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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Rara 2.0: Why do I hear sound coming from the basement?


“How could I know you were so big? Get away, I want to find someone else… I don’t want to do it with you anymore… Mmn… Don’t hump… Don’t come in again…” Bai Yun’s two arms were held over his head as he shook his head frantically, with tears flowing down his face. One of his legs was pressed on his chest by Nan Yibei. Every time he thrusted in, he seemed to be looking for an angle, then he ruthlessly poked that spot over and over.

Nan Yibei tried his best to poke the entrance of the person under him, but it was so damn tight, and was so short that he could reach the end easily. Only the back felt that he could enter completely, but the front made him unable to move. As a dragon, he could change the size of his two cocks, but this size was already the best he could do. If he were the one to initiate the contact, he would certainly consider the other party’s feelings, but if it was this person, he would rather make it bigger than smaller. Why should he take responsibility for what the other does?!

“I gave you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it!”

“Ohhh…” Bai Yun’s body trembled. It seemed that the cock at the front had hit something. He only felt his vision turning black, followed by an intense ejaculation, “You motherfucker, you’re going to kill me… Mmn… The inside is going to rip, you’re going to destroy me. You bastard… Mmn…”

“Er, eh… Ah, slow down… It’s so intense… Mmn… You thrust… too hard…” Something went soft in the depths of his lady flower. Nan YiBei also felt it. He hesitated. Every time he entered there, Bai Yun would clench his glans tightly. It was very pleasurable. Every time he inserted it, he didn’t want to pull it out.

He forced himself into the place, and Bai Yun’s face full of lust turned pale. The tight and wet holes were so fragile at the moment and were in a sorry state trying to hug his huge member.

Everything in front of Bai Yun was beginning to blur. Which part of this was good? It was awful. It was so painful.

Nan Yibei pushed forward with force. He was surprised to find that he seemed to be broken into a deeper layer, and the two cocks under him were directly submerged!

This was a comfort he had never felt before. He hissed at the sky, pulled out, and then inserted all the way to the base. Every thrust was fast and hard!

The thin and white fingers tightly squeezed Nan Yibei. Every time, ice and fire were mixed. The world in front of him seemed to become psychedelic. It was a violent visual feast. The man with healthy wheat skin vigorously drilled into the thin man under his body.

Bai Yun’s long silky black hair was all over his face, his white robe wide open, hanging on both sides, revealing the propped up belly and soft penis on his lower body.

Bai Yun’s penis was originally of normal size, but compared with Nan Yibei, who had dragon blood, it was much smaller. What was more, it could be transformed into smaller or bigger, thinner or thicker, longer or shorter.

Bai Yun was thrusted to unconsciousness, but woke up again after a few thrusts. His eyes were blurred, and his painful voice gradually turned into a sweet groan. Nan Yibei immediately knew that he had touched the most sensitive place of this person.

The pleasure flooded the pain like a tide, and the scream like killing a pig has turned into a gentle and provocative moan, “Mmn… Good… Mmn, good… Fuck it, my deepest part… My ass is so painful… My chrysanthemum is going to break… Mmn… Good, good… Fuck me, fuck me… Mmn… Good…”

“Hiss…” The more powerful Nan Yibei was, the more extravagant Bai Yun’s moans became, as if following his rhythm.

Nan Yibei pulled the man to fall on him. His two big palms with distinct knuckles wrapped around Bai Yun’s round buttocks, as he took him into his arms. He pressed down hard, and his body moved quickly with the rhythm.

Bai Yun put his hands on Nan Yibei’s shoulders, his pupils turned up, his tears flowed, and his red little tongue hanging out of his lips. 

The pink and tender chrysanthemum was rubbed red by the thick cock, and the intestines frantically secreted juices, before they managed to swallow his part. Bai Yun’s mind, who was almost fucked to heaven, seemed to float elsewhere; He felt as if he could see an illusion of heaven’s dreamlike scape. He was fucked into seeing afterimages and hallucinations.

His uterus was completely filled, but not only in the front, the worst part was his back hole which shouldn’t have been able to accept anything, he felt like it could be torn at any time.

“Is it good?” Nan Yibei’s deep black eyes were shining with bloodthirsty light. The prey in his arms was so fragile at this moment, as if he could break him to pieces if he used his force again.

