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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


In the blink of an eye, at the end of the lunar calendar, a heavy snowfall that lasted for three days finally stopped. The streets were getting colder, and pedestrians were wrapped in thick coats, gathering in twos and threes, carrying large bags in their hands.

The New Year period was the dawn of the year for Sky Blue Star’s brick-and-mortar stores. People usually like to shop online, but during New Year’s Eve, they like to visit the stores. Jing Man’s children had also broken out of their shells for several months now, and they had grown from palm-sized bunches to about a year old babies, happily running up and down the house every day like a small group of animals.

This was very shocking to Yan Xiu’er, every time she came to Jing Man’s house, she couldn’t help but buy a bunch of food for the children and record a bunch of videos to keep.

In her perception, the children turned into humans when they were one year old, and should only be as big as human children when they were one year old by then.

“ManMan, I’ve been looking for you guys a lot this year. I’m going to go to the Fire Island District with your daddy for New Year’s Eve, so I won’t be with you guys.” She put down the big shopping bags, walked straight over and said with a smile.

Jing Man nodded repeatedly, happy that she did not come to interfere. In previous years, he lived alone, and being alone for the New Year was good. This year, with the kids, he and his parents geometrically increased the degree of interactions, which felt quite odd.

After dinner, he told Mu CangZhou the news.

The man, with extraordinarily dark eyes, suggested, “How about letting Mom and Dad take the children with them? You and I will be the only ones left at home.”

Jing Man scowled, a thin layer of red on his face, and his eyes rolled.

After the wedding… The two of them got together half-heartedly, and lived a married life.

But for various reasons, they couldn’t enjoy anything because they always had the children in mind. Moreover, the body was served by Mu CangZhou, but he was unable to relieve himself completely, and this will not work in the long run.

He rolled his throat and swallowed a little. He lowered his head and looked unnaturally at his toes, his voice leaking out of his throat as thin as a mosquito, “Then, go talk to Mom… If she agrees, then it’s okay…”

Not to mention what a NSFW1 year the two fathers had at home.

Anyway, the children left their parents for the first time completely to follow their grandparents out on vacation.

Fire Island District’s full name was Volcano Islands District, as its name was generally a dozen islands, surrounded by a sea with several dormant volcanoes and an erupting volcano. It was estimated that volcanic eruptions brought not only searing lava and death, but also rich minerals and heat waves that can breed life.

This side was home to unique tropical amphibians. The amphibians were proud of their original forms and were not ashamed to expose them in public, instead they can often be seen in the streets as giant frogs or lizards.

Their enthusiasm also attracted foreigners, many of whom come to this pure land to relax into their original forms.

Yan Xiu’er and Jing HanYang were not racist as rumored. Being pure humans, they instead had good relationships with other friends who had a second form and would come to the Fire Island District every few years for fun.

“Where’s BaiBai?” After checking in at the hotel, Yan Xiu’er took inventory of the wave of children and found one missing, immediately letting out a cry of surprise.

Xiao Jin rubbed his two paws together, torn between telling the truth in his mind or not. BaiBai entered the hotel and kept mumbling that he smelled something very fragrant. After that, he said he was going to the bathroom and would come over later, but half an hour had passed…

Yan Xiu’er saw that his expression was not right, came over and picked up Xiao Jin with a serious look and asked, “Do you know where he has gone?”

With his grandmother’s gaze on him, Xiao Jin quickly lost the battle and told the truth. His brother had never run away without permission before, and Xiao Jin felt very bad about it.

Half an hour… There were too many accidents that could happen.

Yan Xiu’er did not dare to think about it, her heart burst with fear. She angrily knocked on the bathroom door, stopped Jing HanYang, who wanted to clean up as soon as he landed, from showering, and had him quickly come out to watch the other five children. Then, she went out the door and went to look for BaiBai.

Yan Xiu’er’s heart was anxious and first went to the hotel’s front desk to broadcast the search of a missing person and transfer monitoring.

“Brother, you smell good! Can we be good friends? I’m BaiBai.”

In a corner of the hotel, BaiBai blocked a red-faced child, who looked six or seven years old, in an area filled with greenery. His nose twitched as he inhaled the sweet smell of vanilla in the air.

The amphibian beaver sub-race, Phil, saw this and felt greatly pressured. He was the son of the hotel owner, and usually played in the hotel.

Consequently, he was cornered by a child that looked less than a year old in his own territory, which was too humiliating.

Phil was not of an ordinary beaver sub-race, his mother was a royal in the Fire Island District. Although the existence of the royal family in the present era was not very meaningful, the cultivation of good upbringing from childhood made him unable to say no. He lowered his eyes and thought, although the child in front of him was imposing, he was actually very soft and cute, and had no aggression to speak of.

Maybe it’s a good choice to be friends with him.

So, Phil kept his composure, nodded, and introduced himself, “I’m Phil.”

It was the first time BaiBai smelled a scent so in harmony with his feelings, he was almost intoxicated. He only found the vanilla scent fresh and pleasant, the sweetness was just right. It was not at all like ordinary vanilla, so cloying. As a direct result, he seriously lost his mind.

“Brother Phil, you smell so good.” BaiBai wanted to take another step closer to smell his body, but instead Phil looked tense and took a half step back, directly pouncing on an empty space.

When Yan Xiu’er aggressively brought people to look for him, what they saw was her only omega child, chasing after the most exquisite noble young master in the whole world… And that child was walking fast, so tense that he was about to cry.

