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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


After the child nutrition class, the teacher posted an anonymous class poll to find out what race the students and their families were, and to adjust the order of the class afterwards. Jing Man opened the poll and found that it was multiple choice, so he checked six races: western dragon, treant, beast, aquatic, ABO, and undead.

He had a very good impression of the course. The teacher was a lady who looked like she was in her early thirties, but according to her self-introduction, she was actually over 60 years old, and her name was very cute.

The atmosphere of the class was not different from watching a food show, and Teacher Tang knew that in the thirty-first century, people seldom washed their hands to make soup, and these students were not familiar with all kinds of cooking utensils. So, the whole half of the class was carefully introduced one by one, so that everyone prepared in advance what the ingredients and kitchen utensils actually had a purpose.

But fortunately, the thirty students were not all kitchen idiots. The teacher threw out questions that were answered, the scene was not awkward. The rest of the time, she was showing videos of her children feasting on the side dishes she made when they were little.

The students who could sign up for this elective class were all child lovers who had a desire to raise babies. So, everyone watched the children very happily, and did not mind her time for water.

When the system prompted Teacher Tang to finish voting in the evening, she clicked on it and flipped through it, and her face froze. She took a screenshot of the answer and sent it to her granddaughter – [Yu, see if this overlaps with what you told me earlier about the type of children in the Baby’s Breath family? #picture#]

It was also a coincidence that Tang Xiaoyu saw this message right after she finished her training today and just after taking a shower.

Grandma had a colorful life of her own and she seldom talked to her. She isn’t in trouble, right? Thinking of this, she shrunk her neck and slowly clicked on it.

The eyes skimmed from the child’s race one by one, and Tang Xiaoyu’s heart beat faster and faster, she hurriedly replied: [Yes, Grandma, where did you see it?]

She waited a while before the other side replied: [… Baby’s Breath may be my student, otherwise it is his fan that deliberately filled it in.]

Tang Xiaoyu nodded, and her mood calmed down.

Grandma was not unreasonable. If the student did not look carefully at the question that said to choose family members, by hand selecting a few of their favorite races, it was also possible. Thinking about it, she suddenly remembered something.

She clicked on Jing Man’s circle of friends to find out what was going on, but was disappointed to find that he was not the kind of person who posted a message every day, and would only bubble up when something big happened. The poll was anonymous, and she didn’t know who had voted.

She just looked forward to the next class to get a glimpse of what’s going on.


After filling out the poll, Jing Man didn’t know that it had caused a small storm in the Tang family, and Jing Man was surrounded by his own babies and couldn’t get out of it for a while.

“Daddy, I want to eat the child cookies too!”

“And milkshake, pudding, and puree!”

“And creamy fudge! Rainbow butterfly noodles!”1

“Woof woof woof!”

It turned out that he chose to teach online, so the classroom was a direct screen cast. The children could hear everything Teacher Tang said and did during the lesson. The first half of the introduction of cooking utensils and ingredients. The other children listened to a few sentences, felt bored and went to play.

Only FanFan’s eyes shined, waving his little paws, eager to try. In the later half of the mukbang, he took a stab at the foodie pit. Five kids, and a golden retriever, all eyeballs on the projection of the children and food.

For adults, it was not much of an attraction, only colorful, and more ornamental than the taste of supplemental food, but the kids liked it most. The children smacked their lips and their eyes were watering as they looked at Daddy, hoping that he would put the goodies in front of everyone.

Perhaps, it was because Daddy’s idea of being all-powerful was deeply rooted in people’s minds. Jing Man explained several times that cooking was not his area of expertise, but no child believed him at all.

They also listened to what Teacher Tang said… She said that food made with the love of parents tasted better and the children grow healthier when they eat it. The children reflected on the fact that all they ate was food made by their father, and they really didn’t seem to have tasted Daddy’s cooking.

So, why doesn’t Daddy cook for everyone? Is it because he doesn’t love us? The little heads started to get stuck when they thought of this, and pairs of eyes gazed at Jing Man with unspeakable aggression.

Alas, they were his children, and he couldn’t let them be upset. Eventually, Jing Man lost the battle, he reached out and touched the dragon child’s back, “Xiao Jin, will you take your siblings to play hide-and-seek? I’ll look at the recipe.”

Xiao Jin nodded at first, but after two steps he became alert and asked, rubbing his claws, “What’s the recipe?”

Jing Man was overjoyed and explained that it was a book that taught how to cook before sending the children away. He stood with his hands clasped in the kitchen, leaning against the door frame, his mind recalling the video Teacher Tang showed in today’s class, what those children were eating. Finally, he found out sadly that either the ingredients were not prepared enough in advance, or the pattern was too complicated for him to handle.

When Mu CangZhou returned home, he still had no clue and was squatting in the corner of the kitchen looking at his optical computer. After listening to his complaints, the other side laughed out loud.

Mu CangZhou, “If I’m not mistaken, the videos your teachers put up are all supplemental food for humanoid children, right?”

Jing Man recalled that this was indeed the case.

