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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


“Hello Chief Mu, what can I do for you?” The female voice from the other side was dignified and elegant, yet gentle.

Mu CangZhou lowered his eyes and organized his language. Finally, he decided to stand in the position of a junior to speak, “Just call me CangZhou. Congratulations Ms. Yan for establishing the fourth egg breeding base in QingYuan District. Can I ask how you came up with this idea? This is very different from what you mentioned to me before, and I am concerned in my heart.”

A soft laugh came from there, “Oh, that. I think you were right before, if one could really succeed, professionals would have already researched this ages ago. It’s not at all my turn to get a slice of this pie. And really, I don’t want to go back to the bureau, so I just gave up on the idea of mixed breeding eggs. Then, I saw ManMan’s live stream and found that there seemed to be nothing wrong with egg-breeding children. My grandchildren are all very cute, and they will all be beautiful when they become human. It’s time to let go of old ideas, one must always move on.”

When the woman calmed down, her words were wise.

Huge joy blossomed in Mu CangZhou’s heart at these words. Yan Xiu’er had thought things through herself, and this was the best outcome! She does not want to do something illegal and disorderly to lose her life, so ManMan naturally will not be sad!

But Yan Xiu’er was really changeable in her advocacy of child rearing. At first she was a proponent of natural childbirth, then she became interested in mixed egg breeding, and finally she started to choose the traditional egg breeding base… A woman’s heart was a needle in the heart.

But he didn’t worry about that, it was a good thing that she was on the right track.

Mu CangZhou pondered a little, and slightly opened his thin lips to issue an invitation, “Then Ms. Yan, do you want to come over to see the children? We usually live in the QingYuan District, so we can make a round trip in a day.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary.” Yan Xiuer’s answer was unexpected from Mu CangZhou, “I’m having a hard time catching the last train of this season’s egg breeding base, it just opened less than a week ago, I have a lot to do.”

Just opened… Less than a week…

Mu CangZhou hung up the terminal, wooden.

No wonder the accounts were doing beautifully, less than a week after opening, how much business can there be? How much flow? As long as there was an accountant, there would be no wrong accounts.

No wonder Yan Xiu’er had not done anything, she was busy opening an egg breeding base. After going through these materials prepared by Tian Yuan, there was not a single page with the exact date. The data showing time was deliberately blurred.

He raised his head and looked at Tian Yuan with a smile, “You know that Yan Xiu’er did not do anything, right? Why didn’t you tell me earlier, causing me to worry for half a day.”

[Mu CangZhou did not ask, how does Tian Yuan know what Mu CangZhou is looking for? Tian Yuan is just a robot, and does not master the art of reading minds.]

Seeing Tian Yuan’s dislike for him was justified, Mu CangZhou even had some nostalgia for such a life. Mu CangZhou remembered something, slender fingers on the desktop tapped twice, “By the way, before you checked the mixed genetic egg breeding technology, what did you find out?” 

[Did not find any directly related information. But Tian Yuan found that a star blog account named Egg Breeding Master Shen Chengzi is offering false and inaccurate breeding courses that may endanger the hatchlings].

It felt like he heard this name somewhere before.

Mu CangZhou looked aghast, his brow furrowed, “So, take care of him?”

[Already informed AI Xinghai Jun. thanked Tian Yuan well, saying that Tian Yuan indirectly assisted the Star Police in a case that endangered the children].

Xinghai Jun was the AI of the Star Police system, so since he had been approached, there was no need to worry.

Mu CangZhou relaxed and took off his white coat to change into his regular clothes. Preparing to leave from the egg breeding base, “This meeting is considered done, see you next quarter.”

Tian Yuan eyed his upright figure and chanted in a small voice, [No need to wait until next month. When the renovation is over, Jing Man said he would invite Tian Yuan to play in the QingYuan District]


In the Five Seasons Hotel, Jing Man had just signed for an expedited courier, and he was slightly relieved in his heart. After the delay and many trials of everyone playing hide-and-seek together, he learned that Xiao Shui would not be invisible when he was sleeping, or extremely relaxed, and would only be passively invisible when he woke up. Moreover, when he touched someone directly or indirectly, he would not be invisible either.