BaiBai was close on the other’s heels like sticky candy, without even a teensy bit of self-awareness…

Yan Xiu’er’s originally brewing emotions broke immediately, and began to feel embarrassed.

It was not at all what she guessed, which was that her grandson was abducted by bad guys, but that her family had not taught her godson well… How shameful.

“BaiBai, are they here for you?” Phil perceived a cluster of complex eyes, stopped walking and asked.

The latter rushed at the opportunity to pounce on the older little boy, sniffing right away to get enough of the sweet scent to heal, before turning his head to see. Seeing his grandmother’s increasingly enraged face, his mood snapped and cracked…

The hotel waiter broke the embarrassment, “Don’t worry! Your grandson is playing with my young master!”

“That’s good, that’s good, BaiBai you must not run around in the future, it really scared me.” Yan Xiu’er patted her chest with palpitations and ran over to pick BaiBai up. Then, she apologized to the child in front of her, “I’m sorry for the trouble my grandson caused you.”

“It’s okay, he’s interesting.” Phil nodded slightly, showing his age-appropriate maturity.

After a few pleasantries and goodbyes, BaiBai’s mood was visibly downcast, and his heart was filled with sadness that the nice-smelling boy was going to disappear. Phil pursed his lips and made a move that he couldn’t believe. He took the initiative to call Yan Xiu’er, left her his contact information, and made a pact with BaiBai to contact him if he wanted to meet.

When she returned to the room, Yan Xiu’er told Jing HanYang exactly what happened. The latter looked odd after hearing it. He remembered the reports he had read and asked BaiBai, “BaiBai, why did you go to that boy?”

“He smells good and sweet… I smelled it as soon as I came in… I’m sorry, I should have told you guys in advance…” BaiBai was slightly nervous and grabbed the hem of his shirt.

When he returned, the siblings surrounded him for a political lesson, so he knew that his capriciousness had put everyone in a tense and very guilty mood. If the child refused to admit it, a wild child to the end, then Yan Xiu’er would have no psychological burden, and give a serious lecture. However, the child was not completely wild, immediately knew his mistake, and changed.

So, she gave up on the idea of lessons, and just admonished never to run around, other children should be warned, if this happens again, spanking could not be avoided.

They planned to stay here for a week.

This week, everyday BaiBai opened his eyes and begged Yan Xiu’er to go to Phil to play. Phil was also a rare good-natured person, at beck and call. The happy time was fast like a shower of rain, and tomorrow was the day they would return.

BaiBai was frustrated at the thought of it, but he knew in his heart, compared to the fragrant Phil brother, Daddy and Father waiting at home was the most important. Phil sensed this and was also very distressed about how to comfort this little friend. He said, “BaiBai, you said your home is very cold in the winter, so it is possible to come to Fire Island District next year to play, right?”

BaiBai was not yet one year old, and he was not sure how his family arranged it in the past. He shook his head, clenching his lower lip, “I don’t know, maybe.”

“Then… Can you come back and play with me next year then?” Phil smiled and offered.

BaiBai thought he hadn’t made himself clear and repeated, “No, I don’t know if I’ll come…”

“I heard you.” Phil’s eyes were big and round, and he said in a firm tone, “I’ll be here for you as long as you come. Okay? Don’t be sad anymore.”

At that, BaiBai looked up with a pair of bright eyes. He showed a big smile, “Okay!”

Seeing BaiBai finally in a good mood, the smile returned to his face, Phil somehow felt himself also infected by his good mood. The two played for a while, and then BaiBai suddenly looked up, revealing an attempt to be slightly sinister, but presented only a cute little expression.

“Brother Phil! You’re from the beaver sub-race, right? I haven’t seen a beaver yet, can you show me your second form?”

Phil’s face abruptly turned red. Even if this was the Fire Island District, where people often turned into their original forms, the initiative of asking to see other people’s original forms also carried other meanings …

BaiBai was really the first he met. So, he regarded such a peculiar friend as a treasure. Quietly thinking for a long, long time, he raised his head at BaiBai who still had a look of expectation.

“Well, then, seeing as you’re leaving tomorrow.” Phil let out a breath to stabilize his mind, and then pulled BaiBai to his room.

When he got to the place, Phil was still a little reluctant in his heart. But not wanting to let his best friend down, he slowly said, “BaiBai, close your eyes.”

The next second, the exquisite young master in the room disappeared, replaced by a half-human tall, furry rodent.2 Phil did not look the same as an ordinary beaver, but more massive, and looked a little fierce in addition to cute. He had tiny ears hidden in the back of his head, sharp incisors, and gleaming black bean eyes.

Beavers were rodents, so their original form was relatively speaking, compared with other people, not so good-looking, and did not have the advantage of attractiveness.

Phil’s heart still had some pressure, afraid that his own form would be perceived the same as a gray mouse, and that BaiBai would have other ideas like his old friends. But for omega, in front of the breathtaking scent, good looks had to stand aside.

BaiBai rushed over like an arrow leaving the string, suddenly pounced, and buried his face in Phil’s furry belly, nuzzling wildly. He excitedly shouted, “Brother’s body smells even better!

Seeing this, Phil could only smile helplessly, he felt he had to have a little more faith in BaiBai. After all, from the very beginning, this child behaved completely different from the others. He had seen ABO people before, and they did occasionally scent in advance, but none were as obsessed as BaiBai…

Could this be the legendary pheromone attraction? BaiBai was not even a year old yet… No, it can’t be…


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Translator Notes:

  1. 少儿不宜; Not Suitable For Children; (They had a lot of sex.)


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