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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


After Xiao Sang was born, Jing Man became more and more serious in the elective class, and wrote down a lot of nutritious recipes for Xiao Sang to eat when he was older. Of course, he was only responsible for recording, the cooking process needed to be left to Brother Mu. He was the kind of person who did not like to be in the limelight, so he rarely spoke in class to ask questions, and did not have a strong sense of presence.

So, the teacher was depressed. Three classes passed, and she still couldn’t tell which student was Baby’s Breath.

With the limited time available, she had to abandon her previous attitude of non-interference and take necessary measures.

After class, Jing Man received his first post-class assignment from the teacher – a video of making kid food for a midterm grade. He was a bit surprised to see that. It was too early to assign the midterm grade…

When he opened the class group, it was obvious that the students were also discussing.

[Explosion of Small Sweet Petite: My sister took this class with Teacher Tang. Her midterm homework was assigned at the end of the second month after the school year began. We are so early this time… Oooooh, I can’t cook…]

[E-Sheep: Whenever it’s assigned, it’s the same. Cooking is something you know how to do, you can learn how to do it. Friend, have you eaten?]

[Chiba and Star Candy: I’m eating. I read that this course was offline in the past. This is the first time it’s in a cloud classroom, the teacher must have her considerations, try to understand. And the teacher gave two weeks of preparation time. In the past, it would be collected the next day. I think it’s good].

[Gold-edged Iron Chopsticks: There are eight types of food listed on the list, and the overall difficulty is similar to previous years. But these two cooking methods are easy, so students who are not good at cooking can try them out.]

[No Passage: I found the video recommended in recipe A, so it can be studied. Link]

After Jing Man thanked them for sharing, he chose one of the simple foods recommended by Iron Chopsticks, clicked on the link and started to study the recipe.

Two weeks later, Teacher Tang Yuan collected all the students’ homework, and she couldn’t wait to open it and start watching.

She was sad to find that these students were ‘hidden’… Most of them didn’t show their faces, and a few didn’t even speak up.

Jing Man happened to be one of the students who did not speak up. He didn’t mind the sound, but when he recorded the video, he avoided the kids in the name of hide-and-seek.

If a voice came out, it would be immediately discovered…

Tang Xiaoyu knew that Grandma collected homework today, so she was the first to send a message asking for the results.

However, her grandmother’s mood was not beautiful, coldly packaged the homework video dumped over, accompanied by a sentence: [I did not find out which one is baby’s breath, you come to see].

Tang Xiaoyu at that time did not know why her grandmother was in an unhappy mood, but after watching a few videos she understood the reason for it.

However, cooking certainly could not be done without ‘hands’ appearing on camera. She struggled to get out the previous live stream clip of the hands of Baby’s Breath, and watched the video to compare.

Finally, her eyes locked on the screen.

This was a pair of well-defined, long and slender hands without losing strength, a moment to rinse rice, a moment to peel shrimp, knuckles beaten as if playing string music, and some movements were obviously not very skilled.

She could see that this was a man who was not a good cook.

But how well the rice was cooked was not the point… Tang Xiaoyu was sure that this was definitely the hands of Baby’s Breath that petted the little golden dragon to sleep!

[Grandma! I found Baby’s Breath! He’s really your student!]

The recipe that was lucky enough to be chosen by Jing Man was shrimp congee.1 In addition to the fact that it was better to make, another reason was that it was a popular menu item. After making it, every child in the family could eat it.

Last time, he made meat floss as a topping more or less. He thought the children would forget this one, but he ended up letting Xiao Sang hear the assignment from Teacher Tang.

He didn’t know what the baby, who couldn’t even speak well, said to his siblings, but the children surrounded Jing Man and gave him a crazy message about wanting to eat Daddy’s food.

So, Jing Man had a little negotiation with the kids. He made it clear that his weakness was that he was not a good cook, and that the six kids were making him feel uncomfortable.

Father and child pulled each other out and made a deal that this would be the last meal. Even the youngest, Xiao Sang, was now a month old, and Jing Man gradually discovered the different interests of the children.

Xiao Jin, as always, liked shiny things and was gradually revealing the greed of a dragon. Obviously, he had prepared a room full of gems. Outside the sight of shiny things, he still could not resist the temptation to pull things into the house to hide. Shiny metal spoons, colored diamond caps on skin care products, a glass shelter bought to cool Big Bear, and even the glittering kitchen knives were not spared.

Jing Man was confused when he touched the kitchen knife in his room.

Even once wondered if he was harsh on the little golden dragon, otherwise he should not have hidden a kitchen knife under the pillow! If not for the golden scales covering his body, absorbing enough gems to become very hard and invulnerable to knives and guns, he would have gotten hurt tossing and turning like that!

When Mu CangZhou came home that day, he saw Jing Man sitting in the living room in a bad mood, with his head hanging, and a kitchen knife on the coffee table in front of him, the one with the rhinestone handle. He went over to pick up the knife and weighed it for a bit, wondering, “What’s wrong, ManMan? This knife has no edge and is not sharp.”

Jing Man shook his head, explained that the knife was pulled out of Xiao Jin’s nest, and explained his concern.

