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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After all, it was one of the main features of the core area, and all kinds of transportation could lead to the Galactic Exhibition Hall. Lin Han took a while to clean up, but no matter how he tried to cover it, the back of his neck and his gland, if one looked closely, they could still see the not too deep and shallow red marks.

Lin Han worried for a while how to make the mark less conspicuous, and finally looked down at the little one who had regained his vitality and started to jump around, and finally came up with a solution that wasn’t a solution. When he left the house, Lin Han was dressed appropriately, except for a small ball at his neck, black and fluffy, excitedly lying on him.

He had agreed with Grr that he only wanted it to help him cover his marks.

He was worried at first that Grr wouldn’t want to sit down, but he didn’t expect that the position was next to his gland, and the little guy’s sense of smell was already more sensitive than a human’s. Once he got up there, he could smell a little bit of very faint caramel pheromone, and he couldn’t get down from there, and his little paws kept clenching on the collar.

Lin Han was a little embarrassed that Grr sometimes pressed his entire body up, allowing the already sensitive glands to run through his body in a burst of uncomfortable electricity. Fortunately, it wasn’t too uncomfortable, although occasionally it made Lin Han a little itchy, but it was better than the red mark being seen.

But such a small thing on his body was more striking, from the walk to the public flying machine mooring, finally arriving at the Galactic Exhibition Hall, one person and one ball has been the focus of many people’s attention.

It was announced that the storage fee had been reduced, so even though it wasn’t a public holiday, there were many more people at the Exhibition Hall.

The huge storage fee of the Exhibition Hall was often criticized, some people sneered that such a meaningful setting would consume many ordinary people’s life savings, if anyone could store a thing. In fact, the core area was exclusive to the rich and powerful.

The staff in the museum didn’t respond to this, the core area’s strong culture had been around for a long time, many people even took the initiative to speak mockingly, saying that this place should have stored some more noble things, the huge storage fees was just a screening level.

The entrance to the Galactic Exhibition Hall looked not much different from an ordinary museum, and only after entering did one realize that it was something else.

Some people would choose to take the initiative to show their own things to everyone, but also to reveal their names. Once inside the hall, Lin Han could see a variety of strange or ordinary items, the center of the most prominent position was a key. Lin Han immediately recognized it as a very early model mecha, the attached note was the Emperor’s first personal requisition he used, now it was in the exhibition hall as a souvenir.

The Exhibition Hall was divided into ten floors according to the type and properties of the items, some of which weren’t directly stored here due to various reasons such as being too large or impossible to carry, but were shown in the form of images or holographic light screens. Before entering the Exhibition Hall, everyone would be asked their purpose. If it was only to visit and enjoy, they would enter through the blue light door. If they wanted to deposit, after giving a tip there would be a special person to guide them and to introduce them to the various rules, as well as listen to their needs.

There was no one to guide visitors if they were just touring, but some enthusiastic college students would serve as volunteers to introduce the various displays they knew, as far as their abilities allowed. But Lin Han’s appearance was already rather conspicuous, not to mention a small moving ball of fur around his neck. Even before he could explain his purpose, a volunteer took the initiative to lean over.

The first time people come is usually for visiting, so after Lin Han expressed this, the volunteer took him into the blue light door with no trouble.

“Sir, your pet is so cute.” The volunteer wasn’t old enough to see a creature like Grr and liked it even more.

Unfortunately, Grr was grabbing the collar to sniff the caramel scent and didn’t listen carefully to what the people around said.

The volunteer was a little disappointed to see that it couldn’t be teased.

Lin Han smiled shallowly and casually gave this small thing, which was so enthusiastic about meeting him for the first time, a casual excuse, “It’s afraid of people.”

“Oh.” The volunteer was a bit lost, but remained polite and introduced his number and contact information in the museum, “If you’re curious about anything, you can ask me, I will tell you everything I know.”

“Okay.” Lin Han nodded and asked, “By the way, are there any requirements for the Exhibition Hall regarding storage, besides the most basic rules?”

The volunteer froze for a moment, “Do you want to store something? Then I can contact the staff in the museum for you…”

Lin Han, who was originally looking for clues aimlessly and didn’t want to alert the official staff, quickly stopped, “No. I’m just asking.”