Mu CangZhou then said, “The children have not yet transformed into human beings, the recipes cannot be applied to everyone for the time being, they actually want to consume kindness. Believe it or not, if you squeeze juice, they will go crazy with joy.”

Jing Man, “…”

Brother Mu seems to have a bit of truth in what he said…

He never thought he would waste half an hour of his life on this matter…

Finally, there was a direction. Jing Man looked back, and the children pretended to play in the living room, peeking their heads in from time to time to peek this way, very attentively. His heart was warmed and he slowly said, “The juice is too perfunctory, there is fresh chicken here, or I can make them a nutritious meat floss, you can teach me how to do it.”2

At that, Mu CangZhou laughed softly, changed his clothes and came out to help him. During the meal, the children looked at the food on the table and sniffed it.

This dish was made by their father, this one too, this one too…

FanFan whimpered and whimpered, “Daddy… Daddy is cheating, this is all Father’s cooking…”

Without waiting for Jing Man to explain, BaiBai inhaled from his nose to save his dad’s life, “Brother, don’t cry, these meals don’t taste the same as usual, Daddy must have added love to it.”

Jing Man nodded and smiled, brought the little white tiger over, opened the jar of meat floss and gave him a spoonful in his bowl. He said in a gentle, kind tone, “This is Daddy’s food for you, it’s not a separate dish, but it can be mixed into most foods, try it and see if you like it.”

The pink tongue with barbs brought most of the meat floss into his mouth in just one go, and the rich aroma spread out with a slight salty and burnt taste. FanFan’s eyes instantly lit up, this is delicious! A human delicacy!

He finished the rest of the meal and lifted his paws to scratch Daddy’s sleeve, signaling him to fill it up for himself. In the next moment, a big hand reached out and picked up the tiger child by the back of his neck and threw him back to his seat.

Mu CangZhou narrowed his eyes, his tone dangerous, “One taste is enough, so eat well.”

FanFan fluffed up his hair and bared his teeth at his father.

But food first, so he did not pester. He smelled the aroma in front of him, buried his head and obediently ate the food in the bowl. Although not as aromatic as a mouth full of meat floss, meat floss was indeed added into it! It tasted better than what he usually ate!

Seeing the other children casting envious and inquisitive glances at him, Jing Man hooked his lips, opened the jar of meat floss, and gave each child a little scoop.

While they were tasting it, he urged the children not to think nonsense in the future, how could Daddy not love them.

After the meal, the children were sent off to play.

Jing Man brought a cup of tea and stood next to Mu CangZhou, asking, “What have you been doing today? You left early and came back late, and you didn’t tell me.”

Mu CangZhou froze, and finally decided to tell the truth, “I went to the egg breeding base established by Ms. Yan. She really spent the money to purchase all the best machinery available. It is indeed good to have an egg breeding base.”

Jing Man nodded and sensed something again. He lowered his eyes and after a pause asked, “Are you in touch with her often?”

Otherwise the same thing, on the basis of close familial relations, his mother should still engage with her own side, and let herself send a to Brother Mu. Mu CangZhou touched his head, “Before, I helped her get out of the detention center. Afterwards, she thanked me but we have not talked much after that.”

He himself also had a little distrust of Ms. Yan, but after some fieldwork, found that she really opened an egg breeding base as a new career, and finally felt at ease.

In fact, he went to the QingYuan District Egg Breeding Base today in disguise and anonymously. When he arrived, there was a batch of newly bred hatchlings waiting to be collected by their parents.

It was a wonderful thing for parents to meet their young for the first time, as they don’t know if their personalities were compatible with each other and if they would be happy with each other in their future lives. Therefore, a professional was needed to lead them through this series of contact.

Mu CangZhou was standing at a distance, and he saw Ms. Yan’s hands-on approach and the smile on her face that could not be faked. What struck him most, perhaps because she was afraid that the chemicals in the cosmetics would be harmful to the children, was that Ms. Yan, who had worked in the entertainment industry when she was young, did not wear powder on her face.

Now there were many supposedly natural and harmless cosmetics on the market, but Ms. Yan still did not take the risk. Mu CangZhou felt that this could show she was determined. Not noticing the slight change on Mu CangZhou’s face, Jing Man heard the beep and glanced at the optical computer.

He sounded surprised, “Of the twenty races voted for, four of them are our children! I didn’t expect the undead to come in first out of thirty!” His line of sight slid and continued, “Then the second is the beast people race, the seventh is the aquatic race, and the sixteenth is the treant race.”

The undead actually ranked first, this answer was unexpected for Mu CangZhou. He came over to take a look and said, “This teacher is of undead blood, so many undead recognized her and enrolled in the class.”

With a hmph, Jing Man ran back upstairs and took the lone purple hatchling, stroking the shell and reciting the words, “Baby, do your best to grow up, Daddy will do good with the lessons, so when you hatch out you can eat good food.”

However, the egg only lay quietly, as if sinking to the bottom of the sea, without the slightest sound.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Rainbow Butterfly Noodles:

  2. 肉松; Rousong, also known as meat floss or pork floss:



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