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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


After returning home, BaiBai still missed Phil every day, and the originally well-behaved and soft omega child had now become the one with the biggest mouth. Every day, with a small mouth open, chattered in Jing Man’s ears, like chanting a scripture for Jing Man to contact Brother Phil.

He was rather tired of it.

After listening a number of times, Jing Man was also interested in this legendary Phil. Amphibian, mammal, and rodent were three kinds of unrelated classification, but could be cleverly integrated in a creature. Yet, with so much on his plate, it was a shame he couldn’t leave everything behind to explore the Fire Island District.

So, Jing Man had to ask for Phil’s contact information from his mother.

The boy who appeared on the video was indeed very pleasant. He dressed as an old man, but after seeing his silly son BaiBai, the boy’s eyes were filled with a faint happiness that could not be faked. Jing Man gave up the room to his two best friends after a silent look around. Still, he had some hesitation in his heart, for he was not sure how far the friendship between the two kids could go.

After all, their age difference was quite wide, and there was still an irreconcilable long-distance relationship. The road was long and difficult, but the way forward was just ahead.

As the calendar flipped by, when the cicadas were once again chirping in the treetops and ice cubes were clinking against the walls of glasses, summer was here.

July 27th was Jing Man’s 21st birthday. This year’s birthday was more festive than any other year.

In addition to his family, he also invited the mussel family, Feng Huo’s family, Tang Xiaoyu and her boyfriend, and Phil, who was on summer vacation. The group of friends gathered at Long’s and sang a happy birthday song to Jing Man amidst the mingling of cups and glasses. But in the midst of the laughing and joking, Jing Man knew that everyone was not all here for him.

His eldest child was going to take human form tomorrow, and that was the most exciting thing of all!

As expected, all of his friends stayed at the Jing residence that night, looking forward to watching Xiao Jin turn into a human being the next day. When Jing Jin1 was one year old, all of his health indicators were very satisfactory.

Standing up to the height of Jing Man’s crotch, he was too heavy and they could no longer hold him in their arms to pet the little dragon. When the oldest brother of the children grew, he learned to be calm, composed, responsible, and knowledgeable. The scales glittered like pearls, neatly arranged like a beautiful work of art.

Anyone who saw him would exclaim that this was a western dragon with a promising future. His golden-brown eyes were free from childish ignorance, and only an inexhaustible desire to know more about the world filled them. When Xiao Jin’s brow was furrowed, he curled up into a ball and let out a dragon roar from his throat. Everyone was sweating for him.

The time had come to build the first milestone of his life.

Bai LeZe, who had successfully transformed into a human a few months before him, looked more nervous than Xiao Jin.

In the mood of taking care of his brother, he deliberately turned into dragon form and laid beside Xiao Jin, with his tail gently hooked on the golden dragon, and his little claws clenched very tightly.

He kept cheering for Xiao Jin.

“Brother Mu, how come our Xiao Jin looks so much bigger than Xiao Ze…” After Bai LeZe transformed into the dragon form, Jing Man was taken aback. He had a puzzled look on his face because this child, who was also a western dragon, can obviously transform into a human, but how come his height was not yet up to his calf?

With a light laugh, Mu CangZhou whispered the truth in his ear, “Our eggs were brought back from the future, when a piece of technology was popularized and the hatchlings became human of four or five years old.”

At that, Jing Man understood, indeed… Brother Mu seemed to have mentioned it before. He once again looked at the ground at the two small white and gold dragons, heart flooded with laughter.

Feng Huo said that Xiao Ze waited for Brother Xiao Jin to become a human being and go to kindergarten with him, but now… Xiao Jin was not afraid to become his big brother in one fell swoop!

As an understanding child that didn’t make everyone wait too long since he broke his shell, he still didn’t make everyone wait long this time.

A short time later, Xiao Jin successfully transformed into a human. The little boy, who looked four or five years old, was lying on the bed, with his eyes tightly closed. His hair and eyelashes were brilliant gold, which looked very nice.

Looking at the cross-age transformation that broke common sense in front of them, the onlookers’ expressions became very complicated.

Feng Huo was the first to break the silence, he looked at Xiao Jin and said, “ManMan, your eldest son is indeed one year old, right? I see that he is almost older than my nephew who is in the first grade.”

Yan Xiu’er’s expression shifted suspiciously between Jing Man and Mu CangZhou, with a faint anger between her words, “You said you only met last year, so this Xiao Jin… He doesn’t look like he’s a year old…”

There were also outspoken people like Tang Xiaoyu, “Oh my God! How come baby Xiao Jin is so big once he becomes human? Will he not be able to enjoy his childhood like this?”

Mu CangZhou gave a light cough to silence everyone. He lowered his eyes, the expression on his face did not move at all, and took out some words that he had prepared long ago, “To be honest, we are the first pair of parents to participate in the new egg breeding program in Tianhu District. Now that we see the success of the program, we are happier than anyone else! As you know, the hatchlings actually grow very, very fast in their first year of shell breaking, with rapid brain and muscle development, but the traditional way of egg rearing has a shortcoming that very much limits their room for growth. We cracked this limitation last year when we were working on the technology to cure the placental bacteria, by the way… At that time, ManMan and I happened to have wanted children, so we supported the participation in this project…”

All the people present knew a little bit about Mu CangZhou’s true identity and had no doubts about what he said. Being able to directly see the milestone across the ages, everyone’s interest was raised.

Lin Zhuzi frowned and asked, “So, is this plan absolutely safe? After knowing each other for so long, you guys have never missed a beat, taking your own children for experiments is really too risky…”

After hearing her doubts, everyone snorted with laughter, “Look at these children of the ManMan family, which one of them looks unhealthy?”