Direct meant touching through clothes, while indirect meant connecting with him with a rope or a piece of wood.

With other children it’s useless to connect, it must be him, but he estimated that Brother Mu could also be connected.

So, Jing Man went to the star network and bought two items.

The first was a positioning brooch, a small golden star stamp, pinned on Xiao Shui’s clothes. It allowed the parents to find out where their children were through the terminal.

ManMan previously felt that the children were still young, wandering under their noses every day, and did not need this thing. But now that something like “Xiao Shui’s Occultation” had happened, it could only be put on the agenda as soon as possible. He bought six star brooches at once, and gave them to the children one by one, the kind bought for the two eggs was attached to the eggshell.

The second was an anti-loss leash.

He looked at the size. Xiao Shui was still a palm-sized baby, so the kind used by babies and toddlers was too big. They simply did not match.

So, Jing Man bought a fluorescent pink leash specifically designed for small pets…

Putting on the tiny life jacket-like vest on, the other end of the rope was tied to his own ankle, so that the connection could ensure that the child was not invisible.

After he finished this series of actions, the children looked shocked at the sudden appearance of Xiao Shui. Xiao Jin was the first to jump over and hug Xiao Shui, nuzzling his cheek in his brother’s hair, “I finally see my brother! Xiao Shui was so good at playing hide-and-seek today, couldn’t find you nearly all this time.”

ZhiZhi, however, was interested in the pink leash and smiled ingratiatingly at Jing Man, raising the flower branch in their right hand to brush up their presence, “Daddy, I want to wear the vest too, I want to be connected to Daddy too.”

FanFan ran over and sniffed around the leash. After confirming that it was not poisonous, he opened his mouth and bit into it. He found that there was no taste, and simply could not swallow after.

After ptooey-ing twice, he ran over to huddle with Xiao Jin and Xiao Shui, and let out a belated sigh, “Xiao Shui, I haven’t seen you today, I missed you a little.”

Jing Man deliberately chose a longer version of this leash, ten meters long when completely unfolded. With a little bit of attention, no tragedy of dragging Xiao Shui would occur.

But with this rope, Xiao Shui would no longer want to play hide-and-seek … Others followed the rope to find him, so their search was accurate.

When Mu CangZhou came back with various delicacies bought from the snack street, he saw such a scene.

ManMan was with the children nestled in the sofa to watch children’s cartoons, and embraced watching cartoons very seriously. Since he was nervous, Xiao Jin’s wings were tightly tucked away. FanFan did not like this kind of subject matter without food to watch. His head rested on coiled arms, eyes half closed, and he yawned with lack of interest. ZhiZhi was leaning on Big Bear’s belly as usual, their mouth was opening and closing, not knowing what to say to Big Bear.

Everyone was busy with their own business, the TV was turned up loud, and except for Big Bear raising his head to look, no one noticed he was back.

Eyes scanning around, Mu CangZhou did not find Xiao Shui, and then squinted his eyes to take a closer look, he was amazed.

Jing Man had a garish fluorescent pink leash hanging on his foot, the other end of which extended all the way to the fourth microclimate room. He walked gingerly to the room where Xiao Shui was and couldn’t help but laugh.

Their medusa was wearing a small animal leash and was lying on his back on the sea, sinking and floating with the waves. It looked as if Jing Man was afraid that he would disappear with the waves, so he deliberately put such a thing on to prevent him from slipping away.

Hearing the sound of laughter, Jing Man turned his head to look and was surprised that all the snacks were gone, “Brother Mu, when did you come back?”

“I’m done there.” Mu CangZhou stayed at the egg breeding base for three days. The first day, he blended into the crowd for meetings and researched Yan Xiu’er’s information. The second and third day, he continued to blend in with the crowd, replacing Tian Yuan to get the gossip. Tian Yuan was not always present because of the robot’s identity, and each time he would arrange for Mu CangZhou to bring a microphone to blend in with the crowd.

Because of the programming and a series of other issues, he only trusted Mu CangZhou.

He raised an eyebrow, “What’s that?”

Jing Man looked down, his peach blossom eyes twitched, and said breathlessly, “That Risa, she did teach our Xiao Shui how to control the Petrifying Eye, but she taught too much. Now Xiao Shui not only can’t petrify others, but has also become invisible.”

