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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The contact time was too short, some fragments didn’t have time to appear in his mind, because of his thief’s heart, afraid of being discovered, he closed the glass case quickly. But at least he knew, if something big hadn’t happened, He YunTing would never have willingly forgotten him.

These dusty images alone were enough to keep him calm for a long time. It turned out that someone had long loved him silently, but forever restrained to hide all their emotions, hidden behind, without revealing any traces.

The memories were in order.

The person was used to silence, but his feelings were always simple and passionate.

Lin Han himself had almost forgotten what he looked like when he entered school, but in He YunTing’s memory, it was more vivid than ever.

At that time, his mother had just passed away, and Lin Han was even prepared to be in the Imperial Army for several years, but found that his mother had left him a considerable amount of savings, which was completely enough for him to live alone in the core area for a long time. He was calm and collected, but in the end, he was just a teenager who had come all the way from the civilian area for the first time, and still had the light of curiosity about all the new things in his eyes, and also had hopes and aspirations for the future.

Even though he didn’t like the hustle and bustle, as a representative of the outstanding freshmen, Lin Han still stood in the lecture hall of the Imperial Army University for the first time according to the usual practice and said, “My name’s Lin Han, student number 2472W, and I am honored to be here.”

Later, he kept a low profile, so everyone gradually forgot that there was a young boy who loved all kinds of mecha and wanted to drive them one day. Lin Han used to think it was a joke, after all, no matter how hard he tried, his physique was the mountain he could never cross. He didn’t even want to recall his speech, thinking it was a boast of his own blind confidence that no one remembered.

But from the other side’s perspective, he turned out to be a different person.

He remembered.

At that time, He YunTing was already leaving the Imperial Army University, and it was purely by chance that he could appear at the freshman ceremony that year.

It turned out that there were really people who stopped for that look in their eyes back then, and couldn’t move their steps after just one glance. It would be a momentary heartbeat, and would fall into the glittering eyes of the teenager. He didn’t even know that it was like that, and even felt that his proximity was a kind of abruptness, so he just silently guarded, accompanying him from adolescence to youth, unchanged.

Lin Han’s heart trembled a little.

He finally knew why He YunTing would have a double mecha.

Even though he hadn’t even spoken, he would always remember a teenager saying that his dream was to drive a mecha. So when he first applied for a mecha model at graduation, for the first time a pilot who finished with full honors chose a two-person model.

At that time, it was common to name the mecha, and some people wondered what the tandem mecha would be called.

But He YunTing didn’t know how to name a mecha, so he tried to insert the teenager’s number into his name, but he was afraid of being discovered, so after thinking about it, he turned the string of characters upside down and said, “There’s no name, just M2742.”

Surprisingly, He YunTing’s memory wasn’t bitter.

At least not until he forgot him.

In the memory of having Lin Han, even if he never said a word to him of his own accord, even if all his love was hidden in his heart, it was always vivid and clear. Those details were the unique secrets that He YunTing remembered firmly, with the only heartbeat, and the innocence of unspeakable words.

Lin Han was obviously a little sad when he first found out from Lu AnHe that He YunTing’s memory was missing. He didn’t know under what circumstances and when He YunTing fell in love with him, and he also felt regret that the celebration wasn’t the first time they met, and those seemingly strange heartfelt words were based on forgetfulness.

But he now realized that in fact, it had never changed. A glimpse of love will sprout, and then with all the deep love that wasn’t known to him, he would plant him little by little into the heart.

So it was love at first sight.

Whether in the past, or now.

Even if I pluck out the memories with my own hands, the moment I meet again, I will fall in love with you all over again.

Once upon a time, because of his mind-reading skills, he only found the other party strange.

But He YunTing was clearly the most simple and transparent of all the people he had ever met.

Even when carrying numerous burdens, he always had the honesty of a teenager, always sincere and kind, always with love in his heart. He was never ashamed of his desire, which was itself part of love.

