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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Rara 2.0: Addis said I shouldn’t open the basement.


The spirited steed galloped in the wilderness, and the wild dust raised on the ground drove the breeze to send the small particles over thousands of miles.

Bai Yun’s pupils suddenly contracted. He was held in the arms of Nan Yibei. The hard cocks in his lower body firmly occupied his two holes. The galloping horse was so fast that it almost pushed him out!

The rhythm was in the hands of the attacker, the huge cocks in his body were moving rapidly, and the huge glans penetrated into his holes with an irresistible force!

His eyes rolled up, his red tongue was hanging out of his lips, and his two legs were tightly wrapped around Nan Yibei. The speed of the horse was too fast, and he was very afraid of falling down. He held Nan Yibei tightly, but at the same time, his lower region was being penetrated deep inside.

Nan Yibei didn’t need to exert too much force. The speed of the horse was enough to drive the person on top of him to shake back and forth. The tight holes were supple and soft. Each time they were thrust into, the deep parts sucked his glans really intensely and tightly. He wished the horse under him could be faster and fiercer.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah… Bastard… I’m dying… You, damn it… Mmn…” Bai Yun’s young face was red, his two lovely cheeks were as red as the sunset glow. When his eyes rolled up, people couldn’t help but want to put in more force and fuck him relentlessly, fuck him until he spasmed, and fuck him until he couldn’t think of anything else except a man’s cock!

“Are you feeling good? Do you like my things? If you like them, I’ll give it to you every day.” Nan Yibei’s laughter echoed in the wilderness with Bai Yun’s swearing and screaming.

Bai Yun never regretted anything as much as this at this moment. He wouldn’t have seduced this little bastard had he known earlier how unyielding his lust and how vigorous his energy was.

A black dragon’s tail was placed on Bai Yun’s waist. It was Nan Yibei’s fear that Bai Yun would be fucked into a coma and fall from his horse.

He wasn’t worried that Bai Yun would have an accident, because his body was capable of taking him all in. That soft, deepest part in his body gave the most exquisite service to his cock, each and every thrust gave him endless pleasure.

“You’re a natural sheath.” Nan Yibei pulled up the horse rope, sandwiched his legs between the belly of the horse, and like an arrow ready to be launched, he commanded the horse to run at full speed. Bai Yun clenched his teeth, and his whole body was numb, soft as a pool of spring water, tightly stuck to the man’s arms.

The warm spring wind hit his face. Nan Yibei jumped off the horse with Bai Yun. The two huge cocks under him became the only thing that could support Bai Yun from slipping.

He could obviously fly, but chose to ride the horse instead. 

Bai Yun was so tired that he didn’t say a word, except to catch his breath.

“This is my realm in the human world. There will be no living beings within a hundred miles of the territory except us.”

The stream was gurgling, the grass was swaying with the wind, as Bai Yun was turned by Nan Yibei. The dragon cocks were extracted from the holes, and since the large holes were left empty, a large amount of concentrated semen was discharged.

They went from face to face to Bai Yun leaning his back against Nan YiBei’s chest. Nan Yibei inserted one cock into Bai Yun’s soft chrysanthemum hole, and then put the other one into his flower hole, bringing the person into his arms.

Bai Yun’s body was so soft that he couldn’t use his strength. Let Nan Yibei do whatever he wanted, his body was filled again, and his two holes finally found their home.

He held Bai Yun’s upright cock with his gloved hand, “This is just the beginning. Are you ready?”

Bai Yun clenched his teeth and his eyes were blurred. He was almost out of breath. He felt that time had abandoned him and disappeared, and there was no end to the matter.

His lower abdomen and the deep part of his intestines were filled with the dragon’s semen. Not only was his cock big, the amount of semen was scarily large as well.

The clear water flowing in the stream reflected the delicate appearance of the man. Bai Yun looked at himself in the water, but it was as if he saw himself from a distance. He was familiar, yet strange.


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