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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Sky Blue Star was very rich in people, and about 1% had ABO gender, but that was still ten million people. Most of them were Beta, and both men and women have two sets of organs, but they were similar to pure humans in all other areas. Except for the fact that they support the ABO political party, the difference was not visible at all. Alphas and Omegas were special, making up only 1% of the ABO group. Alphas were physically fit natural leaders, while Omegas were gifted and intellectually superior.

Either one was a pride of the heavens, but God created people using the equilibrium theorem, and along with their excellence comes a ‘small defect’ in their genes. There comes a time of the year when they can do nothing but go into heat, and both were immersed in bonding fever and susceptible periods. Therefore, they also have their own set of ‘pheromone selection criteria’. The higher the pheromone fitness, the more suitable the two, and the estrus period could be more quick and worry-free.

Seeing that the Omega egg was about to break its shell, Jing Man was also nervous. He was a little worried about this baby.

When he was in school, he had contact with several Omega friends. Every year, due to health reasons, they would take several month long leave, and would invariably be married at an early age. Jing Man did not want his child to be controlled by a ‘rut’ in the future, not free to control their own lives.

The white, jade-like egg shell was slowly cracked from the inside, and they were eager to be born from the egg, eager to see another, wider world.

Since Jing Man’s room was not yet ready, they were temporarily staying in Lin Zhuzi’s room. The Lin family also squatted aside, staring unblinkingly at the white hatchling egg.

After a long time, her husband Li Chi raised his hand and asked, “The ABO have no hard shell, so they should be just like human children, so how do they break the eggshell?”

Mu CangZhou paused, not having heard this kind of question before. However, he still answered, “ABO eggshells are soft on the inside and hard on the outside. The hatchlings come out of it just like poking through a layer of plastic wrap.”

Li Chi nodded frequently and continued, “Ten minutes have passed, isn’t this plastic wrap a bit thick?”

The moment this statement was made, everyone’s eyes were gathered on his face.

Lin Zhuzi couldn’t stand it anymore and instructed him to shut up, “Dr. Mu is using a metaphor, the eggshell is not really plastic wrap…”

Jing Man’s hatchlings formed a circle to guard the birth of their sibling.

In the aquatic stroller, the little mussel also uncharacteristically opened her shell to reveal a head to secretly observe the baby, who was said to be younger than her.

ZhiZhi heard the sound of the shallow water fluctuating, they looked back, their eyes on the little mussel. They remembered that this was the little sister that they pulled the flower branch to help, a friendly smile on their little face, waved towards the little mussel.

The little mussel found someone looking at her and was so scared that she snapped her mussel shell shut with a crisp sound. However, the peach blossom branch adorned on the hand of this wooden figurine caught her eye and dissipated in her mind. In her hazy memory, she had just broken the shell when she felt very uncomfortable, and some bouts of a headache.

There were still many eyes around looking at her. She was frantic to close the mussel shell, but short of strength. It was the energy provided by a flowering branch, which was a full size smaller, that allowed her to control the mussel shell. So, it was from this little person, the little mussel’s mood excited a lot, cheeks slightly hot, giving a series of bubbles.

Finally, the slow movement of the mussel shell opened some, following their example, she waved towards the little benefactor.

ZhiZhi had almost forgotten their previous reckless look when they said they would pull the flower branch. After Jing Man’s repeated education, they knew their flower branch would grow up to consume a lot of energy, and they could not pull. However, they still remembered this little mussel in their head.

It seemed to be the little sister they had seen a while ago, very cute and soft when she was just born. They were accompanied by their brothers, Xiao Jin, FanFan, Xiao Shui, and Big Bear.

Little Mussel was only by herself, so lonely. If they can play with her often, then she can surely grow up healthily soon too. Thinking of this, they went to Lin Zhuzi’s side and lifted the flower branch to poke her. They tilted their head and asked in a milky voice, “Auntie, where does your family live?”

Lin Zhuzi was surprised when she was suddenly cued by the little cutie. She blinked and replied, “FuHe District.”

It sounded like a long way away, and ZhiZhi asked coyly, “Then, can you move to QingYuan District so we can play with our sister.”


Lin Zhuzi froze, her heart was shocked, she did not understand why the little treant would have such a thought. The economy of FuHe District had not been very good, and if they wanted to breed eggs, they could only go elsewhere, and only half a month ago did they build their own egg breeding base. Still, the FuHe District was rich in water resources and was a haven for aquatics, and it was the only area where they didn’t have to pay for water.

ZhiZhi did not understand the twists and turns, they just wanted to spend more time with this little sister. They counted on their fingers, their own family was relatively large, moving to the FuHe District would be very troublesome. That’s why they proposed that the mussel people family move to the QingYuan District.

Jing Man’s attention was also drawn to them, and after listening to the conversation, he kept wanting to laugh in his heart. He put the second child in his arms while giving Lin Zhuzi a smile and said, “Sister Lin, don’t take it personally, ZhiZhi’s little head doesn’t know what to think.”

At that, Lin Zhuzi waved her hand and did not care. However, in the aquatic stroller placed aside, the little mussel spat out her first word in her life, “ZhiZhi–“

But because the water did not transmit well, no one heard.


A short while later, the white eggshell finally broke open a large hole. The little child rolled twice from it and cleverly turned the eggshell from standing upright to lying flat. The first thing that came out of the hole was a small fleshy foot covered with egg liquid, followed by a small leg, which the child seemed to want to come out first.

