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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Learning that he was the fourth oldest of the brothers, FanFan nodded and said, “Oh, I see. Father, what’s for dinner?”

And so, the page was closed without a ripple. It was also this big-hearted brat, otherwise, anyone else who became a little brother in a baffling way would inevitably make a ‘younger brother of a younger brother’ speech.

Thus, four children transformed into humans.

Jing Man counted the days, there was still some time before BaiBai’s first birthday, the next half of the month can be used to relax and rest. After returning home, not waiting for him to rest openly, Xiao Shui frowned and tugged at his hem. When he looked down, the medusa, whose first name was Jing Miao1, had depression written all over his face.

Xiao Shui’s hair could not move freely after he was transformed into a human, and the first time he touched the hem of Daddy’s shirt with his hand, it felt quite new. He said, “Daddy, please control BaiBai and tell him that our race has been decided since birth, no matter how much we regret it, we can’t change it! Even at the age of ten, you can’t change it!”

“Huh? What’s all this?” Jing Man, who was hearing this theory for the first time, showed interest.

Xiao Shui stood in front of Daddy and told him, “Xiao Bai thinks he can still choose his race when he is ten years old, so he tells me every day that he wants to become a beaver…”

In fact, Xiao Shui did not want to be a tattletale, but recently Daddy had started to help them contact kindergartens, and after a while, BaiBai would definitely not be able to escape.

If they let him enter kindergarten with this wrong theory, he would definitely be laughed at!

After hearing this, Jing Man burst out laughing, BaiBai was too cute! You think this is a game? You can change jobs at level 10, right? He called BaiBai to him and asked, “BaiBai baby, I heard from your older brother that you want to become a beaver when you are ten years old, why?”

BaiBai blinked and said what was on his mind, “Daddy, I’m not good at swimming. But Brother Phil is a beaver, so he can’t live without water. I want to change races, so I can play with him.” Not aware that there was anything wrong with this line of thought, he continued, “But recently I thought about it, the mermaid race is also good, I saw on TV that mermaids have the talent to command small fish, it sounds great!”

Understanding the matter, Jing Man raised his hand and touched his son’s head.

BaiBai’s character had always been like this, he would try hard to get what he wanted. His desire to hang out with Phil was obvious to all, not to mention what their relationship could develop into in the future, at least the starting point was good for now. However, this fantasy must be shattered after all.

“A mermaid… is indeed very beautiful. But I think that to be an aquatic, our medusa is also good.” As soon as Jing Man’s words left his mouth, Xiao Shui looked at him with an expression of having eaten a dead fish, accusing him with an expression of why he was going along with BaiBai’s nonsense.

Jing Man laughed and waved his hand to make a gesture of calm, then raised his eyes and asked, “By the way BaiBai, who told you that you can change races at the age of ten?”

BaiBai thought about it and replied, “In the Fire Island District, the little friends of the salamander race and the frog race said so.”

So it was these two races, Jing Man showed an expression of understanding. Salamanders and frogs were both amphibians, but unlike other common amphibian races, they have a “metamorphic development” stage in the process of growth and development. The appearance of the two stages looked different, and to those who were not familiar with it, it looked like two races.

It seems that BaiBai did not know how to stay away when he was making friends, and misunderstood that he could choose another race.

He said, “BaiBai, I’m sorry to tell you that we can’t change our race even when we reach the age of ten. You see Daddy and Father don’t have a second race, right? If I could change, I would have to change one for fun.”

“This… so, it seems that older brother is right, I also quarreled with you before, Brother Xiao Shui sorry…” BaiBai’s entire childish mood was quite gloomy, but very understandingly apologized to Xiao Shui first.

Seeing his son suddenly so down, Jing Man’s heart was also quite upset. He said, “Baby, if you want to learn to swim, how about Daddy enrolling you in a training class? Although you can’t reach the level of Phil and Jing Miao, who are natural swimmers, you can definitely stay alive in the water!”

“But, I never learned… this sort of material at all…” BaiBai skimmed his mouth, his fingers restlessly gripping the sofa cover to ravage.

Now that he understood his little brother’s motives, Xiao Shui didn’t think the boy was stupid anymore. His eyes were full of fighting spirit, “BaiBai, if you want to learn to swim earlier, tell me, big brother is an aquatic! There is no need to be taught, I will take the form of medusa and use my hair to assist you to float up and learn for sure!”

BaiBai’s eyes lit up as soon as he heard it, and he immediately ran happily to discuss with him how to learn to swim and what the best swimming stance was. As the saying goes, there is no difficulty in the world, only the person who has the will.

With the tireless efforts of Xiao Shui and BaiBai, the latter soon mastered the ability to swim in the water.

September 4 was the day that the Jing family’s omega transformed.

Phil had already started school at this time, but he had purposely communicated with his teacher to ask for a vacation and came in a decent formal dress to attend the feast.

In Sky Blue Star’s ABO race, alpha and omega’s unique pheromone glands were primed to grow when they turn one year old. From that moment on, their unique scent will also slowly reveal itself. Therefore, their birthdays needed to be a big event, and all alpha and omega under the age of seven in the current area should be invited to the “fragrance-seeking party”.