At this point, Grr finally realized after the fact that the place had changed, and it was the place that had appeared in the news today — he excitedly opened his bean eyes and started wagging his tail to look around.

So the young volunteer wanted to leave, but was drawn to the little guy again, thinking that he had finally had an effect by waving his hand in front of him and teasing him. Then he didn’t want to leave again, “Okay, then you ask, I will try to answer.”

Lin Han nodded and turned his face to see Grr staring at a certain place and seemed very interested, so he cooperated and took a few steps in that direction and said to him, “Do you like this?”

The volunteer also followed to look over to the bright closed cabinet with a perfectly ordinary plain sarong spread out, and explained, “This is the Empress’s sarong, she said it’s a symbol of her love.”

The Imperial Royal Family was actually relatively low-profile, except for Wen TianYao, others rarely showed up. Lin Han didn’t care about these, totally disinterested, so he only politely responded.

The first floor was too large, and as a display of the row, were basically some of the famous families’ items. Lin Han saw a countess kept a unique bell star flower, the only one in the whole Empire, that her husband brought back from tens of thousands of light years away; there was also a certain leading figure who had retired from the military, sealed his extracted pheromones, he got sick later and lost his sense of smell, so he simply saved it… 

And a few layers up, was some of the ordinary people stored things.

Some Omegas would even store a consistent with their own skin bite marks to commemorate the first mark, there were also loving mothers storing their children’s birth memorial, and so on and so forth.

Lin Han wandered through several floors and couldn’t find anything related to He YunTing.

He wasn’t really frustrated, he just thought, Is it really a problem with my intuition?

The volunteer, compelled by Grr, would come over from time to time to take a peek at the little guy and do some explaining to Lin Han in the process.

For example, everyone knew the rules of the Galactic Exhibition Hall depository, everything was allowed, only one thing could be stored and only one thing taken. But because many people hadn’t actually stored things, there were some details that weren’t widely known.

For example, in fact, there was a time limit for storing, taking into account the current human life span, the longest was 150 years. If they or people related to them didn’t come to claim it, then they would be shot into the universe, never to be found again.

Therefore the display hall in the deposit of certain special items would sign an agreement with the other party, mostly to avoid liability. This was very interesting. Some people pre-deposit ashes, others pre-deposit genes.

Lin Han wasn’t interested in pre-storage, and after a few glances, he went to the next level.

The exhibits on this floor weren’t signed or introduced, so it didn’t look as concise and clear as before, but there weren’t too few people, and there were always people who liked to speculate about where these things belonged and whether they would belong to any powerful person.

“Some people don’t reveal their names and the significance of the items.” The volunteer explained, “In the absence of a specific request, it’s exhibited by default. So there’s this floor. Feel free to take a look. I’ll go ahead and get busy.”

Grr’s excitement wore off and he began to ignore the volunteer. Lin Han agreed and casually showed Grr around the floor aimlessly. This floor was really strange, everything was there, but nothing was explained. He looked halfway around and had no clue, and was about to go on down when he was suddenly caught by a glass case high above him.

It was a plain meteorite.

No signature, no explanation, it had an irregular shape and an unattractive appearance.

But Lin Han’s heart surged.

Because apart from the shape, the color and texture of this meteorite looked exactly the same as the one He YunTing had given to him.

It was obvious that they came from the same star.


The author has something to say: 

I’m sorry, my best friend passed away, and I was temporarily out of town for a day. I couldn’t write in that environment. When I got to the hotel, I wrote a little, not much, but wanted to send this out first.


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June 6, 2022 11:23 am

This novel may be a couple of years old now, but sympathies to the author on the loss of their friend at that time.
That’s how precious LH us to HYT. Believe it, LH.
Thanks for translating and editing.

June 6, 2022 12:37 pm

Sorry for your lost 😔

June 21, 2022 5:37 am

I’m amazed the author published anything while mourning the loss of a friend! I hope the writing was therapeutic and not a burden.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 8, 2022 6:31 am

“If they or people related to them didn’t claim it,then they would be shot into the universe,never to be found again.”

🤯 ∑(゚ロ゚〃) I thought the storage part was a forever thing 😅 didn’t know we should & would be getting it back at some point. Even having the possibility of it being a space treasure, somewhere out there, someday if not claimed.

Aaaa he gave out a meteorite that’s paired w/ our bby mc

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