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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han actually didn’t know how long it would take for the other to discover the program, and had also envisioned whether he should first inform Lu AnHe, and let He YunTing start the inspection himself. But he finally refrained from saying anything and waited quietly — he thought in a rare moment of pretentiousness that such times should be the same as usual, waiting for the other side to find out, if he hinted at it, the last surprise would have a lesser effect.

After all, Xu Zhiheng’s response was more important than this.

He didn’t know what kind of mentality the other had to wait until now to speak, but on the other hand, it didn’t seem like a bad thing. Xu Zhiheng’s status in the Empire was higher than before, if he was only an academic leader in the life sciences, he was now known throughout the Empire as the one who saved V Proton Star.

Now he was asked to clarify for He Yunting, or apologize in such a way that no one had ever imagined, and to explain all the comments that had been made against He Yunting, which was much more effective than a direct defense.

If it were him, he wouldn’t have cared, but when the target changed, he couldn’t help but pay attention to the attitude of those who claimed to be ‘righteous’ after Xu Zhiheng said these words. What he didn’t expect was that Xu Zhiheng lowered all his stature and posture and got an unexpectedly good result. Perhaps because the other party’s apology was so sincere, people decided to ‘forgive’ the General and choose to reconcile with the previous ‘blame.’

However, Xu Zhiheng’s image in the hearts of the people of the Empire wasn’t lowered because of this apology, instead, people began to change their outlook, understanding Xu Zhiheng’s hesitation and wavering, and admiring his courage to finally decide to tell the truth. After all, not everyone could be honest with themselves after experiencing the glory of being praised to the sky.

According to the rules, there was nothing wrong with He YunTing’s decision, and Xu Zhiheng was the one who made the mistake. He acted seriously by being emotional and leaving the mecha without permission, but it was because of this move that he found a solution to the problem. 

The citizen’s couldn’t bear to blame him. In the face of a disaster that no one had experienced, a chain reaction caused by an accident that shouldn’t have happened eventually turned things around, and this accident shouldn’t be censored rigidly.

In any case, things weren’t going in a bad direction.

Lin Han slept more soundly than usual that night, and even had a rare dream.

It was as if he had returned to the day when he stood by the central statue, when those who didn’t know the truth no longer blindly blamed the people in the mecha, when He YunTing was still the admired young general, when he had triumphed on V Proton, and when, despite the deaths, the outcome wasn’t too bad. And while passing by Lin Han, M2742 stopped in front of him for a brief moment, and they would look at each other through the metal shell, without saying anything, and that alone would be enough.

Grr would also jump onto his shoulder and turn around in disgust at the large iron shell it once hated, revealing its short tail.

He should have such nice dreams every night.

The day after returning M2742 to the base, Lin Han didn’t clock in early like the previous days, nor did he run to the repair room anymore. He even finished his share of work early and went back to the office to rest.

The workaholic disappeared again.

What was this, did they get back together?

His colleagues were puzzled by the change. A few days ago the plot had advanced that Lin Han had broken up with his Alpha and turned back into a workaholic. Unfortunately, the expressions of the people involved really couldn’t be seen, and Shen XiuNan, the only one who had a better relationship with him, couldn’t ask anything.

Although Lin Han had always been low-key and mild, no matter personal strength, looks or second gender, it was impossible not to notice, so even if people knew that gossip was bad, they couldn’t help but examine it from various angles. And the love-hate relationship between the beautiful Omega and an unknown upper-class person, this kind of label was certainly the most interesting.

Near the end of the day, a certain colleague who had witnessed him get on his private flight many times finally found an opportunity to run into him in the lounge. In any case, if you ask a question, you earn it, and satisfy your curiosity. Even if nothing was gained, it wasn’t a loss. With Lin Han’s character, he wouldn’t be angry just because of a question.

Lin Han was in a good mood and could guess the purpose of the other calling him. He knew that his colleague had no ill will, so he answered, “What’s wrong?”