Originally, Jing Man thought that since BaiBai appeared four or five years old, he would look too different from other people’s one year olds. It would arouse suspicion and would not be easy to explain or handle right away. However, Tian Yuan made a turnaround and helped him get this done.

He said to the public that he had not registered his ID in previous years, and now he had just made up for the “fragrance-seeking party.”

The sun was hanging in the sky like a ball of fire when Phil arrived in the middle of the afternoon. As soon as he entered Jing’s house, he saw the figure surrounded by people. He was too late, BaiBai had already finished transforming.

He had a slender figure with soft, unabated baby fat on his cheeks and wore a beige suit.

In Phil’s impression, the lotus-like child he met last time was completely different. Phil looked at the group of strange children and pursed his lips. He approached a little closer, but heard the sound of busy conversation.

His heart sank.

“Mu Bai2, I’m a lemon-flavored pheromone. Do you smell it, do you like it?”

“Lemon is too sour, right? Mine is popsicle flavored, smells cold and cool in summer.”

“Mu Bai, I like the smell of you, is it jasmine?”

“I… I don’t know…” BaiBai bristled, his expression impatient, he really didn’t know the answer now either.

The new scent that emerged from his body was light and sweet, but uncommon, and he would have to go for a test to know exactly what the pheromones were. This was the first time he had seen this group of children from the same race, and as a result, he did not expect them to be so enthusiastic. Everyone scrambled over to release their pheromones, trying to make friends with him, and ended up surrounding him with some annoyance.

As if he smelled too many pheromones, BaiBai felt some vague dizziness in his brain. Just like going to a perfume store and indiscriminately spraying all kinds of strong, light, floral and fruity fragrances into the air, the nose was stimulated by bad use. The joys and sorrows of human beings were not connected. An hour before, he wanted to know more about people’s scent on their bodies, but now he only felt it was raucous and unbearable.

Phil came closer, the superior height of half a head higher than others gave him a great deal of momentum.

Seeing his expression, those children were a bit baffled. Instantly, like Moses parting the sea, they made a path to BaiBai.

“Brother Phil, why are you so late?!” BaiBai was sitting on a cushion and his vision was blocked.

Seeing a lifesaver now, he immediately revealed a smile, and ran over into Phil’s arms.

“Got delayed on the road, congratulations, BaiBai, on transforming.” Phil hugged the little boy in his arms tightly, lowering his voice to send a blessing. After that, he took out a box from his pocket and handed it to BaiBai, “This is a gift.”

He thought BaiBai was going to open the gift in public.

As a result, Phil saw his eyes twinkle, turn around and bow deeply, and said to the other children, “Thank you all for coming today, and the fragrance-seeking party is over, I need to open gifts. Make yourselves at home!”

After that, he didn’t look at those people behind him, and led him away. Back in the bedroom, BaiBai first took a deep breath to fill his chest with clear, clean air. Then, he tossed the gift aside, like when he was a kid, and went into Phil’s arms, while yelling, “Brother Phil smells the best, those people smell so messy, it makes my nose uncomfortable.”

Hearing this, Phil finally showed a smile. He opened his arms and swept BaiBai into his arms, happy from the bottom of his heart that what he feared had not come.

It was so good.

After such a long time together, Phil has long figured out BaiBai’s character. The first time they met, he was so keen on himself because the other smelled his natural beaver vanilla scent glands. With subsequent interactions, he became more and more fond of this child. And since he had met Xiao Jin, he was worried that the “seven-year age difference” would no longer exist.

But he had gone back and done his homework on the ABO race, and a knot had been planted in his heart. This race was very special, each with the scent of pheromones to do the maintenance, so as to distinguish how well two people fit together. He was afraid, afraid that BaiBai would meet a fellow alpha, afraid that he would fall in love with someone else’s scent.

But now the stone had finally fallen, BaiBai had not moved on, and his fears would no longer stand like a sharp ax to the head. The two embraced for a while, sniffing the familiar scent of vanilla in their nostrils, BaiBai finally regained his energy.

“Come open your present, I made it myself.” Phil smiled and slipped the gift into BaiBai’s hands again.

The gift box didn’t weigh much and was small enough to hold in one hand. He tore open the navy blue ribbon, and then opened the beautifully wrapped wooden box.

Inside laid two small, fluffy dumplings, one grayish brown and one white as snow.

BaiBai carefully identified them, frowned and wondered, “Is the gift two hairy balls?”

Phil blushed for a moment, “Yes… They’re beaver dolls. Two beavers, the white one is you and the other one is me… It looks a little different. I collected fallen fur to make it.”

After hearing this, BaiBai brought the fur ball to his nose and sniffed it, and said happily, “It’s true, it smells like Phil! Thank you for the gift, I like it very, very much!”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 景淼; jǐng miǎo: The second character means boundless or vast expanse of water. If you look at it closely, it’s the triplication of Shui (水).
  2. 穆柏; mù bǎi: The second character is pronounced differently from 白 (bái). It means cypress or cedar.


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