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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


It was well known that kindergarteners secretly had a characteristic, that was, they say a lot of nonsense. If they saw a stray cat on the road, or met some sparrows, they would run home and surround their parents, chattering endlessly. Now more than a hundred children experienced the Jing family’s unique ultra-luxurious children’s party, which of course, would not be secretly hidden in the heart.

In fact, the former sunflower class leader, now Xiao Jin’s number one little brother, Nie Xiao, came home and excitedly took his parents to the living room, passionately opening mike.

“Today, Xiao Jin invited us to his house to play! His house is so big and crowded! The golden potato cakes and milk cakes are all from Long’s, and they also invited Princess XiXi to perform in person! Xiao Jin’s daddy was also rather handsome and gentle…”

Listening to his son’s bragging, Daddy Nie’s mind was full of question marks. He deliberately asked, “Is it Xiao Jin’s birthday? The lineup is so grand.”

Nie Xiao counted on his fingers, “It’s not Xiao Jin’s birthday, it’s not ZhiZhi’s birthday… It’s not Xiao Sang’s birthday either. It seems to be just a normal day, and Xiao Jin said he invited us to his house for the first time, so it should be grand.”

Nie’s mother also raised her hand and asked, “Which Princess XiXi is it? Is it from Genesis of the Elves?”

Nie Xiao blinked and nodded heavily, that was his favorite children’s adventure show! “Yeah, I even took a picture with Princess XiXi! Mommy, you can ask Xiao Jin’s daddy for the video taken at the party, I asked Uncle to save it!”

The Nie parents looked at each other with helplessness in their eyes. They still remember when Xiao Jin first entered kindergarten, he quickly pried away the children who were close to his son. Nie Xiao could not stand the gap, and was sullen every day.

As a result, not long after, the son was also inexplicably pulled in by Xiao Jin, and became the number one friend. Father Nie was really curious about what magic this youngster named Jing Jin had, and wondered how his parents could educate a child with such strong social skills. His future was immeasurable. He poked his wife and hinted that he wanted to see the party video as soon as possible. Princess XiXi or whatever was not important, but mainly used to observe how others were raising their sons.

The friend request beep on Jing Man’s terminal started ringing again, for the twenty-seventh time today.

He didn’t think much about it when he gave his son a party, he just wanted to make Xiao Jin look good, and now that it’s all over, Jing Man finally realizes what’s wrong.

The education system in the thirty-first century was public, and everyone was equal upon enrollment, regardless of origin. This also meant that there were children whose family conditions were relatively ordinary. Now that he had calmed down, he also realized that his family seemed too high profile…

Fortunately, the culture on this side of Garden Road was very good, and the parents of the other children did not have bad intentions. Mostly, they sighed with him about the luxuriousness of the party, then directly raised the intention – wanting a copy of the party video, and after that there was no extra thought.

Jing Man had just added Nie Xiao’s mother as a friend when she sent a greeting message and then secretly asked him for a video of Princess XiXi. Jing Man looked back and Xiao Jin was in a particularly good mood after entertaining his buddies today and was now a dragon nibbling on a cake.

He went over to help the transformed person after being very noble and cool. Only in front of family could he wipe his naive son’s mouth. Then, he sat on the ground and put him in his arms, scratching the little golden dragon’s chin and asked, “Xiao Jin, Nie Xiao is your classmate?”

Xiao Jin laid comfortably in Daddy’s arms, blinked his golden-brown eyes twice and nodded steadily, “Yes, the little boy with the gray hair. You said he was thin and told him to eat more.”

“Oh! The little chinchilla!” Jing Man remembered, the little boy had left a deep impression on him. He looked particularly cute and well-behaved, but he was said to have a dominant and opinionated personality. Before Xiao Jin enrolled in the school, he was the boss.

The children of other races that were more powerful than him were all under control!

Jing Man guessed in his heart that the main reason why the puma, vampire and eagle children listened to this little chinchilla was because they couldn’t bully him and saw him as cute, so they spoiled him. Since it was really the parents of the students, Jing Man didn’t worry about information leakage and quickly sent the video over.

This day, too many parents asked him for the video, Jing Man also did not put this matter into mind.

A few days later, when he went to pick up Xiao Jin from school, a woman with gray hair and big eyes gave him a greeting. This woman looked a lot like Nie Xiao and had a lovable spirit, “Hello, I’m Nie Xiao’s mother!” 

Jing Man smiled, nodded and returned the greeting.

He didn’t expect Nie Xiao’s mother to have something to ask him today, but she continued with a shy face, “I have a question for Xiao Jin’s daddy, how did you get in touch with Princess XiXi?” Seeing Jing Man’s eyes with doubts, she continued to add, “Our family loves to watch Genesis of the Elves, and we also wanted to invite her to Nie Xiao’s birthday this year, but they said they never had a slot, so we watched the party video and confirmed that it was Princess XiXi herself, so…”

When she said the name, Jing Man was not impressed, the party was all arranged by Uncle Wang. This mother should also be a chinchilla sub-race, who looked at his eyes clearly and held a touch of caution. Jing Man really couldn’t bear to let her be sad, so he gave out Uncle Wang’s contact information.