This attitude of his made his colleague a little embarrassed, but his curiosity was too strong, so he couldn’t resist and picked a less clever opening line, “You’ve been working hard these past few days.”

Lin Han smiled, “It wasn’t that bad. Just a few harder days before leisure ones.”

This kind of scene had a kind of unsavory embarrassment, but the colleague interpreted Lin Han’s words as another kind of affirmation, coupled with a relaxed tone, as if to confirm all their previous suspicions.

The colleague inexplicably made up in his mind a play of separation and reconciliation, and couldn’t help but secretly sigh, and also in passing felt a wave of pain for the survival status of Omega, thinking that even this kind of quality Omega couldn’t avoid being influenced by the upper-class Alpha after all.

Lin Han didn’t care much about what the other was thinking, and had no intention of reaching out to listen to the other’s thoughts, just found it interesting.

He was just about to follow his colleague’s thoughts and say something casually when he heard a small commotion coming from downstairs, Lin Han looked down and saw the figure of Lu AnHe.

If he wasn’t mistaken, he should be here to find him.

Sure enough, within a minute, another colleague hurriedly trotted over and said to him, “Lieutenant Colonel Lu from the base is here to see you. I don’t know the reason…”

Lin Han nodded, “Okay. I’ll change my clothes and go down.”

Everyone knew that Lu AnHe was He YunTing’s representative, and that he would act for him on occasions that didn’t require He YunTing’s presence.

When Lin Han walked to the door, he heard the colleagues behind him discussing heartily, “The General’s mecha was sent back yesterday, so why did they send someone to find Lin Han today?

Another colleague whispered, “I don’t know. After all, the last time he came to see him, it seemed to be because of a problem with the double mecha… Luckily I didn’t take over.”

“It’s not our turn to take over, Lin Han has been approached by him several times. If he really approached us… Forget it, although the General is a hero, I really don’t want to face him every day with fear.”

Probably because He YunTing’s cold face was so deeply rooted in people’s perceptions, he was revered, but people often separated the two emotions. They certainly regarded the General as the sharp edge of the state, but as long as they remembered his permanent indifference, they felt that they wouldn’t be able to get along with him in the long run. The colleagues even began to feel sorry for Lin Han, who had a greater ability and greater responsibility, and were glad they weren’t involved with that mecha.

Later, the colleagues began to speculate whether Lin Han had something to do with He YunTing at the base, which led them to come to him more than once. They finally came to the conclusion that the two might have something against each other, because Lin Han’s professionalism couldn’t have led to problems with the mecha calibration.

This analysis sounded like logic rubbed under the feet, but the strange thing was that even if these two were Alpha and Omega, no one would think even for a moment that they might have an affair.

People were so used to seeing the solitary He YunTing, so used to seeing his indifference and sharpness, that they subconsciously forgot that he was actually just an ordinary person. Lin Han heard the last few words and felt amused, but there was little time to explain, so he could only go downstairs with mixed feelings to meet with Lu AnHe.

This was the second time Lin Han met Lu AnHe after He YunTing returned from V Proton Star.

After all, he had swindled him once before and was forced to use his mind-reading skills to ask about matters related to memory, so it was not awkward to meet again, but it was always different when some things were said.

Lu AnHe was no different from before, politely greeting him, “General asked me to pick you up from work.”

It was a coincidence that Lu AnHe didn’t fly He YunTing’s aircraft this time, but borrowed the base’s, so they still couldn’t confirm the identity of the mysterious upper-level big brother. Lin Han didn’t object and didn’t ask where they were going, just waiting for Lu AnHe to arrange everything.

When the flying machine started up, Lin Han finally heard Lu AnHe speak in a different tone from earlier.

“Mr. Lin,” Lu AnHe didn’t know Lin Han’s psychic ability, his tone sounded hesitant, and he felt very sorry for his boss for being easily deceived by him, “about his memory…”

“I know where it is.” Lin Han didn’t look at the other man despite the calmness of his words.

