into the blanket, “Let me see if you really have a fever.”

Jing Man quickly grabbed his hand, blushing, not knowing why he was doing this himself. He spoke awkwardly, “I might have a fever and I’m thirsty. I want to drink water, Brother Mu help me pour water!”

Guessing his little mind, Mu CangZhou chuckled lowly. He helped Jing Man tuck in a corner of the blanket and asked, “Okay, fever requires more sweating, do you want to take a hot bath first?”

“Huh?” Jing Man did not respond for a while. It was only when Brother Mu came over and nibbled on his lips that he awkwardly said, “Yes, that makes sense, then you go out first, I’ll take a shower.”


After leaving the bedroom, Mu CangZhou was so happy he nearly took off from where he was. 

He thought this little heartless person heard so many stories and also had no feelings. The result… When he woke up, he got another big happy news!

Thinking about what Jing Man might do now, his heart was racing and his throat was so dry that he ran to drink a lot of water to get back to his senses.

Looking at the time, it was five o’clock in the morning.

In a few minutes, he had to go to a meeting at the egg breeding base. Mu CangZhou stood up and looked in the microclimate rooms to observe what his children were doing now.

Xiao Jin was lying drunkenly in the gem nest, coiled into a ball, and if he was right, his wings had sprouted a few more metal feathers. ZhiZhi and Big Bear were lying on the soft soil, their eyes tightly closed, feeling the love of artificial daylight.  FanFan was sleeping on the trunk of a tree, with four or five plates of rabbit meat on the side, it seemed he had a good hunt. Xiao Shui was lying on his back on the surface of the sea, only he was awake. As soon as he pushed the door, he felt it and his eyes were extraordinarily bitingly cast this way.

Seeing this, Mu CangZhou frowned. This Risa really taught him how to control the Petrifying Eye and indiscriminately release it?


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Translator Notes:

  1. Yellow is a euphemism for pornography.


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