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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


September 10th.

The sunlight slanted on the wall, shining a dazzling warm yellow, and the air was clear and airy. Jing Man sent off Yan Xiu’er, who was elegant, graceful and not the least bit old, and stood in front of the courtyard with his head hanging in a daze. His mother had come to see him on a whim and stayed with him for a week, an experience he hadn’t experienced in years.

During this time, she didn’t even mention a word about her opposition to breeding eggs, nor did she ask him how he and Mu CangZhou met. She just naturally accepted the existence of the six hatchlings and Mu CangZhou, playing the role of an amiable grandmother, and the Jing house was filled with the happiness of three generations together.

However, Jing Man was a bit incapable of accepting the scene where she was holding the youngest child, BaiBai, and feeding him powdered milk. Shouldn’t Ms. Yan Xiu’er have scolded him for being disobedient, for daring to use egg breeding technology to raise offspring without permission, and then leave in a huff?

As a result, she didn’t even mention it…

Hearing the sound of the door creaking open and closed, Jing Man turned his head to take a look. It turned out to be Mu CangZhou who came out to check on him when he didn’t go back for a long time. His voice was crisp and concerned, “What’s wrong, ManMan?”

Jing Man lips hooked up a shallow smile, shook his head, “Nothing, outside enjoying the breeze.”

Mu CangZhou’s eyes narrowed as he walked over with long legs, “Don’t worry so much, I talked to Ms. Yan.”

“Hmm?” Jing Man was puzzled, he hadn’t seen Brother Mu spend any time alone with his mother.

Mu CangZhou took his hand and pulled it back, saying as he walked, “I told her before, I couldn’t tell you the secret until she was gone.”

Jing Man’s expression was strange. How come he didn’t know that Brother Mu was in touch with his mother? Back home, Mu CangZhou just continued, “A while ago I mentioned that a new egg breeding base opened in QingYuan District, remember?”

Jing Man nodded, his face still puzzled, not knowing how these two events could be related. Until he heard Mu CangZhou continue, “The legal entity of that egg breeding base is your mother.”

All of a sudden, he felt his worldview was violently impacted, his soul was about to leave his body, and he couldn’t believe his little ears. Seeing his shock, Mu CangZhou came over and gave him a kiss on the lips, “You haven’t communicated with her, and you don’t know that she’s changed her mind. Don’t worry.”

Pushing the person away with his hand, Jing Man sat up straight and began to think back on the past few days together. He accidentally discovered quite a few details that he had only touched upon after being illuminated. No wonder his mother’s posture was so smooth when she picked up BaiBai, who had not long broken from his shell.

Most people were afraid of accidentally pinching the palm-sized baby, and would seriously study before they dared to start. No wonder she sent all kinds of gifts that the children happen to use.

Jing Man previously guessed that it was prepared by the assistant, but didn’t expect it to be the items selected by the mother with care. No wonder she came in that morning and became very familiar with the children in the afternoon.

Although the children of the family were very kind and well-behaved, that was only to him and Brother Mu. They were still wary when faced with strangers.

His mother arrived in the morning, and the afternoon of the same day, she was with the children alone in the backyard playing, a scene he had never seen before.

Now all of them couldn’t be wrong. Children had a strong sixth sense, so only those who were around their children a lot and loved them from the bottom of their hearts would be accepted quickly.

After eating in the afternoon, Jing Man turned on his optical computer just in time to see the big system prompt –

[Warm reminder: elective course on child nutrition will be held tomorrow afternoon, the following are the materials listed by Mr. Lin, please prepare well in advance.]

Looking at the list of ingredients and seasonings, Jing Man nodded his head frequently.

It seemed that the teacher who taught this class promoted the principle of ‘practice makes perfect.’ There were several ingredients that were not commonly used and cannot be found in online supermarkets, so after thinking about it, he sent a message to Long Gui for help.

The Long family owned a restaurant, so they really had all these things, and in a short time they came together with take-out. The children saw several ingredients in a separate lunchbox that Daddy had put away, and they came over to look at it.


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