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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: “911, what’s your emergency? What do you mean by you found a dead body under your basement?… Hello? Can you hear me? Hello?”


“I give up… My stomach feels so cramped and full… Mmn… It’s so swollen…” Bai Yun was crawling in the grass, his hips were raised high, and his white flesh butt was full of bumped marks, spots after spots. His holes were too full and couldn’t hold it in, so the semen overflowed from the inside.

“What’s your name… Little bastard…” Bai Yun was fucked for so long that he had just now realized he didn’t even know the name of the other person, but his stomach had already been filled with his semen, and he was almost thoroughly violated inside and outside. No matter how he thought of it, this was beyond the reasonable limits.

“Nan Yibei. Are you an immortal master? From the heaven realm?” Nan Yibei thought this person may have been a wanton, but his appearance alone was a rare beauty. The person probably didn’t know how attractive he was when he was fucked to climax. Maybe he was just taking his selfish revenge, but maybe he was just addicted to this pleasure.

When Bai Yun appeared in his sight for the first time, he noticed him earlier than Bai Yun. It may be because he was letting his lust speak for him, or it may have been love at first sight.

Had Bai Yun not found him first, he would have forcibly brought him back anyway, because his mating season was right around the corner. He needed a person who could not only take care of his desire, but also someone who he found pleasing.

He laid his eyes on Bai Yun, and Bai Yun did so as well. But his lewd appearance left his heart half cold. He was afraid that he wasn’t the only one, and he was afraid that he might not be the first one. It was only when he broke the delicate inner wall, the soft uterus, and those alluring holes that seemed to have plenty of spring time, but it couldn’t hide how inexperienced he was.

The dragon clan was a very large race, and its inheritance has lasted for thousands of years until now, including thousands of thousands of methods, as well as thousands of thousands of sex positions.

It could be said that all the teaching that was passed down among the dragon clan had make them masters at sex. With the theoretical knowledge of “picking and watering flowers”, it was obvious that he knew more about it in practice than this naive little rabbit.

“What do I call you, sir?” Nan Yibei grabbed his waist and asked while thrusting in.

“Bai, Bai Yun. I just returned from the heaven realm a few days ago… Mmn…”

“Bai Yun? You are just like your name, not only is your skin as white as snow, but also as addictive as the clouds in the sky.”1

If one overlooked what they were doing at the moment, their conversation sounded like that of old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

“Hehe… I will take that compliment. Your cocks are worthy of the ferocity of your dragon family. Even having them once could create an unforgettable memory.”

“Immortal master, if you can’t forget it, then you can continue gripping on it. When we dragons reach adulthood, we will enter our mating period. The process takes a long time. Immortal master, don’t give up.”

Time passed with the light in the distance. Bai Yun lay on his side in the arms of Nan Yibei. His stomach was pitifully full. He felt uncomfortable sitting and crawling. Finally, it was better to lie on his side.

“Your stomach is full of my semen. You look like you were impregnated by me for a while now.” Nan Yibei touched Bai Yun’s soft belly, and Bai Yun lay in Nan Yibei’s arms. Hearing his words, he was even more angry.

Even if he couldn’t move, this dragon clan member still wanted to enter. In fact, he had heard about the mating period of the dragon clan, but he didn’t expect that the thing could be enlarged or shrunk according to its master’s wish, and could still stand upright.

Nan Yibei and Bai Yun walked through several places. Bai Yun was pressed against the trees and fucked for a while, leaving traces of their love everywhere.

“Wow, it’s cold!” Bai Yun gently tested the temperature of the stream with his toes, and immediately pulled his feet back. He stepped on the instep of Nan Yibei’s feet with one leg. His holes still contained the huge cocks. Because of the height difference between the two people, Bai Yun always stood on tiptoe or pursed his buttocks when they were fucking.

Nan Yibei sat beside the stream with Bai Yun. Bai Yun’s two legs were folded on both sides of Nan Yibei, and his holes were still full. He bent down and gently outlined the water in the stream with his hands, slowly pouring it on his chest covered with red marks. The water slid down along Bai Yun’s skin to his enlarged stomach.

He seemed to have been used to the feeling of being filled all the time, from the previous resistance, to the later enjoyment, to the present’s intense pleasure deep inside.

“Does the immortal master like it? This is actually a spiritual spring nurtured by heaven and earth. It flows from the ground to the surface. Only the inheritors of the dragon family can enter here. When others enter this boundary, they will be killed or bounced off by the huge enchantment.”

“Spiritual spring? No wonder it’s so cold.” Bai Yun sat on Nan Yibei’s cocks for a long time. He felt something pressing him. He spread the two lips of the front hole with his hands and found that there was still one section that couldn’t be swallowed.

“Scoundrel, have you secretly grown again?” 

Nan Yibei’s expression was innocent, “I noticed that you seem to be getting used to it, so I increased the size by a few centimeters, lengthened it a bit. Immortal master, have you gotten used to it?”

Bai Yun’s face twitched, “I can’t swallow it whole. I feel uncomfortable sitting here.” His buttocks couldn’t sit completely on Nan Yibei, and he couldn’t sit stably.

Nan Yibei held the person at an angle and pounded him for a long time until he reached climax and shot his semen into the water, then he put it back in again.

“The immortal master’s body is really excellent.”

“That’s right. When I was in the immortal world, my body was very soft. That’s why I have no problem to swallow your stupid enoki mushroom.” Bai Yun was complacent, and Nan Yibei’s face was black. It seemed that Bai Yun still hadn’t changed his foul mouth.

When Bai Yun woke up from his dream, Nan Yibei was filling Bai Yun’s holes with spiritual fruits. Bai Yun was curious but didn’t stop him. When his stomach was full, Nan Yibei even stood up and planned to come in. He panicked and swiftly crawled away but was still quickly captured and immediately thrusted into, his whole body was on top of Nan YiBei’s thing.

“Ah, wait, what are you doing… Mmn, why are you still putting it in when you already put those stuff into me?…” Some spiritual fruits were inserted into his enlarged uterus, while the remains of the fruits became a pool of sweet juice because they couldn’t bear the huge impact.

Bai Yun’s face turned blue and red. This guy took him for a juicer!


MonkeyNote: I suspect dragon babies soon.


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Translator Notes:

  1. T/n: Bai Yun(白云) means white cloud.


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