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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


After the family spent a week at the foot of Wanhua Mountain, Jing Man’s sketching homework was almost finished. After relaxing his schedule, the first thing he wanted to do was to take over the care of the children from Tian Yuan.

Then, the robot was able to go deep into the mountains as he had hoped, to carry out his long-awaited biological expedition. That’s what Tian Yuan had been yelling about before he left.

After spending some time together, Jing Man discovered that Tian Yuan seemed to have a hard-working and studious nature implanted in his chip, sometimes as eager as Xiao Sang for the stimulation of new things. As a result, when he arrived at Wanhua Mountain, he was too busy sketching outside.

When he arrived at the new environment, the two golden retrievers and the children all carried an air of uneasiness. Mu CangZhou was not born with three heads and six arms, he could only hold three children and two dogs. This caused Tian Yuan to give up his hobby and stay in the hotel with the children. He was asked to come to QingYuan District for a relaxing trip, but for various reasons he kept letting people take the kids, so Jing Man felt guilty and decided to do something for him.

Higher robots like Tian Yuan rely on solar power to start almost all parts. But after all, it was a machine, and over time, the gears and tracks inevitably wore out, so it needed to be filled with mechanical lubricant.

Tian Yuan’s body was specifically used for going out, and was idle in a dark room for a long time. Jing Man inquired that the other currently did not have any time to go out to replace the fuel tank. So, Jing Man wanted to help him get a new fuel tank.

This thing was very normal, but there were still more or less embarrassing elements in it. Peeling off the mechanical lubricant on the robot’s shell and replacing it with the same amount was like removing a human’s clothes and applying sunscreen on them…

It was something abrupt, something personal, and something inappropriate.

He found Mu CangZhou while in a nervous mood, “Brother Mu, I want to give Tian Yuan a surprise, or a gift. I want to thank him for taking care of the children during this time by giving him a new fuel tank. But I don’t know how to ask for it, can you help me out?”

Mu CangZhou had a strange expression on his face after hearing what he meant, but he raised his hand, rubbed his head a little and said, “Just tell Tian Yuan directly, he will be very happy. In the past, he always asked the other AI in the egg breeding base to help change, and sometimes he would find other doctors.” At the end, he added with a light laugh, “Although Tian Yuan is extremely intelligent and thinks like a human, in the robot’s mind, the **shell** is a very, very unimportant thing that can be changed at any time, just like clothes. He won’t care if you change his shell, but if you say you’ll help him get a chip upgrade, or install antivirus software, then he will jump three feet high with joy.”

Jing Man was stunned to hear that, once again, knowledge had increased!

But since the person in question would not be embarrassed, what was he afraid of?

The next morning, the sun had not yet fully risen, and the mist with a slight chill enveloped Wanhua Mountain, gilding the lush mountains with an ethereal, fluttering layer of dress. This was the time when Tian Yuan usually woke up. When he came out of his room today, he saw Jing Man waiting outside the door with a mysterious box in his hand.

The box looked both somewhat familiar and unfamiliar.

After all, a robot repair kit should not appear in Jing Man’s hand. Thinking that the door was opened in the wrong way, Tian Yuan took two steps back and closed the door, only to pull it open again after a few seconds. However, the scene in front of him hadn’t changed at all. Jing Man was still standing there, holding a robot repair kit that didn’t match him.

Tian Yuan turned on the scanning imaging function and scanned the human figure in front of him from head to toe.

After making sure that this was Jing Man himself and not a robot disguised as Jing Man, he spoke helplessly, “Is ManMan looking for Tian Yuan for something? It’s okay, Tian Yuan is going to take care of the children when they wake up.”

Jing Man rubbed his sleepy eyes, smiled and held up the repair kit in his hand, “Of course! Today, I want to give you a gift–“

Halfway through his sentence, he felt a lightness in his hand.

Tian Yuan blinked and took the robot repair kit in Jing Man’s hand, saying with surprise, “Thank you, ManMan, for the gift. Tian Yuan has always wanted a new repair kit! It’s alright now, isn’t it? Tian Yuan is going to wake up the children.”

As a robot, Tian Yuan of course had a strict schedule to follow. These days his schedule almost always revolved around the children and had been set in stone. If Jing Man interrupted him today, the children might not be the first to arrive at the children’s activity area! That’s not good!

Seeing that Tian Yuan had misunderstood his own meaning, Jing Man was dumbfounded. He reached out to get the robot repair kit, but it was no use at all. He had no choice but to speak with a bitter face, “Tian Yuan, you misunderstood! This is not a gift, it’s what’s inside! You give it back to me.”

Tian Yuan returned the maintenance bag to Jing Man and said with anticipation, “Then please ask ManMan to give the gift to Tian Yuan!”

But in his heart, he thought, hurry up, I have to take care of the children!

At this moment, the atmosphere of surprise has been completely ruined.

Jing Man took back the recovered robot repair kit and smiled helplessly. He also did not sell himself short, opened the repair kit to reveal the new fuel tank lying quietly inside, and said directly, “Tian Yuan, the gift is to change this for you!”

