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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: *screeching and screaming from under the basement*


The spiritual fruit was small and soft. It only took one poke to break, one press to turn mushy, so almost all of the spiritual fruits were turned into mush inside his uterus and intestine. Nan Yibei pulled out his cock and sucked the juice coming out of Bai Yun!

“Mmn… No, what are you doing…” Bai Yun felt that his flower hole was licked with his tongue, and his whole body trembled and his face was flushed.

A large amount of juice in the hole was licked into Nan Yibei’s lips. Nan Yibei sucked out a lot of juice mixed with lewd water, he raised his head and kissed Bai Yun’s lips to transfer the liquid into his lips. Laughter reverberated in the air.

“You, how can you…” Bai Yun, with a red face, emerged from under Nan Yibei and covered his mouth in anger. Later, he was hugged, and the chrysanthemum hole and the flower hole were occupied again.

The wind in the morning brought a tantalizing coolness, it was a very familiar feeling waking up.

In a once forgotten time in a now forgotten land of the earth, there was a man whose dream and ideal was to follow the horse and wander the jianghu. From the moment he became immortal, he had long been separated from the mundane world.

He had seen women on the street fighting against harassment, he had seen folks with backgrounds who completely disregarded everyone. He had been beaten before, he had been threatened, chased with intention to murder, or even shivered in the wilderness because of the wind and snow. However, he had never experienced the feeling of being fucked to pulp.

He was in shame!

He covered his face and felt horny from feeling the other person’s morning wood. His two holes were swollen and the inner wall was sore, but he still greedily bit the thing and sucked.

The lewd body felt like it wasn’t enough, which made him worry but reluctant to part.

“Good morning, Immortal Master.” Nan Yibei kneaded Bai Yun’s soft buttocks with both hands. His cold face had disappeared a few days ago, and he looked like a companion who had been with him for a long time.

Life and death were unpredictable, but love was eternal.

For some unknown reason, Bai Yun looked at his face and thought of a good friend of his. He gave up the chance to become an immortal for the sake of so-called love, the once deep blue sea now had become a mulberry field, Bai Yun wondered if the person was still okay or not. Did that person still love him? Are they still living together?

The practitioners on earth couldn’t compare to those who lived in the heaven realm after becoming immortal. Their life span may have been several thousand years and hundreds of years, but it wasn’t forever. As the saying went, one day in heaven equaled a year on earth, perhaps, their body had returned to the land.

“Immortal Master, what are you thinking about?” Nan Yibei approached Bai Yun and printed a kiss on his forehead. 

Bai Yun felt ripples in his heart, as if something had been broken. However, he deliberately ignored this feeling, frowned and looked at the man with some uneasiness, “If you are up, just do it. Why are you kissing me?”

Nan Yibei’s smile was stiff. Bai Yun didn’t want an answer. After he said that, he looked at the sky with eyes full of darkness with an unclear feeling, “Little bastard, are you in the mood again?”

“What are you talking about, Immortal Master? How can you have such an illusion?” Nan Yibei felt his heart beating fast, not saying what really was on his mind, as he felt unprecedented tension when he said this sentence.

Bai Yun snorted coldly. The dragon clan really lived up to their name, cold and ruthless, typical trash.

“Well, how long is yourmating period? I’ll go back when it’s over. I will wait for the day for us to cross paths again.”

“Immortal Master, where are you going?”

“Go back to heaven.” Bai Yun didn’t understand when Nan Yibei opened his mouth and buried his head on his shoulder. Nan YiBei felt weird, why was it that when he heard Bai Yun tell him he had to leave, he felt a bit reluctant?

He felt as if he had forgotten something. All the fun would eventually come to an end. Bai Yun was just a person who had done it with him once. How could he not feel reluctant to part with him?

In an instant, the overwhelming sadness swept over his heart, as if something was opened inside him, the cold going through the bone marrow to the bottom of his heart.

He was still too young, just became an adult. He didn’t remember anything except this memory. He only knew that he would be reluctant to part with him when he leaves.

Bai Yun saw that Nan Yibei didn’t respond for a long time. He was holding up his hands and was about to pull the cocks out of the two holes, but they were pushed back again. Nan Yibei raised his head and said with a smile, “Immortal Master, don’t be so anxious. Let’s have enough fun before you return to the immortal world.”

“Bastard, you haven’t had enough fun yet? How long have you been doing this? My stomach is bursting. Do it again next time, I want to rest.”

“Then don’t go back to the immortal world and stay in this world for a while. There’s still a lot of fun here.”

Bai Yun felt that this person had bad intentions. Was it because their body was compatible that he wanted him to grip his thing forever?

After cleaning his body, Bai Yun’s body was lighter than ever before. He stepped on the water surface and splashed in the water. He was full of smiles. His whole body was like a celestial under the moonlight and clear water.

In fact, if this person behaved more seriously, he would be very attractive.

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