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“ManMan, have you packed all the painting materials you should get? I saw before that the colors you have are almost not enough.” Mu CangZhou asked, holding the two restless golden retrievers before leaving.

Jing Man’s peach blossom eyes hooked up. He patted the board and nodded with a smile, “Enough, Tian Yuan helped me replenish the paints.”

When his name was called, Tian Yuan didn’t say anything, but pushed the stroller to the front first. The children sat in the car, their faces glowing with joy that their father finally had time for them today!

Their destination today was unexpectedly Wanhua Mountain, which had already been crossed off the list of options. The professional class started to rush the sketching assignment.

Jing Man read that Wanhua Mountain was too far away and that he would have to stay there for 10 days to half a month. He had six children, so he couldn’t just go as he pleased, so he gave up on this location. He planned to go with the flow, like most of his classmates, to sketch in a nearby park. However, Brother Mu took the initiative to leave his job and took some time off to come back with him.

He said he could help take care of the children because Tian Yuan was coming. Let him relax and use his own eyes to discover the beauty of Wanhua Mountain.

Once the location was decided, the only problem left was Big Bear, the dog. Jing Man wanted to send him to his parents’ house again. But then, Brother Mu stopped him.

He said one golden retriever was also walking, two golden retrievers would also be the same. Before, when they were busy, Big Bear was left at the Jing House. This time, Jing Man was the only one who was busy, so he had nothing to do, so he took Big Bear with him.

The place in Wanhua Mountain was very big and the environment was very good for the dog to have fun. In addition, he took Jing Man’s parents’ big baby Jing Xiang with him, in the name of giving back to the Jing residence.

After the car was parked in Wanhua Mountain, Jing Man was familiar with the way to go to the main entrance.

The result was called by Brother Mu.

Jing Man turned his head and saw that the wind had blown Mu CangZhou’s pure black hair up, and the sunlight poured down, gilding the hair with a warm brown hue. The eyes, like a deep, dark spring, at this time all were looking at him tenderly.

Mu CangZhou gently smiled, raised his hand and pulled Jing Man over and read in his ear, “Go to the hotel first and then put down your things.”

Then, the group turned around and went to the most remote side of Wanhua Mountain. If Mu CangZhou hadn’t mentioned it, Jing Man wouldn’t have known there was a hotel here.

Throwing his things onto the bed, Jing Man’s heart was full of confusion, “Brother Mu, why did you choose such a remote place!”

Mu CangZhou’s expression slightly froze, but was very well hidden. He replied, “This is the only place that has both a child activity center and a pet activity center.”

And the most important thing was that this was the furthest away from the construction site… The rooms on the upper floors of the hotel were not visible from either direction of the building being built there.

“Oh right, we have to be more considerate with our families.” Jing Man nodded repeatedly and did not doubt. But in the next second he reacted, “No, Brother Mu! This is a scenic area, there are plenty of places for activities, these two centers are unnecessary!”

Faced with Jing Man’s questioning, Mu CangZhou’s eyes sank slightly, gritted his teeth and persevered with great mental strength. His face showed a little rare embarrassment, “I over thought. The hotel booked for half a month, gave a discount, and now it’s too late to cancel it. It won’t do for us to change the hotel to stay in.”

After these words, he opened the optical computer and began to look at the new hotel. Seeing this, Jing Man hurried to stop him, “No, no, it’s just a few more steps away.”

Money was not made this way, big brother.

This hotel was elegantly decorated and the environment was good. Perhaps it was because the location was slightly remote and not many people lived here, the room was also very new. The hotel did not make a mistake, so why change it?

Purpose achieved.

Mu CangZhou continued to swipe the optical computer screen to see the hotel, while peeking above he said, “The main entrance is so far away, so taking this route every day is very troublesome. It’s better to move there early now, that way it doesn’t take so much time.”

Jing Man thought it was no use splitting hairs over where to come and go. He smiled, went over to put his chin on Mu CangZhou’s shoulder, and then confiscated his optical computer, “Don’t dwell on it. I remember that there is a side entrance, maybe it’s even closer than the main entrance.”

Hearing this, Mu CangZhou lips hooked up a smile. Although he explained the situation to the construction workers in advance, if he went over, he could let them pretend to be strangers.

However, the dog could not understand human language. He walked the dog this time and there were dog-loving workers mixed with Big Bear and Jing Xiang. The dogs certainly behaved very excitedly when the two parties met.

When the time comes, his closely prepared plan would not be exposed. It turned out that a while ago Jing HanYang and Yan Xiu’er both asked him out alone. He had only dealt with Yan Xiu’er and was not familiar with Jing HanYang. At that time, there was still some weird illusion of an ugly son-in-law meeting his father-in-law, and his heart was not sure what to expect.

However, when he arrived at the agreed Western restaurant, he found that the difficult situation he had guessed did not appear. The parents came with the mindset of being frank.

Jing HanYang said directly, “We know that ManMan has already received a marriage license with you, and we won’t be the evil ones to disturb your relationship. The two of you… how you met, love and know each other, things have come to this, we as parents cannot control. I just think that there are already children, shouldn’t a wedding be on the agenda?”

