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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

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“It’s not that I won’t come back again. Why don’t you let me go? If you can, then become one of the immortals and meet me in the heaven realm.” His original intention was to spend a couple of days in the human world to experience the mundane pleasure, in the end he found out that he started to develop greed over it.

Everyday he would wake up to the wet sensation underneath. Why did he keep wanting more after he finally got the experience?

The soft bed was covered with a thick blanket. Bai Yun sat on Nan Yibei’s waist, licking his red lips with his tongue, just like a slut he acted when he first met Nan Yibei.

This time, however, it didn’t come from one side but was consensual.

Once again, he opened the beautiful hole. Just as imagined, the wet hole was full of lewd juice. Nan Yibei held Bai Yun’s white and soft buttocks with both hands and pushed them down with a big hand. The soft holes sucked in the two cocks without hesitation!

“Mmn… It feels so comfortable… Mmn… My uterus is filled up in an instant… Great… But… My asshole hurts…” Bai Yun frowned as his buttocks wriggled between Nan Yibei’s crotches. That place shouldn’t be able to bear sex, but now it has been vigorously expanded.

Nan Yibei pushed Bai Yun’s buttocks down hard. He was trying to hold back, but the person on top of him kept igniting the flame, his two holes almost squeezed him dry.

One was wet, one was tight.

That was what Nan Yibei thought. He didn’t expect Bai Yun’s body to be able to swallow all, at first they were very tight, but now they were harmonious.

“Immortal Master, I may grow bigger, can we still do it when I become a beast in the future?”

Bai Yun’s body trembled. Although he could swallow it all now, that thing of Nan YiBei now was already more than enough to completely overfill his uterus while his other hole was almost unable to close, and the intestine deep inside was almost turned inside out. However, there was an indescribable pleasure mix amongst.

Bai Yun’s face flushed with blood, “No, no, don’t do it now, I’m still very new to this, we need to keep it in control… Mmn… Mmm… It’s so deep…” The cocks in his body began to move, from slow to fast, “Mmn… It’s great… yeah, that’s the spot… Little guy, it’s great… there…” The bulge in the deep intestine was rubbed, and the uterus in the deep was hit. The double pleasure made his whole body spasm, and his eyes turned white.

Nan Yibei wrapped Bai Yun’s legs around his waist and held him while walking. He took one step and thrusted three times. Each time, he was fast and hard and made the other person quickly reach climax. His moan went up and down, he felt as if one second he was up on cloud and the other fell straight into the sea!

Floating and sinking, like a dream. The clouds in the sky opened a crack. Bai Yun yawned to see the scenery in the distance. People passed by him one after another.

“Have you heard that the Dragon Prince of the Demon Kingdom has awakened?”

“The ancient dragon of Shitian that has been sleeping for ten thousand years?”

“It’s more than ten thousand years old. I’ve been there since the opening of heaven. I don’t know how long he has been sleeping.”

“I heard from the older generation that the Shitian ancient dragon originally had a lover, but ten thousand years ago, god punished that person’s soul to fly away and scatter and disappear from earth, so his soul can’t be found even in the reincarnation. It was too late when the Shitian ancient dragon arrived, so he fought with god until neither side won. The heaven realm remains incomplete, while the ancient dragon was asleep.”

“It’s just that it didn’t expect one sleep to be a few thousands years later. Tsk tsk.”

“Where did you hear that gossip? I didn’t know about it.”

“Of course you wouldn’t know about it. Our elder master let me into the sixth floor of the library that day. I saw it there. Besides, I saw the portrait of Shitian ancient dragon’s lover, he was actually a man.”

“Really? What does he look like? Does he look good?”

“That is…”

“Stop stalling and tell me!”

The man’s excited words were stuck in his throat. He stared at the direction where Bai Yun was, and his eyes were wide in disbelief.


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