Especially baby FanFan, who can eat, sleep and run around, was now a big white tiger who could knock people over when pampered. In a short period of one year, he ate himself into a partially adult tiger one bite at a time, and his body shape was comparable to Big Bear. Now seeing everyone’s eyes focused on his own, FanFan’s furry face held some contempt as well as a foolish expression, and turned away with a whimper.

Not long after, Xiao Jin regained his strength and woke up, he got up from the bed and felt his new body. The clothes that could be freely extended on his body had turned out to be very well-fitting and did not affect his activities.

Jing Man was very proud to see the tender face of his eldest son, revealing the unique elegance and magnificence of the dragon race, with a hint of out-of-this-world arrogance between his eyebrows.

“Xiao Jin… Brother?” And the one to accompany him together with the human transformation, the white dragon child, Bai LeZe, saw Xiao Jin. His expression was completely confused.

Who will tell him what’s going on in the world? He thought, he thought when the brother of the Jing family was a dragon, the size was larger because he was not picky and ate properly.

As a result, now that he has transformed into a human, Xiao Jin leapt straight into the appearance of a big brother, almost catching up with BaiBai’s best friend Phil! Phil had already celebrated his seventh birthday!

Seeing his son on the floor with a dumbfounded expression, Feng Huo couldn’t really stand it, although he did not fully understand what Mu CangZhou said.

However, it looked like Xiao Ze’s plan to become an older brother was 100 percent out of the question…

Thinking of how he was previously happy at home planning to wait for Brother Xiao Jin to transform into a human, he wanted to take Xiao Jin along to do whatever. Now seeing this situation, Feng Huo also had some heartache.

While his buddies were busy talking to Xiao Jin, he quietly poked Brother Bai, hinting that he should hurry up and pull his son up. Xiao Ze’s brain didn’t come around until he got home.

As an obsessive-compulsive focus sufferer, he had also done a serious ranking order in his mind about the brotherly care relationship between his best friends. According to the above, he was older than Xiao Jin, and had the responsibility and obligation to take care of Xiao Jin and his younger siblings.

But now that the world has abruptly changed, does Xiao Jin have to take care of him in turn? In other words, when Xiao Jin’s younger siblings become human one after another, will they all be older than him? By then, will he change from everyone’s big brother to everyone’s little brother? And if the dads want to raise another egg, will the egg be born bigger than him?

The most important point was that he will call the younger hatchlings “big brother” in turn?

Not to mention the troubles of other families, the whole Jing family was full of happy atmosphere anyway. In order to celebrate Xiao Jin’s departure from the paw-eating category, Jing Man allowed the children to play at home unrestrained, even if they scribble on the furniture!

Well… Jing Man even took the lead in fetching paints and sketching chibi dragons on the walls of Xiao Jin’s room.

Art was Xiao Sang’s favorite, and he preferred his artistic daddy to his father, who had a lot of prestige in the crowd. In Daddy’s hands, each painting was a different light and brought him a fresh feeling. It’s wonderful!

He liked to observe the way Daddy draws most. Serious and dedicated, as if the canvas in front of him was another world. And Daddy’s hands were the soul-regenerating machine, pushing open the door of the other world that already existed step by step.

Beaver Phil’s family did not come to pick him up, so he still stayed overnight in the QingYuan District. At BaiBai’s request, he floated in the pool in the backyard in his original form, swimming freely, with an air of joy visible to the naked eye. The paws were slapping the water with great joy, and the surface of the pool was stirring up white waves without a second thought.

“BaiBai, Jing Jin is one year old and transformed into four and a half years old, right? So, will you be like him and turn into a child of several years old?” After swimming in the pool a few times, Phil jumped over to BaiBai who was cooling under a tree, half lying in the shade and asked.

The tone of voice was three parts joy, seven parts of expectation.

It was not time to tell.

If you ask BaiBai, BaiBai didn’t know either. Although the heart thinks so, BaiBai did not want to burst Phil’s good wishes.

The soft little boy came over and touched the beaver’s head, sniffed the sweet scent of vanilla in the air, and couldn’t resist a gentle kiss on Phil’s hairy head.

This startled the latter’s black bean-like eyes wide open.

BaiBai was very frank, eyes burning with certainty, “There is a great possibility! We can continue to observe the other siblings transform into human beings! I’ll send you the days my siblings broke their shells, you must come and see them!”

Xiao Shui, the other aquatic in the pool, looked at his brother with very mixed feelings. He now clearly knew that he would automatically lift the invisibility if he soaked in the water for a little longer. Today, he had been soaking for two hours, hair hydrated like the seaweed floating in the sea, absolutely visible, and had a strong presence!

However, his younger brother and the other’s best friend, who was bullied, was able to magically act as if no one else was around!

After Xiao Jin transformed, ZhiZhi once again became the most nervous child of the Jing family. There were less than ten days to go before their birthday!

According to their father, they will also grow into a big kid by then! The kind of big kid who was several years old all of a sudden! But compared to their brother, they only grew less than 20 centimeters in a year. The flower branch in their hand was still a thin one, only the number of flower buds had increased.

The length of the little treant had changed from the size of a palm to the size of two palms.

What if…

What if they turn out to be only one year old, then what can be done…

ZhiZhi wanted to cry.

I blame myself for pulling the flower branch when I was a kid, otherwise I would have grown up properly, and definitely wouldn’t have this kind of imaginary trouble now!


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Translator Notes:

  1. Xiao Jin’s full name is Jing Jin, since he prefers Jing Man.


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