Jing Man wanted to laugh at this image, but he was afraid to scare the child into leaping back.

However, Mu CangZhou, thinking that this was an Omega and will likely marry in the future, thought about there being outsiders on the side. He was born bare-assed in human form, the impact was too bad, so Mu CangZhou quickly took off his jacket to cover him up.

Jing Man was happy to see the hilarious look, but seeing the situation, he frowned. However, Mu CangZhou must have done this for a reason, so he asked, “What’s wrong, Brother Mu?”

Mu CangZhou knew he hadn’t reacted yet and was helpless. He winked and said, “He’s covered with egg liquid and will be cold, so go get the little fleece blanket we prepared.”

So, as soon as the little Omega hatched, Jing Man wrapped him in a very soft and warm fleece blanket to make him look like a baby silkworm. The AI prompted them that their room was ready, and the group said goodbye to the Lin Zhuzi family.

When they returned to their room, Jing Man’s heart was still warm. The other children were born either animal-like or young, slender, shrunken humanoids, none of them were fleshy little babies. However, the Omega in his arms rounded out his dream, although he was also a palm-sized little person, he looked like a human baby. His eyes were closed, and his body was very soft everywhere, looking like someone that needed to be taken care of, so he kept holding him and did not dare to let go.

The children also loved this different little brother and gathered around ManMan to watch him. Xiao Jin was already familiar with the addition to the family, sniffing at the child and pawing at the blanket a couple times. He opened his mouth and asked, “Daddy, what’s this brother’s name?”

Jing Man pondered for a long time, “How about Xiao Bai?”1

Xiao Jin was very happy to hear that, the little character, the same as him! However, before he could be happy, ZhiZhi came over to him, blinking their eyes and asked, “How about BaiBai, Daddy, how about BaiBai?”

He didn’t know that the children had their own factions in this area. Jing Man thought it was not a big problem, nodded his head and decided that the fifth child would be called BaiBai.

Xiao Jin and Xiao Shui were saddened for a moment, but immediately pulled themselves together and set their eyes on the purple egg. Only one day later, while the hatchlings were playing hide-and-seek, Jing Man heard a conversation like this.

ZhiZhi, “BaiBai don’t catch me, I’m Sibling ZhiZhi. You go catch Brother Xiao Shui, he is over there.”

Xiao Shui, “Hey, BaiBai is catching people again, the others can’t find me at all. You are the only one that told me I smell like sea salt. I should have known to let Daddy name you Xiao Bai, then you and I would be one.”

BaiBai, “Hey, Brother Xiao Shui got you! The one who let me have a double character name.”


The ABO people on Sky Blue Star seemed to recognize people by their scent. They could smell each other’s pheromones, and they could smell other people’s body odor. Jing Man waited for BaiBai to spend three days chewing through the eggshells before catching a ride back to the leap point in the QingYuan District.

BaiBai liked the scent of peach blossoms on ZhiZhi’s body and gave the most face to this sibling. He couldn’t talk yet, so he babbled and wanted to sit with him.

Jing Man also found that this child was a bit picky about food. When eating, he would first smell the food and then consider whether to eat the food. For example, he couldn’t tell the difference between various kinds of milk powder, but BaiBai could smell the best raw material at once.

By the time they got home, the construction workers had already left.

Jing Man checked, each room had been restructured into a microclimate room suitable for the children to live in. The dragon child’s room was covered with all kinds of beautiful gems and precious metals, but also equipped with a comfortable crib. The treant child’s room was set up in the backyard and appeared to be a glass greenhouse, but you couldn’t see the outside from the inside, nor the inside from the outside. The white tiger cub’s and the medusa child had the same model as the Five Seasons Hotel, and pushing open the door felt like entering another world. However, the reward for FanFan changed from freshly fried rabbit meat to bags of freeze-dried snacks, and Xiao Shui’s room did not have a “AI Risa” in it. The omega’s room looked the most normal, except that the furniture had been replaced with child-resistant, bumper-proof ones.

The sixth child’s room was not yet finished, Tian Yuan said he would wait until they hatched. When Tian Yuan designed the room, he also left a doorway for Big Bear to pass through. Whether the sweeper responsible for removing dog hair was happy or not, Big Bear was happy anyway.

At night, Jing Man and Mu CangZhou had to take care of BaiBai, and the other four also followed the same example and went to bed. When the children were all asleep, Mu CangZhou crawled over to him and kissed him on the eye, smoothing his brow. He said with a low smile, “ManMan, what are you thinking about? So serious.”

Jing Man turned to look at him, “When will Little Six hatch?”

“Don’t worry, they’ll hatch out on their own time.”

Jing Man nodded, his eyes fell on the lone egg in the stroller, and he was still muttering in his heart.

The texture of this egg was very different from the other five. The others were the shiny kind, while only this one had a frosted texture. The color of the others was bright, only this one was a deep dark purple. He didn’t know if it was his own illusion, but he felt that the color of the sixth child was even darker than before.

The next morning, Jing Man got through to an unfamiliar caller.

The caller asked happily, “ManMan, are you home yet? I want to go see my baby boy and my little grandkids.”

Jing Man frowned at the words and looked at the number, it was indeed a stranger number. He asked in confusion, “Mom, is that you?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 小白; Xiao Bai: Little White


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