He was no less than the most intense to guess the feelings that the other person once had for him, and because of this, he turned part of it into lust when he completely forgot. 

The soul and the pheromone, there was always one that wouldn’t be forgotten.

Grr turned up the TV, and in between the dogblood drama playing, Lin Han heard the sound of the news not far away. Mainstream reports naturally couldn’t blame the General, they still held Xu Zhiheng to a new higher position, with the accompanying statement that Xu Zhiheng not only saved a planet, but also saved the fellow subjects of the Imperial people far away.

After all, people could only be calm and objective in matters that had nothing to do with them, and at this moment V Proton Star was constantly expressing its gratitude to the Empire for its rescue, so it was only to be expected that Xu Zhiheng would be promoted.

Lin Han’s heart suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

Xu Zhiheng was indeed a professor who respected his studies, probably because of his approachable attitude and academic cultivation, Lin Han would often go to his lectures. When He YunTing was also placed on this scale, he realized that he wasn’t as calm and self-possessed as he had expected.

Even if Xu Zhiheng did take great credit for this, he didn’t want He YunTing to hear the rumors he shouldn’t have heard and bear the pressure he shouldn’t have had to bear.

Although he had a cold face, he was clearly a really pure and gentle person.

It wasn’t until sunset, when Lin Han began to feel the familiar sluggishness, that he realized he had been idle for so long that he had even forgotten to drink his supplements.

Lin Han’s desire for food was actually not big, after all, his own physique generally didn’t need food and he could simply recover. Sometimes he was so busy, even three meals were unnecessary, as long as the regular intake of nutrients was enough.

He YunTing didn’t hesitate like when he first came back, and stepped in directly. Lin Han looked up and their gazes crossed again. This scene was too similar to the previous one, only the mentality was different.

If it was just a suspicion before, now he had confirmed it and was certain.

Lin Han took the initiative to ask, “You’re back?”

He YunTing nodded his head and answered in a low voice. Seeing the supplement in Lin Han’s hand, he naturally took it and opened it, then handed it to him again.

This time Lin Han didn’t misbehave, he took it obediently and drank it down without even frowning. He YunTing was a little surprised and asked after Lin Han threw away the package, “It’s not hard to drink anymore?”

Lin Han blinked and admitted, “It’s hard to drink.”

He YunTing didn’t understand, “Then you…”

He didn’t finish this sentence, Lin Han simply reached out and pulled him a bit, so he was closer to him.

So his current heartfelt voice didn’t accidentally leak out.

【Then why is he suddenly so well behaved?】

Lin Han’s mood was inexplicably better when he heard these words, and he couldn’t help but curl his eyes and ask, “When am I not well behaved?”

It was obvious that this was an ordinary daily conversation, and even the thoughts in his mind were ordinary, but Lin Han suddenly felt a real, tangible happiness.

He YunTing was really changing, although every step was slow and sometimes some of his thoughts were incredibly simple, but no matter what, he was now gradually starting to become complete, in every way.

He YunTing allowed him to pull, the two obviously opened up to each other completely not long ago, but now they were as pure as two students who have not yet graduated, just hooking their fingers together for a long time.

“I’m going back to work tomorrow.”


As long as Lin Han spoke, the other man would respond.

“The next few days may be a bit busy, so I guess I can’t come over.”


“You have to go back to the base too, right?”


“Is Qi JiaZe doing better?”

“Apparently much better.”

“Can Professor Xu really cure him?”

“He has no clear guarantee.” He YunTing finally said more this time, “But he did solve the problem with V Proton Star, and after he came back Qi JiaZe recovered faster than before because of his experience.”

Lin Han lost his smile, “Why are you praising him too?”

Can’t you think about yourself?

He YunTing didn’t seem to understand Lin Han’s meaning, “But Professor Xu did…”

Lin Han waved his hand and didn’t let him go on about Xu Zhiheng.

“Actually, I went out this afternoon.” Lin Han confessed.


