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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


When the leaves were falling and the poetic autumn came, the sky was tinted with the color of fire, and it was finally the day of Jing Man and Mu CangZhou’s wedding. Jing Man’s family moved to their new home at the foot of Wanhua Mountain early.

It is said that behind every blissful, happy wedding was a busy and helpless one.

When Jing Man got up in the morning and put on his suit in front of the mirror, he didn’t feel nervous, everything was so relaxed and natural. On one hand, their relationship was already so strong that nothing could bring it down, so there would be no major changes in their lives before and after the wedding. After all, the marriage license has already been received, and their children were already born.

On the other hand, they needed to invite a few people, mostly relatives of Jing’s parents, as well as Mu CangZhou’s colleagues. The full count only sat less than ten tables, the trouble was also much less.

When Jing Man was fully dressed, straightened his back and pushed open the door, he saw that the children had been called up by Yan Xiu’er to get fully dressed. He frowned lightly, went to ZhiZhi, tugged at their fluffy skirt, and said helplessly, “Mom, why are you dressing ZhiZhi in girl’s clothes?”

Yan Xiu’er glared at him and said with justification, “Your family’s yang energy is too heavy, I let ZhiZhi be a girl for a day to suppress it. Are they not gender fluid anyway? You have a family of eight, oh no, plus Big Bear. Nine are male! It’s disturbing!”

Listen to this nonsense. However, it was not a good sign to offend the only woman in the family on the big day, so Jing Man quietly shut up.

When Yan Xiu’er was called to see the flowers used for the wedding decorations, he hurriedly and quietly pulled ZhiZhi aside. The second child of the family deliberately put on a layer of cream that can cover the face of the wood grain, and now the cheeks looked no different from normal humans, appearing more bright-eyed, with white teeth, and very cute.

With a wig bought by his mother, and a white puffy dress, they were a little princess with a cluster of peach blossom branches in their hand. ZhiZhi was born with beautiful skin, usually a bit on the neutral side, and was the most feminine of the brothers. This dress was not only peaceful, but also particularly attractive.

Jing Man’s peach blossom eyes hooked, touching ZhiZhi’s head, “ZhiZhi, Daddy knows you are gender fluid, but usually you were brought up as a boy. Your grandmother suddenly let you wear girls’ clothes, do you have uncomfortable feelings in your heart? If it’s uncomfortable we’ll change it right away.”

ZhiZhi shook their head and patted their little hand on the hem of their skirt with doubt in their eyes, “Does Daddy think I don’t look good like this?”

Jing Man smiled and gave them a kiss on the cheek, “Of course it looks good. But obviously it’s all about what you’re comfortable with, we don’t need to listen to Grandma.”

He had read when he was catching up on his child knowledge that races born gender-fluid would generally grow up to survive as a single gender. Some extreme individuals would also undergo surgery to make their gender more pure.

He just didn’t know if this was the case with his second child.

ZhiZhi’s answer was unexpected, their voice was soft and firm at the same time, “Yes, ZhiZhi asked to wear a dress…”

“Huh?” This was what Jing Man did not consider, was ZhiZhi not the kind of child who enjoyed mobility? The family’s own children were great!

ZhiZhi saw Daddy’s surprised expression as if he had seen a ghost and couldn’t hold back a snort of laughter. They said, “Today is Daddy and Father’s wedding day, a very special day, and ZhiZhi wanted to dress up a little to distinguish themself from their older brother and younger brothers.”

It was best for people to remember firmly and know that the Jing family had a little treant!

“That’s good, you can dress up as you like.” Jing Man stretched out his hand to hold ZhiZhi off the ground, “We were delayed for a while, let’s go out and take a look.”

So a short while ago, there were already guests coming in in twos and threes. The villa was built bigger than the Jing residence, and the decorations were minimalist and understated. The colors were bright with a sense of clarity, and even though there are more people, it doesn’t feel cramped and serious at all.

Because Yan Xiu’er strongly requested, the newlywed husbands followed part of the ancient rituals. Taking everything into account, Jing Man did not see Mu Canzhou’s face for a week. Yan Xiu’er only allowed them to call each other by voice, not even by video.

In the crowd, Jing Man saw the man at once. He was standing over there with an upright posture, talking with a friend he knew well. His back was turned, so he couldn’t see Mu CangZhou’s face, but Jing Man could fully picture his expression in his mind.

When he pulled away from his own mind, Jing Man was surprised by his own thoughts.

His heart was beating fast, and the drumming rhythm told himself – it turned out that the companionship between the two had long been as natural as drinking and breathing, like some kind of companionable symbiosis. After seeing him, one’s mood was actually so jumpy.

Soon, the wedding began.

The guests sat under the arch built with flowers to watch the ceremony, there was a gentle breeze blowing through, and the air seemed to have a honey-like sweetness.

Mu CangZhou looked down at Jing Man in front of him, and felt a softness that had been frozen in the air suddenly melt away. The pair of peach blossom eyes were very bright, and ManMan’s eyes were full of himself. The cheeks had a light layer of thin red, and he trembled slightly.

Obviously nervous in his heart, but put on a fearless expression, like a semi-adult feline learning to hunt for the first time, trying to prove that he could do it.

