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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


Seeing BaiBai’s love for the beaver dolls that he made, Phil pursed his lips and gave an embarrassed expression, “It’s not good, it doesn’t look like a beaver at all… Let’s just pretend it’s two balls of fur.”

If he did a good job and BaiBai liked them so much, he would be very happy. Now it felt more or less like a virtue that didn’t match.

“No, it’s a beaver! It’s you and me!” BaiBai plucked a glance at him, shook his head hard, put the gift in the box and put it away solemnly. Daddy had said he couldn’t choose a race. Then there would never be a picture of him turning into a beaver and lying with Brother Phil. Then of course this gift should be cherished! Thinking of something, he calmly stood up, smiling brightly, “Brother Phil, I also have a gift for you!”

At that sentence, Phil raised his eyebrows in surprise and waited for him to take out the gift. The next second, BaiBai’s mouth held a smile and pushed him out of the room. He didn’t say anything, so Phil was confused and curious.

A few moments later, BaiBai came out, changed into a children’s swimsuit.

This was a new thing, Phil raised his eyebrows and asked, “I thought you hated water?”

Even before going to the Fire Island District surrounded by the sea, he saw that BaiBai also did not seriously go into the water.

“My gift to you is that I learned how to swim! So, we can play together!” BaiBai laughed and ran ahead to the backyard pool.

Phil received this gift, of course, but now it was almost dark, who wanted to swim? However, BaiBai did not have any such awareness, and ran as fast as he could. Phil had no choice but to follow. He was relieved when he passed the living room, the ABO people have almost left by now. Otherwise, BaiBai’s fleshy arms and legs would have been seen by the annoying kids.

After a few more days, Jing Man was in his last year of college. The schedule was empty, and the school had given them enough time to study for their exams and find a job. Jing Man was happy he didn’t need to worry about classes and gleefully stayed at home with the kids.

Finally, it was Xiao Sang’s birthday. As a child who loves new things, Xiao Sang was looking forward to growing up as a human. When he grows up, he can get more freedom from Daddy! And there would be much, much more things to study.

The most intuitive thing was that so many toys that were forbidden for children under 3 years old can be played with! Xiao Sang refused Daddy’s offer to throw him a birthday party because he didn’t have any close friends.

Apart from his family, the only person who watched him transform into a human was the ‘undead little rabbit,’ Tang Xiaoyu, who was also an undead.

Xiao Sang had deep impressions of this sister, such as her boyfriend was an oriental dragon, she was a police cadet, and every time she saw him, she had to publish 500 words of compliments, praising what a cute undead child he was.

To which Xiao Sang said, “I have no melons.”1

His transformation process looked painful, the bones elongated, skin was torn and flesh grew, the whole person felt like being skinned and reborn, almost making Jing Man heartbroken. But Xiao Sang himself said there was no feeling, it was also quite fun.

Tang Xiaoyu, who was watching, also comforted Jing Man by saying, “This level of damage to the undead is a piece of cake, our body structure is amazing. Unless attacked with a silver weapon, they can’t feel any pain at all, and they don’t need to breathe even if they’ve turned into a human. Sometimes I use my original form for training, and when the intensity exceeds the limit, my arm will dislocate and fall off. But reattaching is fine. I have developed a superb technique for setting the arm. When Xiao Sang needs something, you can contact me!”

She didn’t say anything, but Jing Man’s sweat flowed when she explained it. He took notes in his mind, “In the future, we can’t easily let Xiao Sang turn into his original form. Their physique is both tough and fragile, I don’t want to take my son to the hospital to have his arm reattached.”

After transforming into a human, Xiao Sang’s features still had a somber sharpness. His hair was dark and black, the same as his unique frosted eggshell, with a low sheen that looked, at a cursory glance, as if it had been thrown into an inkpot and dyed, then scratched out without drying.

When kindergarten opened, Jing Man was the first to bring a string of children to enroll. The six children were all sent to the Garden Road Kindergarten and Sunflower class as transfer students because they had made the arrangements in advance.

The teacher was happy to receive a family of six children with different styles and such unique characteristics. She asked Jing Man, “Can we advertise that the children are enrolled in our school? To show the diversity of our school?”

And it was also hinted that being able to give the children certificates of excellence upon graduation would be good for elementary school selection. It was a good idea, but Jing Man kept his head cool and didn’t say yes on the spot.

When he got home, he talked to Mu CangZhou and found out that the inter-temporal egg-rearing technology in the current space-time was not yet perfect. He had more or less live streamed in front of the public with the children before, and people knew that their children should be just over a year old this year. When the time came to be exposed, it would not be easy to explain for a while.

So, he had to politely decline the teacher’s offer.

This kindergarten was already a big brand, the Jing family children could only be an icing on the cake for them, so they did not take this point to make things difficult for the children. After entering the kindergarten, Xiao Jin’s social skills inflated and soon became well acquainted with his classmates, taking his little brother to be the king there.

Within half a month of starting school, he asked Jing Man, “Daddy, can I invite my classmates over to play with us?”

Jing Man just took it as a few good friends and nodded his head to agree. He laughed and said, “Bai LeZe, the little white dragon, is now in a kindergarten class with you, now you are an older brother, remember to take care of your younger brother.”

Xiao Jin raised his head and said very confidently, “Xiao Ze said he was going to skip a grade. When I’m in first grade, he will too! Daddy, just get ready for the kids’ party!”

When the day came, Jing Man prepared the children’s party for 30 people. He wanted to reserve four places for each of his sons’ best friends. He figured that would be more than enough. It was hard to make so many friends in just half a month, so they shouldn’t make much of a splash.

After class, looking at the endless line of children brought back by his son, Jing Man’s eyes were dark. After counting the number of children, there were actually more than 100 children. Three whole classes of children had been abducted by Xiao Jin.

Not enough toys and food were prepared, this was too embarrassing. Jing Man immediately called Uncle Wang and asked him to contact some party activities for children.

This was his father’s personal secretary, who was very capable of organizing parties, and it was definitely enough to catch the duck on the shelf 2 temporarily. After that, he called Long’s again, naming Miss Long Gui to answer, asking her to prepare a lot of food that could be used to feed little children in the restaurant and send it as soon as possible.

So, the children of Garden Road Kindergarten experienced a wonderful afternoon. There were beautiful sisters who often appeared on TV to sing children’s songs to everyone. There were also professional drama actors dressed in princess dresses and princely clothes to give immersive stage performances. There were even storytelling robots who brought light shows to create a colorful world…

Not to mention the constant stream and variety of Long’s delicacies! Many of the desserts were on the hidden menu, the kind that no one who dined at Long’s every day had ever seen!


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Translator Notes:

  1. 雨我无瓜: A homonym for “It’s not about you”. The origin is from Balala the Fairies, which has a prince with a thick accent. It is used to humorously answer someone that asks you a question.
  2. 赶鸭子上架, proverb that literally translates to mean that only chickens can climb onto a perch, while ducks cannot, and signifies forcing someone to do something beyond their ability.


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June 21, 2022 11:59 pm

Xiao Sang is so unique by the sound of it; zombies are always immediately thought of as (obviously) frightening, but never as fragile.
Xiao Jin’s surprise number of friends is hilarious; I could actually imagine the look on Jing Man’s face 😯🙄🤦‍♀️😁
Thank you for translating and editing.

June 22, 2022 1:44 am

….and he did not want a birthday party! 🙂

June 22, 2022 2:00 am

Thank You for the new chapter ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ)

June 22, 2022 7:13 am

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