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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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By the time the children had made a mess, it was almost time to eat. The two dads looked at each other and decided to solve the problem of food first.

In the large and spacious open kitchen, Jing Man took the children to identify the types of vegetables. On the other hand, Mu CangZhou’s eyebrows were relaxed, and the vegetable board under his hand made a neat and rhythmic sound. He had been delayed in the morning and had not been able to go out to buy vegetables.

Mu CangZhou had to make bashful dishes from the leftover celery, dried tofu, tomatoes and potatoes in the refrigerator, and pour them onto the freshly rolled noodles. It had been a long time since he had cooked for the children, and now he had to make do with what he had, without any meat, so he was a little upset.

However, this displeasure soon washed away.

None of the Jing family’s children had problems eating.

Looking at the children eating all of the thin, white and sinewy noodles, each one was particularly happy, and buried their heads in delicious food. It was Xiao Sang’s first time eating food that did not contain any undead staple tropical leaves at all, and the novelty of it made him exude happiness all around. He was the first of the children to finish the food in the small bowl, as he had the highest skill points in using chopsticks.

“Father, give me some more noodles.” After eating the bowl of bashful noodles and drinking all the soup, Xiao Sang lifted the bowl and looked at Mu CangZhou with bright eyes.

The son’s support was the best book of approval. Mu CangZhou smiled and nodded, stroking his little son’s head, “Okay, I didn’t know you liked this.”

At this time, Xiao Jin also finished the noodles. He strutted his feet and walked over, quietly put the bowl on the side of the stove, and handed the bowl in waiting to add rice. His golden brown eyes with vertical pupils were full of expectation.

As a little white tiger, FanFan’s eating process was much simpler than the brothers.

He did not have to use any tools, just buried his head and ate a lot of food. The reason why he was not the first to finish eating was because his bowl was a circle bigger than his siblings…

At this moment, watching his father add noodles for his brother, FanFan pulled his head to look at the pot. It felt like the bashful dish was almost finished! Then, it might be gone when it’s his turn?!

He hurriedly withdrew his eyes, wailed, wagged his tail and began to lick the small diced vegetables around the bowl. He was waiting with all his heart and eyes for the bowl before asking his father to add more food.

“FanFan take it easy, eat slowly. There is still more in the pot.” However, his little mind was completely seen by Jing Man, who frowned and helplessly lectured.

The little white tiger did not squeal, but the movement of his barbed tongue licking the wall of the bowl did not slow down at all.

ZhiZhi, as they grew older, the normal digestive tract in their body was almost developed. They now ate, sometimes digesting with their hands and sometimes savoring with their mouth. Today, when they could easily eat the food cooked by Father themself, they chose to eat with their mouth.

Bite by bite, the noodles mixed with vegetables were served to their mouth, though slowly, each bite of food carried Father’s love, and the thought of it overflowed with pleasure around the little treant.

After the meal, the family lounged on the sofa and relaxed.

Jing Man looked at the children soft and cute together in a pile, the corner of the lips curved in a shallow hook. He put down the tea cup in his hand, the crisp sound of glass clashing with glass attracted everyone’s attention.

Jing Man cleared his throat, “First of all, Daddy would like to apologize for being a little late to wake you up today.”

The children blinked and looked at each other, wondering what Daddy was selling.

Jing Man glanced at Mu CangZhou and they exchanged a look before he continued, “There’s a serious reason for that. Your father came back, and we talked for a while, so we were delayed.”

“Now Daddy wants to quiz you guys, do you know what a wedding is?”

It so happened that the cartoon showed such an episode yesterday, the children immediately raised their hands excitedly. Even ZhiZhi and Xiao Shui, who were usually quiet, have a layer of expectation on their faces.

Seeing that the kids were so generous, Jing Man smiled and pointed to Xiao Jin and said, “Then let’s say it one by one in the order you broke the shell, and be careful not to repeat it with your sibling.”

Xiao Jin stood up and said in an excited tone, “It’s when people who love each other tell everyone they are together! Like a princess and a prince, Daddy and Father!”

Jing Man smiled, “Yes, and there are families that are Daddy and Mommy, Mommy and Mother.”

ZhiZhi’s cheeks flushed and their little wooden hands flew as they gestured, “Under the beautiful arch of flowers, exchange rings!”

Then, FanFan wagged his tail and added, “And kisses!”

He was a little embarrassed and shyly buried his face in his big paws with beautiful tiger stripes.

The room was filled with a happy atmosphere as everyone was so impressed by his cute appearance.

After waiting for a while, Xiao Shui frowned and seriously analyzed, “As long as the marriage should be together forever, living together and experiencing the necessities of life together. It’s sad that weddings are usually held first and then eggs are laid, we didn’t have the chance to attend Daddy’s wedding with Father.”

Hearing these words Jing Man’s cheeks warmed slightly and his gaze flashed.

Their family… The situation was too special.

Technically speaking, he didn’t know Mu CangZhou when he knew he had a brood…

And they hadn’t even had a wedding!

The matter of directly skipping the ticket to raise the children was a wrong example, and they must find a way to hide it from the children! He hurriedly named BaiBai and asked him to continue to add.

The pink carved jade doll, holding his heart in his hands, with a longing in his eyes, “The two parties who can have a wedding must have pheromones in them that make each other like them! Even if it’s not a race with pheromones, there must be a nice smell that attracts each other!”

Hearing this, Jing Man froze. He seriously thought about it for a while, and the smell on Brother Mu’s body was indeed very nice. It was the kind of reassuring smell with an accommodating scent that allowed his anxious heart to instantly calm down.

It was like the smell of grass in spring when the leaves were sprouting and everything was coming back to life, like the unique sip of mint soda under the blazing summer sun, like the light fragrance of crushed golden sycamore leaves in autumn, and more like the spark of firewood lit in a fireplace during a silvery winter.

Xiao Sang’s slightly cold voice broke his fantasy, “The wedding is a responsibility, but also the grave of love. But in front of the grave stands the monument of eternity, so the wedding is also eternal.”

Among the undead, graves and tombstones are both very good things.

This was considered to be the highest level of appreciation from Xiao Sang. After listening to the children, the trace of uncertainty hidden in Jing Man’s heart also crumbled away. He cleared his throat and was ready to tell the children directly that he was going to marry Mu CangZhou.

This led to a peeled orange in his hand. Jing Man looked at Mu CangZhou inexplicably, took the orange and stuffed it into his mouth.

At this moment, Mu CangZhou’s voice came slowly, “To make up for you not attending the last wedding between me and Daddy, we are planning to hold another one, so you must come this time.”

The youngsters were happy as if it was New Year’s Eve and came over to inquire about the details.

Jing Man, however, froze, finding it difficult to swallow the orange petals in his mouth, and his smile froze on his face.

? ? ? What’s up with Brother Mu!

They directly eloped online, there was a ghost at the last wedding!

Don’t deceive the babies like this!


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June 14, 2022 11:44 am

LOL; it’s only a small deception. They can always tell them the reality when they’re old enough to understand.
I can imagine them all looking very sweet at the wedding 🤗
Thank you for translating and editing.

June 15, 2022 5:35 am

Oh my God, these kids haha~ XDDCan’t wait for the wedding~ MCZ’s words remind me of my sister who, after seeing the wedding photos of our parents at the age of 4, was very disappointed that she was not invitedeven though our cousins were XDD

Thank You for the new chapter (。・ω・。)ノ♡

June 15, 2022 7:40 am

Thanks for the chapter!

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June 28, 2022 12:28 am

Thank you for the chapter. These guys are so cute.

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