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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Jing Man took Tian Yuan back to the Jing house. Jing Man took the babies out of the stroller in turn, and then tilted his head to look at the second floor, wondering which guest room was suitable for Tian Yuan to stay in.

As a result, the robot picked up ZhiZhi and headed to the backyard, saying as he walked, “How about Tian Yuan and ZhiZhi live in the sunroom?”

He previously helped ZhiZhi deal with blood ties, and this child he was the most familiar with. Although now ZhiZhi was a couple months old and had not been bound to their father for a long time, this did not prevent Tian Yuan from heartily liking this good little treant.

Another reason was that the bodies of the treants were wooden, cool to the touch. For Tian Yuan, this would give him peace of mind.

Regardless of what others think, ZhiZhi was overjoyed to hear this. They immediately hugged Tian Yuan and did not let go, and their eyes looked at Daddy expectantly.

Their room was built outdoors, some distance from their brothers’ rooms. It was okay to play together during the day, but every nightfall they had a touch of loneliness in their heart.

Now Uncle Tian Yuan could live with them, that was the best!

Jing Man’s mood was still partly left in embarrassment, thinking about things more cautiously than before, afraid of doing something wrong.

Although the parties involved were looking forward to it, he still opened his mouth to suggest to ZhiZhi, “This is not appropriate, Uncle Tian Yuan is a guest in our house, letting him squeeze in with you will make it look like our family is not good to him…”

ZhiZhi was an understanding baby. When Daddy said so, they came to realize. They also calmed down, pouted, and loosened their wooden hands.

However, the other party was not happy. Tian Yuan looked at Jing Man with a very hurt expression, “So, ManMan treats Tian Yuan as a guest? Tian Yuan thought we were very close, and with Tian Yuan’s friendship with Mu CangZhou, at worst can be considered a distant cousin…” 

As if the expression on Jing Man’s face wasn’t devastating enough, he continued, “No wonder ManMan saw Tian Yuan at the station and ignored him, so ManMan didn’t want to see Tian Yuan… Now it makes sense why it took ManMan so long to contact Tian Yuan after he returned to the QingYuan District… Since ManMan doesn’t welcome Tian Yuan, then Tian Yuan will leave now.”

The robot did not leave for the door, but put down ZhiZhi in his arms and went to the sofa to sit down. He said with conviction, “No, although Jing Man is not friends with Tian Yuan, Mu CangZhou is still Tian Yuan’s friend, Tian Yuan is sitting here waiting for Mu CangZhou to come back and meet with his friend before leaving.”

It’s over, this is a hornet’s nest. Jing Man’s mind was swept up with these words.

After listening to Tian Yuan’s cruel statement, which contained no personal preposition but only the person’s name, he was even more unsure of himself.

The name was very serious, he did not know whether this guy was angry or acting!

At this point, Jing Man just hated himself for not having the ability to distinguish expressions from the robot’s face. Moreover, even if one got close, you still couldn’t read the feelings in those glass eyes! His eyes were very unscientific!

Jing Man stared nervously, fidgeting. He came closer and sat down, patted the robot’s shoulder, and spoke with difficulty, “Tian Yuan, you think too much. Of course you are our indispensable family! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have brought my family to get you back, don’t you think?”

Tian Yuan nodded his head with a sound. But he didn’t say anything, his eyes looked at him and gestured for him to continue.

Jing Man had to lose the battle, “Since ZhiZhi is also willing, then you two can live together. No more anger, okay?”

Having gotten the answer he wanted, Tian Yuan was satisfied. He adjusted his sitting posture to a more comfortable one and started to play with the children, sweeping away his previous aggrieved image and acting as if the old master had come home.

In the evening, Jing Man heard Big Bear’s voice outside the door, and he quickly went to greet him. Mu CangZhou was wearing a very sporty outfit today, looking full of energy. When he came out to greet the door, Mu CangZhou smiled and asked, “What’s wrong with ManMan, Tian Yuan didn’t cause any trouble today, did he?”

Jing Man let out a long sigh, took the leash from him and knelt down to help Big Bear untie the leash. He glared at Mu CangZhou and said, “Forget it, you didn’t tell me earlier that he would change his shell, I searched around but couldn’t find him. Those glass eyes are too scary, I thought he was going to kidnap the children.”

At that, Mu CangZhou laughed out loud.

Jing Man continued, “When he came back, he gave me a hard time and wanted to sleep with ZhiZhi in the backyard sunroom, which I didn’t think was good. Guess what he said?” Without waiting for Mu CangZhou to make a sound, he sighed and began to ask himself, “Be serious, this robot actually morally kidnapped me! As soon as he opened his mouth, he said I treated him like an outsider. As soon as he entered the door, he gave me a show of authority, so that I did not dare say what he actually wanted to do. But fortunately, he just took the children to the backyard, and dirtied his clothes a little. He didn’t give me a big deal.”

After hearing this, Mu CangZhou’s face changed slightly, the expression on his face was more than a little stiff. He rarely did not follow Jing Man’s intention to speak, hastily comforting with a few sentences, and went inside the house. However, Jing Man just wanted to complain a little, and was still very happy in his heart.

Tian Yuan took the initiative to help take care of the children after arriving, and then took the children to the bath. He couldn’t be happier.