Tian Yuan was so touched that he came over and hugged Jing Man, making a whimpering sound on his shoulder. He was a little embarrassed because every time he asked someone else to do this job, he would inevitably get a handful of dirty oil. He always promised to help the AI get a new tank when he asked for help, and compensated when he asked for help from others in the egg breeding base.

This was a precious first!

After expressing emotions, reason returned.

Tian Yuan hung his head and said, “Thank you very much ManMan. ManMan’s feelings Tian Yuan accepted. But it’s already time to wake up the children, so let’s put off changing the fuel tank for a while.”

Jing Man did not listen to him, pulled the robot into the room and pressed him into the bathtub.

The hair on his forehead rose as he lowered his head, and the young man’s voice was unquestionable, “Don’t worry, Brother Mu has already gone to call the children. I’m not busy anymore, so I’ll help you get a new tank today, and then you can go play in Wanhua Mountain.”

Lying in the bathtub, Tian Yuan’s eyes lit up a bit, this is happiness on top of happiness! So, when Jing Man finished changing the new fuel tank, Tian Yuan went straight to the mountain with a small package on his back.

Jing Man was left with a stiff expression on his face as he looked at the oil stains on the ground and the oil spots on his clothes. He squatted on the ground and wiped the floor, but the more he wiped, the dirtier it became. He simply called the receptionist to send AI to clean up the scene, and returned to his bedroom to take a thorough shower, and threw his dirty clothes into the washing machine.

The youngsters were surprised to find that it was not Tian Yuan who woke them up.

Xiao Sang was the first to get himself dressed and sat down to swing his feet and watched his father help BaiBai. After watching for a while, he poked his head in and said, “Father, Uncle Tian Yuan didn’t put those clothes on like that, you made a mistake.”

Mu CangZhou frowned and checked it again carefully.

Then, he found that it was indeed so. The outfit was cut in a way that the front was long and the back was short, as if it was bought by Tian Yuan. Xiao Sang saw his father change to the right direction, laughed a little, and continued to take a moment to sway his feet.

After a while, he looked at the watch on the wall and continued to ask, “Father, where did Uncle Tian Yuan go today? You are so slow, we used to go to breakfast at this time. This way we won’t make it to the children’s area in time for the first wave.”

Mu CangZhou sighed as he walked over and rubbed Xiao Sang’s head a couple times, feeling the coolness in his hand. He said, “Tian Yuan went out. Is food allowed in the children’s activity area? If we can’t make it, we’ll go there first and then we’ll eat. I’ll take care of you with Daddy today.”

At the mention of Daddy, the expressions on the children’ faces changed and their heads turned in unison.

With expectant faces, they looked at Mu CangZhou and inquired about Daddy.

They said, “Is Daddy not busy today? I miss Daddy so much!” 

“Since Daddy is back, will Daddy take us out to play?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Let father and Daddy take us out to eat delicious food!”

After listening to the children’ requests, Mu CangZhou thought about it and nodded his head, “Okay, when Daddy comes back from work, you can discuss with him whether you can go out.”

Jing Man finished tidying himself up and went out to the children’s room, but found that they were not here. When he opened his optical computer, he saw the coordinates Brother Mu had sent him, and he hurried over to meet the group.

Brother Mu and the children were waiting for him in the atrium of the hotel, and Jing Man thought the children had gone into the children’s activity center to play as usual. Only when he arrived did he find them waiting at the cafe.

The handsome man with an imposing appearance had six children of different races, but all very cute, and two golden retrievers with satin fur creeping at his feet.

The children each had a small cup of juice in front of them, with a variety of delicate desserts. The man looked at his optical computer from time to time, and sometimes tilted his head to look around, obviously waiting for someone.

Such a picture could not wait for a year and a half to see. At this time, there were a few people quietly hiding in the sidelines to watch.

Jing Man passed by and heard them whispering praises of Brother Mu and the children. There was some small pride in his heart, and some shame at the public execution.

However, he frowned slightly when he saw a man dressed as a hotel waiter take out his optical computer and started filming.

Jing Man quickly walked over, his eyes firm and tone polite, “Hello sir, please respect other people’s portrait rights, don’t shoot without permission. You don’t want people taking pictures when you’re out and about, do you?”

The man’s face reddened slightly and he stammered, “I… I didn’t take them, I… As an employee of the hotel, can’t I take a picture of the cafe?”

Jing Man’s eyes sank slightly and he nodded, “I hope so. But if I see pictures of my lover and children circulating around on the star network, I’ll come back for a statement.”

After speaking, he no longer entangled with this person, and walked with long legs towards Brother Mu and the children. He didn’t see how colorful and mixed the expression of the man behind him was. Big Bear was the first to see Jing Man, and he immediately stood up and waved his tail wildly, excited to pounce this way. After being here for a few days, he knew not to bark, lest he scare the kids playing on the side, so he had to show his excitement in this slightly restrained way. 

“Daddy!” The six babies were all happy to be able to cling to Daddy again after a week and went over to his side.


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