Lu AnHe visibly tensed up, “You—”

“But I haven’t taken him to get it yet,” Lin Han explained. It felt like Lu AnHe was relieved to hear that, and a moment later Lin Han added, “I don’t have the right to make decisions for him, even if…”

Even if He YunTing actually had the underlying idea that he would listen to Lin Han as long as he said it.

But he didn’t dare.

They had spoken several times over the last few days, and every time they talked about the memories, a delicate balance seemed to be maintained between the two, as if they could ignore the issue as long as no one talked about it.

Call it cowardice or avoidance.

Both clearly wanted to know what really happened, but He YunTing was afraid of hurting Lin Han, while Lin Han, for the first time, was wary of turning their present state upside down. He didn’t tell Lu AnHe that he had seen quite a few memories, and understood that the exact image of finally forgetting He YunTing him was unknown even to Lu AnHe.

This matter no one could help him with, nor could they help He YunTing.

“Mr. Lin, you know, I am his soldier,” Lu AnHe, however, switched to a serious tone, “and he’s my general. All I can do is obey orders.”

Lin Han heard this and turned his face sideways.

“It’s a Cosmic Source Crystal, right?” Lin Han said, and also reported the precise location where the meteorite was stored.

Lu AnHe was then completely convinced that Lin Han had really used all kinds of methods to learn about this matter, and as of now, he knew more than him.

“…Yes.” Lu AnHe admitted, “But the exact way, he chose it himself.”

Lin Han looked at him quietly.

“I don’t understand what exactly went wrong that he had to forget you,” Lu AnHe said with difficulty, “My suggestion at that time was actually the simplest hypnosis. But he wouldn’t, the boss said if it was hypnosis, then maybe he would say something when he wasn’t awake,” Lu AnHe laughed bitterly, “He wouldn’t even tell me, so how could he tell an unrelated person. Later we found other methods, like the particle splitting, which would’ve directly drawn out all the memories about you, so there wouldn’t be any unforeseen accidents.”

Hearing this, Lin Han’s eyelashes twitched very lightly. Particle splitting was originally a newly developed and not too complicated form of operation to treat a certain disease. People unable to get rid of their lifelong haunting shadows would no longer be haunted by nightmares, as if they were reborn. But Lin Han understood in this instant why He YunTing didn’t do that.

At this point, Lu AnHe had nothing to hide. 

His next words also confirmed Lin Han’s thoughts.

“But General said… If you use the particle splitting, you wouldn’t be able to get all the memories back completely.” Lu AnHe covered his face with his hands, even after so long, he still remembered the scene. “He told me that he wouldn’t give it up. Even though you may never know about it, he didn’t want to erase his memory of all these years as if it never happened. He said he wanted to give himself something to think about, even though he himself knew that there was no guarantee that he’d remember after he really forgot.”

Lu AnHe sighed, “So, he ended up choosing the Cosmic Source Crystal, as you figured it out.” Lin Han hesitated, “But how is this stored…”

He saw the smile on Lu AnHe’s face shrink for a few moments, but finally didn’t hide it and told him everything.


“I know, I did do some things that were out of order… For example, sending you an invitation.” Lu AnHe said, “I thought at that time, he forgot completely, so if nothing happened when you met, I wouldn’t be involved in anything more and act as if it was an accident. But you’ve seen the result.” 

Lu AnHe paused for a moment in time.

Lin Han then remembered that that was actually the case.

The first time they met at the celebration banquet, there were many waiters present, but Lu AnHe decided to get the wine himself, leaving him with He YunTing; later, when the mecha was repaired, he stood alone at the door of the repair room with his hand in his mouth, and didn’t go in, waiting for He YunTing to come out before returning to the base with him without asking anything.

Not to mention the invitation to come to the base, even if He YunTing saw him more than once, he rigidly used his mecha being broken as an excuse to talk to him and didn’t really get angry. He YunTing went into his susceptible period, and Lu AnHe still found it hard to come over himself.

