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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


He YunTing’s eye color and hair color were too conspicuous, and he was tall. Even with sunglasses and a hat to cover his signature features, he still had a lot of curious looks since he stood out in the crowd. Fortunately, there was a more eye-catching black fur ball on top of his shoulders, which made people not look at his face and instead change the direction of inquiry, and all eyes were on Grr.

The little guy who was forced to do business had something to say.

It understood Lin Han’s meaning that he didn’t want He YunTing to be recognized. After all, if someone really noticed his hair color, this kind of soft and cute creature didn’t match the Empire General’s temperament at all. Such a thing on his shoulder deflected people’s attention.

Grr thought of it as giving up its body for its owner. It was because Lin Han half persuaded it and half coaxed it to sit contemptuously on He YunTing’s shoulder. The tip of its tail was a bit shaky.

Lin Han went to He YunTing’s side and stroked Grr’s fur, “Don’t be afraid.”

Neither knew if it was for He YunTing or for the little guy to hear.

Grr naturally was professionally trained and wasn’t afraid. The shaking of its body slowed and his paws grasping He YunTing’s shoulder loosened some.

…Then it saw Lin Han pulling He YunTing’s collar downward with his hand. He YunTing obediently leaned down slightly, and the little thing felt the angle of the shoulder tilt change, subconsciously grabbing the clothes with its paws. The next second it saw Lin Han’s enlarged side face, as he came up and kissed He YunTing.

“I’m fine.” It heard the man open his mouth in a low tone.

“…Zee?You’re not here to comfort me? He was a ball of confusion. The hair that was meant to show that it was ‘not nervous and not afraid’ drooped again, looking sickly.

Fortunately, Lin Han quickly noticed its sudden change of mood, he looked at the wilted little dumpling, the tip of his eyes curved down. Before the tension dissipated, he simply also kissed the top of its head, “Okay, okay, don’t be afraid. Mr. General is very gentle.”

If previously Grr heard this sentence it would be mad, telling him that He YunTing wasn’t gentle at all, and that Lin Han must’ve been cheated by him, but he now suddenly kissed it. It began to shiver all over again in happiness, its temperature instantly rose.

If not for He YunTing’s coldly spoken reminder, Grr could even now fall off his shoulders.

“Hold on tight.” The man’s cold voice pierced the little one back to his soul, which aggressively re-gripped his shoulders. Then the man dressed tightly, wearing sunglasses and a hat, pulled Lin Han back and kissed him again in front of a group of unknown passers-by at the entrance to the display, but not as shallowly as the other man did.

If Grr’s eyes were wide open, they would be like copper bells right now.

But Lin Han felt a hint of panic in his lips and tongue, even though he still wouldn’t say anything.

It was reasonable to say that people would take into account other people’s eyes, but He YunTing completely didn’t care. If Lin Han hadn’t pushed him a little, they may as well be in the doorway as a moving landscape.

“How do you eat this jealousy too, and not be afraid to eat a mouthful of hair?” Lin Han wiped the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand. When He YunTing didn’t say anything, Lin Han laughed and patted his back, leading him into the display.

The Galactic Exhibition Hall did a good job on the storage piece, and after confirming that Lin Han was coming to pick up his things, he immediately let the two go in through the door on the other side. Then they confirmed the required vetting requirements based on the floor and location Lin Han mentioned, and the administrator in charge of vetting received them respectfully.

“You have this one that someone else helped to deposit.” After all, each person had only one chance, and even if they were a substitute deposit, they needed to provide unique identification for authentication.

Understanding that some people were reluctant to disclose their names, the management auditor also fully respected all depositors and didn’t probe into the identity of the visitor.

“The registration display says that your proof of identity is the ID number of your iris.” The auditor tapped twice on the light screen, “Which gentleman is it?”

He YunTing walked up, his sunglasses were large, covering his face so tightly that the other party could only see his thin, cold lips tightly pursed, “Me.”

The auditor froze for a moment.

This wasn’t the first time he helped people to authenticate identity, and had seen many high-class celebrities. All of them had outstanding temperaments so he had long-established his professionalism, so he wasn’t surprised even when a prince came in. But even though he couldn’t see the face of the person in front of him, just from what he could see, as well as the innate cold quality that came off the man’s body, it made him feel a chill of alienation.

Inexplicably, he actually thought of a certain man who had a cold face, high above.

But he had never heard of the General having a pet, and no matter how he imagined it, it was unlikely that such a cute little thing would have a connection with that man.

The man was accompanied by another person, even if only smiling and standing aside without any ambiguous behavior, it made him feel that there was a bond between them that was different from anyone else. He calmed himself and gave a standard smile, “Follow me.”

“Wait,” Lin Han called out to him, “I’ll go with him.”

The man didn’t stop, nodded and rechecked the time and serial number of the deposit, Lin Han followed the information given by Lu AnHe, “Okay, then the last thing is the personal verification.”

The iris ID number was the easiest way to verify, the database would record the unique information of each person, so when they stored something, they only need to have the agent agreement signed by the person who could directly record this data in the database, and later take it out with that, but no other information could be taken away. But at the same time, this data could no longer be registered and would be entered into the record list of the Exhibition Hall according to the process.

This operation wasn’t tedious, and the iris verification was also  done quickly. Lin Han accompanied He Yunting to a specific verification room, which had no monitoring, only a huge instrument glowing green.

“Just follow the prompts.” The auditor instructed, not walking up again.

