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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Xiao Jin and Xiao Ze were getting closer and closer because of their classes together. Of course, the way the two of them get along was mostly based on Xiao Jin’s blabbering while Xiao Ze would aloofly nod and prioritize lining up the gems together.

When he saw this, Jing Man thought that Xiao Ze had lost his relationship with Xiao Jin after not seeing each other for a long time, and that his son had fallen back on him. But to his surprise, the teacher once made a mistake in seating and a strange little dragon was between the two little dragons!

Xiao Jin, who was relatively outgoing, thought they would go next door to drink baby shakes together after class, so he didn’t say anything. Xiao Jin said hello to the strange dragon and then got involved in the class, playing with the gems in his hand with golden eyes.

Surprisingly, Xiao Ze was not happy.

He had a stinky face and didn’t touch any of the gems on his desk, but raised his paw and rang the emergency button placed in his seat. The noisy bell rang through the classroom, and the teacher and Bai ChengYue both rushed to see what was wrong with him.

He did not say a word, stood straight out of his seat and walked to the seat of the strange little dragon, with a pair of vertical pupils staring at the other. The little white dragon didn’t give up until the little dragon inexplicably got out of the seat, letting him have the empty seat.

It was only then that Jing Man realized that Xiao Ze valued Xiao Jin as a friend.

From then on, the teacher remembered, and set Jing Jin and Bai LeZe as regular tablemates, not daring to let the two good friends apart. 

This day, Jing Man was waiting in the parents’ lounge as usual, bored with his optical computer, when he received a message from someone he didn’t expect.

[Lin Zhuzi: Mr. Jing, we went back and seriously considered ZhiZhi’s suggestion, and now we’re moving to the Garden Road neighborhood with RuanRuan! Our new address is at 108 Flower Pond Road, welcome to play.]

Seeing this message Jing Man’s first reaction was surprise.

But then he calmed down and felt a little worried about the little mussel’s health, since she was not well and could not stand the long journey.

Jing Man had never thought that the mussel family would one day leave the FuHe District, which was good for aquatic life. They would move to a completely new place to live. He hurriedly replied with concern: [Welcome, how is RuanRuan adjusting to this place?]

[Lin Zhuzi: She’s pretty good! I went back to look up information online and found that there is an area suitable for aquatic life here! After moving here, I found that there are quite a lot of newborn children, and RuanRuan has already made a new friend! They’re also a little mussel].

Seeing this, Jing Man sighed with relief, his peach blossom eyes hooked up with a soft smile. He still remembered the last time they met, his own ZhiZhi childishly mentioned a mouthful about having Lin ZhuZi and the others move. At that time, after listening, he was a little nervous. If they move over here and their standard of living drops, the heart would have complaints.

However, now things look pretty good.

Jing Man looked at the specific address Lin Zhuzi had sent, which was quite close to his house, much closer than Xiao Jin’s classes anyway. He recalled that there seemed to be a large aquarium on Flower Pond Road, and the water resources were abundant.

Jing Man remembered that his school had organized a spring trip when he was in junior high, but he didn’t go there often, so he didn’t expect that there were actually many aquatics living there. It was close enough to visit when they had time.

When he returned home in the evening, Jing Man gave a mention to Mu CangZhou.

Recently, he did not know what Mr. Mu was busy with, leaving early and returning late, and sleeping at night was not great.

Mu CangZhou smiled and said, “You said before that you want to bring Tian Yuan over to play, have you set a time? He has urged me several times, both explicitly and implicitly.”

Jing Man shrank his neck upon hearing this, he did say that before. But as soon as he got home, he became busy and put it behind him. He sat next to Mu CangZhou and raised his wrist to encircle his shoulder in a soft tone, “Oh, I forgot, Tian Yuan wants to come here, you let him contact me directly to tell me.”

Mu CangZhou’s free hand wrapped around his waist, buried his face in the curve of Jing Man’s neck, sniffed his body scent, and said in a thick and low voice, “Then let him come over first, when he comes, we will go together to see the little mussel.”

He was almost done with his preparations, so he could get Tian Yuan to join him… Mu CangZhou raised his head, rubbed his hand on Jing Man’s head, and asked with dark eyes, “ManMan, your major class assignment this year is to paint oil paintings, right?”

“Yes.” Thinking about it, Jing Man was annoyed and complained, “The teacher asked me to go out and paint twenty paintings, but I’ve been playing with the kids at home every day, so I haven’t done it yet!”

Mu CangZhou then asked, “Have you thought about where to go?”

Jing Man thought for a moment, “I want to go to Wanhua Mountain1, the landscape there is very beautiful in the summer, many plants are in bloom, and there is also a waterscape. But it’s too far away, if I go there, I’ll have to stay there for a long time, and I have to take care of the kids.” After a pause, he added, “I plan to go to the nearby Garden Road Park, at least it was designed by a professional gardening team.”

Wanhua Mountain…. ManMan likes the scenery there, right?

Mu CangZhou secretly put the name of the place into his mind.

Within a few days, Tian Yuan arrived at QingYuan District by leap point.

To show his sincerity and to make up for keeping BaiBai waiting all this time, Jing Man deliberately took all the kids out together to pick him up.