After hearing these words, Mu CangZhou’s forehead veins jutted out. He took a step forward and picked up Xiao Shui with a serious expression, “Let me take a look.”

After a short while, Mu CangZhou figured out what was going on, he asked, “What about Risa?”

“Gone, completely gone.” Jing Man, in order to find her, specially went to the small environment of sea water to swim a few times, yet not even a hair was found.

Mu CangZhou pondered for a moment, “Have you tried to get the guest room AI to change the small environment?”

“Oh?” Jing Man smiled and paused, he… really hadn’t thought of that.

So, the family packed up their things and came to the lobby to sit and wait for the room change.

“Dr. Mu! Little Brother Jing!” A familiar voice suddenly came and Mu CangZhou looked back. It was the Lin Zhuzi family.

The couple had not seen each other for a few days, and they were quite haggard.

Jing Man was keenly aware that the aquatic stroller they were pushing had also changed its style. So he asked, “Is this a new stroller? It doesn’t look as good as the previous one.”

It was too small to say, not to mention that the algae planted inside was a lot less, they could see the small mussel person hidden in between, revealing half of the mussel shell.

Speaking of sad things, Lin Zhuzi’s eyes were slightly red, “Yes, the previous one was contaminated… We can only buy this model temporarily.”

“Contaminated?” Hearing this word, the two people were stunned. He couldn’t figure out why a small baby stroller would use this word…

Lin Zhuzi’s husband squeezed her hand and sat over and said, “Before we enrolled in Egg Breeding Master Shen ChengZi’s course, it turned out he’s not an egg breeding master at all, he was just cleaning up at the egg breeding base.”

“Isn’t the baby somewhat congenitally deficient? ZhuZi and I were very worried. After a lot of trouble, we got in contact with that scammer, and spent a lot of money to buy courses and medicines. Those medicines turned out to be water purification solution! We prepared the water and it was very good, so the purification solution couldn’t dissolve. Every day, my baby can only shut the shell tight … Growth and development is even slower, and now she cannot talk…”

Jing Man was stunned to hear this. What age was this where such a thing as charging money to harm the young still happened?! He asked angrily, “Has that crook been brought to justice yet? We can’t let him harm people anymore!”

Lin Zhuzi nodded with trepidation and said, “This time we just arrived at his place not long after the star police came to arrest him. We followed for a day to make a statement.”

“That’s good.” Jing Man relaxed a lot and he asked with concern, “Is the little mussel alright?”

Lin Zhuzi, “Fortunately, we went to the egg breeding base to register for a checkup. It was recommended to come to the Five Seasons Hotel to open a room with a microclimate to nurture more, the rooms here are regular.”

Jing Man was surprised, “The egg breeding base will actually introduce the hotel business?”

He looked back at Mu CangZhou, his eyes full of questions. Mu CangZhou touched his nose and said in a deep voice, “This is what Tian Yuan used to negotiate, every microclimate room seems to be designed by him.”

Jing Man’s eyes lit up, “Then let me contact him quickly and ask Risa what’s going on!”

However, before he could dial the terminal, there was a familiar click-click-click sound in his ear. When he looked down, the white egg seemed to be starting to break its shell!


SB: What is your guess of the next baby?


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June 1, 2022 9:32 am

Glad Jing Man’s mother doesn’t seem to be causing any trouble.
The white egg was an uncertain species I think, so this will be a surprise!
Hope the baby clam will be ok.
Thanks for translating and editing.

June 1, 2022 4:11 pm

We are having a baby!!! …again!😁

June 2, 2022 10:28 am

I hope ManMan’s mother won’t do anything stupid… She is still suspicious =.= Poor musel family :< Keeping fingers crossed for it to be alright! Another baby is coming!

Thank You for the new chapter (◍•ᴗ•◍)

June 10, 2022 3:36 am

Thanks for the chapter! Poor little mussel!

A new baby, how fun! The other little ones are hilarious little eccentrics, wonder whet the little brother will be like, lol.

Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
October 14, 2022 1:01 am

next baby..? let’s see.. a white snake? or a purple butterfly?

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