Mu CangZhou was silent for a long time and pulled him up from the couch, “Come on, it’s time to enroll Xiao Jin in classes.”

Xiao Jin was lying in his gem nest, trying to soak in a bath of brightly colored multicolored gems, and was a little confused when he saw Daddy and his father pushing through the door. He tilted his head for a moment and asked, “Daddy, can I have my knife back?”

Jing Man was a little angry, but he knew in his heart that it was useless to be angry. So, he kept quiet and pushed Mu CangZhou to the front of the room to tell his son about ‘remedial matters.’

“Identify the purity of the gemstones?!” After listening to his father’s explanation, Xiao Jin’s eyes lit up, it sounded like he could touch a lot of gems. He rolled down from the gem nest with a grunt and ran to Mu CangZhou on his hind legs, hugging his pant leg with his little paws, his eyes full of expectation.

Mu CangZhou nodded, with some helplessness in his eyes. However, he knew in his heart that now was the dragon child’s thirst for shiny things period. If they did not properly meet his needs, when the dragon child later transforms into a human, he will likely be bothered by shiny things, affecting important matters.

Once there was a dragon idol whose family conditions were not good in their childhood, unable to meet the thirst for sparkly objects. Directly leading to their first concert, they saw the fans waving large colored glow sticks and their mood soared high to the extreme, directly transforming into their original form in the 10,000 person venue. A huge western dragon suddenly appeared, each scale as big as a human face.

A second ago, the dragon idol was singing and dancing, then they opened their giant abyssal mouth up to the sky and roared, no different from Godzilla, and almost scared the fans’ young hearts to death.

Originally, when the dragons were young, they only needed to go to the hotel’s microclimate suite a few times to replenish their energy, and since then the gem lair had become a necessity for every dragon hatchling. The government had also joined forces with the mineral company to open a gem identification course for young children.

That was, while satisfying the dragon children’ desire for shiny gems, it also opened up the mineral company’s popularity, so that people could choose their own family’s gem lair.

Garden Road did not have this class, so to enroll in the class, they had to go to the next street, which required a two-hour round trip every day, so Mu CangZhou did not mention it before. He thought Tian Yuan had designed the microclimate room to satisfy Xiao Jin’s desire for bright and shiny objects. But now it turns out that it didn’t, so he had to put enrolling in classes back on the agenda.

A few days later, it was time for Xiao Jin to go to his first gem identification class.

Jing Man blushed a little at the thought of his own little golden dragon rolling around in the gems. It was okay to be like this at home, no one minds. When he left the house, so many eyes were staring at the children, if he still did that, he would be embarrassed.

When he arrived at the place, the teacher showed him the classroom environment. Jing Man relaxed a lot. Each classroom was divided into twelve transparent cubicles, each with a good number of gems of various sizes piled up in them. Some of the kids treated the gems like large watermelons and nibbled them in their mouths.

Some children were very motivated and took various tools prepared by the institution and put them on the stones in a manner to test their purity. Some of the children were OCD, lining up the gems according to color, size and purity. Each time he placed one, a satisfied smile would appear on his face.

Xiao Jin was quite interested in the little OCD dragon child, pointing in that direction to Jing Man, frantically hinting that he wanted to sit next door to this little dragon. After the formalities were completed, Xiao Jin followed the teacher into the classroom while Jing Man went to the parent lounge to wait.

Here, he saw a figure that had a familiar face.

“Are you… Mr. Jing?” The man recognized him first, squinted his eyes for a long time, and then opened his mouth to ask.

“Yes, hello Brother Bai.” Jing Man nodded with a smile and sat down.

He had just visited only three classrooms, but he didn’t expect his old acquaintance Bai ChengYue to be here with the very soft and cute little white dragon in his memory.

“Feng Huo didn’t come?” Jing Man asked, knowingly, that Feng Huo hardly went out during the day, and he knew it.

Bai ChengYue nodded, “Mn, I brought Xiao Ze to class by myself.”

The situation was cold again, and Jing Man was a little embarrassed. He took out the optical computer to connect to the monitoring password just given by the teacher. Each cubicle was set up with a hidden camera that allowed parents to see what their children were doing.

At this point, open the surveillance video, Jing Man’s face changed. Half of Xiao Jin’s body was not in the picture, his body was facing the other direction, and he was holding a gemstone and waving it around, muttering.

But the surveillance was not set to record, he could not hear what Xiao Jin was saying.

Looking at the direction, Xiao Jin was definitely talking to the small OCD dragon child …

Son, didn’t you say that the thirst for shiny things was almost at the threshold? You are here to make friends?

Jing Man didn’t see the OCD dragon child’s face just now, but he recalled that the scales were a bit grayish white, the body shape was a full size larger than Xiao Jin, and the clothing style looked familiar. He looked up hesitantly and asked, “Brother Bai, which classroom is Xiao Ze in?”

Bai ChengYue raised his hand and pointed in a direction, “The second room over there.”

At that Jing Man fell silent, sighing in his heart that children were really smart.

He didn’t know how Xiao Feng raised his children, but he actually turned out to be the floppy, cold, OCD little white dragon…


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Translator Notes:

  1. Shrimp congee



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