Today was the middle of the week and the station was relatively sparse. Jing Man found a high point to look out as far as the eye can see. He had already received the news that Tian Yuan had landed, and the announcement had been made on the radio, but looking around, why couldn’t he be found?

The robot should be obvious in the crowd, but he just couldn’t find him!

“Daddy, what are you looking for?” Xiao Jin scratched the stroller a little to attract Daddy’s attention, and looked up to ask Jing Man.

“Tian Yuan,” Jing Man looked around again, but still found nothing, and sat down on the seat to take a sip of water, somewhat discouraged.

Well… If he remembered correctly, Tian Yuan should be the robot friend that he saw at the egg breeding base, right? Xiao Jin blinked and looked at the place not far behind Jing Man.

Although that person looked different from Uncle Tian Yuan, the smell and feeling was exactly the same, it was definitely him.

The little golden dragon twisted his two little paws full of gold scales, and his heart was torn about whether to remind Daddy.

Uncle Tian Yuan had been standing there for a long, long time…

If it was Mu CangZhou picking him up, he would definitely find this robot’s tricks at a glance. Unfortunately, he was busy today and took Big Bear with him.

It was ManMan who went out alone with the children.

It turned out there was no one at Sky Blue Star who watched TV or surfed online regularly who could not recognize Tian Yuan’s classic robot image.

And for robots, the core was the most important thing, the outside tin shell could be changed at will.

So, this time Tian Yuan went out and deliberately changed into his travel skin – except for the inorganic eyes, the material everywhere else was not much different from a real person! He had been circling around Jing Man several times, but he didn’t expect the boy to be unable to figure out that he was the one he was looking for…

Jing Man sent another message to Tian Yuan, asking him where the exact coordinates were.

Then, he felt something poke his wrist a few times, and when he looked down, it was ZhiZhi poking him with the peach blossom branch on their right hand. Jing Man didn’t doubt it and touched the flower branch a little, asking with concern, “ZhiZhi wait a minute, I’ll give you some water when I find Tian Yuan.”

Just as Xiao Jin had entered the ‘sparkly’ thirst period, and his second treant child entered the thirst period of water and sunlight. These days he put ZhiZhi in the pool during the day for them to soak, and at this time thought he saw himself craving for water.

Only! Not at all! ZhiZhi’s cheeks rose to a blush as they shook their head and continued to poke the back of Daddy’s hand with a flowering branch. At the same time, a sentence popped out of their throat, “Daddy, look over there.”

“Which side?” Jing Man’s gaze followed the direction ZhiZhi pointed, there was no one else there except for a dark-haired boy who seemed to be waiting for someone.

Wait a minute… 

His gaze was fixed on the young man’s face, with sharp and expressionless features. And those eyes look unhighlighted and appalling! And staring straight at this side!

That’s definitely not the kind of gaze an ordinary passerby should have! This man did not look like a good person!

A sense of crisis came to his mind, Jing Man quietly stood up to block the view of the other side, and then carefully put down the cover of the children’s stroller. He noticed that the man had been staring at himself during that time! He’s not afraid to try to kidnap the children?!

A thin cold sweat percolated from his forehead, he was alone with six children, and this was a crowded traffic hub… If that person was a madman, grabbing a child and running off, where could he cry!

Jing Man calmly pushed the stroller, and walked towards the crowded area.

The kids in the car were also confused. The kids who had seen Tian Yuan were full of questions, wondering why Daddy was running away. The few kids that had never seen him before were huddled together nervously, and Daddy was pushing the cart faster than ever this time. It was somewhat exciting, hiccup.

When Jing Man walked to the crowded gate, the noise of the people around him reassured him a lot. Looking back, the suspicious man was also gone. Jing Man relaxed and turned on his optical computer, ready to ask Tian Yuan where the hell he was.

Then, he saw a string of messages bombarding…

[Tian Yuan: Selfie, ManMan, today Tian Yuan looks like this, hahahaha hard to imagine!]

[Tian Yuan: Hey, ManMan, what is ManMan doing running so fast? This body doesn’t use tracks to walk, so it’s troublesome to take steps.]

[Tian Yuan: Stop, stop, stop, ManMan stay there and don’t move anymore, Tian Yuan will come over right away!]

What the hell…

He, he actually treated his little companion as a suspicious person…

No wonder the eyes were “staring” and “very dangerous”, his eyes were glass beads, of course,  it’s not as vivid as real people!

Jing Man silently looked back, as he said, this body’s walking was not well-adapted. The “black-haired man’s” eyes were fixed on the ground, just like a child learning to walk for the first time, using his eyes to measure the distance of a step, and then lift his feet to take a step, very inefficient.

Retracting his eyes, Jing Man raised his hand to lift the cover of the stroller and touched each of the babies for a little while to cover up his embarrassment.

When Tian Yuan approached, Jing Man was slightly relieved to see his face as usual, and was ready to launch the host’s amiable attack to make him forget about the foolishness just now.

However, Tian Yuan’s brow furrowed and his voice opened with, “Is ManMan hiding from Tian Yuan?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 万花山: Mountain of Ten Thousand Flowers


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