At that time, Mu CangZhou felt a dizzy spell, his brow was furrowed and his hand holding the glass of water was slightly firm.

He had always had the mindset of letting nature take its course with regard to his own feelings.

The idea was that they were soul mates anyway, and it was with this person in every way. He never worried about a change in feelings, but the elders thought about things that were obviously more profound than they were.

The wedding was a vow to all family and friends.

Wedding? Jing Man certainly deserved a wedding! Mu CangZhou couldn’t help but recall that before Jing Man lost his memory, the two were closer than they were now. But at that time, they were both busy completing quick transmigration missions. They had seen other people’s weddings in the quick transmigration world, but had not yet performed their own ceremony. That was not a regret.

When Jing Man’s parents saw that Mu CangZhou’s heart was moved, they were very satisfied.

Since Mu CangZhou also sincerely wanted to be with their son, they also put their hearts at ease. After that, they discussed a lot about the wedding, but they were not satisfied with the existing wedding building and wedding theme. Finally, Mu CangZhou decided to build a building that would last for a long time, so that the palace standing in the river of time would witness the love between them.

After hearing his ambition, Jing Man’s parents also got excited. Yan Xiu’er gave up a piece of land near Wanhua Mountain that she had previously auctioned off, so that Mu CangZhou’s goal could be reached as soon as possible.

This was what Mu CangZhou had been working on during this time. The mountain did not look high, and the slope was not too steep, but it covered a wide area and stretched as far as the eye could see. The mountain was very rich in species, and there were many rare plants and animals found for the first time. Most of the places were enclosed by the government as a nature reserve.

Everyone usually referred to the foot of the mountain when they mentioned Wanhua Mountain. However, the foot of such a large mountain was the size of dozens of large ecological parks put together, which could not be fully experienced in half a month.

Jing Man was here for a few days, so he selected a number of scenic places and set up an easel to start sketching. The work of taking care of the children and golden retrievers was handed over to Tian Yuan and Brother Mu.

Probably the best thing about Jing’s kids was their adaptability.

They knew that Daddy was busy with his business and he couldn’t be disturbed. The adults had advised that the place outside was too big, so they must not run around. So, except for the daily dog walking, they spent all the time playing in the hotel’s children’s activity area.

This area was quite large and was located in the landscaped atrium of the hotel, which was very safe. Xiao Jin was nervous when he arrived here and told his siblings to wait outside. He himself ran in and checked up and down.

After making sure that there were no children that were more aggressive than himself and that he could protect his siblings, he let them in.

This was a way to protect his younger siblings that he had only recently developed. Earlier, on a whim, his siblings had begged Daddy to take them to see him in a gem identification class. There was a little dragon there who saw how soft and cute ZhiZhi had grown and ran to tease them with itchy claws.

The little dragon used the most awkward, bullying way to attract attention.

A claw grabbed ZhiZhi’s peach blossom branch and it was ripped off, and the petals trembled scattered on the ground. The flower branch was torn off completely painlessly, but ZhiZhi somehow cried that day. Tears like golden beans rolled down one by one.

Xiao Jin saw this scene and was furious, furiously jumped up and wrestled with the little dragon on the ground. For the two round western dragon babies, it was you give me a claw, I return your bite, and no one wanted to give way. The little dragon was about to turn one year old, was almost twice as big as Xiao Jin, and was very strong.

However, the thought that his sibling had been bullied swirled in his mind, and in his rage, they inspired Xiao Jin’s ability to fight, and he did not lose ground at all. The first case of fighting and brawling in the gem identification class caused the teacher and parents a lot of headaches, and it took a lot of work to reconcile.

Although, they later apologized to each other.

However, Xiao Jin took it to heart. He secretly decided that he would not let others bully his siblings under his nose again. That’s why he was now patrolling the field first. But to be honest, that incident was actually a big oops.

ZhiZhi burst into tears because they remembered Daddy told them that the peach blossom branch could not be torn. If torn off, they would not grow tall.

As their brothers broke the shell one after another, they had a sense of crisis in their heart. ZhiZhi was crying and wrestling in their mind: what if they became a dwarf just short of the energy of this one peach blossom branch?

Xiao Jin, needless to say, was the first born brother. He occasionally grew metal wings, and his physique was very good, so the transformation of such a person would certainly grow very tall. ZhiZhi thought they, as a small vegetarian tree, could not compare. FanFan was a big cat, so his height was not measured. However, he was a good baby who loved to eat, was now the heaviest, and his future potential was incalculable! ZhiZhi secretly observed that when he stretched, plus the tail, he was longer than their own length lying down. And Xiao Shui, although about the same height as themself, his hair could move. When measuring the height, put effort into the hair and the value would go up! He was the most terrible enemy! Only the soft and delicate BaiBai and Xiao Sang, who was not too interested in eating, could still be safe. Still, the latter could be fearful, the future was uncertain.

ZhiZhi didn’t want to be the shortest one of the siblings! At that time, they were not at all angered to tears because of the reckless little dragon. Rather, they were frightened by the sight of the six children of the Jing family, where five were tall, and only they were a little dwarf!


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