After realizing that the two ended up together in the end, the first thing Lu AnHe wanted to say was ‘congratulations’ with relief and emotion.

He YunTing disliked Lu AnHe talking too much, also recklessly calling him ‘Boss,’ how he would secretly hide snacks in his aircraft and mecha, and always mindlessly smile. Lu AnHe was unable to hide anything from He YunTing.

Lin Han didn’t expect to have to keep this secret for so long. Every time it seemed polite to say something about it, he was flooded with all kinds of emotions and decided to not say anything and the unspeakable regrets were concealed. It turned out that in these three years, he was the only one who remembered.

Lin Han quietly, after a long time, solemnly said, “Thank you.”

It was useless to say more words, he was just glad that there was someone who remembered, keeping the secret that no one knew, with an eternally bright smile on his face.

“I didn’t make the decision for him, and I didn’t disobey any of the General’s orders.” Lu AnHe’s speech slowed down, not quite like his usual self. “But… I know he’s been alone for too long. After all these years… I’m the only friend he has left.”

So he would propose different viewpoints from his, would respect and not disturb the other’s decisions, and would be in the battlefield back to back with the General… No military rank, no age, just friends.

“I have a little too much to say.” Lu AnHe laughed and quickly returned to his usual expression, “After all, it’s rare to have someone to talk to, sorry.”

Lu AnHe parked the flying machine, and Lin Han then looked at the surroundings, it was Xu Zhiheng’s previous secret lab.

“Professor Xu said Qi JiaZe has gotten much better and told him to come over today. The boss asked me to pick you up. When we were on V Proton before, you and Qi JiaMu came to see him and called you to come over this time. They wanted you to visually make a comparison.”

Lin Han answered, saw He YunTing’s craft being parked not far away, and his gaze couldn’t help but stay over there. He was wearing the most basic of regular clothes, and there was the usual coldness in his expression when he exited the craft, and this emotion only melted away a little when he saw Lin Han.

Qi JiaMu wasn’t able to come over, so it was only normal to let Lin Han compare the results of this time.

Xu Zhiheng thought of Lin Han as He YunTing’s inner circle like Lu AnHe, so he didn’t mind that he knew about his lab. When he saw Lin Han, Xu Zhiheng smiled amiably, and the curve of his mouth wasn’t much different from when Lin Han came back from the border area and shook hands with him, and he still looked light-hearted.

When He YunTing appeared, the expression on Xu Zhiheng’s face stiffened for a moment, after all, he had just publicly apologized, and he didn’t know what He YunTing would say. In the end, even if He YunTing chose to ignore it, Xu Zhiheng shouldn’t have any objection.

But Lin Han knew that He YunTing wasn’t like that.

Xu Zhiheng’s voice was full of apologies, “General, I hesitated and I didn’t tell the truth first, I accept all…”

He YunTing raised his chin very lightly before he could finish, “It’s okay. This matter, no need to mention it again.”

Xu Zhiheng seemed to be very guilty and wanted to subconsciously reach out and grab He YunTing. Even if it was a conciliatory handshake, he desperately needed an acknowledgement.

But to his surprise, Xu Zhiheng only touched the corner of the other party’s coat, and He YunTing dodged indifferently, standing still with little expression on his face, “No need to apologize again. Professor Xu, you can just turn over this page.”

Xu Zhiheng seemed to have some regrets, but He YunTing’s refusal was too obvious, and Lin Han and Lu AnHe were still present, so naturally they couldn’t say anything more.

Lin Han originally thought that Xu Zhiheng’s comment about getting better was probably not too obvious, but he was still taken aback when he saw Qi JiaZe. He was still restricted in movement, and the scar at the back of his neck gland was still shocking. His eyes were beginning to look brighter, and he was no longer struggling to identify his brother, as Lin Han had seen at the time. All of his limbs became flexible enough to move freely within this limited space without any strange destructive emotions.