Bai Yun became an immortal hundreds of years ago. Both his appearance and physique were first-class. His lewd body gradually adapted to this high-level physical strength and manhood, and his adrift eyes began to slowly focus, “Mmn, it was painful earlier, but now it feels so good… mmn… Look, do you see… Aren’t I swallowing it all?… Mmn…” 

If he hadn’t become an immortal, his body could be easily destroyed by this member. He reckoned his lower regions would have been torn ages ago.  

“Worthy of being a descendant of the dragon family. I’m really happy…” Bai Yun smiled and licked his cheek. Obviously Nan YiBei knew that this man was in no way better off. His entire body was shaking badly. His members had already went all the way in, and he wasn’t fucked broken yet. Maybe this person could really be the one who could completely bear all of him.

Alright, fine, let’s not waste the good, it was better not to waste time looking for someone else and just use what he already had.

Bai Yun thought that he could get away with it when the man shot inside him. However, what he didn’t expect was that the dragon had a very high sexual drive, and it wasn’t a groundless rumor.

The huge amount of semen filled his body with a deep chill. The amount of the other man’s ejaculation alone was enough to burst him. A large amount of concentrated semen was forcibly injected into the hole where he couldn’t hold more things.

This amount was enough to match Nan Yibei’s dragon form. How could Bai Yun not know that this man was just trying to retaliate? He felt that everything he was going to vomit might be semen.

Nan Yibei also wondered how this person could swallow it. Bai Yun’s eyes were full of pleasure, and his lips were drooling, obviously feeling good. It meandered down along his beautiful lips, seducing and lewd.

Nan YiBei felt that it wasn’t that he was overfilled to death, but pleasured to death.

He wasn’t naturally born with the front hole. When it got what it wanted, Bai Yun’s body started to absorb it crazily and then turned it into something useful for Bai Yun.

The snow-like skin of his, the eyebrows and eyes were slightly raised, his lips were ruddy and beautiful, his long black hair was scattered on his shoulders, and many hair filaments were intertwined with the hair of Nan Yibei.

“Uh huh… Little one, I feel like dying in pleasure right now… Mmn… My loser friends were right. The taste of this is immeasurable… Mmn… I just don’t know if I can find one as thick and big as you in the future… Mmn… Great…” Bai Yun’s moans were chaotic, but Nan Yibei clearly heard the sentence “if I can find one as thick and big as you in the future”.

He didn’t know why, but Nan Yibei wasn’t happy. Is this person going to throw him away after this one time?

There was nothing as good as this in the world.

The more you want to leave, the more I want to fuck you.

“You don’t need to find another one. If you want to feel pleasure, don’t you already have it right here? Since I won’t feel this much pleasure with other people while worrying about their needs, and since you can swallow mine completely, you can sit here all the time as a sheath for my cock without going anywhere.”

Bai Yun opened his eyes wide and bit down on Nan Yibei’s shoulder. He wanted to strangle him,  “Don’t you already know how big the fuck you can be? I was almost fucked to death by you. Who wants your cock? Who wants to be a sheath? You’re a fucking bitch!”

Nan Yibei was silent. The dragon clan could adjust the size of their cocks, whether it was human or animal. But at the same time, they also needed to develop the swallowing degree of their mate, because if he turned into beast form in the future, even if he could shrink the size, the smallest one would only be larger than the present one.

Bai Yun was forcibly awakened by a violent thrust. He sadly found that the man was still venting in his body, “Haven’t you had enough? I’m really going to be fucked to death by you!”

“In my inherited memory, the first time a dragon copulates with a female dragon in adulthood is at least ten days to half a month, otherwise they will be laughed at by the same race.” And he didn’t feel like he had had enough either.

The man’s entrances were soft and supple. His juice was overflowing like jelly, but tastier.

“Ten days to half a month?” Bai Yun was dumbfounded.

“And now I have entered the mating state. The barb will tightly hook your reproductive cavity. If I don’t finish mating, I will pull out your insides, which would be unfortunate.”

In fact, all of his words were false. He just felt great and had the idea of revenge inside. If he didn’t fuck this guy until his limit, he wouldn’t stop.


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August 14, 2022 5:47 pm

My goodness! Lol the Shou is hilarious lol the Gong is very powerful and now wants the Shou lol I’m wondering about his “loser friends” that showed him the art of seduction! Thank you for the translation and editing ❤️❤️

August 15, 2022 7:58 pm

It would indeed be a same to have one’s insides torn out…best to give the 10 days to half a month a shot.😂

Thanks for the chapter!

August 17, 2022 4:44 am reaped what you sow😎😎😎

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