The two of them followed the priest’s vows and took the rings Xiao Jin handed them to put on each other. Jing Man subconsciously looked down at the ring on his hand and rubbed it with his thumb. The slight extra hint of weight carried much more than it seemed.

“ManMan, come back to your senses.”

Brother Mu’s voice rang out, Jing Man looked up in confusion, and the next second the touch on his lips was soft. It turned out that what Jing Man had just ignored as a whisper, what the priest said was – the groom and the bridegroom could kiss.

“Daddy! I want a kiss too!”

“Daddy, kiss me too!”

The children didn’t give the two dads a chance to take the kiss deeper, and barged over at the chance, causing the guests watching the ceremony to be amazed. The charming atmosphere was over before it started.

Jing Man looked at Mu CangZhou and smiled, turning his head to put a stamp on each of the children’ foreheads.

After the ceremony, there was more and more to do.

People kept coming over to ask about the children and Mu CangZhou. One wave of people left and another came, Jing Man was a little tired of dealing with it. He looked back and Brother Mu was also surrounded by a crowd, and was slightly emotionally ill, but his good grooming kept a smile on his face.

“ManMan, the children want to take a lunch break and insist on your company, go and take care of it.” Finally, Yan Xiu’er couldn’t stand it anymore and found an excuse to send Jing Man away through the crowd.

Jing Man returned to the wedding room, but found that the children were not here.

When he glanced at his optical computer, he saw that his mother had sent a video of her taking the children to share the wedding cake.

Mom said, “I’ll take care of this, I know you don’t like to socialize, go home and rest.”

Jing Man was also simple-minded. When he got the message, he felt reassured and laid down.

When he woke up again, the night sky was dyed an extraordinarily rich and serene color. The faint smell of alcohol leapt into the nostrils, not unpleasant, but very strange. Feeling wrong, Jing Man hurriedly opened his eyes and found that Brother Mu had returned, he was slightly relieved.

Seeing Mu CangZhou fall on his side, not even taking off his clothes, just lying on top of the quilt and sleeping quietly, Jing Man frowned slightly.

“Brother Mu, get up.” The weather in November was slightly cold, and this side was at the foot of the mountain. The window was open for ventilation, so the mountain wind was sent in from time to time. If he caught a cold, it would be bad.

Jing Man pulled the quilt to cover him up, but this man did not know what to eat when growing up, his frame was very heavy. The quilt was firmly pressed under his body, and when he pulled it, Brother Mu still did not move, as if he was a heavy stone statue.

Hearing his voice, Mu CangZhou lifted his eyelids to take a look. However, Jing Man looked at his eyes unfocused and deeply suspected that he was looking at the air.

He just saw Mu CangZhou hum, reached out to grab Jing Man’s wrist, and then made no movement again. Jing Man was now in a dilemma, with good intentions to cover this person with the quilt, but he was somehow trapped. He tried hard to pull his hand out, but the man was asleep and his strength was still too great.

“You are a crab, right? Don’t pinch me with your pincers!” He was annoyed and puffed up, using his empty other hand to scratch at Mu CangZhou’s waist.

There was a hint of sulking in the haze of Mu CangZhou’s mind as his sensitive parts were harassed. He brought Jing Man under him with one hand and lifted the covers with the other.

Good, the world was now at peace.

Being completely and utterly trapped, Jing Man cursed in his heart. He had lived for more than 20 years, he had seen drunk and crazy dancing in the street, seen others stubbornly compare how many bottles they can drink, also saw someone hugging a dog to confess their feelings, and even seen people fall asleep as soon as they lay down.

However, others fell asleep immediately without holding someone closely and not letting go…

The more he thought about it, the more angry he was. He moved the only part of his body that could move – his neck – and raised his head and bit Mu CangZhou on the ear, letting the pain pull him back to his senses.

He did not pull back, but the expression on Mu CangZhou’s face was not right.

Mu CangZhou spoke in a very flat and light voice, not at all sounding like he had too much to drink, “ManMan, aren’t you going to bed at this late hour?”

He thought, I’ve been sleeping all afternoon and now I’m hungry.

Jing Man nodded angrily and his tone was tinged with fury, “You want to sleep, you sleep first! Leave me alone!”

The next second, Mu CangZhou rolled over and left him, only to see him cover his eyes with the back of his hand, the whole body trembling.

Jing Man took a look, and his heart was pounding.

How come this person was crying after a few words were said?

Based on his previous nature, seeing this image would immediately anger him, and would long ago throw open the door and leave. But now, the ring on his hand reminded him of the word responsibility.

“Brother Mu, are you okay?” Biting his lower lip and thinking for half a second, Jing Man still came over and asked.

“It’s fine, you’re so cute.” Mu CangZhou moved his hand away, revealing a smiling face, it turned out that this person was secretly laughing.

Jing Man now did not understand, “???”

Mu CangZhou came over and gave him a kiss, explaining, “I wanted to see how you would take care of me if I was drunk.”

So, this was all an act!

Jing Man was furious and kicked Mu CangZhou in anger, “Then you see, I don’t take care. You will be left to fend for yourself.”

“You won’t leave me alone, and I won’t drink myself unconscious.” Mu CangZhou wanted to laugh at the thought of Jing Man’s expression just now, calmly stating the facts.


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