Despite the fact that Lin Han had long done mental construction and had confirmed that this was his memory, his breathing couldn’t help but lightly speed up.

He saw He Yunting take off the sunglasses that were in the way, and saw the light from the lenses rubbing across his face as they were removed, revealing a pair of blue eyes that he had seen countless times.

This pair of eyes used to only look at him peacefully and silently, in the auditorium of the school, in some unknown corner. He seemed to have little emotion when he gazed at others, but the him last night clearly gazed at him until the end, the tenderness being evident at first glance.

Not long after, the system prompted that the verification had passed and was identical to the ID recorded when the item was deposited, confirming that it was the actual person.

Lin Han waited for He Yunting to put his sunglasses back on and grunted as he jumped back into his hands, before he was surprised to find his palms were sweating.

From the moment the verification was successful, all the uncertainty fell away. He Yunting had really stored something here, and he himself had really forgotten something.

There would be someone to take them up after the audit, and the volunteers changed, but when they got to that floor, the staff member was still the same as last time.

He was a little surprised to see Lin Han, not expecting him to come back so soon, and then when he saw someone else standing beside him, his eyes were even more puzzled, “Hello, you are?”

He clearly remembered that this gentleman had come to visit last time.

Lin Han smiled graciously, “It’s something for a loved one. We came to pick it up together.”

“Ah, is that so.” The other party nodded in understanding, thinking that it might be some sort of token of love or something, and blessed the two people in front of him in passing.

He didn’t notice the nervousness in Lin Han’s tone, nor did he see the hint of silver hair leaking out from under the brim of that tall man’s hat because he wasn’t too calm.

In accordance with the regulations, he respectfully asked the two to wait in the lounge, and because it was a confidential item, politely persuaded a few visitors still visiting the floor temporarily, before picking a solid black hard box according to the size of the item, wearing gloves, entering the password door that only registered staff can enter, after three times of authentication before taking it out. After carefully checking that there was nothing missing and that it was indeed just this unattractive stone, he put it in the box, closed it properly, and handed it to the two people waiting.

He YunTing took it, and the two left the showroom through another exit, directly following what Lu AnHe said as they rushed over to the base. Lin Han told He YunTing that he had touched the stone before, in fact, as long as he now quietly put his hand on it again, it wouldn’t take long to know all that had happened.

Even though he knew that He YunTing would definitely say yes if he asked, he couldn’t say anything in the end.

——After all, this was what really belonged to He YunTing.

He YunTing hadn’t said anything since he came out of the Exhibition Hall, and even Grr noticed that he wasn’t in the right mood, curiously lying on Lin Han’s shoulder to watch him.

As they went to the base, Lu AnHe also made no nonsense, the three went directly to a dark room next to the weapons storage. 

Here He YunTing was familiar with, and also instantly understood the approximate mode of operation.

“It’s not difficult to trace back the Cosmic Source Crystal, just have a basic particle split.” Lu AnHe knew there was no need to explain himself more, “Originally this thing has its own magnetic field, so if we fuse the frequencies from this side with it, then form a particle split in the closed space, it will rejoin the neuron by itself.”

“Mr. Lin, this process has to be carried out by him alone, otherwise it may have a detrimental effect on him due to one more person.” Lu AnHe said to Lin Han, “But it’s quick, so you can just wait over here.”

“Okay.” Lin Han answered. Lu AnHe saw that there would be no mistake, knew that he should not appear here, and left after adding two more words.

Although the room was closed, there was a transparent glass window outside, which was left by Lu AnHe on purpose, in case there were any accidents, so Lin Han could just observe. He saw He YunTing get up in silence and walk to the middle of the room.

As long as he closed the door now, there was no turning back. But neither of them made any more pointless confirmations, as if they were prepared for whatever happened. When He YunTing came to close the door, Lin Han couldn’t stop feeling sad.

He finally couldn’t hold back his soreness and said to the man in front of him, “Give me a hug again.”

He knew it wasn’t a goodbye, but he still wanted a hug to prove it. 

The other man complied and took a step forward, reaching out to embrace him. Lin Han heard the vibration of the other’s chest, like a tidal wave from light years away. The whole process lasted less than ten minutes.

Lin Han stared at the person inside with unblinking eyes.

Under the reflection of the instrument, the small stone seemed to start glowing. Lin Han felt that the stars in the sky were dimmed at this moment, and there was only a corner of light left in the long universe. There were fine particles in the light, there was a magnificent radiance that he couldn’t see, each star and every point, were lost memories.

He YunTing had never been an expressive person, but even so, Lin Han still saw that something was wrong.

He saw the other’s gentleness that was visible to the naked eye, and even at one point, he could almost catch the corners of his mouth smiling.

But soon this smile disappeared.


He YunTing came out with an expression that was unreadable.

Lin Han tried to look less nervous, his voice was barely calm, but he was still too worried and subconsciously tried to reach out and hold the other, trying to give He YunTing a little strength with this action. But before his fingers touched the other side, he saw He YunTing reluctantly come back from his own thoughts and take a step back to avoid his touch.

He YunTing’s expression didn’t look as surprised as Lin Han had envisioned, but had more than a few other emotions. He averted his gaze after avoiding Lin Han’s contact, as if he was hesitating about something and couldn’t bear to look at him.

“Lin Han,” he said with a few uncommon trembles in his tone, his hands still retracted, “First… put your gloves on.”


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Oh no! What memories has HYT uncovered to make him react this way? He either doesn’t want LH to know his outright thoughts at all, or wants to explain in words.
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