What was even more amazing was… 

When the teenager saw someone coming, he first hesitated for a moment, then took one step to the locked lab door, identified it for about a minute, and said, word by word, “My… my… brother… Where is he?”

Talking, thinking, and a long-lost human consciousness… Almost like a normal teenager’s, if not for his barely fluent speech.

Obviously, He YunTing and Lu AnHe didn’t expect this kind of progress either.

“Although A’Ze is an Omega, I found some tricks after I came back from V Proton Star and purified it a little. I didn’t expect it to work so well.” Xu Zhiheng’s tone had a hidden pride in it, and took the initiative to walk up to the lab door, unlocked the two outer coded locks, and greeted the teenager inside, “Hello, A’Ze.”

His voice was gentle, like he was calling out to the child he once raised.

Qi JiaZe didn’t know him yet and froze, inclining his head, “You? You are?”

Xu Zhiheng placed his hand on the other’s outstretched hand and said with a smile, “Just call me Uncle Xu.”

The teenager obediently repeated after him, and despite the rudeness, there was a clear improvement.

“I’ll go back to the base and tell Qi JiaMu,” Lu AnHe said as the three of them left before Xu Zhiheng remained in the lab, “Thank you.”

Xu Zhiheng waved his hand again and again, looking like he wanted to mention V Proton Star again, but after seeing He YunTing’s cold expression, he chose not to say anything more, “I will continue to keep watching him, and when I can really make sure he doesn’t get worse again, I can send him back to his brother.”

Upon hearing the word ‘brother,’ Qi JiaZe obviously had a new reaction and muttered, “Chen, the exhibition hall… To deposit.”

“Recently, when he regained consciousness, he always mentioned this place.” Xu Zhiheng smiled.

Lin Han remembered what Qi JiaMu had said, “It seems he wanted to store something, I heard his brother say it before.”

Xu Zhiheng said he understood, “It’s okay, it’s not too late to take him there when he really recovers.”

“By the way,” just as everyone was about to leave, Xu Zhiheng suddenly thought of something, “there’s something I almost forgot to tell you.”


He YunTing didn’t want Xu ZhiHeng to send him, Lu AnHe had other things to do, and the three of them separated when they walked out from the laboratory door. Xu Zhiheng’s words were important, but they were the kind of political issues that tear and pull, and often couldn’t be taken seriously.

“Jiang Lian is my friend, you should all know that.” He said in a deep voice, “Recently, I’ve been working on a new project and V Proton Star’s matter has had the council up in arms again.”

The main peace faction highly agreed with the cooperation between the formation and Xu Zhiheng this time, thinking that even though there was the loss of three cities, what was saved in the end was an entire planet, which was already considered a perfect solution. But the radical faction began to blow the whistle, and whoever it was, finally began to be bold and discontented and ready to give advice to the Emperor.

They thought that He YunTing shouldn’t have listened to Xu Zhiheng, and even thought it was a sign of his poor decision making, and that he should have left Xu Zhiheng on V Proton, who had broken the rules, and continued to remove all symptomatic infected people to eliminate future problems.

He YunTing was at fault.

A group of old men with no low social status were bickering at the council all day long, and Jiang Lian was so angry that he told Xu Zhiheng about it anyway.

“Of course, no matter how noisy the council gets, the final power is still in the hands of the Emperor. I don’t know much about this, I just heard a friend talk about it and reminded you,” Xu Zhiheng said, “But the radicals have become more and more rampant, General you’d better pay some attention.”

“Understood.” He YunTing responded indifferently, with little emotion.

Lu AnHe had to take the flying machine borrowed from the base back, so He YunTing took Lin Han to go first, and the two of them went back to He YunTing’s residence together. Lin Han felt that He YunTing was a bit silent on the way back, but his mood didn’t seem to be low. He wanted to ask about it when they arrived, but as soon as they arrived home, Grr didn’t have time to greet them habitually, and He YunTing eagerly led Lin Han to the rearranged room, and then locked the door smoothly, leaving only a little one outside the door who didn’t know what had happened, scratching the door angrily with its paw.