Before going to bed, Jing Man sat on the shag carpet and told stories from fairy tales to the six children, who had played with Tian Yuan all day, and now were clinging to him more than ever.

Mu CangZhou quietly blocked Tian Yuan into the sunroom where the night had fallen and the incandescent lights were on. Tian Yuan knew that he was going to tell himself about how he deliberately embarrassed Jing Man today, but he was not weak, and he was a bit excited.

Mu CangZhou sat down on ZhiZhi’s children’s bed and opened his thin lips lightly. The words he uttered were unexpected, “Tian Yuan, thanks for coming today. Thank you for helping to divert ManMan’s attention.”

Tian Yuan casually picked up a box and counted the flower petals that ZhiZhi had faded off earlier. He nodded, “Tian Yuan wanted to see ManMan and the children, just stopping by to help Mu CangZhou, don’t worry about it.”

Mu CangZhou rubbed his hair and spoke with difficulty, “But ManMan is in a bit of a bad mood, can you do it differently? Of course, I’m not saying you’re bad, I’m afraid he won’t be able to stand it for long and will kick you out.”

Tian Yuan paused in his movements and gave a hum from his nose, as if he was not very happy. “ManMan would not kick out his good friend Tian Yuan.” He changed the subject and asked, “How long will it take for Mu CangZhou to get ready?”

Mu CangZhou, “The land thing is done, Ms. Yan transferred to me the land that she had previously auctioned off in Wanhua Mountain with the intention of building a factory.”

His expression was more than a little odd and ashamed, “I had a problem with her before, always looking with a filter in her eyes. Now I find that she is quite unpredictable, and the condition attached to the sale of the land to me is to help her walk her dog for a month…”

“Jing Xiang is her family’s golden retriever and should not be familiar with me. I’m always unwilling to let it run off, but today I took Big Bear with me, and things were much better.”

Ms. Yan Xiu’er said, during the first few days of walking Jing Xiang, Jing Xiang was not happy, so it did not count, and that he’ll start a month from today. But after learning of his idea, the land was already given to him long ago, and the construction team there had already started work for four days.

After hearing these words, Tian Yuan nodded his head frequently.

Mu CangZhou wanted the architectural drawings that he designed, and according to the current construction team, it would take almost a month to completely build. 

Tian Yuan’s face cut a wry smile, “Then Tian Yuan will stay in QingYuan District for a long, long time.”

Mu CangZhou nodded helplessly and added, “By the way, you should stare less at ManMan, he doesn’t like your eyes.”

Jing Man had no idea what Mu CangZhou was actually doing. He only thought that after the completion of the new egg breeding base in QingYuan District, there would be a lot more couples choosing to breed eggs. Brother Mu’s midwife qualification was still listed online, so he was helping people deliver babies every day, and he was complimented several times at the dinner table.

The calendar was torn down day by day, and it had already been a week since Tian Yuan arrived home. Jing Man was lying in bed that night and reviewing the situation in his head. He was surprised to find that before Tian Yuan came, he had a lot of things to do every day.

After Tian Yuan arrived, he had help with the kids, but somehow, he had to do even more!

Today, Tian Yuan advised him that FanFan, a fluffy beast cub, needed to be groomed more often, and he booked a first-class groomer here.

Tomorrow, Tian Yuan will be talking about how Xiao Shui’s hair hydration was not good enough or detailed enough, and they must go to a baby supplies store right away to review the various hydration creams on the market.

The day after tomorrow, he could find a market selling the freshest undead staple, rainforest plant leaves, and they had to go across two streets to go to this market, another day wasted!

The more he thought about it, the more he poked Mu CangZhou, who was just lying down. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Brother Mu, do you think Tian Yuan is not in the right state?”

Mu CangZhou was so tired from walking the dog, working as a supervisor, and purchasing various items that he wanted to drift off to sleep when his head hit the pillow. However, when he heard these words, he woke up with a jolt. After a moment’s reflection, Mu CangZhou continued to close his eyes, then used sleepiness to hide his weakness. He made a nasal sound and muttered, “What’s wrong ManMan, I see he’s taking care of the kids with more dedication than I did when I was a kid…”

Jing Man sidled up to Brother Mu and shook him, “Yeah! He’s so devoted too!”

Mu CangZhou, “…”

He didn’t hear what the boy was trying to say, seemingly neither angry nor displeased. So, he opened his eyes to find out what was going on, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw ManMan’s red, rosy lips very close to his own.

He couldn’t resist kissing him.

After the kiss, Mu CangZhou asked, “So, is it bad for Tian Yuan to take care of the children? If you think it’s not good, I’ll go talk to him tomorrow.”

Why, that’s not the reason! He could not thank him enough for catching such a dedicated wild robot!

Jing Man’s ears were slightly red and his face was a little hot, so he reached out and pulled the covers up to cover most of his face. He said shyly, “No, no, I mean, shouldn’t I show something too? I think he should be tired of staying here now, so tomorrow I’ll take him to the Flower Pond place to play and meet the little mussel and their family.”

Since he did not suspect Tian Yuan of deliberately causing trouble, Mu CangZhou’s heart was completely relaxed. At this time, upon seeing ManMan’s lovely appearance, he only felt as if there were a hundred little kittens scratching and kneading in his heart. He rolled over and kissed him, smiling, “It’s your call.”


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