“Can you stay closer to me?” After all, it wasn’t the first time he took the initiative, so the blush was much less, and he spoke freely when making the request, “I want to sit on your lap.”

He YunTing never asked, but just obediently raised his hand to wrap around the other party’s waist, and then gently hugged him, letting Lin Han sit cross-legged on his lap, “Mn.”

“I know where your memory is lost. I also probably know what you have forgotten.” Lin Han laughed a little harder this time, “Aren’t I great?”

This time He YunTing didn’t say anything right away.

Lin Han knew he could guess.

“Say it, General,” he repeated again like a teenager who didn’t know any better, “Compliment me.”

“Mn.” He YunTing embraced him very gently and also said seriously, “Mr. Lin is impressive.”

Lin Han felt that he was still emotionally stable. He held back the stupid astringency in his eyes and asked him again, “Then General, why is your mecha called M2742?”

He YunTing’s hands were very warm, and his movements were very gentle as he hugged Lin Han. Lin Han also hooked his hand around the other man’s neck.

【All the things that I don’t remember the original reason is related to Mr. Lin, right?】

“I’m sorry.” He YunTing’s voice lowered a bit, and his jaw also rested gently against Lin Han’s shoulder, “I… forgot.”

“I don’t know why you forgot about me, but this is an order you gave to Lu AnHe yourself.” Lin Han confessed to him, “I don’t know what getting this memory back would mean to you for me.”

“It may end up differently than we all thought, or there’s the possibility that the present situation will change irreversibly after knowing about it.”

His voice was steady, not at all overwhelmed and heartbroken from when he first saw those memories earlier. “But before that, I want to reintroduce myself to you.”

Lin Han pushed He YunTing’s shoulder, propped himself up on his lap, thought for a moment, and gave a bright smile.

It was almost the first time He YunTing had seen him smile like that.

Lin Han’s eyes were bent down, his eyebrows became very soft, like the Oddbound planet after a night quietly blooming flowers; no matter how many wonders were around, people couldn’t avert their eyes.

His features were very gentle, obviously not at all aggressive, He YunTing but only felt that he was different from everyone, with a self-contained aura, let him think of the days they once spent together in the border area. Lin Han looked at the man in front of him and reached out to ruffle his hair.

In these blue eyes, there was the heart that was once forgotten and confused but never extinguished, burning brightly.

“My name is Lin Han, school number 2472W,” he said with a smile, “I’m happy to be loved by you.”

Lin Han had never been one to reminisce about the past.

The present was life, and unnecessary retrospection would only add to the sadness.

But he was still a little sad, at the moment he saw He YunTing’s eyes. He wouldn’t dwell on his past, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t feel pain for the other person’s past.

He couldn’t imagine what would have happened if Lu AnHe hadn’t sent him that invitation letter, whether they would have really missed each other and locked their love in a small stone that could never be taken out again, and fallen into an endless sleep together with those things that couldn’t be named in the display. But the past couldn’t be traced, and he was glad that after so long, He YunTing finally got what he wanted.

He YunTing only now realized what the string of characters meant, and at one moment looked almost shocked and panicked, but soon this emotion passed to Lin Han’s heart, and it became another voice.

【Finding out that I forgot about him will make Mr. Lin very sad, right?】

“I’m not sad.” Lin Han said.

This time he didn’t shed any more tears and just gazed at He YunTing and smiled, “I’m also happy that you took me across the Galaxy so early.”

He remembered that He YunTing once had the same space dizziness as him and he was probably leaning on the mecha named after his student number, contemplating the meaning of existence, perhaps thinking of him as well.

“So don’t apologize to me. If there was a chance to do it again…” He hooked his arms around the other man, his voice soft and gentle, like a gentle feather brushing the ear. “I wish you could have come to love me a little earlier.”


The author has something to say: 

Sorry sorry sorry sorry, I’m in a very bad state, every word I write feels wrong, and I don’t want to post it rashly, it took me a long time to write this.


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