In the past, Jing Man never had the idea of blaming himself if the mother was unhappy, but today, after picking up his kids from school, he still felt very strange in his heart.

In the evening, Mu CangZhou saw that he was distracted and leaned on him to ask the reason. Knowing the cause and effect, Mu CangZhou’s heart was more or less clear, Jing Man was infected by the natural affinity of that chinchilla race.

It was now the later half of the year 3021, and in a few months, the Sky Blue Star executives would be in contact with the alien intelligent galaxy that would establish the Quick Transmigration Bureau in the future.

This was one of the signs, the weak race’s natural ability was enhanced, and racial equality was further developed. Thinking of this, the emotions in Mu CangZhou’s eyes were obscure and unclear. He didn’t directly explain this matter for a long while. Then, he took Jing Man’s slender knuckles and kissed them, saying, “ManMan, your memories should come back in a few months, I hope you won’t regret it then.”

Wasn’t he talking about Nie Xiao’s mother? Jing Man couldn’t figure out what Brother Mu was thinking. He jerked his hand out and plucked him out with a sulky look, “Regret what? Do you think I’ve done anything in the past year or so that I could regret in the future? You know why you didn’t say so earlier?”

A series of questions from the head to the face made Mu CangZhou also unable to stand. Jing Man was never a person he could read. He sometimes felt that Jing Man would regret every single thing he did now, after his memory returned, but sometimes he felt that Jing Man was full of bravery, who would then break down and accept all of his own.

The thoughts churned and dispersed, and finally to the pair of soulful peach blossom eyes, Mu CangZhou’s heart abruptly fixed itself. The corners of his lips raised with a light smile, his eyes lowered as if with sentimentality, and he murmured, “I guess if there is no memory loss, you will not be so simple to agree to my proposal.”

This move was really right, Jing Man could not stand this look of Brother Mu. He immediately put all those messy questions to the back of his mind, opened his arms to hug Mu CangZhou, and viciously said in his ear, “You are forbidden to think about anything else! Although I do not know what the future me is like, one thing can be guaranteed. If I don’t like you, then I will definitely not agree to have eggs with you!”

A few days later, Jing Man once again received a message from Nie Xiao’s mother.

[Xiao Jin’s daddy, I have good news for you! Thanks to your introduction, my family has signed a data modeling copyright contract with Princess XiXi! After that, all kinds of service AI used in the terminal can be changed to Princess XiXi’s model for a fee! Video]

Clicking on the video, Jing Man finally knew who Princess XiXi was.

This was the heroine of the long-running children’s adventure drama – Genesis of the Elves, brave and kind, very smart. Elves were a race not found on Sky Blue Star, so it was very mysterious and eye-catching. The show cost a lot of money, and when it first aired it was very popular with children, the plot was quite deep, and it also had some adult fans.

But it was a very old children’s show, and now it was the tears of the times.

Before the party for Xiao Jin, Uncle Wang did not know what method to invite her to the scene. However, the former little chinchilla’s family was so powerful!

They actually contracted the terminal service AI package! You should know that Sky Blue Star had one terminal per person, and one of the softwares that must be installed in the terminal was the service AI package! Even if the AI package only sells for a dollar, it still has to be multiplied by a huge base!

Nie Xiao’s mother continued to send a message: [One of Princess XiXi’s requests is to bring your family into the partnership, is it convenient for you to come over next Monday to sign the contract?]

This… sounded like a lot of money for nothing, and Jing Man couldn’t figure out why.

On Monday, he arrived at the place where the contract would be signed, and as soon as he entered, he saw a familiar figure, “Mom? What are you doing here.”

It was not a big sound, but it caught the attention of everyone present.

As expected, Yan Xiu’er, who had removed her elfin makeup, was standing over in a pavilion and lit up when she saw him coming. Yan Xiu’er came over and held her son, with a tone of sorrow, “I know you don’t like watching children’s adventure shows, but not so much that you didn’t know Princess XiXi was performed by me in my early years.”

Nie Xiao’s mother, who had watched the show for half a day, finally shed tears of lemon eating1, the goddess that she holds dear turned out to be someone else’s mother!

After signing this contract, Jing Man opened his terminal and searched for Genesis of the Elves. After checking the time, he knew why he had no impression of this at all. He was only four years old when this children’s show was a hit, and his mother was on fire in those years, but rarely accompanied him.

Turning on the TV and seeing his mom having fun with the other kids in the show, he was angry and aggrieved, so naturally he wouldn’t watch the show. He had a strong ability to forget sad things in his heart, and when he grew up, he kept this memory completely hidden.

There were too many people at the party that day. He was too busy taking care of the children. His eyes did not linger on Princess XiXi, who was wearing a full costume and heavy elf special effects makeup, and naturally did not realize that there was his old mother hiding underneath…

Now thanks to the children, the relationship between the two was also eased, his mother’s lack of companionship when he was young could no longer leave a mark on Jing Man’s heart.

From that day on, Jing Man’s family left behind an indispensable bedtime activity – the family sat around and watched Genesis of the Elves together!


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Translator Notes:

  1. Eat lemons: It is a way of saying someone is jealous/envious.


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