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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Recently, the egg breeding base became busy again, and the replicated data left by Tian Yuan was not enough to support the overall situation, so the main body had to go back. Thus, Jing Man took the kids to accompany him to the leap point.

Whether or not Xinghai Jun finally got Tian Yuan’s social information, Jing Man did not know. He wanted to ask about it, but both sides put it off on the grounds that it was top secret.

“Uncle Tian Yuan went out this time, when will he come back?” ZhiZhi tugged on Jing Man’s sleeve, and asked in a soft voice.

The children were a little uneasy when they arrived at the leap point this time. Every time they came here they either had to send someone to pick them up, or Daddy had to take them out.

This time, they didn’t hear that a friend was coming, and Daddy didn’t pack their bags, so it must be Uncle Tian Yuan who was leaving.

Jing Man was dumbfounded for a moment, and cast a questioning glance at Tian Yuan. The robot got the message, came over and squatted in front of the children. He blinked and said, “Tian Yuan has to go home and get back to business, and will come back when free, but the time is not certain. The children should eat well, grow taller, and be healthier when Tian Yuan comes back than they are now, okay?”

When the children heard that the time was not certain, they were a bit upset. FanFan’s eyes kept falling on Tian Yuan’s face, afraid that the next moment they would not see his face. Xiao Jin was sitting next to Xiao Shui, and the two children were muttering something, their eyes focused on Tian Yuan’s face every now and then.

ZhiZhi was carefully plucking the peach blossoms that were about to bloom off the branches, and solemnly put them into Tian Yuan’s hands, telling him to keep them.

Xiao Sang gave Tian Yuan the precious stones he had found on the Wanhua Mountain, which he had always loved, as a souvenir.

BaiBai even rubbed his slightly red eyes and opened his arms for a hug. After being held in Tian Yuan’s arms, he buried his head and took a deep breath of his body’s smell, wanting to remember in his heart.

The reason for this was that Tian Yuan, as a robot of the egg breeding base, was programmed to be very good at taking care of and accompanying the children. Especially after spending nearly two months together, there was a time when Daddy was still very busy and Tian Yuan took them alone.

Their feelings for each other could be said to be deep.

After sending Tian Yuan away, Jing Man took the kids back home slowly into the sunset. When he was sorting out the children’s laundry, he opened the closet, which was almost full, and realized that Tian Yuan had left such a deep mark on the house during this time. He had bought at least ten outfits for each of his children.

The six children had the same sibling clothes, little clothes of the same style and different colors, and even a small animal plush suit, which looked very cute. Seeing that the children were still not in a great mood, lying on the floor with pillows, not interested in playing and learning, Jing Man’s heart sighed.

He went up to them and said, “Uncle Tian Yuan has to go away for business, so don’t be sad. Father said he will be finished in a few days, so he won’t have to work overtime anymore. When he comes back, we will keep you company. Besides, parting is for a better reunion, didn’t you promise Uncle Tian Yuan to grow up well? He will call us when he gets to Tianhu District, don’t worry.”

The children nodded obediently to maintain their understanding, but it’s always a little hard to accept the sudden departure of someone they’ve spent so much time with. This was the first time they have been exposed to such a profound parting, and it was normal that they couldn’t get over it for a while.

After a long time, ZhiZhi uttered a proposal, “Let’s go to the Sunshine Greenhouse together, Uncle Tian Yuan has been living there with me since he arrived, there must still be many traces of his life there!”

As a few days passed, the sadness of Tian Yuan’s departure gradually faded away and life returned to normal. This morning, Jing Man woke up on time and felt an additional source of heat around him, emitting a warm and comforting scent. He was so confused that he turned over and a feeling of reassurance came over him, Jing Man just hugged him and wouldn’t let go.

After sleeping for a while, he felt that something was wrong. The heart began to be nervous, and opened his eyes to see that it was Mu CangZhou.

Jing Man relaxed, and with a soft, nasal voice asked, “Brother Mu, when did you come back?”

“Last night, you were asleep when I came back.” Mu CangZhou said with a smile, the first kiss of the morning covered Jing Man’s lips.

A while ago, when the family went to Wanhua Mountain, he could not personally go to the construction site to supervise the work for various reasons. This resulted in the process of house’s construction to be delayed by a lot. Then, there was a rainstorm that washed away half of the walls that had already been built. He had to stay there at night and did not come back for a while in order to finish the project on time.

Now that the masonry house for Jing Man was finally complete, he was relieved to go home after ordering the aldehyde removal AI service. 

Jing Man let out a hum, not suspecting anything. Seeing that Mu CangZhou was not going to avoid it, he blushed and fumbled to change his clothes under the covers. He climbed out of the nest after putting on his pants and stood in front of the closet to look for a suitable top when Mu CangZhou hugged him from behind. His low, raspy voice came out and tickled his ears, “ManMan, let’s get married.”

However, this statement and action directly scared Jing Man, even the clothes in his hand fell to the ground. Jing Man turned around and pushed him away, his face full of disbelief, looking surprised, “Brother Mu, we’re already married! There’s a certificate to prove it! How else do you want to tie the knot?”