Lin Han was stunned, “You…”

He just wanted to ask what was wrong with him today, but as soon as he uttered a word, he was pressed effortlessly onto the bed by He YunTing.

The next second, the other man’s breath overwhelmingly pressed against him.

He YunTing closed his eyes and kissed him, Lin Han only froze for a second before reacting, reaching out to wrap his arms around the person on top of him and giving a gentle response with his lips and tongue.

Grr waved its paws in a failed demonstration and left resentfully, and the door was silent, leaving only a small, quiet, vapor-laden sound in the room.

Their kiss wasn’t intense, so neither of them was panting very much. Lin Han clutched the clothes on He YunTing’s back, felt the man gradually relax in his movements, and then controlled the force, pressing half of his body weight on Lin Han.

“Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin.” He YunTing whispered Lin Han’s honorific between their lips parting, “I heard the recording of you in the mecha.”

He said as he took the button at Lin Han’s collar in his teeth and got it open without much effort.

“So you called Lu AnHe to pick me up?” Lin Han let him move on his chest and joked, “My colleagues have already made up a story for me about me splitting up with some unknown Alpha. When are you coming to confirm the rumor?”

He YunTing thought Lin Han was more concerned about going public and said, “If you want, then I’ll do it tomorrow…”

“I’m just saying.” Lin Han smiled, “I’m fine with whatever.”

He YunTing’s hand pinched Lin Han’s waist, making Lin Han inhale sharply, “Don’t wear clothes this time.”

“Continue.” Lin Han reached out and grabbed He YunTing’s hair. After a while, Lin Han hissed and shuddered before responding to what the other party had just said, “So the gift for you, do you like it?”

“I do.” He YunTing raised his head between movements, seemingly wanting to kiss him, but fearing that Lin Han might not like the taste of his mouth, he ended up just rubbing his lips against the Lin Han’s neck, but his hand slipped down.

“It’s okay.” Noticing He YunTing’s hesitation, Lin Han smiled and took the initiative to kiss, tasting a mouthful of light fishy taste.

“Ooh—” But soon he couldn’t speak, the overpowering stimulation made Lin Han’s whole body cringe, and he bit his lower lip in the trembling teeth, revealing a piece of whitish teeth marks.

“Lin Han, when is your heat coming?” He YunTing pressed himself back on him, without a single inch, but for the first time, he said such straightforward and blatant words, “I love you so much.”

【I really love you so much.】

Lin Han heard him say the same thing in his mind.

The two of them could really squander all their desire and passion without any fear.

What were these pheromones? The two of them should be drowned in a blissful union and be reborn in the new love generated by the interlocking of their bodies.

The reason why Lin Han suddenly thought this way was that at a certain moment he remembered what Lu AnHe told him today. At that time, He YunTing couldn’t let go of the particle splitting, and obviously couldn’t see any hope, but still had to seal up that memory in a precious way, and then put it into the Galactic Exhibition Hall where a person can only deposit once.

“The method of Cosmic Source Crystal is not the same as that of particle splitting.” Lu AnHe said. It wasn’t a treatment, and sealing memories was a risky business, not to mention finding a meteorite with a Cosmic Source Crystal.

That meteorite was a tiny magnetic field, and to pull out the signal with the bio-quantum cluster was the equivalent of stripping the memories piece by piece while having one last walk-through review after another. It passed through his mind, scraping all the memories away brutally, each pulling process like a torture, a nonstop reminder that you had it and you were now going to lose it. All the images that once moved the heart reappear little by little, and little by little were drawn away, they were finally stored in the small stone that looked too ordinary, like a tombstone of memories.

He loved him in silence for so long, but finally had to seal all the images with his own hands. And before forgetting, it was necessary to lingeringly flash all the images and fragments from the mind, even if he reached out his hand, he couldn’t retain the slightest.