“By having a wedding and letting everyone know we’re together.” Mu CangZhou frowned slightly and said so.

So that’s how it is.

Strange feelings rose in his heart, Jing Man’s heart was perplexed and surprised, and there was a trace of expectation that could be foraged. He felt his throat tighten and smiled awkwardly, “Brother Mu, why do you suddenly have such a thought. We are fine now. There’s no need for a wedding, right?”

Mu CangZhou shook his head, his eyes slightly sunken, “It’s different, I want to marry you and receive the blessing of friends and family. We’ve been together for so long and our kids are so old, what are you afraid of?”

Afraid of what… Afraid that he’s not a good person? Afraid that he won’t get along with you? Afraid that they won’t get along? No, these problems don’t exist with them. The two of them get along in a way that tranquility yields transcendence.

In this way, it seemed that there was really nothing to be afraid of.

Jing Man’s cheeks warmed slightly as he hooked up his clothes with his feet and pulled them over his body. He sat on the edge of the bed for a long time, his voice softened a bit, and asked, “Brother Mu, what about the wedding, have you thought about it?”

Mu CangZhou thought Jing Man was going to retort, but Mu CangZhou’s eyes lit up when he heard these words. Endless joy blossomed over his heart, and a wisp of sweetness flowed through his mind. He nodded heavily and took out his optical computer to reveal the house he had built at the foot of Wanhua Mountain and projected it onto the wall.

A beautiful palace, like a city of ice and snow, appeared in front of his eyes, but the material used was slightly thicker and heavier, like bluestone. From the appearance alone, this was a very beautiful house.

Mu CangZhou rubbed Jing Man’s hair and said, “This is the vacation villa I built for you, and also the place where the wedding will be held.”

“Huh? Oh.” Jing Man didn’t react at first, and only after a while he said with surprise, “So, you’ve been building a house all this time?”

Mu CangZhou gave a hint, and although he already had an idea in his mind, he put his head on Jing Man’s shoulder and asked, “So, my new house is all built, are you going to marry me?”

“Yes, then let’s get married.” Jing Man’s neck felt a little itchy, but felt that the man was putting all his weight on himself, and to avoid falling, he endured it.

Mu CangZhou’s eyes curved, pressed him back to the bed and kissed.

The two stayed quiet for a while before Jing Man suddenly broke the silence and said, “Brother Mu, my memory hasn’t fully returned. It’s okay to have the wedding now, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the future, can you handle it?”

“Yes.” Without thinking, he got Mu CangZhou’s definite answer.

Jing Man blushed, looked Mu CangZhou in the eyes and said, “Then there’s a lot of things to prepare for the wedding, we’ll be busy! By the way! You can’t bypass me this time and make your own decisions about everything!”

With two low sounds of laughter, Mu CangZhou smiled and nodded, raised his hand and could not help but run his fingers through the other’s messy hair a few times.

The children didn’t know that the dads were talking about life events and were delayed. When they woke up and saw that it was getting late, somehow Daddy hadn’t come to call.

Xiao Jin waited for a while and spontaneously got up and woke up his siblings one by one. He struggled to get everyone dressed and stepped on the stool to wash up. When the unscrupulous father finished settling the big event, he remembered that he still had so many children. He ran over and just opened the door to see the bathroom in a mess, somehow also dripping water on the floor.

Xiao Jin was holding the twisted and slippery faucet with a guilty face, and was working with Xiao Sang on how to put it back. Many other children were lying on the ground with either clean or dirty clothes, silently wiping the floor, the clothed bodies were also very wet …

He originally intended to be the first to share this event with the children, but seeing this scene, the two fathers were both silent.

Mu CangZhou came forward to take the kids off the sink one by one and took over the repair work. Jing Man was in tears as he helped the children take off their wet clothes one by one and changed them into dry and comfortable ones.

Jing Man felt guilty for having to postpone waking up the kids for a while, but the workload multiplied all of a sudden.

Xiao Jin had a small frown, his face looking dejected. Feeling that he had done something wrong, his eyes did not dare to meet Jing Man. Jing Man found this, sighed in his heart, and picked up his sad little golden dragon.

He gave the dragon child a kiss on the forehead, stroked his slippery scales and encouraged, “Xiao Jin, don’t be sad, thank you for helping Daddy take care of your siblings.”

“But… I broke the faucet.” The little golden dragon child’s eyes kept looking in the direction of the bathroom, his heart obviously still couldn’t let go.

Jing Man said comfortingly, “Well, Daddy knows that. But then again, these things have their own degree of wear and tear, maybe they have been used for a long time, so it’s time to replace them. And then it just so happens that you ran into it the moment it broke down.”

Xiao Jin’s tail flicked behind him as he asked, “So, it could have leaked if Daddy unscrewed the faucet?”

“Well, of course!” Jing Man let out a laugh, “Anyone who twists a faucet can have bad luck.”

Since he made a mistake that everyone could make, Xiao Jin felt much more relieved. Turning back to see his siblings’ eyes pass this way, he was a little embarrassed and struggled to escape.


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