He YunTing called out to him, “Lin Han.” 

Lin Han felt He YinTing’s movement and let out a series of sob-like cries with difficulty, but his hands clung to him, not wanting to let go even for a moment. He YunTing was still calling him, time after time, sometimes it was Lin Han, sometimes it was Mr. Lin.

It was as if these names had been separated for too long and finally appeared in his ears after years of lingering.

Lu AnHe said that He YunTing had arranged with the Exhibition Hall before it was deposited, and when the memories were successfully sealed, it was handed over to him.

There was no signature, and no meaning was written. All of He YunTing’s memories of Lin Han were deservedly replaced, and his memory would deceive itself to give him a new layer of falsehood, so that the name would disappear cleanly from his life from then on.

And the day after he sealed his memory away, he happened to enter a period of susceptibility. The whole base remembered He YunTing’s susceptible period that time, no one dared to provoke him,and even if they got a little close, they would be forced back by the terrible pheromone.

He sat alone in M2742 for three whole days, no one knew what he actually went through and how he survived the days when he just lost his memory. Lu AnHe only remembered that when He YunTing came out, he was soaked to the skin and his eyes were terribly cold. He forced himself to endure the discomfort suppressed by pheromone and went up to ask, “Boss, this time the susceptible period… Is there anything that feels wrong?

“I seem…” At that time, He YunTing’s voice was low, every word was soft, yet they all carried an unspeakable hoarseness. His mind seemed to be empty for a long time, and then again, it seemed not. He could remember the content of each day, such as the afternoon a few days ago, which should have been a shooting practice on the base.

But he still felt inexplicably sad.

His adjutant was still standing by, not saying a word.

“…” He moved his mouth, as if trying to subconsciously say a certain two words.

His lips, which had been tightly pursed, opened a little, and the tip of his tongue should have been against his upper gums; if he waited until his vocal cords vibrated slightly, the tip would then sweep down from his upper jaw. 

He wanted to call out a person’s name.

But his mind was empty, the residual dryness and boredom of the susceptible period were still there, and he couldn’t recall anything.

The pronunciation of the word “Lin” was simple, but no matter how hard he tried, it was as if he had lost his voice and couldn’t pronounce it anymore.

He YunTing tried one last time, there should be some name that could come out; it was the medicine that could soothe all his restlessness; it was the rare rainbow in the big sky of the Imperial Army; it was the smile on his lips that he himself wouldn’t realize; it was the star that lit up the sky in the long dark night.

When He YunTing stood up again, his expression had returned to normal.

Lu AnHe asked, “Boss, are you okay?”

He YunTing nodded, but a pathos of exhaustion came over him. He tried one last time to say the name that he had been half-asleep during his susceptible period, but it ended in failure.

“I’m okay.”

He thought for a moment and asked his lieutenant, “Did I… lose something?”

There was a cold wind all around.

And he couldn’t call that name anymore.


Author has something to say: 

Two in one, this chapter is also fat oh =w=

I don’t know how to break, and I’m stuck, so I’ve been writing very, very slowly for the past few days, so I’m just going to keep writing.

This is the first time, when the real rut period came to expand and write it.

A parallel world may be written, perhaps the parallel world of their teenage years that they did not miss, or perhaps the parallel world of cranberries and Xiao Lu, so want to engage in double A. 

I seem to have a little too much to say today

I’m so noisy!


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Reading the author’s note; had they lost direction?
I am still enjoying this a lot, but the memory removal is wearing a little.
Didn’t he do it because the timing was wrong and he couldn’t apply himself 100% as he felt he needed to?
Looking forward to their relationship moving further forward and the dark goings on involving the mistreatment of certain Omegas, being uncovered.
Thanks for the chapter.

June 10, 2022 11:10 pm

loving all this love between them, but I don’t understand why HYT had to seal the memories regarding Lin. What will be the explanation. Thanks for the chapter!

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